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Iznoach, Legendary Dragon
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Unread post by Iznoach, Legendary Dragon »

First off, thanks for including me in your RPG maker 2...but be careful, you could start to make a game and wake up the next day 60 years old :lol:

Anyway, back to the topic...I agree with you on the names thing, they should not include the FF: Online in the mainstream FF's and designate it with a roman numeral. FF: Online should suffice...

FFX sidestories? I didn't even like the main story, but that's beating a dead horse; maybe they should make some side story sequels to good FF games, such as FF3. "The Sabin and Edgar Story", or "Locke's Troubled Past", or something. Those would be cool 8-)
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Wix The Great
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Re: Huhzah!

Unread post by Wix The Great »

Rowde wrote:Heh, just so you know Iznoach, you're probably going to be in my RPG when I get RPGMaker 2. 8-)
What is RPGMaker 2 like? I have used 95 and I thought it was pretty good.
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Wei Yan
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Unread post by Wei Yan »

About the side stories. I think they are just trying out new things. If every series were to stay true to FF, then 7-10 would've never been in 3-D. There would be no sphere grids. FF 7 was the first to expand FF series into full 3-D polygon graphics. FF8 expanded into realistic graphics, and monsters be at the same level as you. FF9, well uhh, let just say 9 just took , well let's skip 9. FF10 now had you doing more than the usual 9999(with the exception of Eden and Kamikaze in FF8). Now they are trying out a new idea of FF10. Sequels. It's just like how FF11 is going online. Sure they will make a lot of money from the qequel, but you what? I fthey have money, they can make games. If they dont have enough to make a game, they spend what they have left on making another game, until they make enough money off of it to start making the other games.
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Iron Duchess
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Unread post by Maria »

I wouldn't mind having some sidestories to FFX. Perhaps it could make the game better, who knows? :)

After the release of FFX International, it would be very very dissapointing if Squaresoft doesn't make a continuation to that. I'm looking forward to it
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I Got Skillz
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Unread post by Gravity »

I agree that more sidequests in FFX could have made the game better. I didn't want to go on such a linear journey without some more sidequests!

I mean...the Chocobo sidequest was rather small, while FFX made Blitzball the major sidequest. I was a bit annoyed with it, because in FFVII and IX (not sure about FFVIII) it was a major sidequest.

Well, maybe the more "dark" FFXII will have many sidequests.
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Lu Xun
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Unread post by Lu Xun »

I agree on the fact that Squaresoft is turning into a souless money-grubbing company. At least it is a gradual thing, because if happened in one game, I'd be dissapointed and care about it. I honestly haven't bought a "numbered" Final Fantasy game since FF VII. With the accusition of nearly the entire Quest team, I expect FF XII to be a breath of fresh air, much like then gameplay change from the Front Mission guy in FF X. I stiil play the "Ogre" game, Vagrant Story, and I'll probably at least check out the next SaGa game, so Square will be getting some of my money anyway.

I have decided on not getting FF XI, and just having fun with PSO Ep. I and II. I'll most likely get FF XII because as mentioned earlier, I love Quest. :D

Ha! You didn't steal most of that post, Rowde. Wahaha! *ahem* Sorry, just thought of something funny. :oops:
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Unread post by Phlegyas »

I would love to see a sequel to the Crono series. I like them for the many characters like Suikoden. Also, an RPG should have choices. In all of the FF's I have played, you can't really make choices to change the story line majorly.
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Unread post by JewelRay »

i think a sequal to FFX is a great idea even if it is just to make more money. i thought the story was excelent and proabably the most deep out of any of them. a lot of the stories had "open to interpretaion" endings but this really was a cliffhanger. and then adding the international ending to it...I just hope the sequal is released in the US.

what really proves square is concentrating on the money is kingdom hearts. *grrr*
they know that anyone whos played any FF will buy it and disney fans will buy it. and plus theyre trying to hook younger kids onto the FFs.
shame on them... shame...
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Unread post by NCC81701 »

I like squaresoft for trying to make things different in every game. FFVII was made in 3D, FFVIII had realistic porportional Characters, FFXI.... well they went back to the old days not much innovation here, FFX didn't have a world map, sphere grids, and more strategic battle system. I rather have squaresoft try some innovation and fail (like FFVIII), than to have them make FFIII and FFVII over and over again.

As for FFX sequel, I would be up for it. I love the story in FFX, sure it didn't have many sidequest, but that isn't something that an RPG should focus on in the first place. An RPG need to shine with is main story, and that is exactly what FFX did. With the international ending, I sure do hope I get to see a sequel. If there is a sequel, it would be another innovation for the series. I kinda like that :-) .
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Albert Wesker
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Unread post by Albert Wesker »

I feel that final fantasy 7 was the best fianl afantasy out of them all so far and none of the others have been able to match it, i thought that maybe because of this they could recreate final fantasy 7 all over from the begining with better graphics for the ps2.

A bit like a revamp but with other aspects added such as more mini games added materia and finally the thing that everybody wanted for the first time round was the ability to raise aeris if you wished.

What does everyone else think???Please answer or i may not ever answer again :(

The only thing i can find wrong with my flawless plan :D hehe is that we know the story all to well and we know what happened
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