The Google 'Gmail' debate

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Will you use Gmail given the condition below?

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Lion's Mane
Lord of Annwn
Lord of Annwn
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Unread post by Lion's Mane »

I haven't used my gMail account all that much. However, from what I have seen of it, personally, I barely even notice the ads in the first place. I don't know perhaps if my brain has become so attuned to ads (the folly of using Internet Explorer instead of something like Mozilla at work, sigh), or if they're not that obtrusive in the first place. I don't really have much to test this out either, but from my own, limited experience, they're not terribly bad.
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The Sun Also Rises
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Unread post by The Sun Also Rises »

If anyone wants to check it out, I just got 6 invites so PM me if you want to try out the service and judge for yourself.
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Unread post by Mephisto »

I use gmail from time to time, though I have 6 invitations, and when I click the "invite someone" link, it doesn't work. Same thing happens when I click the 'contacts' button - nothing. Aside from that I suppose it's good, but I want to invite some people sigh.
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Godfrey de Bouillon
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Unread post by Godfrey de Bouillon »

It's probably because whatever browser you are using doesn't like it because both of those open a pop up window. I like the gmail because of the way it keeps the mail in its own conversation, Don't even notice or look at the advertisements.
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Unread post by Mike »

Well...I got it, but I rarely use it...I guess the sheer amount of storage is great...
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Mei Zhen
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Unread post by Mei Zhen »

If anyone could send me an invite, I would forever be in their debt! I've got quite a bit of things I have to pack from my current computer but no means of sending large files (and no CD RW drive either, etc.) to myself.
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Unread post by Mike »

I was do you get invites...I does someone with g-mail (such as myself) get invites?? Do they randomly pop up??
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Kong Wen
The Bronze Age of SoSZ
The Bronze Age of SoSZ
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Unread post by Kong Wen »

The longer you use gmail (have it, and send/receive stuff with it), the more invites become available to you.

Mei Zhen, send me a PM if you still want one.
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Scholar of Shen Zhou
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Unread post by Tyler »

I still have all of mine I jsut don't know how to give them out :lol: .
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Unread post by Mike »

Guys...I've got 6 invites for gmail...PM me if you want one! :D !
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