Help to find author from a specific artwork

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Help to find author from a specific artwork

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Hello guys. A while ago forums were down, thought the site was dying. Glad to see this isn't the case.

Years ago I got a specific artwork alongside others in a custom portrait packages for ROTK13, but for some reason I don't have it in my PC anymore. Probably deleted the package sometime in the past. And I think this package came from a japanese/chinese compilation, rendering me unable to find it again (I don't speak any east-hemisphere languages). So, I wanted to see if any of you have any idea on how to locate this portrait to, after that, find who drew the artwork.

Recently, a chinese company called GTArcade started using that same artwork in one of their "games", for a new hero, and given the historic of that company, I'm almost sure it was plagiarized. This is the artwork in question:


you can see it in use without having to make an account in here:

This company "games" are a whole new level of mobile-esque gachas: while mobile games are generally pay to win, this company games are pay to pay - you pay to have the privilege to pay for somehing they are selling. For this new hero of "theirs", for example, it's something like this:

- you need 350 hero shards to make the hero;
- if you you recharge 5000 diamonds (or topazes, I don't remember which is the paid currency, whatever) you get like 20 shards;
- you can also use the diamonds/topazes you bought in a roulette, to get maybe 10-15 extra shards. Each roll is around 1300 diamonds/topazes;
- a pack of 250 costs $5 dollars.

You can also make "multiple recharges" (their words) for more shards. In the end you have to spend around US$ 250 to make one hero.

There is a VIP bar in the game too; it goes from VIP 0 to VIP 13. It builds up as you buy diamonds/topazes. To reach VIP 13 you must buy 1.5 million diamond/topaz - roughly 6k dollars. And, as I said, higher VIP levels enable you to buy things they are selling.

So, while I couldn't care less if people think it's worthy anything to spend this much money in that garbage, I would love to see the author of the artwork sue these assholes if they are, in fact, using unauthorized artwork to grab more money.

Do any of you have any idea where this art came from? I thought it was from yuan xuan sword games, but I can' find it anywhere anymore.
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