3Kingdoms Helps Put Current Affairs in Perspective?

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3Kingdoms Helps Put Current Affairs in Perspective?

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I've been working on writing "The Southern Campaign" in a way that's appealing to my American-Born (3rd Generation) son. The strange thing is that as I tried to explain the events and character motivations to him, I realized that Kungming's capture and release of Meng Hou seven times is similar to what seems to be happening in U.S. politics: Events that traditionally would be the end of a political career don't seem to have any impact.

The opening passage of The Three Kingdoms has been oddly comforting in such times: We live in a larger cycle with a downside and an upside, with one destined to follow the other because that is the nature of humans (and the Universe).

Has anyone else found the stories of The Three Kingdoms to be useful in putting life into perspective?
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