5/26/2011: Tian Feng (SGYY) and Pang Tong (SGZ) Biographies

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5/26/2011: Tian Feng (SGYY) and Pang Tong (SGZ) Biographies

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Well hello there! Just a quick little update to share a few biographies. Scholars of Shen Zhou forum member LuXunMaster102 has composed and shared Tian Feng (Yuanhao)’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms Biography. We have also added Su Mingde’s translation of Pang Tong (Shiyuan)’s Sanguozhi Biography, rescued from the sadly lost Three Kingdoms Frontier. There are, of course, many more, and one day we will start sifting through all of them.

Re: 5/26/2011: Tian Feng (SGYY) and Pang Tong (SGZ) Biograph

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I found this post earlier today while in the office Very useful Sent the link to myself and will most likely bookmark kongming.net when I make it home Great!
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