Kindly Guidance from the Community

April 2011: Kongming takes up baseball as his new hobby.
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Kindly Guidance from the Community

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Lady Wu states, “I’m looking for a 50-word-max explanation of what the game is really all about.” She actually did a great job. I’ve adjusted it with a few words to a slightly more OCD-compliant 50-word example for everyone:
Lady Wu wrote:Some guy chucks a ball in to this other guy’s face, other guy tries to ward it off with a stick, then runs like hell, then a bunch of people go look for the ball and hurl it at the running guy to stop him from running. Theft is involved.
Starscream observes:
Starscream wrote:I only know that the baseball bat is a favourite murder weapon in teenage fictions.
What inspires you about baseball?

Equinox has provided an excellent analogy to help those of you who like Three Kingdoms more than baseball to get into the spirit:
Equinox wrote:Think of the pitcher as Cao Cao, determined to get rid of the viceroys of Wu (the batter), one after the other. First base is Eastern Wu, Second base is Jing, and Third base is Yi. To stop Cao Cao, you have to make sure you withstand his initial assault (hit the ball), then rally the troops at home (first base), then take it to Jing (second) and then get to Yi (third) to call for help from Shu. If you make it home alive, then you’ve succeeded.

Note that you can’t run the bases out of order. Can’t get to Yi without going through Jing first.
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