Nobunaga's Ambition: Awakening, English release on July 20

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Re: Nobunaga's Ambition: Awakening, English release on July 20

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Gray Riders wrote: Fri Aug 25, 2023 3:19 pm Fun trivia; there are five officers whose in-game biography refers to them as "one of the four Ryuzoji guardians". This is not a translation error or a Koei mistake; according to Japanese wikipedia there actually are five people considered one of four Ryuzoji guardians; there seems to be some disagreement over one of the slots.
I feel like I somehow already knew this, but forgotten until you reminded me. No matter, though, because these titles are mostly posthumous rather than contemporary so it'd be the opinions of historians on who could be callled the FOUR HEAVENLY KINGS OF THE X CLAN after the Four Devas.
Edit note: It was only today, on August 27, that I noticed the settings menu lets you adjust names so that surname goes first.
Yeah, I saw YouTuber The Shogunate reviewing the game with Eastern naming order and feared it might be that way this time around and was thankful it was just a toggle. I'm so used to Western naming order with Japanese names that I end up tripping up and reading names backwards when they're presented in their original order. I simply can't read names like Akimasa Morizuki or Toratsuna Kasuga or whatever in their original orders and barely can do so with famous officers without tripping up and being needlessly bogged down by trying to mentally say a name right lol.
Edit: Victory in July 1589; chose to become Kanpaku and got the "only 100 years of peace". I wonder if the number of surviving Daimyo affects how long it lasts? I think the only ones left with Imagawa were Takeda and Otomo, but here there was Shimazu, Mori, Date, Takeda, and Uesugi (the last were my vassal by then).
Probably has to do with amount of country consolidated by not-you, but, other than that, I don't know. Maybe average land development as well? That's how it was 20 years ago.
Huge tip for offensive siege battles I read on the wiki and conformed works: during siege a unit that engages the enemy with horses/muskets often seems to fail to use the attack, especially if the enemy is sitting on equipment. However, if you have an engaged unit withdraw and a unit with horse/musket behind them moves up their place, the unit cycling in seems to use the attack pretty much every time. This also seems to work in the field but the attacks pretty much always seem to go off there.
This doesn't seem to work on units on the citadel--like escape routes in normal battles I think those units are simply immune to secondary attacks.

So the question is if muskets/horses not always working is a bug, or if them going off at all when cycling is the bug?
I noticed this. Being inside "bases," I want to call them, protects the units from being shot down but they can be teased out (and this works against you as well since enemies are prone to tickling out your defenders) or shot down if they step out of the base towards a rear road in retreat (excruciatingly frustrating when this happens to me while defending a castle, which is another reason why I avoid making Defense Bases).

Odd note: When I was doing research for new officers I found what seems like someone getting the wrong name in the game; there's a Soma officer ingame named "Tanekiyo Izumida" (泉田胤清) but looking at his birth information and bio it seems like he's meant to be "Taneyuki Izumida" (泉田胤雪 ), whose father and son were both apparently named "Tanekiyo".
It could be the bio that's wrong; I know Tsunashige Hojo was listed as the son of "Masanori Fukushima" in SoI/Ascension/Taishi probably because his father's surname is Kushima and his forename is the same as the more famous guy's.
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Re: Nobunaga's Ambition: Awakening, English release on July 20

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New patch is September 19th. ... J6S1uDBuzl

The included picture has updated patch notes.
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