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Re: Morality

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You, me, us the individual, are a complex make up of chemicals reacting in a way that allows not only electrical patterns, but complex thought patterns, and then consequences of those thought patterns, and then, reflection on the consequences of those thought patterns, to then judge which chemical reactions are necessary and which can have improved effiency in the future, to free up room for further learning and experiences.

It's bloody amazing!

Some people have been taught that it is shameful act to take care of your own needs and boundaries.

You cannot pour from an empty jug.

There are times when a temporary Survival Mode is needed and that's ok.

We are all here for a limited time, death is going to happen.

Trauma, on the otherhand, is definitely optional.

I think it's important to focus on the trauma over death because a major cause of the life expectancy differential, anyway, is high cortisol levels.

One of the two major groupings of humans, is taught to internalise that cortisol while socialised into believing all they do is externally manifest it, while the other major group is allowed to externalise their cortisol with no pushback, while socialised into believing all they do is internalise that cortisol.

It is a really interesting phenomenom to watch unfold.

Cortisol keeps people deregulated, even when "mastered", there is always a breaking point that your spoons will run out.

When people are high on cortisol, they are easy to snowball one way or another.

Cortisol itself, is not bad.

Life is a balance of comfort and discomfort, relaxed and motivated, to influence you to get things done in a regulated way, instead of quickly or slowly.

Your body literally tells you when this isn't happening when it agitates you to go get food, for example.

Social time should make you feel good, it shouldn't make you feel ready to head to the execution square.

The most successful species on this planet are the most social and they shape ecosystems everywhere they go.

Our quest for understanding, led us to name what we had already been doing, as morality. In fact, by the time we had named it, our obsession with control had led us to become quite socially immoral indeed, with leaders rather dying for their ideals than allowing someone their own choices, and feeding them with what they stole, we had already become immoral indeed.

But that happened with Agriculture and Literacy, when they were able to immortalise the traumatising compartmentalisation into traditions that lied about what precedence came before.

They will say they didn't lie, that they knew no better than to deny a person the same respects with what they afforded themselves, but alas we must reflect on the hard life of a slave owner once in a while too.

I don't shy away from observing when people make traumatic choices in front of me.

And it is not immoral to do that.

You cannot control people, if you make choices to simplify and other another person, there's going to be a consequence and sometimes, its a lonely one, right?
Love is Defined as Consistent Choices that Facilitate that a Person Feels Loved!!
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