Scholars on WoW...

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Re: Scholars on WoW...

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Meanwhile I think the current game is a god awful zoomer tier flashing lights fest of dress up and e-sports!

To each their own.
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Re: Scholars on WoW...

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Hey it's an old game, one I wanted to see what purists were lauding.

From a playability standpoint, I find I didn't miss the old style, of in, and out, and in, and out, again as much as I thought I did. I din't play WoW but I did invest a lot into LotRO and other games that followed that model, so that's why I thought it wouldn't stimulate me as much. Given what I know games are capable of now, I find I wasn't able to lose myself in NPCs with generic, repeating statements as rewarding on such a slow pace anymore.

I think the scandals have just killed it for my partner again after he was really hopeful on Dragonflight.
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