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Re: Thoughts From a Once Hardcore Fan

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I agree with whoever said to bring back the bodyguards. If they do this again, make them able to be edited, so you can have your favorite officers/created characters included, and also maybe have them able to level up, as a group as the story progresses.So that by the start of the game they are average, but that as the game progresses they level up, and turn into a unit of badasses.That is definitely something to bring back.
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Re: Thoughts From a Once Hardcore Fan

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Bring back a lot of elements of Dynasty Warriors 4 and I'd be happy, throw in some of the new stuff they've found that works over the years and we'll have it made. I quite like unlocking things and feeling that progression. The music of DW4 was incredibly solid, one of, if not the best soundtracks and would love something to match that energy or callbacks even. I like the What-if's and the way of unlocking them can either be super easy or special conditions, I personally like the extra bit of challenge to unlock the stages. I like a lot of things about 4 so if a new DW10 came out, that's what I'd hope to see ultimately. A fresh take on it, if done right, might be just what we needed.
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Re: Thoughts From a Once Hardcore Fan

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It's interesting to read the first post and realize that a lot of what I've said or thought about saying or otherwise mulled over has already been said since the late 2000's. I wish I was older so I could have participated back when this was all new lol. That last line really encapsulates much of my frustration with the DW and SW franchises; it's a shame the best ones are the ones I played first many years ago and they've been gradually declining ever since. However, I'd push back that sentiment by highlighting the Empires sub-series; DW4E was my first of its kind and I absolutely loved it, then as a kid who didn't played 4 or SW2 or DW5 much compared to the originals as well as now. The later Empires games have all had a give and take relationship with one another, as far as I'm concerned, and DW9E was especially exhilarating for me since I had low expectations going in but ended up absolutely loving it and quickly finding it taking the time I was intending for Elden Ring lol. And I enjoyed Elden Ring as well, so it's not like I was leaving a game I was disappointed with but rather that DW9E actually absorbed me more and for longer than Elden Ring did despite arriving to both games with the expectation that Elden Ring would ultimately be superior in its field than DW9E would be in its own field.

I also want to quote that bit from the original post, despite being so long ago, about whether it's better to spend $50 to buy a game you reasonably expect to be mostly the same as a last or something entirely new. I'd say it's not so obvious because, with a limited amount of time and money, it's really a risk versus reward calculation where the risk of playing a game you ultimately don't enjoy is lower with something familiar but the potential of having greater fun is higher with something novel. Hindsight being what it is, it's easy to say that this or that game ended up being a better investment, but, when you don't know, it's really a matter of weighing odds before gambling on them.

As for the subject of difficulty and how it can be returning to older games...

Well, let's just say that the newer DWs I like are difficult differently so the older ones end up being easier and harder in their own ways lol. Like, fighting officers and maintaining the momentum is far more consistently challenging in DW9E (assuming an appropriately high difficulty setting) than in DW4E or DW3 but the challenge is specifically in having to fight officers capable of entering and exiting states of hyper-armor, teaming up to make it difficult to cone or kite them, or otherwise throw a wrench into whatever combo I might have been up to whereas, in DW3/DW4E, the pacing is much more gradual so if I can knock the enemy off their feet I can pretty much do whatever until I drop them in some way or another. However, time-pressure's a big one as well; you can take it easy, time-wise, in DW3 but can't do that in DW9E because everything could go haywire if you left the sorcery captain to get crushed off-screen or failed to stop the enemy plot in time or your guys got singled out and beaten so the Morale has shifted to buff them. Overall, while I'd say it's always an interesting thing to adjust between games, I think difficulty was more or less maintained with the Empires games but the source of difficulty definitely shifted from being combat in general to specific enemies or outside pressures or other factors.
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