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Re: The vs. Thread

Unread post by XuSheng »

MasterG0819 wrote:Lü Meng vs Xu Huang historically?
3 months later...

Probably Lü Meng. While I like Xu Huang more, he was more a tactician than a strategist and Lü Meng always reminded me of a polyvalent general (a good strategist and a good tactician). Xu Huang might win in a pitch battle (I think he was the better tactician), but in a campaign I would go with Lü Meng.
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Re: The vs. Thread

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Cao Pi vs. Cai Yan in a poetry competition.
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Re: The vs. Thread

Unread post by DragonAtma »

Cao Pi, because he can limit Cai Yan to only seven steps of thinking.
Unless I specifically say otherwise, assume I am talking about historical Three Kingdoms, and not the novel.

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Re: The vs. Thread

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Historical, battle of strategies

Fa Zheng vs Chen Gong
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take a look please
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Re: The vs. Thread

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Fa Zheng, I got the impression in history that Chen Gong wasn't so much a strategist as a civil officer. Gao Shun was Lu Bu's primary strategist.
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