Ongoing Epidemics

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Re: Ongoing Epidemics

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So this turned out to be something of a big deal...
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Re: Ongoing Epidemics

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Well, at least we managed through it to post on this cool forum, but the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are historical in our lifetimes, and perhaps beyond that.
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Re: Ongoing Epidemics

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I’ve been thinking a bit about this over the... *waves hands around*...

And spending a bit of time here and there learning about historic pandemics and the like. Turns out, some of the bizarre things we have (humanity has) done through this pandemic are not so odd relative to previous pandemics. One part of it that makes the most sense to me is the fatigue. Where, eventually, people just decide “everything is fine” and go on with it. The pushback against efforts to contain it, conspiracy theories, etc.

And I’m also thinking many of us may live to see a more serious pandemic.
Deej wrote: Mon Jan 16, 2023 12:58 pm So this turned out to be something of a big deal...
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Re: Ongoing Epidemics

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I had the “pleasure” of working in a hospital throughout the entire pandemic.

I’ve yet to catch it myself, miraculously! *knocks on every piece of wood in the entire house*

I want to say things are winding down but our COVID ward is still jam-packed day-to-day. Then again, so is pretty much every other ward as well — who knew putting off medical appointments for a couple years would catch up to us!
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