Translation Help Request: Romance 2 Documentary!

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Translation Help Request: Romance 2 Documentary!

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Long-time lurker of the Archives and huge Koei fan here.

My friend Wulfi and I are working on a video about Romance 2, as it was released 30 years ago in Japan...

And while doing research, we stumbled upon this hidden gem: a Koei official documentary-style VHS rip about Sangokushi 2! To me, this is one of the most astonishing finds in retro gaming history, since this is literally my favorite game in the world:

The problem is that neither of us know a single word of Japanese (apart from “Nobunaga”, “Shingen”, or “Inindo” haha).

I spent a few bucks to get a timed Japanese transcript done by a robot, and I estimate it’s probably around 30-40% of the way there in terms of accuracy.

We would both REALLY love to get the Japanese transcript fixed and then have the subtitles translated to English!

It just seems like WAY too awesome that someone found this, and it so deserves to be enjoyed by us non-Japanese Koei fans!

I’m wondering if anyone here would happen to have the talents needed to achieve this important game history preservation feat? Any tips or suggestions would be massively appreciated!

Thanks in advance Image

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