ROTK VI - Officers split into two factions

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ROTK VI - Officers split into two factions

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Hey everyone! This game is new to me, and has been very fun so far. Here's what I have going on and it's kind of confusing figuring out how this happened and what I can do to fix it.

Been playing as my own created ruler in the 194 scenario. It's currently the year 209 and I control 3/4 of China. I have had the Emperor about ten years. I used him to build up my prestige so I could be Prime Minister, and have since been refusing his requests to kill his prestige so I can be Emperor before game's end. I have been doing this slowly so as to not kill my officer loyalty.

About a two years earlier from where I am now, some peasants in Ye found a gold bird and brought it to me
The next year, my WL said we needed to spend two years and five thousand gold building a shrine in Ye so I could become king. A year after that my WL said that there were now two factions, one led by Huang Zhong, and another by an officer I created.

Since then, all kinds of crazy stuff has happened. There have been assasination attempts on officers. Some officers are having secret meetings with people and changing their dreams. I sent Huang Zhong into battle and almost lost because Shamoke decided he would stop following orders because he thought Huamg Zhong was "scum." Loyalty is lower almost across the board, and my ruler is doing nothing except talking to people. They are almost all discontent. I've had three councils already with Huang Zhong and the other officer, but it's getting nowhere. The other officer always seems contrite, but Huang Zhong is upset still after the meetings.

Has anyone else ever had this happen? Do I need to fire Huang Zhong? Is this related to the gold bird Ye event?

While it would definitely be an interesting way to lose the game, I would like to not have my empire fall apart from within.
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