Site Update: Kongming at Bat

April 2011: Kongming takes up baseball as his new hobby.
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Site Update: Kongming at Bat

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Howdy folks,

I've thought this through for a little while now and today I'm taking Kongming's Archives in a new direction: Kongming at Bat. You can read about it here in the forum or see the new page at the old Kongming’s Archives address. I know this is a really strange change, but I needed something new, and I wanted to blend it in with something we all enjoy. I suppose there's no harm in continuing Three Kingdoms discussion here in the forum as well!

I've created a new forum for Kongming at Bat news updates, and another forum for general baseball discussion. I imagine we've got a few baseball fans among us? Hopefully we can gather together some new fans as well—it would also be handy to learn more about it myself.

Love baseball? Help get us started!
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