What if Lu Bu never killed Dong Zhuo?

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Pang tong 2
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What if Lu Bu never killed Dong Zhuo?

Unread post by Pang tong 2 »

i wonder how Dong Zhuo would have enjoyed the life that was cut short by lu bu?
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Unread post by Matrixxa »

Probably just more tyranny. The old guy would have died either way. He wasn't a very skilled ruler.
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Unread post by Andrew »

Hmm with Lu Bu on his side who knows how far east he could have gone. I think at some point there would be another desprete call to arms, and he would be defeated though.
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Unread post by EERman »

if he and lu bu were not seperated, they could have taken over all of china, imo, but there would be resistence by a lot of rulers. after they started taking over china and a lot of the provinces there, weak rulers would surrender there land and armies to dong zhou in the fear of there lifes.
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Unread post by Zhilong »

Rule by tyranny never lasts... and Fatty's are always BBQ'd :lol:
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Unread post by Rainiez »

Maybe he will build a dynasty but tyranny will not last so he will fall, this is just the matter of time I think.
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Unread post by Wizardman »

What if Lu Bu didn't kill Dong Zhuo? IT would simply be more tyranny. And if Cao Cao still killed Lu Bu, then Dong Zhuo probably would've suicided around then,or he would've surrendered in another Anti-Dong Zhuo alliance. (From what I know about history, they strongly supported suicide over murder, though I could be in the wrong time period.)
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Unread post by Iain »

If Lu Bu did not kill Dong Zhuo it wouldnt really have mattered; He was a hated man and eventually an assassin or a form of poison would have gotten to him.
Thats always assumeing all that rich food and wine didnt do him in first.(never a healthy way to rule)
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Re: What if Lu Bu never killed Dong Zhuo?

Unread post by dirtybird »

Pang tong 2 wrote:i wonder how Dong Zhuo would have enjoyed the life that was cut short by lu bu?
If Dong Zhuo was never killed, he could've wrecked China with even more bloodshed and more than likely get stronger as time went by. However, the Allies would have probably halted him at an important place, which would maybe in turn constitute to Dong's downfall.
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Unread post by Six_and_Up »

Dong Zhou would have probably usurped the Han successfully, then it'd end up a open war with every single warlord in China vying to take over.
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