Comprehensive Biography of Lady Sun (Sun Shang Xiang)

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Comprehensive Biography of Lady Sun (Sun Shang Xiang)

Unread postby Jiang Zhi » Tue Dec 12, 2006 3:12 am

I just compiled a bunch of historical facts about her and corrected the errors from the biography by Jonathan Wu. Apparently he confused Lady Sun & Lady Wu (two different people). Can anyone kind enough please edit the grammar? Thanks!

Comprehensive Biography of Lady Sun
Sun Shang Xiang (孫尚香)

NOTE: This biography is based on historical sources and nothing from SGYY

Place of Birth: Fuchun County, Wu Prefecture (Presently Fuyang, Zhejiang Province)
Lifespan: Unknowns
Titles: None
Family: Sun Jian (father), Lady Wu (mother), Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Sun Yi, Sun Kuang (brothers), Sun Lang (half brother), Lady Sun (half sister & married to Hong Zi), Lady Sun (half sister & married to Pan Mi), Liu Bei (former husband), Sun Ben, Sun Fu, Sun Hao, Sun Yu, Sun Jiao, Sun Huan, Sun Qian (cousins), Liu Shan (former step son)

Sister of the founding Emperor of Wu (Sun Quan), Lady Sun was the only recorded daughter of Sun Jian and Lady Wu.[1] Although history never recorded the given name of Lady Sun (or any of her sisters), in legends, she is commonly referred by the name Sun Shang Xiang. She was a woman of strong personality and this is shown in events throughout her life. The biography of Fa Zheng tells that she had the courage and energy of her brothers.

In 209 CE, she was given to Liu Bei to marry as a part of an alliance between Sun Quan and Liu Bei. At the time, Lady Sun was a little over twenty years of age but because of the marriage, she took general control over his household as well as guardianship over his son and heir Liu Shan.[2] This is because both of Liu Bei’s former wives had already died of natural causes – Lady Mi. Because Lady Sun was accompanied by more than a hundred female attendants, all of whom are capable of bearing arms, whenever Liu Bei visited her, he trembled for his life.[3] No children are recorded between them.

However, two years later in 211 CE, there was tension within the Sun-Liu Alliance over the affairs of the Jing Province. It was at this time when Lady Sun returned to her brother’s court. According to Zhao Yun’s biography, Lady Sun attempted to take Liu Shan with her but was stopped by himself and Zhang Fei. It was through negotiations that Lady Sun surrendered the young heir to the two generals before she journeyed downriver to the Southlands. It is through this action where the both marriage and alliance effectively ended.[4]

[1] Sun Jian had two other daughters, older than Sun Shang Xiang, who were recorded. One daughter was married to Hong Zi and highly respected the abilities of Zhuge Jin. The other was bore by a Lady Chen, who possibly was a concubine, and married Pan Mi.

[2] Liu Shan was born of Lady Gan.

[3] Rafe De Crespigny, Generals of the South, 1990. This segment is recorded in both Fa Zheng & Zhao Yun’s SGZ biographies.

[4]Lady Sun can be easily confused with Lady Wu (different from Lady Sun's mother) who originally was Liu Zhang’s wife and was later married to Liu Bei. She later became the Empress of Shu while Lady Sun remained with her brothers in the Southlands.


de Crespigny, Rafe. General of the South. Canberra: Australia National University, 1990.
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Unread postby CaTigeReptile » Tue Dec 12, 2006 4:19 am

Very, very nice. Hardly any grammatical errors, a great overall highlight of her very distinct personality. Glad someone did the historical version, and glad it was you!

Because it's comprehensive, I guess it doesn't need the quotations from the various biographies that talk about her. . . but, as I think about it, a compilation of those quotations describing her and her various. . adventures would be quite cool. Maybe I could do that tomorrow, since I've already lamented about not having anything to do.

This is great. Go history! History wins!
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