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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Dec 06, 2019 7:38 pm

Labour complain to BBC about coverage, policies, diplomat resigns over Brexit, channel 4 in disgrace, N.Ireland Brexit papers leak
-Papers on Andrew Neill's heroic challenge to the cowardly Boris, Brexit MEP's, Telegraph "Corbyn has made Labour a welcoming refuge for anti-Semites. The party is cast in his image"

-Corbyn says concerned about automatic release for serious offenders and priority is a properly funded prison service and probation service, apologies to those who have suffered from delay in Labour process against anti-Semitism, "A credible leave option maintains credible trading relations with Europe, the sale and manufacture of goods, a customs agreement that protects the Good Friday agreement." Finical struggles of schools and stress of pupils isn't necessary

-Labour, via Gwynne, complain to BBC that their coverage has been slanted and they complain that they were reassured Boris had been booked for Andrew Neill interview. On the latter the BBC could be in trouble, former suggests Labour's tactic is to indulge in paranoid conspiracies so they can blame everyone else but themselves if they lose

-Labour pledge Business Development Agency to act as advice point for small business, a network of advisers based in Post Offices to support small businesses and Post Office bank, regional investment banks, free full-fibre broadband to every business premises, scrap quarterly reporting for businesses with a turnover of under 85,000, and reform business rates.

-Boris writes to Labour saying allowing EU nationals to vote in second referendum would be seen as fiddling with the referendum, Corbyn's Brexit stances have damaged trust in politics, Labour questions if Boris is so confidence why doesn't he put it to referendum, Gove says changing franchise for referendum would be against the principles of democratic fairness, Long-Baiiley says what happens with Brexit impacts EU citizens here greatly and they deserve say on their future

-McDonnell says Labour won't negotiate with other parties if hung parliament

-Leadsom asks Competition Authorities to investigate Gardner Aerospace's takeover of Impcross on national security grounds

-Economist backs Lib Dems

-Long-Bailey shocked by some of the claims from leaks from ECHR investigation and such figures should not be part of Labour

-Tories briefing public doesn't care about interviews which are a tired format, Boris says he has done plenty of interviews and debates, he can't fit everyone like Lord Buckethead

-Labour has got hold of an official and secret government report on Brexit and N.Ireland, it backs Brexit ministers and not Boris, there will be checks and border down the Irish seat, Boris says he hasn't seen it but it is complete nonsense then government realizes it can't call it conspiracy stuff so says just an initial appraisal and not up to date (this seems to be somewhat true), N.Ireland unionist parties furious with Boris.

Not sure this is going to have same electoral impact as the NHS one, people care about NHS but mainland UK doesn't give a fig for N.Ireland but may prove awkward for Boris tonight and hit that issue of trust.

-Corbyn when asked if working class voters might like Labour better with a different leader "I think Marmite’s really good for you. Some people like it and some people don’t. I lead the party and I’m proud to lead the party."

-Channel 4 has had to apologize (and Sturgeon taken down tweet after she claimed it was very revealing, not heard that she has apologized) after subtitles mistranslated “I’m in favour of people of talent coming to this country.” with thinking talent had been replaced by coloured. Tories are (rightly) furious and briefing (where they then go too far) "This shows why it has been impossible to cooperate with Channel 4 News. They are campaigners in this election, inventing the most damaging things possible to further their campaign against Brexit. This sort of thing is why so many media organisations have collapsing audiences. We sadly do not expect the senior management at Channel 4 to take this terrible mistake seriously and we expect more of the same."

-Boris says Major is an illustrators predecessor but views are out of date

-Condemnation of Tory candidate Sally-Ann Hart who shared article suggesting those with learning disabilities be paid less and agreeing with premise that some don't understand money

-The career diplomat and official in the British embassy in Washington responsible for matters relating to Brexit, Alexandra Hall Hall has resigned, frustrated at how UK poltical leaders have not been honest about Brexit even to UK citizens and treatment of institutions within UN, makes it harder to uphold British values abroad if we aren't doing it at home

-IDS "Kinder, gentler politics...during #GE2019, not at all. In Chingford/Woodford Green we’ve had office graffiti, social media violent abuse/smear tactics. Latest: suspect package containing decomposed rat. Campaign volunteers are subjected to these unacceptable acts of intimidation"

-Gove gave out, live on air in a bizarre move, the downing street switch board phone number if people wanted to know if Boris would do Andrew Neill interview. They had to change the switchboard message to tell people they are not going to give out Boris diary


-Farage attacking the four MEP's for their relations with Tory party (as Andrew Neill pointed out, happy to use such relations in past) looked ugly, set out why Boris deal isn't Brexit for him but struggled to convince he isn't backing Boris, "I don't know the candidates" may be true but came across as defensive and didn't promise the two Islamophobic comments Andrew Neill cited would lead to punishment, did decently about why the party is relevant and argues he has destroyed Lib Dem hopes by his puling out of some seats, work permits on top of the 50,000 migration target is nuance that may have caught people by surprise but didn't have answer to why people would accept 1-2 year work permits without family. Felt Andrew Neill rattled Farage and made him testy at times

-Swinson says SNP wrong to say being anti-Independence is anti-Scotland, highlights recent scandals like poor Pisa rankings, infection problem at Glasgow hospital and resignation of the chair of the Scottish Police Authority, Susan Deacon who had condemned lack of police accountability.

-Tusk says Brexit campaign is an example of “the unprecedented readiness to lie” in modern politics, Brexit is one of EU's most speculator mistakes and one of the most painful, saddest experiences he has had when holding office

-Lib Dems pledge to triple the Early Years Pupil Premium

-Brake predicts Lib Dems will increase numbers

-Sir Major backs Gauke, Sir Grieve and Anne Milton against Tory candidates as Tory party has left them and parliament will be poorer for their absence, calls Brexit the worst foreign policy decision in my lifetime, hints to vote tactically

-Blair uses people to choose wisely at election, Brexit isn't a mistake but a disaster particularly for the young, most important election of his life time, Brexiteer promises EU countries would follow and EU would be on their knees in negotiations have proven false, DUP has learnt Boris can't be trusted. also says "This Conservative party which now expels the likes of Michael Heseltine, disowns the statesmanship of John Major, a party whose chancellor as of July this year is now exiled in the wilderness for the temerity to say what he knows to be true, namely that a no-deal Brexit is a risk no responsible government would take, such a Conservative party does not deserve to govern unchecked and the country would not be wise to let them."

-Farage fails to turn up to Brexit's defence manifesto rally as "would be a distraction" following the resignation


-Martha Buckler how TV debates could be improved

-Younge election of trust

-BBC issues neglected during election

-Chris Morris on government claim they can do trade deal by end of 2020

-Kuessenberg state of play

-Hugo Gye agrees Boris has run away from scrutiny but argues Corbyn is no less cowardly

-Peter Foster on the Irish papers
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Dec 07, 2019 5:38 pm

Russia row, pledges, debate fall out
-Papers on the debate, they were not overly impressed by quality

-Some amusement that Youguv polling has Boris winning 52vs48%

-Boris says Tories must fight for every vote

-Sturgeon calls debate woeful, Brake says British politics at it's worst, Liz Saville Roberts "shoddy end-of-term pantomime"

- EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan says under Boris Brexit deal, N.Ireland would "remain in the UK customs territory and, at the same time, benefit from access to the single market without tariffs, quotas, checks or controls. EU state aid and VAT rules will continue to apply in Northern Ireland, under the control of the European Court of Justice."

-Tories pledge £550m in grassroots football

-Labour pledge entire UK bus fleet electric by 2030 with a £4bn investment, local authorities could create council-owned bus companies, reverse cuts to bus funding and invest more (at a cost of £1.3bn a year), provide free bus travel to under-25s in areas that bring bus services under local ownership (at a cost of £1.4bn a year by the end of the parliament) paid for by Vehicle Excise Duty. Tories call it a war on motorists

-Reddit (from whom the papers seem to have first emerged) says NHS papers were from account linked to campaign that originated from Russia, Morgan says that is extremely serious, McDonald ok with an inquiry into the matter and calls for report into Russian interference to be published, Corbyn says this is all nonsense and Tories engaging in conspiracy theories to distract from what is in it and refuses to say where Labour got the documents from. Boris says answers needed but wants to focus on that it failed to prove Corbyn's claim NHS was for sale

-Tories investigating three candidates accused of anti-Semitism


-Lib Dems pledge re-introducing safe-standing at top-flight football grounds

-Friends of Earth give scores out of 43 for manifesto's handling of green issues, Labour gets 33, Greens 31 and Lib Dems 30, Tories only 5.5

-Farage “I’ve known Boris on and off for 25 years, and he is a likeable, entertaining personality. Would you absolutely trust him? No.”, Boris deal would lead to three more years of purgatory

-Swinson won't stand down if Lib Dems fail to make significant gains


-D'Arcy on the major donors

-Philip Simm why politicians repeat same message time and time again

-BBC Reality Checks head to head debate

-Peston feels sorry for Swinson and Boris offer requires a lot of trust
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Dec 08, 2019 7:10 pm

Papers being sides, all sides trying to rally activists for last week, Brexit party have new name planned
-Papers on tactical voting, get Brexit done and anti-Semitism

-Press starting to pick up then Corbyn refuses to do radio phone ins with public

-Sunday Telegraph backs Tories as does Sunday Times (if somewhat reluctantly), Mail on Sunday, Sunday Express though a lot seems to be about stopping Corbyn. Backing Labour Sunday Mirror and Sunday People. Meanwhile the Observer says whoever can beat Tory candidate as both Labour (anti-Semitism) though it seems like they would back Lib Dems if they felt Lib Dems could win

-Tories pushing immigration system plans, Labour social care, Lib Dems rebalancing the economy

-Patel says new immigration system would start in 2021

-Gove urges people not to pay too much attention to polls with election on knife edge

-Corbyn denies Labour gone to defensive strategy as they need to win seats to get majority, seeking equal number of female MP's for first time ever

-Cleverly tries to rally a last push by activists

-Labour question why Tory candidates being investigated over alleged anti-Semitism aren't being suspended

-Corbyn makes his pitch

-Boris says naughtiest thing he has ever done is cycling on pavement (so not racist and homophobic language, getting a lady jailed in Iran or the lies ), refuses to say if he will resign if he fails to get majority. London Mayor spell shows he can be trusted as he delivers, won't be checks on N.Ireland border but admits there may be if goods then go into Republic, immigration will come down

-Ashworth promises 10 billion for National Care Service, refuses to say if he will talk to other parties on social care but says always willing to talk in general way, Boris being misleading about immigration and will lead to nursing crises. On Hancock contemplating tweet, replies "Oh mate @MattHancock someone’s hacked your account to turn you into a figure of total ridicule. Change your password ASAP!"

-Sturgeon not asking Labour to back independence but respect that Scotland rather the Westminster should decide when there is a referendum and if Labour reject SNP offer so fail to get power then Corbyn and McDonnell will have some pretty big explaining to do, Blackford says they will be a moderating force on Labour

-Cleverly apologises for Islamophobia in party and (wrongly) says Boris has apologized for letter-box comment


-Banks calls on Farage to back Boris

-Lib Dems pledge to scrap business rates for small firms, provide greater support for entrepreneurs, expand future high streets fund

-Swinson won't resign if she gets less MP's then currently as only had four months, revoke remains popular among Remainers, some of the criticism of her is double standard and sexist, if Corbyn goes then will look at working with Labour to get second referendum, doubts we are in coalition territory

-Farage says Boris has always been very soft on immigration but as election is telling people what they want to hear, has chance for a handful of seats, will be back in crises with months with Boris deal, will rename party Reform Party once Brexit is done, polling industry is laughable in their practises

-Ruth Davidson says she may return when her child is older and perhaps when party is in opposition where her experience could be useful

-Davies says no deal Brexit a possibility still depending how trade talks go and it needs to remain a tool in negotiating locker


-Benedict Spice urgings to "hold your nose and vote Labour" won't work due to anti-Semitism

-Lewis Goodall mood is against Corbyn

-Paul Hilder on Labour battlegrounds and chances
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Dec 09, 2019 8:43 pm

Boris reaction to NHS scandal may have impact on election, Mail on Sunday rebuked for story, McDonnell speech including budget date
-Papers on Boris push into Labour heartlands or NHS crises. 4 year old with suspected pneumonia left on floor for hours and during treatment due to lack of beds really doing the round and causing Tories problems which Boris made a lot worse today

-Credit to McDonnell, interrupted Marr and apologised as admits it is rude. Admits Wapsi money will be from borrowing to correct a "historic injustice", those outside the top 5% people will to have pay £200 extra a year for improved services, anti-Semitism has hit the chances of Labour winning but Labour have done everything they can on the issue but he apologies to Jewish community. In speech, will have budget within first 100 days to end decade of austerity (5th February) and by Christmas a National Transformation unit, get money out of Whitehall into regions, People's Assemblies to hold boards of nationalized companies to account and to decide how nationalized companies are run. Won argument on austerity though Tories would continue austerity within five years, already working with treasury to ensure plans doable but people have lost faith in ability to transform things, Labour's enemies hate the people of this country (what the? How is that not hateful? He also doesn't narrow down who exactly he means).

In Q&A says he agrees with Foster and thinks Boris is least trusted politician people have experienced, pound may go up due to spending plans effectiveness and markets know Boris plans can't be trusted while notes pound has gone down under Tories, open on how tech giants are dealt with, worked with DUP in past, Labour have inspired other parties cross world including the Democrats to be more radical

-Boris to visit every region of England and Wales in the final 72 hours, says Remain MP's let down people and Corbyn's Labour most of all as promised to respect result and deliver it of referendum then sought to frustrate it, no idea where Patel got Labour would lead to 52 more murders a year from, suspects HS2 would cost more then 100 billion, bemoans EU migrants treating UK as part of their own country, questions long term viability of BBC license fee and is looking at the issue (while Tories have been looking at this, seen as a desperate dead cat to get off Boris NHS scandal), Brexit day will lead to more babies, no idea why party paid google to ensure searches for Labour manifesto linked to Tory attack site

-Hancock says he has been getting abuse when he says Labour needs to root out anti-Semitism

-Foster says Tories seem confused as to what happens to goods going through N.Ireland and they need certainty, Boris can not be trusted, HMRC officials has told DUP they will be checks (contradicting Boris), Boris plan would contravene the act of union

-Boris and Hancock both apologize about the boy left on floor but Boris initial refusal to look at picture of the boy then taking the journalist phone and putting it in his own pocket has gone down really badly. Corbyn says it shows Boris doesn't care and story is a disgrace to our society, Rayner calls Boris reaction an disgrace. This could be a disaster for Boris (or not, bigot-gate didn't do Brown much harm) and looks really really bad on several levels

-Sturgeon suspects Brexit referendum will come before Scottish one, condemns Boris complaint about EU migrants

-Long-Bailey says she hasn't thought about becoming leader (a lot of Labour figures are having to deal with "will you run for leader" questions and carefully refusing to rule it out), leaders at election time are always Marmite and people unfortunately now seeing elections in an American presidential rather then party way, senses a lot of don't knows among voters and that will lead to different result then pollsters expect

-Hancock's aide was not punched, apparently some wrong briefing

-Ipso rebuke Mail on Sunday for lying about Labour plans on home owners and taxes


-Gauke looks into his crystal ball

-Sunak says been impressed by civil service Brexit preparations, will be a trade deal

-Swinson condemns demonization of trans people with media complicit, trans debate is not about scientific but about people and their rights, reminds her of the struggles homosexuals head and the mental health damage to them, people need safe spaces


-Lucy Rodgers what unites people

-Pienaar on dishonesty

-Duncan Leatherdale on the last December election

-Rosalind Beck Labour taxing self employed

-John Harris Tories should be deeply worried about the long term issues they face as party

-Adler EU thinks Boris will have to make major concessions to get Brexit done by end of year
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Dec 10, 2019 8:11 pm

Ashworth leak, journalists and parties have to withdraw inaccurate claims, Tories struggle to shake off yesterday's events
-Papers on Boris and refusal to look at photo (the mother has asked papers to not use images of the child anymore) or BBC attacking BBC license fee, the lacklustre Corbyn rally compared to 2017 and the New Zealand volcano

-Corbyn mocks Boris taking plane to 28 minutes when known there is a climate emergency, his leadership isn't a problem for Labour as not a presidential election, has stamina for five year term, NHS won't have four day a week, Labour activists have till Thursday Night to save the NHS and end poverty+homlesslness

-Labour pledge emergency audit on what risk NHS Trusts are facing

-Tories have to backtrack as complaints made to statistics authority after Javid claims homelessness peaked in 2008 under Labour (2003 and then Labour got it down), government saying Javid misremembered the statistics

-Leaked government document says getting things ready for Boris deal by end of 2020 will be problematic due to Irish border and customs while Labour unleash report highlighting problems in NHS

-Brexit Party expels councillor after recorded making racist comment

-Every party other then Tories condemn Boris refusal to look at photo of the sick boy left on floor, Swinson says it showed Boris have an empathy backpass. Buckland says the photo thing was a difficult situation where Boris was trying to respect the family request for privacy and it was awkward but that was a real response, idea it shows Tories don't care about NHS is an insult to the NHS staff, protester in the Hancock situation was not acting in a civilized manner

-Someone in Tory camp claiming Hancock's adviser was punched yesterday (video shows that didn't happen) has earnt ill-will as felt it was a desperate attempt to distract from Boris yesterday. Dawn Butler questions why Kuessenberg and Peston both repeated the story on twitter (though they both coached it in "what I have been told" language)

-Boris and team parody Love Actually, getting pelters and Dr Rosena Allin-Khan did it better

-Ashworth denies ignoring the mother's plea to stop using the child as a political football and his heart goes out to her (while ignoring her pleas and using his photo when the mother has asked not to). Boris reaction is disgraceful and worse but Labour's is also really bad

-Trade deficit widens, growth in UK at 0.7% this year

-Problem for Labour as record of John Ashworth telling Tory activist friend Grieg Baker that Labour won't win and cant see how Tories won't get a majority unless they massively... mess up "I just can’t see it happening. It wouldn’t surprise me – for sake of argument – we held Canterbury because of sort of middle-class, Guardian-reading people, but then the Tories take Bolsover off of Labour it wouldn’t surprise me. The electoral map has being going topsy-turvy because of Brexit and Corbyn. The question is for Labour, if it gets itself a half-decent leader next time round, whether it can reverse and regain its traditional heartland seats." and "Outside of the city seats, if you are in small town midlands and north, it’s abysmal out there. They don’t like [Boris] Johnson, but they can’t stand [Jeremy] Corbyn and they think Labour’s blocked Brexit. I don’t think their long-term gains for the Tory party. But I can well see them going Tory [at] this election and if Labour ever got its act together they presumably would fall back ... I think [amongst] middle-class graduates, remainy people, Labour is probably doing well, and the Lib Dems are probably doing well, but not in big enough numbers to deny the Tories a majority."

Also says situation dire in heartland seats, Corbyn is a serious problem for Labour, floats that some in number 10 have concerns about Corbyn, 2016 coup was launched too soon, get Brexit done is an effective message

Ashworth (who, to his credit, is showing humour and willingness to get out to face media) saying it was banter (nobody believes it) and trying to psych out a Tory friend, he feels betrayed by a friend (which it is if Baker released it) and Ashworth feels he himself comes across a right plonker (I don't think that is fair but I think Ashworth's career is wrecked now, unfairly), apologises to activists. Corbyn says great relationship with Ashworth not been impacted, knows Ashworth likes to joke but won't confirm him in post. Seems to be a sense of sympathy among Labour frontbench and media on the basis a lot may well have said worse privately and that the "friend" is a disgrace

-Gove "I think Jon Ashworth is a decent man, trapped in a party he knows doesn’t have the right leader. Jeremy Corbyn is opposed to NATO, against Trident and thinks we should emulate Costa Rica - because it has no army. No allies, no deterrent, no military - no way can he be our PM..."

-Police received 198 reports of danger to parliamentary candidate safety with about half considered serious enough for investigation

-Merritt family not happy with Boris politicising their late loved ones death

-Boris drives JCB digger with "get Brexit Done" on it through polystyrene wall saying gridlock, says he is more inclined to HS2 continuing at moment, struggles to see how Brexit happens without a Tory majority, questions how MP's can justify taking salaries if they continue to block Brexit

-Sturgeon says talk of tactical voting has been more then she has ever seen before

-Javid says Labour would lead to economic crises by Christmas


-Lord Sugar backs voting Tory rather then Corbyn

-Farage says Boris deal means years more talks and Brexit won't be done, urges Leavers to vote tactically

-Baroness Natalie Bennett on freedom of movement

-Journalist Peter Walker "If people trusted by MPs routinely betrayed their friends by recording private, unguarded conversations and sending them to the media, I can assure you that most would have been considerably ruder about their party and leader than Jon Ashworth was."


-Kuessenberg why Boris NHS photo story matters and both sides have experimented, results will shape tactics for future

-Toynbee on Boris threats

-D'Ancona bemoans Get Brexit done but it is effective in a poor election

-Len Shackleton why nationalizing industry always fails

-Anahita Hossein-Pour Human Rights Day

-Professor Jonathan White the feeling of once in a lifetime may not be true but may be leading to dirtier election
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Dec 11, 2019 7:08 pm

Papers pick their sides formerly, preparing for elections tomorrow, EU action
-Papers on polls tightening and Ashworth comments

-Rayner is a lively and skilled figure in debates who one wishes had taken on Boris in head to head instead of the limp Corbyn, I just wonder if she became leader (which would excite many) she might need to work on slightly restraining her interruptions and hassling of other politicians including letting others answer her questions. I feel like right now, it draws laughter and applause but in a leader heads to head, it might turn people off her

-Should alarm Labour that Farage can take on Rayner on the subject of racism

-Boris says criminal justice system is failing people by not being tough on serious offenders but youths need arm around them and will invest in youth services

-Guardian backs Labour as best route to stop Brexit but also encourages tactical voting, Sun says Boris ticks all the boxes and should be PM, Daily Mail backs Tories to stop a catastrophe, Mirror goes vote Labour for the children, Times goes Tory as fear economic mayhem

-Naz Shah reports Tory candidate Linden Kemkaran to Tory HQ over alleged Islamophobia retweet, isn't happy that Kemkaran isn't suspended during the investigation Tories are launching

-Reality Check on attempts by right to dismiss the NHS story as fake news

-McDonnell "I just wish we have had the Conservatives being honest with us. I just wish we hadn’t been having this gutter politics, fake websites, lies and smears" and accuses Boris of using London Bridge attack for political opportunity and wishes Boris has shown empathy to families there and to family of little boy (this is getting rather rich), Ashworth story says more about the friend and Tories then Ashworth

-Tory aide seen swearing on camera when Boris ambushed by Good Morning Britain, Boris then flees to deep fridge

-Gove says Boris taking phone was a moment of absent mindedness

-SNP in row with Fife Council on if they formally dropped Neale Hanvey or not (SNP says they did and informed returning officer, council says they haven't), if Hanvey wins the seat he is running for then will be declared as winner for SNP which will lead to questions about how serious SNP are taking anti-Semitism.

-Sturgeon says Boris is the biggest threat from a Tory MP to Scotland in modern times

-Lavery says he will back Corbyn's deal over Remain (not sure if first or second, Burgeon might have said likewise)

-As no UK figure at EU summit, Charles Michel the former prime minister of Belgium and the new president of the European council will be voting for us.

-15 former Labour's MP have written to regional newspapers urging people not to vote Labour due to anti-Semitism, extremism and weak on security. Corbyn tells them to look in the mirror and think of the implications of Boris getting back into power

-Drakeford says Boris going to Wales has been a gift as it will inspire Labour activists but admits Corbyn is not an asset on the doorstep though he has inspired some to vote for party, fork in road election

-Barnier says unrealistic to expect trade deal by end of 2020, maybe can do a vital minimum

-Due to error, 200 students in Cardiff been denied their right to vote

-Sad hearing on Beyond Today the abuse Tosin Adedayo and Jenna Davis get for being BME's that don't back Labour


-Sir Cable US/UK trade talks

-Liz Saville Roberts sets out Plaid pitch

-Ian Austin (sun) the hate among Corbyn's supporters

-After youth QT, BBC should consider promoting Emma Barnett after (bar one "nationalize sausages" question) for future election debates as a very good display, firm on the 7 politicians but knowing when to let them run, really put them under pressure with awkward questions and adjusting quickly to what was going on around her including a hands up on housing, got all seven in each time (Bartley was more assertive this time).

-Greens vow to wipe out £34 billion of student debt as they cancel loans of all those who attended universities in England since tuition fees rose to £9,000 in 2012, scrap tuition fees and restore maintenance grants.

-Swinson says voters need to decide if we are an open or closed country, on that reaches out or one that pulls up drawbridge

-Plaid pushing for a law banning politicians from lying with criminal charges

-Ruth Davidson "I will happily wager to strip naked on the banks of Loch Ness and subject myself to a Hogmanay wild swimming session should such a result occur, safe in the knowledge that my modesty (and others’ eyeballs) will remain unmolested."

-Farage complains about too much nastiness in politics and the abuse Brexit candidates get, expects lower turn out then 2017, will write short book about the campaign, first past the post needs to go, will be in Brexit crises by May, accuses a newspaper (probably means the Mail) of attempting to intimidate and pressure candidates to stand down and if Bolivia had done this then Mail would call for UN to intervene


-Sir Curtice 5 things to look for on election night

-Kuessenberg Labour on back foot

-Mike Buckley and Christabel Cooper Labour can win over Labour leavers

-Zoe Williams Tories may pay for underestimating the anger of young voters

-New York Times Adam Satariano and Amie Tsang worried about both Labour and Tories going for online disinformation tactics
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Dec 12, 2019 7:15 pm

Usual please don't read till after voted

election day, some comments from politicians abroad, report on social media abuse
-Foreign newspapers bemoan the awful quality and leaders in this election campaign

-Tories tell Andrew Neill program they didn't anyone to go on that program which is unusually honest (the usual phrase for any party is nobody is available)

-New MP's to get a security and well-being induction session for the first time on December 17th

-Corbyn quips he doesn't hide in a fridge to avoid questions, believes in free press but wishes they would free themselves from the shackles of millionaires

-BBC with some pictures from the campaign

-Sunderland vs Newcastle traditional race for first to declare

-Professor Curitce exit poll will be (around) 10pm so should give us a sense of where country is likely to be tomorrow

-Independent (with factcheck) gets party leaders (including some obscure parties) to make a last pitch

-Been some large queues at some polling stations and a sense that the electoral staff have been taken by surprise

-Boris voted in London rather then his constituency seat which is unusual for a PM

-Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the head of Russia's LDPR party, backs Boris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shares anti-Boris video (feel both should keep out on election day)

-Arrest made after suspicious device was found near a polling booth

-Local council officials seem to be blaming Royal Mail for postal votes problems

-PoliMonitor found candidates in this election received abuse or insulting remarks in 16.5% of mentions or replies about them on Twitter, the three leaders got the most with Boris the most abused (#kindergentler politics) then Corbyn, Swinson, with Caroline Lucas, Gove and Abbott next and most seemed to be focused on 150 candidates with only three not an incumbent MP, female candidates received slightly more abusive tweets compared to male candidates, 17.3% vs 16.2%.

-Luxembourg’s prime minister Xavier Bettel urges winner to get deal agreed by parliament very quickly, Vadaker hopes for no hung parliament and Brexit won't be done on Jan 31st, Spain’s prime minister Pedro Sánchez says trade deal can be done by end of 2020

-Dodds may be warming to Corbyn "For most unionists Jeremy Corbyn is a complete no no. We will never support Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister. Jeremy Corbyn will not get our support.", believes DUP will be major player next parliament (as election day I won't comment)


-MEP Ban Habib not exactly enthused by Farage's stand down tactic which he calls a mistake in hindsight but struggles to defend trusting Boris and suggests they should have only stood down in known Brexiteer MP seats, isn't keen on being called Reform party either

-Swinson says won't put Corbyn or Boris in number 10, no talk of coalitions particularly with Labour's current leadership

-Bercow to do Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Message


-Emma Harrison 10 things from the election

-Aditya Chakrabortty working class leavers
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Dec 13, 2019 8:32 pm

Possibly when Parliament restarts, will lock this and create a new thread for a new era

election, Labour blame game begins, Boris tells party it has to change, Commons changes, Swinson resigns
-Final majority is 78, Labour's result worst since 1935. Atlee was new leader at the time and had excuse, N.Ireland turns unionist for the first time

-While Jewish communities celebrate (with Jewish Labour Movement calling for Corbyn to go now), Harun Khan the secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain was less happy "Mr Johnson commands a majority, but there is a palpable sense of fear amongst Muslim communities around the country. We entered the election campaign period with longstanding concerns about bigotry in our politics and our governing party. Now we worry that Islamophobia is “oven-ready” for government. Mr Johnson has been entrusted with huge power, and we pray it is exercised responsibly for all Britons.We understand that the prime minister insists that he is a one nation Tory. We earnestly hope that is the case and urge him to lead from the centre and engage with all communities."

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis "The election may be over, but concerns about the resurgence of antisemitism very much remain. Islamophobia, racism and other forms of prejudice continue to afflict our communities and, as has been well publicised, even our political parties. It is vital that we now bring the country together, ensuring that the voices of people from across our society are heard and respected. We must focus on our shared values and leave all hatred and prejudice far behind us."

-How did Labour lose Blyth Valley, Wokington, Wrexham, Durham, Darlington, Leigh (Labour since the 1920's), West Brom, Sedgefield (Blair was able to win that seat oh and general elections), Red Car Bishop Auckland (134 years of never having a Tory), Bolsover, Stoke, Clwyd South, Don Valley (Labour's since 1922), how did Bassetlaw turn into a 10,000 Tory majority?

-I think you can imagine what the headlines were about

-Boris says he has been given mandate to get Brexit done and it is the irrefutable will of the British people, party must recognize they are a one-nation party now who govern for northern Labour communities so Tories have to change, will earn the trust of those who voted Tory for first time, NHS is the people's priority and will be overwhelming priority, will not ignore the pro-Europe feeling of Remainers and will show they love Europe. Apparently told aides they have to learn how the political earthquake happened

-Corbyn says he won't fight next election, his manifesto of hope was defeated by the polarisation of Brexit that overwhelms anything else, blames media for how they covered his campaign, manifesto was popular, later says he is very sad and will leave early part of next year , no such thing as Corbynism. Lavery (who barely held his seat) blames failure to be a Leave party and offering second referendum but blames Labour conference rather then Corbyn for that, McDonald says Labour Brexit strategy was principled attempt to unite country but failed, Sir Stramer says time to reflect but need to remain unified. Abbott says they should continue with the many and not the few principles, Momentum blames Brexit and that their manifesto was popular so shouldn't shift to centre (#notourfaultinanyway), Burgeon blames Brexit and Murdoch media, Sir Stramer says defeat is devastating.

-Swinson (defeated by SNP by a mere 149 votes), Dodds (Sinn Feinn), Goldsmith (Lib Dems), potential Corbyn successor Pidcock (Tory), Flint (Tories), Skinner (Tories), shadow Scottish Sectary Lesley Laird (... not sure if SNP or non affiliated), shadow environment secretary Sue Hayman (Tory, her loss of Workington along with Blyth Valley seen as important signals), environmental audit chair Mary Creagh (Tories), SNP foreign affairs spokesperson Stephen Gethins (Lib Dems), Tom Brake (Tories) lost their seats

-None of the Lib Dems new figures or ChangeUK won seats

-France's minister for Europe Amelie de Montchalin says result provides Brexit clarity (this seems to be general EU attitude), Vadaker muses Boris will sign up to EU standards in order to secure a quota- and tariff-free trade deal by the end of 2020and scale of majority makes talks easier

-Pound surges

-Sturgeon says Scotland has clear message on Independence referendum (though she admits not very voter for SNP will back referendum) and sent clear message about Boris+Brexit, next week will set out detailed case for referendum

-Swinson steps down as leader, Ed Davey MP and Sal Brinton take caretaker charge On defeat she said "But let me say now, for millions of people in our country these results will bring dread and dismay and people are looking for hope. I still believe we as a country can be warm and generous, inclusive and open and that by working together with our nearest neighbours we can achieve so much more. Liberal Democrats will continue to stand up for these values that guide our Liberal movement - openness, fairness, inclusivity. We will stand up for hope." and has been praised for her election concession speech. During goodbye speech as leader speeches says she has no regrets standing up for her values, part of criticism was due to gender

As said in election aftermath, they made a bad error with revoke, Brexit and Tory moves weakened their Brexit appeal and she didn't cut through for whatever reason (apparently very popular figure within Westminster and will be missed as had many friends). I think if she held her seat she would been allowed to stay on, she had only four months, they are a small party and she is a talented figure but having lost her seat again, party rules required her to step down. Is a sense she was well regarded locally but being leader was costly, SNP's candidate Amy Callaghan ran a strong and energetic campaign while Swinson was often forced away which seems to have caused a bit of resentment.

-Newcastle Central won contest to declare first but only due to Blyth Valley Recount

-Wales gets Welsh Tory female MP's for first time, Lib Dems wiped out in Wales, Darkford takes his share responsibility for Labour's defeats in Wales though remain largest party

-Trump celebrates Boris win and chance of a major trade deal while other country leaders start to send the usual formal congrats

-McDonnell ruled out running for leader after exit poll and also rules out being caretaker leader

-Baroness Warsi urges Tories to start process of healing relations with British Muslims, being endorsed by likes of Tommy Robinson should worry them

-Gove says Jewish community should never have had to live in the fear that Corbyn provoked

-Reshuffle expected Monday

-1 in 10 MP's are now from ethnic minority background with 20% of Labour's being from ethnic minority background, more ethnic minority women were elected than men (37, 28) though all BME MP's are from England.

-Labour and Lib Dems have more female then male MP's

-Javid says British Jews can feel safe again (brushes aside question about if Muslims will feel safe), the scale of victory can allow all sides to come together and heal, to work together, the election and Brexit deal will see certainty and investment back in economy

-The independent ex-Tories like Gauke and Labour's Field did get impressive votes but not enough to hold seat

-Sinn Fein calling for border poll

-SNP told it's major donors to withhold funding and wait for a second referendum

-Thornberry seen as (in a more subtle and less damaging way then Philips) already aiming for leadership


-Alan Johnson (who calls Corbyn worse then useless when it comes to skills needed to lead a party) tearing into Jon Lansman and Momentum has really caught the eye (Osborne's face as he watched it was amusing). Also said "I mean the Corbynistas will make an argument that victory is a bourgeois concept and the only goal for true socialists is glorious bloody defeat and now we just had another one of them. There will be all the conspiracy theories floating about but it’s Corbyn. We knew that in parliament. We knew he was incapable of leading. We knew he was worse than useless at all the qualities you need to lead a political party. If this is accurate, Corbyn is the first victim."

-Scottish Tory leader Jackson Carlaw had posted when doing postal vote then tweeted voting that day, furious at SNP's Sturgeon and Mike Russel insinuating (I think they meant it as a joke) he might be breaking law (votes yesterday was acting as proxy) and has demanded they withdraw it.

-Farage says he spoilt his ballot while his decisions hurt Labour and killed the Lib Dems+second referendum, Banks says job done for Brexiteers who have united the right

-Lord Falconer wants new leader by March+April, Snell calls for Corbyn and McDonnell to go but says ultra remainers failing to agree to May's deal is the real reason they lost while hinting said remainers chased Lib Dems votes to secure their London seats,. Smeeth "Jeremy Corbyn’s action on antisemitism have made us the nasty party. We are the racist party. When you have a prime minister who has said such vile Islamophobic comments and we’re the racist party because of the actions of my leader, then we have a real real problem. The Labour party needs to be detoxified, we need to move on and this culture needs to be destroyed within the party." Powell says Brexit was symptom of a wider problem of failing to listen to heartlands with referendum a warning they failed to heed, ok with Corbyn staying on as caretaker if he oversees an honest review of what went wrong

Phil Wilson blames Corbyn and says blaming Brexit mendacious nonsense and delusional. Progress calls for party to move on from Corbyn's cronyism after this catastrophe, Lansman says Labour should wait till New Year and reluctant leader Corbyn will go in the right time while Corbyn deserves credit for changing the narrative of debate around things like austerity. MEP Seb Dance when exit poll came out "I remember very well the canvass I did in a seat Labour hoped (still hopes!) to get. Huge anger at Brexit - they loathed Johnson. But they feared one thing more: Jeremy Corbyn. Door after door after door.", Dame Hodge "Deliberately misreading the exit poll from McDonnell. If this bears out, this is the utter failure of Corbyn & Corbynism. There is no other way of looking at it."

Jess Philips says new leader but party leadership also needs to take blame for strategy rather then just Corbyn, Ian Murray says Labour has paid for ignoring the voters, Cooper says they have become party of the cities and losing the towns, Speller blames factionalism by Momentum who ignored the wishes of the voters, Nandy says leadership out of touch with voters in heartlands. Streeting says activists worked really hard but it needs more then that to win, Corbyn and apologists had everything they wanted within the party but clearly did not have the support of the public and though they can deselect internal opponents they can't deselect the public so will have to listen, needs to change culture on anti-Semitism and on hostility to opponents, need credible economic and defence policies.

-Sir Soames says Boris could build a one nation Tory majority for a generation, Heidi Allen feels party will continue to lurch to hard right

-Bartley "It is a very bad night for the climate and a very bad night, I think, for progressive politics. We have to learn the lessons, we have to work together… this is very bad news.""

-Head in hands as Francois compares Labour's redwall fall to the fall of the Berlin wall

-Tom Watson "All the people who are going to stand for the leadership of the Labour Party signed up to that manifesto. It was on them too. They are collectively responsible for this defeat", need to wait to work out why they lost before replacing Corbyn

-Fiona Hill to Lansmann "As a Scottish person who grew up in the west coast of Scotland, I have to say that I do hold people like you in contempt because you’ve ruined Labour and you’ve killed Labour in Scotland and it’s unforgivable."

-Ivan Lewis "If you sneer at working Class voters, depart from the mainstream values of the British people and tolerate racism against a minority you get what you deserve. The Labour Party has no future unless and until Corbyns cult are defeated."

-Flint "But shed no tears on my behalf. Defeat is in some ways a blessed relief. A respite from a miserable period in politics. But do spare a thought for those many people who invested their hopes in having a Labour party that would lead our country, help them with their plight, make life just a little bit easier and safeguard those aspects of life they hold most dear. To those people I offer my apologies for my party did not live up to your expectations/ To those who have brought us to this point I remind them that Labour cannot simply be a party of big cities and university towns, nor just a party of the young or a party of devoted remainers. We must be a party of Labour. A party close to working class people because what is the point of the Labour party if we don’t respect and represent those voices, people we haven’t listened to or respected enough."

-May says trade deal by end of next year is credible due to work already put in

-Ronnie Campbell regrets retiring as he feels he could have held Blyth Valley, supportive of Corbyn but needs overhaul at top, blames media and critics on social media for vilifying Corbyn but admits second referendum and over-promising in manifesto was mistake

-Cameron calls it an extraordinary, powerful result and an end to Corbynyisim

-Dominic Cummings say he can't take credit for victory, MP's and press should have reflected after referendum but instead doubled down on their beliefs and messed it up, Remain campaigners didn't twig they had annoyed people, MP's and press need to reflect their Westminster conversations are a million miles from what people talk about

-A feeling Jess Philips went too early in calling for Corbyn to go

-Livingstone says Corbyn will have to go, saying the Jewish vote wasn't very helpful won't go down well

-Chris Williamson managed 635 votes


-Toynbee Corbyn and his clique had done national harm

-Khaled Moyeed blames Brexit and calls for party unity

-D'Arcy on what happens now for MP's

-Younge delves into why Labour lost and is not convinced centrists are the answer

-Rebecca McQuillian not convinced people voted SNP for a second Scottish referendum

-Ayesha Hazarika Corbyn is the one to blame
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Dec 14, 2019 7:08 pm

McDonnell leaving frontbench, Labour NEC row building with leadership, Sturgeon apologises to Swinson, more election fall out
-Most papers on Boris Downing Street speech or what next on Brexit, Scottish papers and independent on SNP vs Tory for union, some focus beyond front pages on what now for Labour with Finical Times sarcastic about Thornberry being just what Labour needs, a third straight London leader (which is going to be an issue for Thornberry)

-I do think Sturgeon will regret her very joyful celebrations of Swinson going. Sturgeon has apologized personally and publicly, says she got overexcited at how well SNP are doing, has commiserated privately for someone she has great deal of sympathy for on personal level

-A sense DUP are desperately trying to get Stormont back up now though a feeling if Julian Smith is axed on Monday that could hold things up

-One of Boris first phone calls is to Sturgeon to tell her second referendum not happening, also spoke to Drakeford to show his commitment to the union to both leaders and promises to talk more, also spoke to Merkel and Vadaker to talk Brexit (and Stormont).

-Electoral Reform Society calculates it took 864,743 votes to elect 1 Green MP, 642,303 votes to elect zero Brexit Party MPs, 334,122 votes to elect a Lib Dem, 50,817 votes for a Labour MP, 38,316 votes for a Plaid Cymru MP, 38,300 votes for a Tory MP, 25,882 votes for a SNP MP

-Boris tours northern seats he won, at Sedgefield says time to rediscover the mojo of the country, it will be a wonderful time and wonderful adventure for the country and warns new MP's they are servants to the people rather then the masters. "I can imagine people’s pencils hovering over the ballot paper and wavering, before coming down for us and the Conservatives. And I know that people may have been breaking the voting habits of generations to vote for us and I want the people of the north-east to know that we in the Conservative party, and I, will repay your trust."

-Coffey says no Scottish referendum during the five years

-Police had to intervene during McDonnell's count speech due to scuffles

-No party has ever won power at the next election from the low Corbyn, most useless leader in British history, has left it.

-Pollsters Opinium polling says those that voted Labour in 2017 that didn't vote for them this time mostly objected (as the chief objection) to Corbyn (43%), rather then Brexit (17%) and 17% over manifesto as main reason. Won't stop Corbynistas refusing to listen to the people and declaring it was all Brexit's fault

-SNP vs Tories is seen as the big fight in the months ahead with future of the union on the line

-Jenrick says they need to repay the trust of Labour voters who lent their vote to Tories including looking to redirect investment

-BBC Director General Tony Hall thanks staff and bemoans people seeing conspiracy when there is simply human error

-Corbyn's sons get involved, saying they are proud, his manifesto is the most wonderful ever and his decency saw him vilified

-Once Corbyn, worst leader in British history, goes McDonnell to leave Shadow Cabinet says Corbyn was right leader, a principled man who came close to winning in 2017, current team will stay in place to cover budget and Queen's Speech. Climate change is the big challenge for new leadership and to listen across the country as to why they lost and “someone – who I think is one of the most principled, honest, sincere, committed, anti-racist politicians – [was] demonised by a smear campaign”.

Mixed feelings on this, of the Corbyn team of the old guard that rose to prominence, McDonnell is the one figure whose credibility rose throughout. A clever policy focused man, he learnt to trim his nastier tendencies (and he could be nasty as McVey would attest), he became one of their best media performers as a thoughtful, humorous, engaged figure, ensuring everything was costed in 2017 was a big part in their bounce back to respectability, he was loyal to Corbyn but learn how to differentiate including firmer lines on things like anti-Semitism. In theory if a Corbynite or close to it wins, McDonnell could have provided experienced council but I suspect he knows he would risk being seen as power behind the throne and used as a route to attack a new leader, he probably also won't be shadow chancellor and may not wish for a lesser role. Has to take blame for this defeat, he kept backing Corbyn and allowed Labour's finical credibility to be shot to pieces via such a manifesto, allowing uncosted Waspi payments a few days later and not rolling out the pitch for broadband pledge

-Rumours Burgeon is going to run for deputy leader and will back Long-Bailey

-Labour NEC members say they haven't been told of the meeting next week that McDonnell claims is happening to set out leadership timetable, fears Corbyn is not going to use full NEC but a small select grouping (NEC officers) to get his time table through.


-Labour candidate for Ashfield Natalie Fleet in tears at defeat but said defeat was part of a wider trend then Brexit or Corbyn, credit to Brexit party candidate Martin Daubney for giving her a hug

-Mann says Corbyn should have gone already, Lord Blunkett calls for leadership to apologize, Stephen Kinnock calls it a damning indictment of Labour's failure and Brexit has turbocharged loosining ties with working class. McCluskey says Labour failed due to failure to apologize on anti-Semitism (this may have been more helpful before the election), "incontinent rush of policies which appeared to offer everything to everyone immediately" (he wasn't saying that before hand) and Brexit strategy was undermined by members of the cabinet rushing to camera's to make clear they would back Remain

-Gymah says people voted out of fear rather then something positive

-Sandy Martin says only way to win elections now is by lying in a graceless speech

-Farage says he won't be too far away from the action, is no longer concerned about Brexit happening but if it will be a proper form of Brexit and concerned with half of cabinet having voted Remain, Boris will go for a soft Brexit, hopes for a period of stability now

-Lord Heseltine says Remainers like himself have lost for a generation

-Goodman says biggest factor for defeat was Corbyn who has many good personal qualities but failed as a communicator, Chapman says one can't run a political party that aims just for a third of the country and fairly well off city folk and if Labour get next steps wrong it could be the end of the party. Turley is blunt in that Corbyn is to blame, Maskell says wrong to start apportioning blame for a complex problem


-John Ashmore big victory but reasons for Tories to take stock of challenges ahead

-Lord Ashcroft polling on why people voted way they did

-Nicolas Watt Boris showed Tories greatest and oldest electoral weapons still work but now has battle for union

-Iain Watson Labour's internal battle for narrative of why they lost

-Shayan Sardarizadeh what did best on social media

-Katya Adler EU's reaction
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Dec 15, 2019 6:53 pm

Labour manoeuvrings, rumours of civil service to be rehauled, Sturgeon pushing her care
-Papers expecting mass changes in reshuffle (though Sunday Times thinks he will wait till after Brexit then axe a third of cabinet) and massive rehaul of civil service or Corbyn's apology, Sunday Telegraph saying ministers will boycott Today program

-Expected to be a review into civil service processes for hiring and firing officials, government has ordered a review to consider decriminalising non-payment of the BBC licence fee, concerns at rumours Dfid will be merged with foreign office

-McDonnell says Labour has a long haul ahead, caught on horns of a dilemma on Brexit, Corbyn will be gone in 8-10 weeks. His fault for loss then immediately blames Brexit, media demonizing Corbyn and that when Corbyn got on broadcast media he was seen as trustworthy, Corbyn is famed for honesty while Boris is a proven liar so lack of trust in Corbyn means we need to look at nature of our politics, media attack anyone taking on the establishment. Hints he wants Long-bailey or Rayner, strongly hints he doesn't want Jess Philips

-Vardaker says now is not the time for border poll as would be divisive and probably lost as nationalists do not have a majority

-Jess Philips analysis of why Labour lost trust, Lisa Nandy on loss of towns seen as leadership pitches

-Corbyn with thoughtful why Labour lost even if "I won the argument" is not the best thing to say after record fail and he avoids his role in defeat.

-Gove says trade talks will be done by end of next year, Queen Speech will reflect that NHS is number 1 domestic policy, Sinn Feinn's defeat in polls shows nationalist extremism is on the wane, new MP Sally Ann-Hart's alleged comments are a cause of concern, feels Caroline Flint would have been Labour's best leader

-Burgeon says his holding Brexit voting seat shows they can win in Brexit areas and picture is complicated, Brexit overshadowed everything and first impressions is they underestimated desire for Brexit above other things, negatives about Corbyn were just repeating headlines of the Sun and the Mail, wants Long-Bailey as leader as she understands the north

-Nandy says she is seriously considering leadership bid, regional and constituency offices have very little power, HQ should be moved out of London, party conferences should be in towns as well as cities, Corbyn was part of the problem but too simplistic to focus blame on him, will vote for Brexit bill if Boris open to compromise as he was last time but not if hard Brexit

-Sturgeon says refusing to give Scotland a referendum would be a subversion of democracy given she won soundly in Scotland and Tories lost badly in Scotland, rules out Catalan style vote, can't just try to keep Scotland in against it's will by ignoring the issue

-Thornberry denies Flint's claim (That Thornberry told one MP “I’m glad my constituents aren’t as stupid as yours.”) "The quote Caroline attributed to me today is a total and utter lie. I’ve never said that to anyone, nor anything like it, nor would I ever think it. I once told Michael Fallon: ‘You can’t just go round making things up.’ Whatever our differences, let’s not sink into that gutter."


-Harman calls for Corbyn to go and he has shown no understanding why they suffered a catastrophic defeat, Spellar says Labour were badly prepared for election and hampered by Momentum, Dame Hodge angry as feels it was an election they should have won but Labour has become seen as the nasty party. Lord Hain says Corbyn project has some soul searching to do including at the deep seated loss of connection with working class heartlands but it offered a real alternative and they should not go for wish-washy centrism.

-Iain McNicol, former Labour general secretary, says resources were poorly used like going to Uxbridge rather then helping hold seats with doubts about Corbyn the main issues, Corbyn should go and caretaker come in. Takes responsibility for his role in rise of anti-Semitism by not bringing in procedures but the rise started under Corbyn while measures he tried to bring in were blocked by leadership.

-Flint says Corbyn wasn't liked by armed forces families and she was asked if she would guarantee Corbyn wouldn't be PM if they voted Labour but Brexit stance was also a problem, remainers like Sir Stramer, Benn, Thornberry and Cooper did not heed warnings of likes of Mansfield in 2017 and sarcastically notes "They have contributed to sacrificing 59 seats, but don’t worry we’ve got Putney and Canterbury.". Claims Thornberry told one MP “I’m glad my constituents aren’t as stupid as yours.” while Corbynites failed to listen in 2017 as they treated it like a success, working class were wise to the "it's all free" manifesto, Long-Bailey and Nandy the only two candidates she would support

-Richard Holden says his victory in Durham West was less to do with him and more Corbyn's unpopularity

-Ed Davey hasn't decided if he will run for Lib Dem leadership, a hard left Labour allow Tories to play on fear of "vote Lib Dem, get Labour", liberal conservatives more scared of Corbyn then Brexit, were campaign mistakes but won't say what they are, Sturgeon reaction to Swinson's defeat wasn't dignified

-Andrew Mithcell urges Boris to think carefully merging Dfid with forgiven department

-Scottish Tories block ex-UKIP leader in Scotland David Coburn from joining


-D'Arcy backbenchers to watch out for

-Brain Taylor battle for Scottish mandate

-Goodman judging by briefings, how he expects Boris/Cummings to handle reshuffle and change political culture

-Jon Sopel on lessons for Democrats from Labour's night of humiliation

-Sienna Rodgers reflects on defeat and what is to come

-Polictico with the Tories election strategy and internal management
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