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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Nov 26, 2019 7:02 pm

A day of utterly sicking shame for this country
-Papers on the extortionary intervention of the Chief Rabbi, others go on Labour pledges and Uber

- Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis breaches the usual conventions (understandably so) says Corbyn's record on handling anti-Semitism makes him unfit for high office and their handling of it is not compatible with British values, poison sanctioned from the very top has infected the party, Corbyn's claim that all cases have been investigated and dealt with is a "mendacious fiction".

Overwhelming majority of Jews in the country are gripped with anxiety about the prospect of Corbyn becoming PM (given 85%+ of Jews are afraid, think that counts as true),“The Jewish community has watched with incredulity as supporters of the Labour leadership have hounded parliamentarians, members and even staff out of the party for challenging anti-Jewish racism.”. On wider point says Corbyn has failed Labour MP's and staffers who have been threatened and Labour "can no longer claim to be the party of equality and anti-racism"

On voting "It is not my place to tell any person how they should vote. I regret being in this situation at all. I simply pose the question: What will the result of this election say about the moral compass of our country? When December 12 arrives, I ask every person to vote with their conscience. Be in no doubt, the very soul of our nation is at stake."

Labour says it is all wrong and Corbyn has a great record on the issue throughout his life and vows to do all they can to protect Jews, Andy McDonald says it shows the serious hurt but is offended with how the glorious leader and the party have been portrayed. Survivors of the Nazi's Lord Dubs (who seems to get more upset by this as hours goes on) admits Labour was too slow at the start but the Chief Rabbi has gone too far with his statement while equality manifesto deals with a lot of the issues and Chief Rabbi should acknowledge how far Labour had come and he believes Jewish community will believe time to move on as Labour have improved, there is no need to fear then later calls it unjust and unfair.

Archbishop of Canterbury and Muslim Council of Britain (who mention Tories and Islamophobia raises similar questions but for various reasons, think this will lack same cuthrough) rally to the Chief Rabbi's side, Jewish Labour Movement refusing to campaign for Labour, crossbench peer Rabbi Julia Neuberger backs Chief Rabbi and says we will become an uncomfortable place for Jews to live if Corbyn gets power as he is willing to tackle the creeping “insidious antisemitic tone”.

One wonders if the voters will once again deliver a great big middle finger to the Jewish Community as they did in 2017.

-Muslin Council of Britain says Tories have approached issue of Islamophobia with denial, dismissal and deceit, many Muslims within Tory party tolerate Islamophobia and as if the party has a blind spot on the issue. Tories have been engaging (as have Labour) in denials and what abouttery while Boris pants somehow didn't catch fire as he said "What we do in the Tory party is, when anybody is guilty of any kind of prejudice or discrimination against another group, then they’re out first bounce."


-One of the phrases I keep hearing "I have great respect for the IFS but here is why they are wrong on our manifesto"

-Labour's faith and equality manifesto proposes (for which they decided not to have questions after chief Rabbi's intervention having invited the press before then and having difficulty sneaking Corbyn in which delayed the event): Attacks on places of worship as a specific aggravated offence, work with social media firms to combat anti-Semitism there, independent review into far-right extremism. Reviewing the national curriculum with oversight by emancipation educational trust to ensure it teaches about racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, xenophobia ,colonial and black history as well as the Holocaust.

Coroners to offer out of hour service to help fulfil religious criteria. Race equality unit in Treasury, review lack of BME teachers, review at various Home Office costs like visa's with aim to lower them, not going for Voter ID but will go for anonymised job applications

-Elderly Labour activist badly assaulted in Rotherham but thankfully out of hospital.

-Sturgeon says Brexit referendum itself won't fix Scotland's problems and could even lead to Brexit, Scotland could re-enter EU quickly, would set up central bank but isn't convinced EU will require Scotland to set up own currency, doing things that are required to turn NHS crises around, failed to explain how Scotland would build currency reserves given it's deficit, Chief Rabbi comments should concern everyone in the country.

-Boris predicts all UK will be proud of UK and national identity in decade, has no grudges with Sturgeon as politics needs rather less of such things, seems to rule out more city deals for Scotland, rules out allowing either second referendum to keep in power, wrongly claims spaceport under construction (planning permission yet to be granted) in Scotland, wrongly claims Sturgeon said he she wants to join Euro in an interview he clearly hadn't watched

-Brokenshire did a dreadful job defending the indefensible (Tories and Islamophobia), Coburn badly erred in breaking off discussion for a quick Stormzy twitter exchange thing as Owen Jones and Ian Birell were tearing Brokenshire apart

-Gove saddened by Lord Heseltine urging people to vote Lib Dem, heard scepticism before about getting trade deal in earlier parts of Brexit but they pulled through

-Lord Kerslake, Labour adviser and former head of the civil service, suspects Corbyn may have to be sacrificed if hung parliament so Labour can get into power. DUP's chief whip Donaldson says Boris deal would destabilize relations between mainland and N.Ireland while hurting N.Ireland economy, Corbyn would be a disaster but would look carefully at a Labour party not led by Corbyn

-Finland's Europe Minister Tytti Tuppurainen says EU leaders will have short meeting about Brexit on day after election, Raab says Brexit isn't a Farage Little Englander thing

-Some concern that Labour, who are under investigation by the ECHR, are promising "real independence" for the ECHR and that this may not being done with entirely honest intent.

-Corbyn says Labour are the party of quality and human rights whereas Tory manifesto ignored it, anti-Semitism won't be tolerated in any form under Labour and he has brought in disciplinary procedures the party never had before, feels respectful of others is a better request then tolerant, Chief Rabbi and all religious leaders welcome to meet him, proud to lead a party of diversity, Tories should look at Islamophobia in their own party

Kuessenberg noted that behind Corbyn on platform for equality manifesto launch, on day Corbyn had been attacked by Chief Rabbi, was a candidate who defended Ken Livingstone and another who had to apologize for sharing post involving anti-Semitic trope. This may send rather more of an image to the 87% of British Jews then his usual lines of how he opposes it

-Butler says Britain needs to be honest about it's past and when people respond "why can't others get over this" they don't realize how offensive it is, system that created Windrush injustice still in place, black history is British history

-SNP extending shared leave to 64 weeks with 12 weeks’ ringfenced “daddy leave”.

-Javid says the trillion Labour spending claim may have been an underestimate based on their current manifesto, only top 5% paying extra is not plausible and Labour had done six stealth tax rises (removing married tax allowance, hiking petrol, heating, higher inheritance tax, hit to pensions and small business tax), used Treasury figures mostly for Tory costings and Labour hasn't challenged them. No Tories have left over Islamophobia whereas Labour MP's have been driven out by anti-Semitism (maybe that reflects badly on Tory MP's Javid?), denies Islamophobia inquiry has been watered down and he would never tolerate Islamophobia within the ranks, refuses to endorse Boris language about Muslim women.

-Barnier says not possible to complete deal by end of 2020 so if UK don't seek extension to trade talks then last past of 2020 will be on sectoral deals on trade in goods, data, fisheries, aviation, police and judicial cooperation as they seek zero tariffs, zero quota's, zero dumping with issues like avatiation being pushed to next year, free movement part of freedom of goods the tricky part, hung parliament would risk everything.

-Lib Dems accused of publishing fake newspapers with similar names to local press. Other parties do this to unfortunatly but Lib Dems have attracted fury from the actual regional press due to sheer amount of times they are doing it


-Bartley climate change is key for election

-Nice line from Andrew Neill after listing SNP's shocking record on health "you call for legislation to protect NHS from Trump, maybe the NHS should be protected from Nicola Sturgeon".

-Emily Mattis says Tories main pledge in manifesto ie Get Brexit Done makes very little sense and a complicated issue like Brexit should not be reduced to three words

-Plaid's Adam Price says they would return Wales to EU if Wales was independent and denies there would be a harder border with England following that, would back Labour on a case by case basis

-Lord Hesltine urges people to vote Lib Dem to prevent a year of Brexit uncertainty under Boris with a risk of no deal, Corbyn has no chance of being PM and red under bed scares part of every election

-Resolution Foundation says Tory manifesto risks child poverty reaching a 60-year high of 34% by 2023-4, Labour's would reduce to 30.2% and Lib Dems 29.7%

-Sir Ivan Rodgers, former ambassador to EU, says Boris is making same mistakes as May and will face biggest Brexit crises yet thanks to boxing himself in with election promises, accuses government of "diplomatic amateurism"

-Historic Royal Palaces apologies after twitter account backs Tories due to error

-Jess Philips felt party response to Chief Rabbi should be "I'm sorry and I'll do whatever I possibly can to win back your community's trust.", Lord Falconer feels Chief Rabbi was justified

-Swinson says the Chief Rabbi's words should be a cause of concern for everyone, hugely worrying that he felt compelled to take such action

-Farage says a lot of Tory policies seem to be borrowed from UKIP's 2015 manifesto


-Sabrina Huck says Tories offer freedom for corporations and elite Labour offers freedom for workers

-Toynbee attacks Tories empty and dishonest manifesto

-Hugh Pym on on the 50,00 nurses target

-Professor Curtice demographic divides among voters

-Peter Kellner on polls since Brexit have shown landscape changing and it favours Tories
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Nov 27, 2019 7:17 pm

Corbyn refuses to apologise to Jewish community, Corbyn NHS trade talk reveal, Hindu Council condemns Corbyn, Boris running away from debates
-Papers on Corbyn's refusal to apologize to the Jewish community and his horror show of an interview (Mirror tries to excuse as he has admitted in past to mistakes and focus on Boris), papers also on Boris record for controversial comments

-Corbyn refuses to apologize for his party's anti-Semitism despite being asked to multiple times

His half hour with Andrew Neill went badly. Always a difficult task but Corbyn has two sides with interviews, at his best whatever his failings he comes across as nice chap, reasonable, perhaps lacking in detail and can waffle (which is a problem for half hour interview), but one warms to him. At his worst, no matter the question, he is irritable, a feeling of "how dare you question me and not accept me wonderfulness and holiness", gets complainy, tries to answer questions that he wasn't asked and avoid the questions he was asked, petulant, long winded. I felt he had a point where Andrew Neill blocked him widening question about how he would deal with head of Isis but by this point Corbyn had avoided multiple questions umpteen times and it was near end of show

Corbyn challenges Chief Rabbi to prove Corbyn was lying about the cases being dealt with, won't say he would lead the "Corbyn deal" campaign since he will be neutral, doesn't think the richest will leave the country due to his taxes, won't borrow willy-nilly but admits (eventually) Wapsi payments will likely have to be paid for by borrowing but they are morally obliged to do so. In an event the next day Corbyn says he accepts what Chief Rabbi says, many Jews support Labour, his government will be most ant-racist ever

-Hindu Council backs Chief Rabbi and says Labour has becoming increasingly anti-Semitic and anti-Hindu

-Sturgeon says Boris is dangerous and unfit for high office, would have no great objection if Labour replaces Corbyn, deplores his failure on anti-Semitism, says she will demand England heath budget be raised to match Scotland's (unusual move by the SNP to interfere in an England policy)

-Lavery rails against Tories

-More then 3.1 million have registered to vote since election called

-Courts order SNP to stop with leaflet that made up lie about Jo Swinson and order SNP to pay Swinson's costs

-Griffith in Wales hustings says Labour should apologise to Jewish community, Corbyn should do so and their handling of the issue has been a shame on the party. In the morning after Labour decided to send out Burgeon (I'm not sure Labour could have sent out a more tactless choice from their cabinet) to do the morning broadcasts to insist Corbyn has apologized many times

-Been surprised at how badly the marriage tax allowance removal has gone for Labour in media

-Looks like government has agreed to increase of subscription fee to European Space Agency after Boris got cold feet last week which left some doubt

-Clever move by Labour to have NHS staff, in uniform, hand out their unredacted copies of US/UK trade talks including NHS to journalists. Corbyn says it leaves Boris claims about NHS being up for sale in US trade talks in tatters, US refused a mention of climate change, advices on line to take to defend chlorinated chicken, Labour would not accept investor protection provisions, documents show they have talked of extending US drug patent times, officials welcome service liberalisation. Gardiner says Labour would not accept ISDS (investor state dispute settlement) provisions, negative list procedure or ICS (investment court system) provisions

Liz Truss says Corbyn's claims on NHS show he is getting desperate and is outright lying to the public (with Boris there is a pot and a kettle there), Corbyn has always been inclined to conspiracy theories which partially explains his acceptance of anti-Semitism in his party, he blames Zionist lobby for society's ills and now slandering civil servants. The a stunt a smokescreen to cover for his lack of Brexit plan. Tory rebuttal says the patent lengthening is a lie and relies on quote taken out of context when official was flagging up a potential problem to be avoided, the documents show US accepts NHS is off the table after probing UK officials who made it clear it is a no go, has not accepted a negative listing approach, points out we can't be at an advantage state of talks due to EU laws

Press once they got a hold of the documents don't seem too impressed and note much of which Corybn claims government accepted hasn't been accepted, for one this was all before Boris was PM though some of the details could be awkward for Boris on the basis he will have to go "of course I won't agree to that" or having to deny which raises publicity and doubts (like the 350 million strategy, get your opponent to talk about it) so they think it could have an impact on the electorate and provide Corbyn a much needed boost while this plays into all the bad perceptions about Boris (trust) and Tories (NHS)

-Burgeon says Wapsi woman were effectively victims of theft (one may disagree with what happened to them but theft? Labour could do with toning down the language on this)

-Jenrick says Tories inquiry into racism would be published

-In a bizarre tweet after Corbyn's interview, Burgeon says Boris wants us to forget he is a Tory...

-Boris, in cynical timing, has apologised for hurt caused by Tories Islamophobia but doesn't mention his own past comments. In stump speech says party has never been as united as when Boris got deal (expelling people helps but he doesn't mention that), nly party that believes in market economy

-BBC unable to land Boris for the traditional Andrew Neill interview though Tories insist talks remain ongoing. At least Corbyn had the guts

-Boris (Sunak), Corbyn (Long-Bailey) and Farage (Richard Tice) skipping BBC's seven way debate and sending deputies


-Umunna says Barnier comments show Boris is lying about phase 2

-Blackman says SNP may need to ask Corbyn to go for any deal due to his record on anti-Semitism and Corbyn should have apologised

-Paul Edlin, president of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, wrote to Sturgeon warning doing a deal with Corbyn would be a deal with the devil

-Price when asked which leader of Corbyn or Boris he would have a pint with, he said Corbyn because Corbyn hadn't used homophobic slurs about people like Price, urges Boris to apologize for his language about homosexuals and Corbyn should have apologize to Jewish community, his life shows there has been such progress on social issues like homosexuality but relevant events involving anti-Semitism and Islamophobia reminds them there is risk of going backwards


-Rachel Shabi unhappy at how anti-Semitic scandal has been handled by media and Chief Rabbi

-Behr voter shifts since 2017

-Kuessenberg Labour will struggle to shake off the anti-Semitism row
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Nov 28, 2019 7:46 pm

Two party candidates take a heroic stand against their party leaders, BBC may be in trouble, IFS, SNP Manifesto, Scottish Labour honourably pull out of Falkirk
-Papers on the NHS sale or the Youguv seat by seat poll

-Gardiner seems to confirm on Andrew Neill show that "NHS for sale" attack line is not true but a big big "simplification" of ways NHS could be killed via bad trade, unable to point to where in the trade papers Corbyn's claims that the trade deal would mean payments for cancer treatment, giving birth and the like would actually be true.

-Corbyn asked again to apologize and refuses, says degree of anti-Semitism in party is very small with all the clampdowns and changes in party being down to him, green manifesto will be brilliant, 2016 Paris agreement didn't go far enough. Election is to save the NHS, moved by pupils protesting climate change, recent floods show the impact of climate change and it must be tackled now and flinching from challenge will leave broken planet to next generation. Need to protect native species here as once gone they can not be brought back, might plant a tree in number 10 garden

-Labour green manifesto: 10-year Green transformation fund, costing £25bn a year, 10 new national parks in first term, two billion trees a year by 2040 (270,000 trees being planted a day), 20,000 new green jobs in forestry management and timber trades, £2.5 billion fund for tree planting, £75 million for national parks. Aiming for 75% of the population in England living within half-an-hour of a national park or an area of outstanding natural beauty, increase funding of national park authority by 50%

-Known Labour are changing their election strategy, focusing resources and Corbyn less on Remain seats they had initially worried would be under threat from Lib Dems and focusing on Leave seats while focusing on bread and butter policies

-Baroness Warsi says Boris apology is a good start and they seem to be getting towards the starting point of acknowledging there is a problem, doesn't believe Boris is an Islamphobe but "I do believe there is a space of privilege in which he exists where he feels sadly there are no consequences to the words he uses - even when those words are crass and racist."

-Tory candidate Parvez Akhtar says Boris should apologize for his comments about Muslims, blatant discrimination against Muslims within party (twice had such hate) and at policy level. Labour candidate for East Renfrewshire Carolann Davidson told Jewish audience "I won’t ask for your vote. We don’t deserve it. The Labour party from the leadership down has failed you"

-SNP manifesto: pro second referendum and would campaign for Remain, prefer revoke over no deal, would vote for customs union and single market for any deal. Net zero carbon emissions by 2045, ring-fence oil and gas receipts to fund transfer to green energy, devolve on immigration, drugs policy and employment laws till independence

-Fury in Labour ranks that BBC didn't tie down Boris vs Andrew Neill before Corbyn faced Andrew Neill with press hearing that Labour were given assurances by the BBC on that front, BBC denies this but there is a feeling BBC has messed up.

-BBC on SNP manifesto

-Powell says on the doorstep she is hearing no love for either leader

-Boris vows to help woman reach full potential in workplace and a big drive to recruit woman into party with aim of future candidates to be 50% woman (current is 30%), talent may be equally distributed but opportunity is not, claims he opposed austerity (nobody can find an example of him campaigning against Cameron and May on this).

-Baroness Chakrabarti on Boris "Someone whose attitudes towards women are straight out of the dark ages is not fit to be prime minister of our country."

-Hancock says they never said 50,0000 new nurses but 50,000 more nurses, drug pricing will not be on table for trade talks

-In an honourable move, Scottish Labour pull out of Falkirk after finding out about their candidate's anti-Semitism and deselecting her

-Some of Boris old articles in Spectator have been found with things like children of single mothers being “ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate”, bemoaning "Outrageous that married couples should pay for ‘the single mothers’ desire to procreate independently of men." and of modern day youths "almost Nigerian interest in money and gadgets of all kinds."

-IFS says neither main party manifesto's are properly credible, Tories likely to spend more then they claim so needing to handle that via borrowing or tax rises, Labour can't deliver the investment spending on scale promised and highly likely they will need to find more tax rises to meet the revenue they want, praises Lib Dem income tax as being simple and honest. Countries with Labour spending all have more tax on the working class, Tories pretend one can have better public services without tax rises while Labour pretends such large increases in public spending can be done simply taxing rich and business, neither Tories and Labour are being honest with the electorate. Implications of Tory manifesto is everything is fine as it is while Labour want to change everything with a new universal welfare state and bring about major economic and social change (they don't say if that is a good or bad thing), Lib Dems is a radical manifesto that breaks away from politics of last decade.

Tory spending closer to 2017 Labour manifesto then Tories of the time but won't reverse austerity, is risk of no deal which would hurt the economy, no plan for social care, plans on welfare non-existent. More to say about Labour but because Labour manifesto is bigger and more to discuss, Labour would have to raise taxes for those well beyond the 5%, size of state would be less then Germany's, too simplistic to say Labour's plans would lead to growth as scale of ambition will create uncertainty, abolishing in-work poverty in first term is unachievable. Labour plans for working-age welfare is relatively modest and undoing less then a quarter of the 2010 cuts, longer term would probably lower labour-market inequality and thus poverty but maybe also hit wage growth, scathing about Wapsi woman payout, pension age promise is expensive, corporation tax would be highest in our history and one of highest in world. Changes to tax on capital gains and dividend should be welcomed and will raise revenue, suspect employee sharehlolders plan will lead to reduced wages

-ONS puts migration figures at 212,000 with EU migration at 48,000

-DUP warns Boris deal could lead to "not for N.Ireland" goods being made in Britain and manifesto seems to back Boris idea of a Scotland+N.Ireland bridge

-Dodds wants inquiry into how Brexit negotiations were handled and how it went so badly wrong


-Eddie Hughes likes his party's housing affordability idea's

-Caroline Lucas says Boris can no longer claim NHS is up for sale as Labour's documents prove it is (which seems to be the exact opposite of what the journalists are saying), calls it an outrage Boris is skipping climate change debate and it raises questions about how anyone can believe him when he says he takes the issue seriously

-McCluskey says Chief Rabbi wrong to speak out during election and though she is sure the Chief Rabbi is saying what he believes McCluskey fundamentally disagrees with him

-Swinson say Boris not fit to be PM as dishonest, stokes division, who only cares about himself who wants to be PM out of a sense of entitlement

-Youguv's seat for seat poll (which was most accurate last time of all polls) has 359 seats for Tories for a majority of 68, 211 for Labour, 43 for the SNP 43 and 13 for the Lib Dems 13 but 30 of the seats Tories got would be a narrow win so could easily lose those while concerns Tory voters and activists may get complacent,

-Farage thinks Labour have changed to defensive strategy as they can't win the election

-Cummings no longer special adviser having resigned when election came, bar a brief spell to help with the floods, (questions had been raised about if a blog post warning hung parliament is a real possibility if people get complacent broke purdah rules) though nobody sure if he will return if Boris wins


-Owen Jones reminds Labour Remainers Labour has to win over Brexiteers too

-Aditya Chakrabortty result of election will have impact across world wide left

-Jennifer Scott on big names in marginal seats who may be worried on election night

-Faisal Islam on the trade papers

-Dominic Frsiby people should understand tax more as key to society

-BBC Reality Check on the trade documents

-Roger Harrabin looks over all sides manifesto's on environment
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Nov 29, 2019 7:13 am

Tonight is BBC's 7 way (Corbyn and Boris will send ministers)
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Nov 29, 2019 6:50 pm

Tories latest enemy is channel 4, Boris switches to pro-state aid and bungles LBC interview, i newspaper changes hands
-Press on Boris temper tantrum and attempts to bully channel 4 or fury at the shock Hillsboro verdict

-Tories threatening to review channel 4's charter, Clive Lewis accuses Tories of acting like bullies and cowards. Cleverly complains to channel 4 this is not a presidential election so news editor Ben Der Pear responds forcefully "Then stop behaving like @realDonaldTrump with the press and media. Put your leader @BorisJohnson alongside the other leaders and stop playing games. Don’t refuse & then threaten our license it’s a slippery slope. All the parties complain about us but they’re here", Watson has written to Ofcom asking them to help protect media from Tory meddling and threats. Gove claiming Sturgeon and Corbyn refused to debate him, channel 4 figures including Krishnan Guru-Murthy says this is a lie, Tories refused to obey the one rule for entry, Williamson accuses channel 4 of bias but denies they have any plan to bully channel 4 and any government would soon have to review channel 4 charter

Tories not seem like acting like democrats

-SNP suspend candidate over alleged anti-Semitism

-BBC furiously demanding Tories take down Facebook ad featuring their presenters with quotes taken out of context, bee done so with Cleverly saying it was meant for amusement

-Clive Lewis has no idea percentage of shadow cabinet that would campaign for remain, Powell indicates she would probably campaign for Remain

-Labour regional manifesto: Northern Powerhouse Rail, investment in the Midlands Mainline railway, electrification of lines around Bristol Temple Meads. Three new steel recycling plants in Redcar, Workington and Corby which they believe will create over 1,000 jobs in each town, nine plastics remanufacture and recycling sites with one for each region, three electric vehicle battery plants in Stoke, Swindon and South Wales (they think 5,00 jobs in each three region), investment in green energy manufacturing supply chains for eight ports

-McDonnell denies election strategy has changed, really annoyed by Boris hiding from BBC and it is a matter of honour to submit to scrutiny and Boris is playing the BBC to ensure he can only be seen after postal voting is done, takes IFS criticism of too ambitious with pride

-Tories pledge £100 million to strengthen Ofsted (I'm amazed Tories haven't used Ofsted line more to attack Labour and Lib Dems), will add an extra day to inspections of secondary and large primary schools to focus on behaviour, bullying and extra-curricular activities, will trial no-notice inspections, Williamson says past cuts to Ofsted weren't a mistake due to finical situation at time

-Boris on LBC phone in says no evidence NHS is to be sold, people should trust the and failure to get Brexit done is why trust has been eroded, no idea how many trade deals they have on table but imagine around a dozen, Brexit over being PM, admits only 31,00 new nurses, rebuilt hospitals are new ones (....). Doesn't know how pledge to keep people from losing homes over social care will be funded, refuses to explain what has happened to Rees-Mogg, can't do every debate he is offered, absolute sympathy for flooding victims, wants to be world leader on climate change. His single mother comments are old and were from before his time in politics, distorted and attempts to distract from Labour's failings on Brexit, really doesn't want to answer questions about his family and his children despite commenting on others children, refuses to apologize for his own words about Muslims. Never liked the cladding at Grenfell and will review issue but fails to give answers about what will be done about cladding, no wonder about price of Gregg sausage rolls (having talked of how he eats in Greggs) and would buy Corbyn a calculator for Christmas.

Boris handling of the interview did not go down well with press

-Police have to pay Harvey Proctor £900k compensation

-Labour win second week donations with £3.5 million (3 million by Unite) and Tories on £3 million, Brexit party surged to £2.25 million thanks to 2 million from one donator

-Sturgeon says Scottish Leavers probably voted Brexit due to austerity and she is dealing with that

-Rayer points out that according to Boris own words, for which he has not apologized, she should have been pushed into ‘destitution on a Victorian scale’ when she became a single mother, his attack on the mothers and their children shows his contempt for working class and for women

-Daily Mail group buys the i newspaper

-Gove says voting for anyone other then a Tory is against change

-In speech then Q&A afterwards Boris says benefits of Brexit including being able to buy British as a government, get rid of tampon tax, intervene to protect British business (this has alarmed free market groups), Australia style point based system, he sees Royalty as just the Queen thus the beyond Reproach comment, wants to ban shark fin soup, far from a Sinophobe, doesn't set out to mislead people and never knowingly lied in politics (sacked by Michael Howard for lying so...).


-Charles Walker say he wouldn't agree to being interviewed by Andrew Neill and Boris won't allow himself to be bullied into it

-Swinson says Boris is not someone sons can look up to or daughters have faith in

-Gisela Stuart says Labour has changed from the one she grew up with, no longer the party of John Smith, Blair and Brown, vote Tory to get Brexit done and Labour's offer is just a version of Remain

-I try to avoid mentioning political families but Stanley Johnson response to Boris being nicknamed Pinnhocio may become a problem, "that requires a degree of literacy which I think the great British public doesn’t necessarily have. They couldn’t spell Pinocchio if they tried.”


-Tom Edington reality checks spending plans

-Bush Lib Dem struggles partly due to Corbyn as well as Lib Dem errors

-Ed Conway econimic battleground has shifted to left

-Chris Morris reality checks tree planing plans

-D'Arcy long profile of Farage

-Faisal Islamm Boris new pro state aid stance makes trade deal with EU harder
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Dec 01, 2019 6:49 pm

Eyes on Raab's seat, Boris tries to go on attack, Corbyn on security
-Papers on London Bridge attack and Boris pledge+fury over the attacker being let out on license

-Boris pledges ultra hardline reforms to deal with terrorist offences with proposes minimum of 14 year sentence as he tries to set out he is on top of the issue. During Marr interview seems to have trouble with the concept that Tories have been in power in last ten years so had time to change Labour laws, 74 other terrorist convicts on early release, blames local authorities for libraries being cut, wants to invest more in things like libraries but Brexit being unsolved is a drag on economy, does his usual line when Marr bringing up Boris 2005 article "To any non-Muslim reader of the Qur’an, Islamophobia – fear of Islam – seems a natural reaction, and, indeed, exactly what that text is intended to provoke. Judged purely on its scripture – to say nothing of what is preached in the mosques – it is the most viciously sectarian of all religions in its heartlessness towards unbelievers." Generally felt Boris waffled and struggled.

I think attacking Corbyn as he does on security right now is a really bad move, too politically blatant and personal so soon after attack. I'm also not sure who advised "pretend you had nothing to do with the Tories in last ten years and opposed everything unpopular" strategy but I'm not convinced people are buying it

-Corbyn blames budget cuts have left gaps in the system that might flag up potential dangerous figures, right that police use lethal force if a suicide vest risk civilians, initially wonders what Probation Office was doing but has withdrawn that after they pointed out they had no role in this, important communities come together. Part privatization of probation was a major mistake, past leaders foreign policy has helped fuel terrorism with mistakes, was right sixteen years ago that Iraq would lead to anger and more terrorism, warned about to dragged by Saudi's into conflict with Iran.

Trump taking world on dangerous path and Boris is being a dangerous sycophant to the US President and must change foreign policy from knee-jerk subservience to US, government needs to release Russia and Saudi reports. Backs two state solution with an end to illegal settlements, a peace and conflict-prevention fund, invest an extra £400 million to expand Britain’s diplomatic capacity and increase oversight of arms exports. “I am patriotic about the people of this country. Patriotism is about supporting each other, not attacking somebody else. It’s about caring for the whole of society, for all our people, and not walking by on the other side when they need help and support.”

In interview with Sophie Ridgie says needs to be review about prison sentence and lessons learnt, full sentence or not should depend on circumstances and behaviour in prison, past comments on shoot to kill were about N.Ireland, Nato needs to build a respectful relationship with Russia and use collective strength to build peace where there are tensions. Wishes they had intervened more quickly on anti-Semitism, would vote in EU referendum but wouldn't say which way, refuses to explain why over 80% of Jews see him as anti-Semitic. Questions size of Royal Family, rules out being Arsenal manager.

-Cooper says Tories were warned of scrapping Imprisonment for Public Protection but Patel blames Criminal Justice and Immigration Act brought in by Labour in 2008 "Because legislation brought in by your government in 2008 meant that dangerous terrorists had to automatically be released after half of their jail term. Conservatives changed the law in 2012 to end your automatic release policy but Khan was convicted before this."

-Urgent review of the licence conditions of terrorists freed from prison has been launched

-Labour and the Liberal Democrats pledge HIV-prevention drug PrEP to anyone in England who needs it, Tories say it is at trial stage with thousands of places available

-Unhappiness BBC backed down and allowed Boris onto Marr show without "having to debate Andrew Neill" clause but BBC feel London Bridge Attack meant it was in public interest, Bradshaw calls it shameful surrender, Streeting feels BBC got played

-Labour propose a one stop shop for train ticket sales with no booking fees

-Raab attacks Corbyn for past comments on Nato, on shoot-to-kill (till bereaved father plea for not using the attack for political ends was read out to Raab) and Corby's comments on royals are crazy, wants to know who Corbyn wants cut from family, denies he is worried about his seat.

-Thought Baroness Chakrabarti was good on Marr, measured and careful not to rush to judgement on what went wrong on London Bridge, warns of overstuffed prisons

-Davey says Boris would be most untruthful PM of all time, parole board rather then politicians should have final say on when sentence ends

-Eyes on if Raab will lose his seat

-UUP says Boris would be first PM to enter office with the union in peril

-Swinson says Lib Dems would not back Labour's renationalisation plans, is a distraction from doing things to make people's lives better

-Lib Dems suspend staff member and launch internal inquiry over allegations of faking an email in arguing against open-democracy article


-Rentoul indications suggest Boris will win

-Kellner Raab's seat could be in trouble, Lib Dems need tactical voting

-Paul Goodman London Bridge attack is a problem for Boris

-Damon Rose and Beth Rose on what parties promise on disabilities and mental health
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Dec 02, 2019 7:27 pm

fall out from the attack and from the debates, an unfortunate Lib Dem leaflet
-Papers on London Bridge attack deaths and security clampdown

-Raab wants to help bring other countries together within Nato and outside it

-Boris claims on Marr show fact checked

-Corbyn's speech in York

-Tories refuse to obey BBC request to take down add, Facebook does it for them with sulking Tories asking if BBC will do same for all the others

-Tories pledge introduce automated exit and entrance checks with a requirement for biometric passports, Labour warn of the dangers of leaving EU security and border agreements

-Labour pledge slash rail fares by 33% and free for under16's, simplify ticket prices for part-time workers

-Sturgeon want SNP to be included in Brexit talks if Labour takes power and would keep an eye on fishing in talks

-Lib Dem leaflet in Cumbria "£100 billion to tackle climate emergency, boosting renewable energy and insulting every home."

-Boris says he isn't politicising the attack but has a long history of calling for tougher sentences, some cases simply can't be rehabilitated and the killer was clearly one such figure

-Tories seem to be sending Ian Austin's letter of why he is voting Tory to voters in marginal seats


-Dr David Bull MEP distances himself from party leader Farage's comments on Trump

-Lib Dems pledge to cancel current planned rise then freeze peak-time and season ticket train fares for the next five years

-Dr Lee says there was not enough prison places when he was a justice minister, practical difficulties in hardening sentencing given the resource problems so needs to be investment in the system, Boris is just pressing buttons on Trump playbook. Doesn't think Boris sort as such to politicize the attack but more knew he was vulnerable so sort to get out in front, sentence reform is needed but it is a complex detailed matter and neither of the three structures needed (police,courts, probation) are there yet

-IFS says council tax more likely to go up under Tories then other parties and even at 4% hard choices will have to be made as central funding allocated for local governments is not enough to meet needs while Labour have allocated more then enough while Lib Dems may require 2% council tax rises, council funding has fallen 24% per head with it even worse in deprived areas, all parties have unfunded commitments on social care while Tory protect home discriminates against renters or those who have downsized.

-Farage says other leaders were like robots and ending speeches didn't reflect debate, jihadists should be locked up for life, reject defence union with EU to avoid undermining Nato and believes EU wants Nato out of Europe but if we side with EU then Nato may collapse, Labour privatization of cleaning services in NHS led to superbugs so rich of them to throw accusations around. Pulled out of election to prevent "that Swinson girl" getting power via hung parliament

-McCluskey says Labour have problem in northern and Midland heartlands, manifesto is a winner but Brexit and Corbyn's own unpopularity (which he blames on media and wicked MP's), could hold a special union conference to discuss if should back Remain or Corbyn's deal at the time

-Naomi Long bemoans that truth has become a commodity and worried about society treating factual truth as just an opinion


-Tory candidate Neil O'Brien on Corbyn's record with terrorists

-John Harris all sides of Labour have a lot of work to do to win back Labour heartlands

-James Moore worried that lack of election posts in windows is something of a nasty problem

-Pienaar on state of the three leaders

-Bethany Dawson the disabled being excluded by all parties this election
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:42 pm

Trump visit, Ofcom defends channel 4
-Papers on Lodon Bridge Attack fallout or Paniroma interview with victim of Epstein or election stuff

-Head of Europe football (Uefa) Aleksander Ceferin on Boris "When a politician who calls women with burqas postboxes or mailboxes then says publicly that he condemns you Uefa – do you reply to that? Do you believe it’s honest? Come on.”"

-Trump's team have indicated Trump will be respectful of the fact this is a UK election and speaking out won't help, in press conference it apparently took 9 minutes (where he faced press for 50 minutes to his credit) for him to say Boris would do a very good job but generally restrained, says he could work with anybody when asked about Corbyn and knows nothing about anti-Semitism issue, on NHS says "If you handed [the NHS] to us on a silver platter, we wouldn't want it. We want nothing to do with it." (which may be trying a bit too hard there), admits he may not actually be popular here having boasted he was popular here in past.

-Labour vows to end hostility to disabled in welfare system

-Raab says he has no idea (amidst heavy rumours Boris is trying to avoid meeting Trump 1v1) if Boris will meet Trump in a bilateral meeting and Boris job is bring together all parts of Nato which makes for meeting situation being fluid, no plans to privatize the NHS and denies he once co-wrote pamphlet calling for privatization (everyone happily quoting the pamphlet)

-Accusations the leaked trade talks documents came from Russian operation, Labour suddenly a lot less keen to talk about Russia influencing elections then ever before and Piddock complaining that media asking where the papers were sourced from, Labour figures like Corbyn trying to focus attention on accuracy (nobody disputes these are genuine leaked documents) and not on who leaked it

-Corbyn says Labour would refuse deal with US if NHS is involved, happy to talk to Trump as he is with anybody else and would be polite explain no public service up for sale, doubts Trump's promise NHS is up for sale. In interview says first duty is to make people space which he will do via more police and not creating ungoverned spaces around the world, need to improve funding for prison service, after being pressed says sorry to Jewish community "Obviously I’m very sorry for everything that has happened." (whether they find it convincing is another matter), has a notebook that he takes when campaigning to note the things he learns from the wisdom of others. Nato was part of a tit-for-tat with USSR and deepened Cold War, will use headroom to pay for Wapsi Woman compensation

Writes to Trump setting out eight demands for US trade dealt to be acceptable: Accept the role of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence to set the threshold for the cost-effectiveness of drugs for the NHS, drop the demand for “total market access” to UK public services, explicitly rule out any investor-state dispute settlement mechanism by which the UK government could be sued for protecting public services. Exclude any provision on regulatory exclusivities such as data exclusivity, marketing exclusivity, therapeutic exclusivity and other non-patent monopolies. Exclude any provision that could remove caps on the amount the NHS spends on branded medicines each year, including anything that might enable the US to take legal action against the UK’s voluntary price access scheme. Ensure NHS patient data are fully exempted from digital trade and data sharing provisions in the agreement and exclude any provision that would prevent the NHS from negotiating deals for the health service as a whole.

-Washington Post has to delete tweet after wrongly claiming Labour's Anti-Semitism row is all about Labour's support for Palestinian rights

-Sturgeon says she won't do a Catalonia if referendum blocked as needs to be recognized and legal vote for independence but she will seek other avenues and doesn't rule out legal action

-Boris says Labour's NHS for sale attack lines are Loch Ness, Bermuda Triangle type stuff

-Ofcom sides with channel 4 against Tories


-Lord Green of Migration Watch dismisses Tories immigration plans as weak

-Swinson urges Boris to speak to Trump at Nato to discuss protections for farmers and consumers and says Trump NHS reassurances can't be trusted and suspects number 10 has helped coordinate such remarks

-Farage urges Brexiteers to vote tactically, those who back Boris deal usually haven't read it and are just exhausted by the whole thing, Tories not really a Brexit party, Boris is only PM due to him as Farage launching Brexit party had driven May out of office and if he had stood in Tory seats then Lib Dems would gain two dozen Tory seats

-Dr Lee felt just department was never a priority for needed funding as note a vote winner

-UKIP "Brexit and Beyond" manifesto: Abolish prescription charges in England (cost of £750m) to be funded by "ending health tourism", waiving tuition fees for GPs while they work in the NHS, increase social care funding in England by £5bn. Scrap bedroom tax and limit child benefit to three children, immigration below 10,000, stop benefits to foreign nationals resident in the UK until they have paid tax and National Insurance for five years. End right to buy and provide grants to build homes on brownfield sites, employ an extra 30,000 teachers and encourage new grammar schools, scrap HS2 with money going to existing railways and re-open old branch lines, increase funding for the armed forces budget by £7bn to be paid for by scrapping overseas aid budget. Renationalise the probation service, BBC to be funded by voluntary subscription, UK produced eggs should be free-range

-McDonald got quite testy with Coborn when she pointed out issues on NHS and business, not sure a slow line helped as they seemed to be a second off each other and led to some talking over each other. Was nice that they settled it amicably


-Toynbee Labour can't win majority so progressive alliance need, spends time in Wakefield

-Peter Oborne BBC has failed to stand up to government and have even helped Boris

-Nick Triggle looks at health promises

-James Ball dirty online tricks by both main parties

-Chris Yiu main parties manifesto's on technology
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Dec 04, 2019 7:44 pm

Nato, Boris backs away from Trump, Brexit party expel MEP for "disloyalty"
-Papers on Trump and Nato/NHS or Boris backing digital sales tax despite Trump's backlash against France for having one

-Gardiner on Nato "The way you defend this country is to make sure that you don’t go on foreign wars and don’t start bombing before you have started thinking.", suggests Corbyn's caution is needed for Nato

-Raab met Pence while Boris had off-camera meeting with Trump

-Tories pledge £4.2bn of new spending on local train, bus and tram services from 2022 and a digital services tax

-BBC not sure Boris voted against law which saw Khan released early

-Welsh Conservative election candidate Fay Jone condemns Boris language following London Bridge attack

-McDonnell says Tory policies have cost families 6k a year, those whose political ancestors laughed at free healthcare road and educations are the ones against free broadband, plans for social care could save families of those that need it 7k a year, questions if amount of child poverty really within the values of Christianity or any religion. Will set out program for first 100 days before polling day+some of queen speech and first budget, Trump has passing relationship with truth and reality sometimes but was encouraged by Trump saying he would work with Corbyn, kept back Wapsi announcement to prevent it being swamped on manifesto day, national education system will be Corbyn's NHS.

-Number 10 having to deny that Boris was laughing at Trump causing chaos (he was in group where Macron, Rutte, Princess Anne and Trudeau were... discussing it. While they were seeming to laugh) though they may be relieved Trump has cancelled planned press conference

-Corbyn says he watches the Queen's Christmas speech.... on Christmas morning, refuses to really explain why he has changed his mind on Nato

-Boris misses opportunity to personally praise Trump, denies joking about Trump and apparently mentioned to never use words Donald or Trump during 21 minute press conference, his careful description of talks about Hauwei has led to speculation Hauwei will be excluded from 5g on security grounds

-Brexit Party sacked MEP John Longworth, been a critic of Farage's strategy, wanting a very focused campaign in 20-30 seats, and now been sacked for "disloyalty"

-Meteorologists warn of cold snap during election week

-New Statesmen refuses to endorse any main party and tempted by Greens but they won't be able to govern


-Swinson condemns fake email from staffer

-Burnham and Rotheram call for a Hillsborough law/public authority (accountability) bill to oblige emergency services to be candid during inquiries an fund legal representation for grieving families

-Hunt says Nato leaders worried about Corbyn coming to power, denies all knowledge of US-UK talks on drug pricing when Health Secretary

-IFS says independence for Scotland would probably mean more austerity rather then less

-Sir Major says Brexit worst foreign policy decision ever, Boris deal flimsy and shabby, hard Brexit risks union losing Scotland and N.Ireland, comprehensive trade deal can't be done in a year

-Ivan Lewis urges people to vote Tory "I say to my Labour friends, Corbyn’s Labour party is not the Labour party of our parents and grandparents. It is unreasonable of me to expect you all to leave the party because of antisemitism. But it is unreasonable of you to admit there is a serious antisemitism problem in the party then expect me to join you in the mantra ‘but the most important thing is we have a Labour government’. Imagine if this institutionalised racism was against any other minority community ..."


-Douglas Carswell says been a bad election for broadcasters but how Tory handled ad campaign online in final days could be key

-Beth Rigby Boris seeks blank cheque for next five years

-William Davies election reflects a possible end of liberalism

-Grice hard to tell which Boris will be PM if he wins

-Fleet Street Fox warns against Boris neutering the judiciary
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Dec 05, 2019 9:13 pm

Brexit party hit with resignations, Boris runs away, Labour rebuked by statistics authority
-Papers on Boris first 100 days promises or Trump's problems at Nato,, Corbyn's lie about Queen's Speech getting hammered

-Labour being questioned as to why the south (mostly) getting help with rail fares which only impacts 11% of populace and not major funding for the roads that impacts everyone else, Labour do have arguments like more would use trains if trains were cheaper and better but a narrative building up that Labour talks of helping the working class and the poorest but policies really help the middle class

-Boris says once onto phase 2 people will stop talking about Brexit, will be out after 31st January and in transition period, denies he forced Tory candidates to sign up to his Brexit pledges. In interview says he loves the NHS, apologises for any offence caused by past letterbox comment (I don't think those really should count as apologies) but doesn't seem keen to discuss his views on single mothers.

The coward refuses to commit to interviews with Andrew Neill (then later turns out he also wouldn't go with ITV's equivalent Julie Etchingham), believes he will get trade deal by end of 2020 but won't cast iron guarantee it, struggles when media point out his tax cutting budget would actually be tax raising (personal taxes come down, not overall taxes)

-The extinction rebellion bees vs Lib Dem battle bus has led to amusement among press though gluing themselves to a electric bus may not have been the 100% most credible decision they have ever made

-Sun backs Tories

-Tories pledge February Budget if we leave EU with tax cuts which will also set route forward to get NI threshold up to 12,500k, in first 100 days enshrine law NHS funding increase, review defence and security capabilities, get through legislation to end the automatic early release of serious violent offenders half way through their sentences, start recruitment of police officers+nurse+cross party discussions on social care

-Corbyn says he felt Nato was going wrong-direction in 2011 but they have changed their focus

-Labour pledge cap class sizes at 30 pupils across all schools in England and match Lib Dem pledge for 20,000 new teachers

-UK statistics authority head Sir David Norgrove rebukes Labour for claiming violence had doubled under Tories, Labour refuse to apologize and accuse Tories of being keener to write letters of complaint then fixing the problem

-Pound rises as markets believe Boris will get majority

-Rayner muses Corbyn might have meant catch up on Queen's Speech (if he doesn't watch it, I have no issue with that but just say that), named her children after king's and will watch queen's speech,

-Javid say negotiations ongoing with BBC over Andrew Neill, can't rule out no deal but thinks risk of it is extremely remote as outline of free trade agreement has always been agreed

-Seems SNP is having difficulty getting activists to stay away from Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, where their former candidate was suspended for alleged anti-Semitism, with one member of their executive having backed them and having to resign for her own tweets

-Four Brexit MEP's urge voters to vote Tory the recently exiled John Longworth, Lance Forman, Judy Harris and Annunziata Rees-Mogg for fer Tories failure to win will mean an end to Brexit and Corbyn in power while in Brussels they will vote for Boris deal whereas Brexit party will vote against. Brexit Party saying the party helped Tories get stronger and that the defectors are those with personal connections to key Tories while making institutions (which all four strongly deny) about why they switched

-Mayor Khan says Boris record on racism is worse then Corbyn's on anti-Semitism, at least partly because Boris was being paid for the words he wrote, Labour should have humility to accept Jews feel Labour have a genuine anti-Semitism problem, on reflection Boris and co will feel response to London Bridge attack wasn't their finest hour.

-Boris asks ITV show hosts Schofield and Willoughby, they politely agree and are getting hammered for it

-Sturgeon says tactical voting could be key to stopping Boris so urges people to think carefully about how they vote

-Question Time awkwardly gets a male panel for last session before election, Piddock was a late pull out for personal reasons and Ashwroth sent on with Labour unaware but Ashworth has agreed to pull out for Anneliese Dodds. Credit to Labour and Ashworth for doing that


-Swinson says they got balance wrong with austerity as more should have come from tax rises rather then cuts, should have been more capital investment and apologised for bedroom tax, austerity of a sorts was needed and follow Labour's 2010 plan for most part, says she will remain as leader as only took office in July, not sure why people dislike her but will keep being honest. Didn't seem to quite understand Andrew Neill's point that Brexiteers would see a second referendum with 16-17 year olds and EU nationals as rigged, she rightly points to her long standing backing of the ideas before Brexit referendum but I'm not sure that will convince Brexiteers

Andrew Neill interview a tad odd in first half. Swinson could sometimes take a few lines when a one liner would have worked but Andrew Neill sometimes pressed on when either she had dealt with it (all governments rely on forecasts for econimic plans) or seemed to not quite understand how one can vote for referendum and not vote for Corbyn in office, Swinson tried her best but failed to justify the idea that she hadn't made huge error at start of campaign but otherwise did well.

-Caroline Lucas restoring wildlife

-ITV's election night coverage will include Ed Balls, Osborne, Ruth Davidson and Alan Johnson

-The original Lord Buckethead, due to copyright, now called Count Binface standing against Boris. There is a Lord Buckethead standing against Boris as well


-BBC Reality Check Labour's claim Tories cost each household 6k

-Aditya Chakrabortty Boris is a danger

-Dominic Casciani on immigration

-Simon Usherwood why Eurosceptic parties keep splitting

-Maya Goodfellow backs teaching about our colonial history in schools

-Geoff Norcott suggests to left don't slag off working class people who vote Tory

-John Peet "get Brexit done on Jan 31st" argument worries him
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