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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Jun 18, 2019 6:08 pm

Not surprised Raab (yay) is out given his stupid proroguing though given comments by candidates he is going to get a cabinet post, I suspect most of his will fly to Boris if he doesn't mess up tonight (maybe a few to Gove) but I expect some heavy lobbying of the Raab brigade by camapign teams. Good for Stewart as, having got ahead of Javid the momentum (if slightly stalling due to a sense he is a bit flaky) is still with him and the race to face Boris is very tight. Hunt is in a bit of trouble, he is unable to push away and Gove is still in fight. Javid though in trouble, has vote increase was very impressive but still only 33 backers means he is very dangerous position and if he can't win the debate tonight, he may well come under pressure to fold

Next round is tomorrow at 10am I think

leadership race continues, Youguv alarming polling, not great day for Labour, Carwyn Jones worried
-The results in full (all voted): Boris 126 (+12, has 40% share), Hunt 46 (+3, 15%), Gove 41 (+4, 13%), Stewart 37 (+18, 12%), Javid 33 (10, 11%), Raab (30, 10%).

-Lidington backed Rory Stewart last night, a huge boost to Stewart's credibility and suggested he might stay in the race, praised Stewart telling uncomfortable truths and showing there were no area's Tories should treat as no go's in elections. Leadsom backing Boris as views are close on Brexit, they agree on HS2 and she feels he is an election winner, added Brexit credibility to Boris

-Stewart says he had got depressed in politics with a feeling he couldn't get things done, nothing to be ashamed off in occupying centre ground, party needs to address the environment, won't commit to gender parity in cabinet but wants more woman in parliament to give him wider talent pool to choose from, was advised not to speak of adult social care. If want to be seen as great country, need to show realism and humility while carrying out promises, Brexit delays suit no dealers and remainers but not anyone else, needs to connect better with those who speak in different way to him, jealous of way Corbyn has rebuilt party membership numbers. Prisons one of the great hidden scars of our society

-Gove argues the final ballot should be two who believe in Brexit (seen as a shot at Stewart)

-Hunt says EU wants to avoid no deal and would be willing to work with someone they trust

-Javid says Stewart is the Remain candidate (Stewart denies this), his communication skills are "less Homer’s Iliad and more Homer Simpson" but important they can reach out and his background allows that, would not look good or be healthy for Tories if final ballot is two people of similar background. Would give Boris a proper test and ensure Boris comes out stronger (a tad defeatist?)

-Allegations Boris told business leaders in private he would extend transition an extra 12 months

-Rumours apparently among press core that Boris manager Gavin Williamson ordered some on team Boris to get Javid over line (damaging for Javid, tricky to know if being a tad cheaty of "only 12 additions?" is worse for Boris)


-Papers on Stewart including allegations he was an MI6 spy (Stewart is having difficultly on not quite denying this)

-Alan Smyth, SNP MEP, has had to issue a grovelling apology and donation to military charity for accusing Brexit party of highly illegal practises. Falsely. In something he had no evidence of.

SNP should wonder how they get such a unworthy figure on their list and might need to be careful for a few weeks attacking Brexit party

-Abbott wonders if Trump is targetting Khan due to his being Muslim, minister Atkins very carefully dodges answering this rather then defend Trump. Mayor Khan says, despite Westminster cuts, he is investing heavily in police, country and US cities all being hit by rise in violent crime

-Atkins warns there seems a bit too much anger in politics right now

-Farage says there will be no election pact with Boris

-May launching clampdown on loyalty penalty and consulting on new powers for consumer watchdogs, also launching plans to help teachers spot early signs of mental health issues but rumours Hammond will resign over her spending pledges

-Watson says he would never leave Labour but he wonders if it is leaving them and wants a special one off ballot of members on Brexit position, Lavery says ignoring the views of the people as expressed via referendum is not a wise move, Mann says going Remain would see them lose significant amount of votes

-Creasy warns a lack of paid maternity leave and staff cover means females are forced to choose between being MP's and mothers (May has indicated personal backing), says she was still bleeding when she returned to work after miscarriage

-Labour fined for inaccurate quarterly donation reports and failure with election spending report

-Youguv polling indicates Tory members would sacrifice the union of the UK for Brexit (63%, SNP call this a disaster for Davidson), want Brexit even if major damage to economy (61%) and even Tories being destroyed (54% but opposing is only 36%) but aren't keen on it if hands Corbyn number 10 (51% vs 39% on that), 46% would be happy over 40% if Farage was Tory leader. ConHome leadership poll as Boris at highest ever ranking for him of 55%, Stewart is second but only 16%

-Barclay sends letter to Barnier confirming rights of EU citizens whatever happens and urges EU to come to agreement with UK on some sort of help for citizens if no deal, Barnier says no and goverment getting hammered in Commons. Barclay has signed a deal with Luxembourg to protect rights

-Sturgeon fears next Tory leader could do more damage to Scotland in 18 months with Brexit then in 18 years under Thatcher and Sturgeon

-Morgan warns Tory leadership candidates spending plans would require borrowing to rise to go with the 15 billion Brexit wiggle-room required


-Caroline Lucas on Heathrow expansion

-Former First Minister Carwyn Jones says Westminster chaos is turning Welsh people to exploring independence including from those who he never would would have done, at moment he feels it is curiosity rather then in favour of it

-Blunt calls for inquiry into former President Mohammed Mors's sudden death in court and the conditions he was detained in

-Costa says UK needs to do a lot more on EU citizens rights including a taskforce

-Kuessenberg on Tory leadership voting " Whole thing has air of Home Counties parents waiting outside some kind of ballet exam their child is taking, wishing others well as they go in for their turn with a polite smile, gritted teeth and dark thoughts"

-Crabb says they need to stop having Old Etonians as leader as isn't meritocratic
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Sun Fin » Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:47 pm

Wow, I left the last debate with a feeling of optimism about the candidates. Tonight I just feel depressed. I don't think any of them did well or could call tonight a victory. I think part of it was a poor format, the candidates didn't have time to give the kind of detailed answers I wanted to hear and to make matters worse the host sucked. There was just a lot of shouting over each other rather than the intelligent debate and discussion that I enjoyed at the end of last week.

If I had to pick a winner I would probably say Javid as he avoided getting sucked into boisterous arguments, but more because I thought he was least bad. I thought Stewart was making intelligent points about spending but the host and others on the panel kept on interrupting him so we never got to hear his conclusions.
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:28 am

Yeah that one was... uninspired. Only an hour with five candidates, the "don't attack own side" (even then, not sure there was the time/space for a Raab vs Stewart situation to emerge), getting public had one or two upsides (like when Mattis followed up with the questioner, one or two gave intresting reactions) but felt that didn't work. Maybe also second round means lack of fresh faced surprises, people and candidates better prepared

For me, Gove did the best and the most damaged, simply due to need to keep momentum going, would be Javid and Stewart even if they weren't the worst performers. Press reaction seems to be that was a bunch of rubbish and this does not reflect well on Tory party quality, Corbyn/Farage/May won but out of the five Javid given the edge, Stewart didn't have same impact, divides over how Boris did (or rather how Boris appeared beyond them) though nobody thinks he did that well


BBC: Liked the opening theme, disliked background, format meant Boris and Stewart had to lean over so they could address the person asking question. I personally would have preferred Mattis asking questions rather then picked member of public, good idea to only do one or two on Brexit then moved it on. Mattis had some good potential follow ups but the problem is the five men often chose the tactic of just ignoring her and continuing on

Boris: Boris was Boris, charming, fluent, lacking anything called detail, dodging responsibility. In a proper leadership debate, his "I'm sorry others have misread my words" followed by "how dare anyone hold me to account for my own actions, your Iranian sympathizers" would have been hammered, might have been wise to try to memorize the Imam's name ("my great grand-pa was Muslim doesn't really cover for that lapse). All Boris had to do was avoid anything shocking (which in this case, means he would have to personally insult the Queen and even then...) and he would be fine. He avoided any real clanger even by normal politician standards though I felt his green boast as Mayor of London came across as weak and he tended to weasel his way out of things like tax pledges or Heathrow

Hunt: Used his business background with more fluency, tried the "when I met blah blah blah" with mixed success and generally spoke well on things like cutting corporate tax rates. Holding hands up a bit on cuts was intresting move, managed to smoothly get around the Katie Hopkins issue, curbed attacks on Corbyn, nice use of family on tolerance if a bit "UK is so so tolerant". I felt he was the second best performer, problem is more who was best

Gove: Went for Corbyn and felt he did it better then Hunt managed last time, fluent and helped by better sitting position, came across as the "man with the plan" with hint at details on things like green issues and mental health. Used his background well as a man adopted into a family that ended up in finical trouble, spiked Stewart's door analogy though "we can get through no deal" was weak, was able to defuse his past comments on Good Friday agreement by work since.

Javid: Felt he struggled to get himself heard, let things pass him by a little. Spoke well enough about background and be something different, pushed for an inquiry on Tories with others awkwardly bounced into it and Islamphobia (something he really shone on) but I'm not sure he did enough to stand out, to make himself memorable or a game-changer. I did not the ruling out going beyond Oct31st, chasing the Raab vote? Bit late if so.

Stewart: Less effective this time (he has admitted was lacklusture), his change to door analogy was good but cleverly spiked by Gove, his body language is not going to send the right image (he seemed slumped half the time), he mentioned Brexit one too many times before changing tack, Trump answer seemed weak, the format meant he struggled to press other candidates so well. However he did well still as the truth teller, of why he wouldn't cut taxes (though Javid said what Tories want to hear on this, not Stewart), of what cost would be of spending pledges, about Brexit, about social care.
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:32 pm

Stewart is out, really boosted his reputation and image though. Possibly big win for Boris seeing Stewart out

I'm really worried by the Youguv poll still, I think it is the first time I have felt traitor and it unsettles.

I am a person who doesn't tend to think a view is treason, I may think someone is wrong but I don't think (common example) Corbyn's international views or wish for a radically different system is treason, just he has a different belief is best route forward for this country and on international affairs, they may or may not be wrong but they are legitimate views to hold. I don't think SNP (or Plaid or Sinn Feinn) seeking to break up the union is treason, they love their country and see it's independence as the best route forward, they do it via democratic systems and are open about their goals. I may hate Brexit, I don't think it is treason

Yet I can't help but feel that Brexit at cost of the union, Brexit at major hit to the economy as the activists have chosen is treason, or near it. They have picked Brexit over their own country, they have picked Brexit over the livelihood's and comfort of their own people, not a "short term hit for longer term good" but willing to inflict major suffering on their own people.I struggle to see how that is loyal towards their country

Tory leadership, Sturgeon warning, Labour moves on Brexit
-Results Boris 143 (up 17, 46% share), Hunt 54 (8, 17%), Gove 51 (10, 16%), Javid 38 (5, 12%) and Stewart did really bad with 27 (down 6, 9%). Seems like Raab's split between Boris and Gove with Gove regaining a sense of momentum, Stewart's failure to make cut-through in debate seeing numbers deserve. Unless Javid can win over Stewart's following (having tried to win over Raab's), he is in trouble but will be a big chase for Stewart's as that 27 could really push someone to second place victory

-Stewart's team sent near identical texts to Javid's 33 after debate asking for their support but some praised their intellectual rigour and some texts did not... Really really clumsy. Also not a good idea from Stewart to complain BBC chair was uncomfortable.

Stewart admits he was a bit lacklustre at debate as he needs to learn to adapt to such format's, hopes he can combine with others, open to working with anybody but Boris, been texting MP's up till 3am, was in talks with Gove but Brexit differences made it difficult

-Javid hugged Stewart at end of debate but other three walked off straight away

-Gove declares he won and all four rivals would get a post under him

-All teams rejecting idea they will step down and combine with others, saying Stewart's side are being unrealistic on that

-EU figures apparently not impressed by the debate and it's lack of realism, press noting Stewart got ganged up on by his rivals, Boris failure to guarantee October 31st exit and the Carmella eye-roll, polls suggest Tory voters think Boris won and everyone else thinks Stewart won

-Raab backs Boris as believes Boris is committed to out by Oct deadline and his members seem to be following, boost to Boris Brexit credibility while blow to Gove and Javid who would have been hoping for those numbers to change the game

-Hunt goes for Boris, saying Boris has made big play on October 31st but didn't commit it last night and isn't sure what Boris believes on that front, EU leaders would trust Hunt in talks (being seen with silent "but they won't trust Boris"), questions Boris claim of no tarrifs, doesn't defend Boris on Iran

-Richard Ratcliffe, says Boris (who denies he made situation worse) made things worse for his jailed wife.

-Some alarm that the Imam who questioned Tory candidates has worrying comments about Israel with Javid pointedly reminding him that words have consequences and one BBC journalist apologizing


-Bercow gently rebukes Tom Brake for calling Tory leadership candidates as snake-oil salesman

-Mark Field warns talk of removing Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lamb is dangerous as she is a dedicated public servant and China could ensure a rather more hardline pro-Beijing figure figure

-Sturgeon says Boris becoming leader would show how far Scotland diverges from rest of UK, his no deal beliefs and offensive remarks contrasting with Remain and tolerant Scotland, she also claims Boris asked if full fiscal autonomy would buy her off so she plans to demand that if Boris becomes PM, wants devolved powers on immigration, greater tax powers including Vat and business taxation

-Papers focused on leadership debates, usually focusing on Stewart and Boris, Times saying Corbyn will fully back second referendum

-Jeremy Kyle rejects Culture committee inquiry but senior members of his TV team will come instead, Environmental Audit Committee has 18 recommendations to tackle throw away clothes culture

-Ruth Davidson saying members who wish to put Brexit above the survival of the UK should take a long hard look at themselves

-Paul Crowther pleads guilty and forced to pay compensation to Farage over milkshake attack and been sacked by Sky

-IPSA saying they back maternity leave but up to parliament

-Blackford lists Boris history of racism, May dodges around answering if Boris is a racist and Bercow... didn't seem that keen to stop Blackford

-Inflation down to 2.%5 due to transport costs

-Shadow cabinet warned being pro-Remain could hit electorally as would cast votes to Brexit party which wouldn't be won back from Lib Dem voters, Caroline Flint organises letter from some MP's arguing against pro-Remain stance, Corbyn's public stance is basically same as before of any deal needs referendum and not committing to Remain but mention of Wilson's decision in 75 has left a sense Corbyn may be coming round to referendum as long as shadow cabinet can campaign on different sides


-Jess Philips says it feels like nothing has changed since sexpest scandal, Leadsom says complex inquiries are giving people change to speak out

-Ellwood wishes we had a running mate system for our leaders, Anne Milton really really struggles to say Boris is fit for high office

-Farage willing to have election pact with Boris if commitment to no deal saw him lose confidence vote

-Guardian writer Nick Cohen tweeted "Talked to a Tory MP last night who was backing Johnson
"Do you think he'd be any good as PM"
"What on earth will he do about Brexit"?
"No one knows"
"Why do you want him, then?"
"He's the best hope we've got"
"By 'we" you don't mean Britain do you?"
"No the party, of course"


-BBC gathered up viewers views on the debates, Freedland it does not speak well of our nation

-Behr Tories and Labour have forgotten how to win and now rely on magical personalities and May's deal not dead

-Rob Ford says data doesn't back up Labour's claim about Remaining losing seats
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Jun 20, 2019 12:22 pm

Javid out.

Boris 157 (up 14, 50%), Gove 61 (10, 19%), Hunt 59 (5, 19%), Javid 34 (down 4, 11%)

Seems Stewart's ranks split with Javid perhaps paying for going harder on Brexit but now Gove really has sense of momentum, Boris team may now work hard to spike Gove (been rumours Boris camp has taken out Raab and Stewart deliberately already). Some may now go to Hunt to prevent the psychodrama between Gove and Boris, others may turn to Gove in hope he challenges Boris
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Jun 20, 2019 5:18 pm

Hunt beats Gove by 2 votes, I suspect there will be suspicions from Gove's team and this will hurt

Boris 160 (up 3, 51%), Hunt 77 (18, 25%), Gove (14, 24%)

I respect Hunt but I'm struggling to see how, competent though he is, he will beat Boris or really challenge him.

Edit: ITV to do leaders debate on 9th July

Tory contest including some accusations against team Boris, growth forecast to 0%, cabinet minister warnings, summer recess date announced, don't bank on extension
-Stewart surprised he lost votes and thinks people are sensing something in the wind, looks forward to spending time with children, doesn't know what Boris actually believes so think Boris will disappoint people, party wasn't ready to hear that no deal would be a catastrophe.

-Javid's team was lavishing praise on Stewart and he not standing back, setting himself as change candidate.

-Hunt says Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is being hold hostage by Iran over disagreements with UK, Boris wants her home as much as he does, UK can do better then Boris

-Heavy speculation that Boris team inflated Stewart's vote to ensure Raab was knocked out which has infuriated the Boris camp who fiercely deny this and say it would backfire. Javid's campaign man Stephen Crabb says it is puzzling they lost votes and first time, got their numbers wrong while Hunt back Dr Fox got rather sarcastic when asked about if there was "vote lending", is certainly suspicions at how view of Javid's supporters Boris seemed to get including the fact more declared for Boris then went to him

-BBC had the candidates answer Brexit questions in 50 words or less

-Boris says Tories need to do a lot more to win over BME communities (by electing a man known for racist language?), no contradiction between being a Brexiteer and One Nation Tory, wants to be remembered as someone who helped unify country

-Was first time since 65 that Tories had to go to 4th ballot, was two spoiled ballots in morning count and one in evening, one poor MP had to deliver 9 proxy votes for evening ballot

-Gove's campaign manager Mel Stride says drug story cost them momentum at vital time


-Right-leaning papers accuse BBC of bias with way they ran leadership debate and others looking at Boris team plotting against rivals (Raab then Stewart and now Gove)

-Richard Ratcliffe asks Boris to take responsibility for what happened to his wife

-Francois to a Remain protester "In the nicest possible way, we're signing your death warrant on the 31 October and you'll be out of a job". Not sure why Francois thinks that was a good move

-Welsh Assembly demands Welsh history be taught

-Corbyn to consult before declaring Labour's Brexit position next week, been well noted McDonnell has urged Corbyn to stop triangulating on the issue

-Hammond warns no deal would destroy the war-chest he had created, candidates need to set out their plan B as parliament won't back no deal and be honest about trade offs, that they can't change the fundamental truths of parliamentary arthematic or EU's stance is not going to turn 180, will fight and fight to stop no deal.

-Interest rates left unchanged but Bank of England predicts growth of 0% for second quarter due to Brexit, car manufacturing shut down (due to Brexit) and trade wars

-Rudd says there a number of Tories would vote down a government that tried to no deal, Brexit department sets up technical advisory group to find backstop alternatives

-Rutte hopes Tory leader will be flexible and drop the rhetoric they have shown far, deal won't be reopened and won't be time limit to backstop and to get an extension UK needs to show something major has changed, Vardaker warns there is enormous hostility to extension so only referendum or election likely to get extension, no agreement without backstop and no transition with withdrawal agreement

I look forward to Boris and Gove/Hunt telling Rutte and Vadaker they don't believe in Britain enough and will cave any moment

-25th July is summer recess

-May chants her answer when asked who she voted for, Ruth Davidson backed Gove, joke in Tory ranks is next leadership election will be November but beneath the jokes seem to a belief that next PM won't last long

-Lidington warns Tories have a deeper crises then Brexit with union under biggest threat ever, leaders need to appeal widely as party have struggled to win elections for generations, fears no deal damages union


-Rees-Mogg says BBC looked incompetent and biased over TV debate

-Evening Standard decides to back Boris as they don't believe him on October 31st deadline and he is best placed to convince Tories to sell a repackaged May's deal

-Sir Cable concerned at Carney's meetings with Zuckerbug and if it involved discussing Facebook currency

-Dr Woolostan thinks if Boris becomes PM he will declare a snap election with a pact with Farage, Lord Hesltine “I think it’s deeply depressing great swathes of the traditional Conservative supporting vote is now basically disenfranchised.”


-Kuessenberg found hard to predict outcome

-Kettle Tories have changed over 40 years

-Robert Hutton Boris constructive ambiguity
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:47 pm

, Tories hit with two scandals and a new byelection, Brexit, select comitee's try something new
-Francois says Boris has promised the ERG, come hell or high water, we leave on October 31st, Brexit Minister Lord Callahan was funny when asked about Tory leadership and Brexit, it seemed to go down badly with opposition parties and he acknowledged that. Carney warns 150,000 business don't have paperwork ready for exporting and only have contingency supplies for a few weeks while trade tariffs will apply automatically if a no deal

-I suspect Williamson's very effective handling of Boris campaign and numbers will see a big return to cabinet if Boris wins

-Papers on Boris gets revenge on Gove and suspicions Williamson arrange Hunt's victory

-During Hammond's speech, Mark Field was seen pushing a Greenpeace activist and seemingly grabbing her by neck before escorting her out, he has been suspended as foreign office ministers. Field has apologized and referred himself to cabinet office, says it was instinctive and he had feared she was armed, Greenpeace accuse him of assault (I'm not sure they should have followed the accusation with political points), several opposing MP's have called for Field to resign and say they are shocked, not clear how this unfold. Visually horrible to watch

-Tory party launching investigation after allegations a male Tory MP sent Antoinette Sandbach a message she was a disgrace and should leave the party for supporting Stewart, she says it is no wonder three female MP's have left party given such attitudes

-EU leaders unable to agree on who should take what job in Commission with Juncker quipping "I note with certain amusement that it is not easy to replace me,"

-Business Committee, Environmental Audit, Housing+Communities and Local Government, Science +Technology, Transport and Treasury committees to join up to host a citizens assembly on what to with climate change, Greg Clark has welcomed the idea

-BBC reviewing it's vetting system for political programs

-BBC profiles record of Boris and and Hunt

-Chris Davies recall petition passes, rumours Lib Dem's are going to throw everything at Brecon and Radnorshire which is a headache for May's successor and been well noted Tory majority could well be down to three.

-Burnham warns Northern Powerhouse project is fizzling out but devolution is starting to work

-Kemi Badenoch says MP mothers are treated fairly well and calls for maternity leave and the like distract from needs of other women, Swinson argues parliament needs to set an example to others on this


-Kuessenberg Boris camp relief

-Sienna Rodgers 8 points from Labour's Brexit briefing

-Iain Watson Hunt vs Boris, Simon Jenkins leans towards Boris

-Goodman suggests his Boris no deal/snap election cabinet

-Katy Balls warns Boris is alienating MP's
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Jun 22, 2019 6:15 pm

Boris embrassment, Brexit, by-election
-Bercow reaches 10 years as Speaker

-EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom says will be tariffs if no deal until point there is a deal, which she hopes she would be under most favoured status, Tusk says UK is wasting time

-Police called to Boris flat by neighbours due to heated row, no further action has been taken and both camp's doing no comments but while Hunt dies with the Mark Field scandal (as Field is his junior minister), this will hit Boris camp

-Papers on police to Boris flat

-D'Arcy's short legacy week ahead

-Hunt says next leader must see Brexit through properly, protecting jobs, he also questions why ITV's debate is after voting starts

-Barclay says next PM has huge challenges, via lack of time and parliament, to get any new deal done by Oct31st deadline

-The activist grabbed by Field doesn't intend to complain to police, feels she was manhandled but not assaulted and suggests Field take anger management classes

-Chris Davies confirms intent to stand again to hold Brecon and Radnorshire, Hunt calls Davies an honourable and hard working MP but local party yet to decide who will stand for them (given near 20% of the area voted to recall him, they may not be inclined to keep him). Labour and Lib Dem's have had candidate ready for a year, Brexit party will run, Plaid considering standing aside for Lib Dems

-Homelessness Minister Heather Wheeler has apologized over email in 2017 describing homeless in her area as "the traditional type, old tinkers, knife-cutters". Hard to see how she can hold that post now this has come out


-Hinsliff Field scandal is a litmus test for our time

-Oliver Wiseman opposes May's attempt at legacy policies

-Olivia Utley looks at potential chancellors

-Forsyth (sun) leadership contest, Eddie Lister key, Stewart's plan, Gove deserves big job
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Jun 23, 2019 3:11 pm

Boris story rumbles on
-Farage spreads his betrayal narrative

-Papers on Boris row with some concerned at Boris dodging the question five times at hustings and some accusing the neighbours of recording it as left-wingers who once boasted about swearing at Boris having attempt to damage Boris (since gave recording straight to guardian) rather then concern for Symonds. However her criticism of “You just don’t care for anything because you’re spoilt. You have no care for money or anything.” is coming up again and again and again

-Mail on Sunday poll suggesting the Boris incident has seen his lead collapse among general voters but not so huge among Tory activists

-Credit Boris for telling Tory members to stop booing Iain Dale, who was moderator at hustings, for asking questions. Boris could have been stronger but at least tried to do something

-Boris says important to get Brexit done then unite country with new sense of confidence which country needs, these are dark days for the party but he can lift them again, preparing for no deal is how one gets deal, believes in business.

Hunt says they mustn't risk catastrophe by electing wrong person who Brussels won't talk to, risk parliament cancelling Brexit with Marxist Corbyn getting in and possibly end of Tories, get it right and they can deliver Brexit and win election, no deal would be with heavy heart

-Watson says Labour have dangerously underestimated the crises over it's Brexit position


-Goodman defends Tory members but Simon Allison says activists hard line stance on Brexit is pushing Tory voters away

-Rawnsley advises Hunt make it a contest of character and hard truths
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Jun 24, 2019 6:29 pm

Boris bravely runs away as pressure builds, Brexit moves, Prescott in hospital
-Papers still on Boris and not in a way he would want with pressure within Tory party for Boris to come clean, Mail saying Boris and Symonds have had to flee their home due to protesters.

-Hunt issues a strong challenge calling for Boris to join SkyNews TV hustings "Don't be a coward Boris, man up and show the nation you can cope with the intense scrutiny the most difficult job in the country will involve,", as cowardly Boris hasn't taken up invitation Sky is pulling debate for a week

Hunt promises to fight for the union and doesn't believe Tory members would sacrifice Scotland for Brexit, believes Boris support among MP's will fracture as soon as he has to make Brexit decision. Boris says there will be democratic outburst in we don't Brexit in time and a deluge that could sweep away both main parties, this time we won't shrink from deadline but show our mettle. Dr Fox says it is usually easier to just answer questions about private life and it is becoming a distraction, has no security concerns about Boris, Lidington says Hunt is better at answering emergency call at 3AM

-Chris Davies reselected to fight for his seat

-Dr Andrew Murrison urges Iran to stop it's attacks in the Gulf and says he has made his views clear to Tehran

-Andrew Gwynne says too late for Labour to get their own Brexit deal, will be difficult to explain to Labour Leavers why need for second referendum but necessary, Dr Fox warns Boris claims of no deal transition and invoking article 24 are false (as do May and Lidington), Truss says Brexit is for executive rather then parliament. Clegg says no evidence Russia influence Brexit referendum via Facebook and our British Euroscepticism has deep roots, Corbyn wants referendum on deal

-John Prescott rushed to hospital after suffering stroke

-Brexit Party issues legal challenge over Peterborough by-election results, saying allegations of postal vote corruption needs investigating and is a wider problem

-Javid proposing salary thresholds for immigration should vary region by region which Truss (presumably acting for Boris) has praised

-Labour to review how to get City to invest in Green tech and so on

-All woman abuse charities have united, due to outrage of Boris being reported to police, that people must take action and call policy if they have any concerns about how someone is being treated. Jess Philips has raised this in Commons

-Sturgeon says Westminster's system being set up for confrontation is causing problems as is first past the post whereas Hollyrood relies on consensus


-Sir Cable questions Ben Bailey, head of Finical Conduct Authority, chances of replacing Carney after Woodword scandal

-Ellwood says a dozen or so Tories would no confidence any government that tries to no-deal, Ken Clarke confirms he is one as won't vote for a policy that is incompatible with everything Tory party has stood for when he has been MP

-Onwurah on Northern Powerhouse

-BMW says it is working hard to prepare for post-Brexit but remains committed to UK, Flint says she would talk to anyone to prevent no deal but would choose no deal over no Brexit and expects Labour numbers to rise to support a government deal

-Rees-Mogg says neighbours recording others and class war protesting at front doors is not a good place to be, snoopers and Corbynista curtain twitchers are always unattractive


-Steve Analyst is puzzled why we blame EU for things we demanded EU do

-Elsie Greenwood feels Labour has to get it's house in order on how it handles sexual harassment

-Ian Acheson Boris is the real insurgent, Stewart the traditional one

-D'Ancona Boris character matters and why Symonds row is a public matter

-David Henig takes encouragement from latest Irish border proposal
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