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Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:51 pm

-Grayling says airport expansion has been put off half a century, there is no perfect solution but it needs to happen. Fears SNP may surprisingly vote against over lack of details on how it will benefit Scotland but with around 40 Labour MP's expected to back Heathrow expansions, expected to get through

Boris not being there for Heathrow vote getting a lot of flak, Boris quoted as saying his resignation would have achieved nothing as too many MP's in favour and third runaways will never end up being built. Grayling says he has no idea where Boris is (later turned up in Afghanistan), Halfon jokes he is in China buying a bulldozer, Chapman (I suspect jokingly) wonders if he inside Foreign Office preparing for a big resignation, Dr Woolostan says Boris constituents have right to expect him to resign and one wonders how he is still in cabinet, lots of MP's doing compare and contrast with Greg Hands. Jess Philips notes "Boris Johnson saga on Heathrow is pathetic. If he fronted it out either way he'd be better off. This is the s**t that makes people hate politicians. Boris has learnt that he gets applause saying the easy stuff, he'd get respect if he said the hard stuff". From journalists, FT's Henry Mace quips "Only Boris Johnson could fly around the world to protest against airport expansion." is the kindest one. The only defence is Rees-Mogg who says Boris made the promise as London mayor but is no longer mayor so doesn't count as he stood on Tory manifesto this election saying Heathrow, abstaining is acceptable on such an issue,

-Eyes on if Tories will drop pledge to cut corporation tax to fund NHS increase

-Labour would review current MOD outsourced contracts and put a presumption of public service over private contractors

-Long-Bailey doubts government would put "stay in EU" as one of the options for a second referendum, fears another referendum would be divisive

-Nia Griffith says Labour committed to Nato and being tier one military power, more troops might be needed in Afghanistan

-Dr Fox says he views Brexit as outside single market, customs union and ECJ and having waited 40 years, he is happy for a longer transition period if needed but would not accept an extension of article 50, treatment of Naz Shah shows Commons needs reform

-Corbyn says he will visit Israel, we should own the railways

-Don't think Williamson's "made her and can break her" has done himself any favours

-Leadsom says proposed custom partnership is unweidly and bureaucratic

-Christine Lagarde, head of IMF, "warns" EU to expect influx of finical firms post Brexit and should prepare regulatory frameworks, European Banking Authority says bEU banks aren't prepared for no deal

-Bercow says he is not stepping down

-Greg Clark says Airbus is repeated concerns of business across aero-industry and a company that brings so many jobs and econimic benefit to the country should be listened to with respect (a shot at Hunt and Boris), shoots down Swansea tidal lagoon

-Sir Jeremy Heywood temporarily stepping down as chief civil servant due to battle with cancer


-Burnham says north should be promised transport spending

-Nick Boles may not be a fan of Williamson "Would it be too much to ask that senior members of the Cabinet behave like grown-ups, discuss serious issues in a serious way, and avoid running to the papers with childish threats or swearing at foreign dignitaries?"

-Sir Howarth wants government to keep more of an eye on foreign takeovers for national security

-Rees-Mogg says Hammond may find it impossible to get tax rises past Tories and suggests cutting taxes may be best route for raising money, MoD does need money but not as much as it will claim and should show spending more effectively, gently suggests williamson's alleged comments is something one wouldn't expect from a defence secreatry, there will be a Brexit dividend with IFS being biased to pro-EU.

-Freeman says he surprised it has taken this long for Labour to have a poll lead as Tories are divided and failing to do the basics


-Mary Ann Sieghart on Gove the effective minister

-John Harris says Corbyn's Labour needs new narrative

-Catherine Bloomfield wants farming reform

-Lewis Goodall on Corbyn's trip to Jordan and Brexit could defeat him
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:52 pm

-Heathrow passes easily (415-119) with SNP abstaining, 8 Tory rebels and more Labour MP's backing government then Corbyn's stance, Mayor Khan is already taking part in legal action against it

Laing had to stop MP's from constant interventions on Grayling who promises other airports will get investment and warns airports are an issue leading to business leaving. McDonald says Labour oppose due to environmental issues, of subsidy and of needing transport outside south-east. McDonnell spoke from backbenches in an unusual move with a passionate speech.

-Tusk met May

-Greg Clark was quite firm in his defence of Airbus right to speak out, admits business is dismayed when government is in open disagreement with itself, wants a single market for services as well as goods

-A sense Boris political dreams are done. Boris says he has grown to admire Trump due to his handling of N.Korea, responding to Assad's chemical weapons and getting Nato countries to spend more money on defence, hints his f business was aimed at lobbyists, claims May's condemnation got Trump to change migrant child policy

-Truss rebukes cabinet members for unTory like spending demands and warns loss of fiscal discipline would destroy party

-Defence Committee wants 3% of GDP spending for MoD but 2.5% would fill black hole, without defence investment we became far less useful to USA. Government does not seem inclined to agree

-Electoral Commission wants urgent reforms of online political adverts like digital ads carrying name of which party is backing it, wants more powers for investigating and fines

-Chequers Brexit Summit expected on 6th July

-Rory Stewart says prison deal with Carillion was unsustainable, Ken Clarke never got political support for cutting prison numbers and they are planning for 93,000 prisoners, the increasing voice of victims will put real pressure for tougher sentences

-Welsh Assembly to debate no confidence in Alan Cairns after cancelling of electrifying railways and no Swansea lagoon

-Hammond says Trump's trade policy means we are in uncertain times but a trade war would be disastrous for everyone including the US

-EU Withdrawal Act gets Royal Assent

-May says she does listen to business and defends their right to speak out on Brexit

-Keith Brown resigns as SNP's econimic secretary to concentrate on being deputy leader, seems Sturgeon is wielding the axe

-LGBT plan to be published next week

-Labour MP's then seem to ignore Labour orders to abstain on Ceta and Japan trade deal, Corbyn's whips having a difficult few days

-Grayling says diesel still has a future


MEP Catherine Bearder says we struggle to understand we are a third country to EU

-Lord Bridges Brexit strategy

-Lord Houghton, who was head of the armed forces until 2016, says current defence plans unaffordable on current budget, backs Defence Committee call, we need to decide what we want to be in terms of armed forces

-Sir Duncan says they are concerned at Assange's health and promises he will be treated humanly if he leaves the embassy


-Kuessenberg on Heathrow and where's Boris

-Dawn Foster argues government has wrong policy on gangs

-Sir Max Hastings (sun) says armed forces need drastic reform

-Marc Wallace on Labour's loss of discipline

-Sam Power and Kate Domett Labour Live was a experiment worth continuing
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:19 pm

PMQ's: Lots of heckling. Corbyn asks which side May backs in Clarke vs May (she answered that a day or so ago so not great opener), May easily goes for backs business and why she does while she points out one either backs buisness or overthrow capitalism, Corbyn ignores that and says it is a thumb down for Boris then goes on CBI, Airbus warnings on Brexit no deal with a slow delivery and asks May to reassure workers by taking off threat of no deal. Corbyn says if he cares for aviation industry, why did he not back Heathrow and says she agrees with Unite on Heathrow which rather ignores the question. Corbyn points out Boris didn't back it but at least he helped industry by long flight to Afghanistan, her Brexit stance is threatening skilled workers, quotes one Tory MP attacking Boris and Hunt, business needs to know plans for clarity and asks how many more in private are saying to May what Airbus and BMW have said publicly. May says she is meeting business and why she wants frictionless trade, says government's pro business due to low unemployment and deficit down then lists Labour's anti business policies. Corbyn attacks Brexiteers who are shielding their business from Brexit then quotes a Honda worker lacking confidence on trade agreement which wouldn't risk his job, she should ignore Brexiteers to help such workers. May says jobs are heart of everything they do including Brexit and points to Corbyn's history of being a Brexiteer so she wonders why he tries to frustrate Brexit, Corbyn says Labour's priority is to save jobs, asks about the custom working parties and is Truss views on custom partnership a government position. May says looking at both options to get frictionless trade and if Labour care about jobs why do they keep leaving higher unemployment, Corbyn says very rich given rise of zero hour contracts, says May has ruled out customs union, Truss custom partnership and reality max-fac leaving no deal as only option which risks jobs and entire industries, no deal is a bad deal and real risk to country is May negotiating cabinet rather then what is best for country. May lists lots of things her government are delivering including record levels of employment and Brexit stages passed in a good summary

I felt Corbyn had good questions but was slow in delivery and shots at Boris/Hunt didn't really land, some of those questions will stick like all options been ruled out other then no deal in last question but he never responded to May's good punches. May didn't always answer the question but she will be happy with a punchy performance with some good counter-blows and able to defend government general record well even if she had take some Brexit hits. Blackford goes on list of business related groupings unhappy with Brexit strategy, being ignored and insulted by government, why are car manufacturing jobs disposable? May says they are listening and lists things were they responded to business (like transition phase), why didn't Blackford back Heathrow if pro business. Blackford says question was ignored (I did feel May somewhat answered it), SNP had offered a good Brexit plan and are engaging with EU and business in a compare and contrast with May who has only achieved uncertainty, asks if she has had a econimic analysis done yet, May says we are getting foreign investment and Scottish business is demanding Scotland stays in union.


-Labour MP's did not seem happy with Gardner stance on trade deals

-Elllwood says people like him and defence community need to do better to making arguments for money, MP's need to be persuaded of need for better defence capability, Treasury needs to be persuaded that defence use abroad can help the economy by winning favour and alliances by securing markets in an unstable world, number 10 defence posture matters for country's identity and gives foreign policy power, public is naive and takes that armed forces are ok for granted. With Rory Stewart's open predictions about rise of prison numbers, mid-ranking ministers being surprisingly honest

-TUC and CBI, not always natural allies, call for more urgency in Brexit talks

-Rory Stewart wants end of jail sentences of less then a year, better to use community sentences. Certain figures not happy

-Truss remarks against her cabinet colleagues has drawn gasps, mentioning bidding for money is not more macho (Williamson) and Gove's plans on straws+woodburning Gove is too much red tape and a lot of hot air from Dfid, to much nanny state from health on obesity

-Government has dropped plans for five community prisons for women in England and Wales, will trial five residential centres to help offenders with issues such as finding work and drug rehabilitation.

-House price growth lowest for five years at 2%

-Bank of England under pressure over expenses. Says prepartion has been made for Brexit disruption but more needs to be done and warns EU needs to set up a temporary permission system for finical systems

-Housing and Health Committee says over 40% need to pay more and business pay a social care premium

-Greg Clark being hammered for project fear 2

-Public Accounts Committee says Brexit divorce bill will be 10 billion more then government admits

-Gauke calls Boris business comment an unwise aside

-Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies resigns after fury when he accused Airbus (a major employer in Wales) of exaggerating threat of Brexit, suspicions of a Remainer plot

-Labour trying to lower threshold of MP support for leadership candidate, you can imagine how some MP's are feeling about it while Mann is joking McDonnell is clearly trying to get Mann as Labour leader

-Treasury Committee demanding HBOS investigation papers be handed over

-UK successfully push for stronger powers for chemical weapons investigatory body

-Arms restricted to Argentina partially lifted

-Hinds says he is relying on grammar school heads honesty to get more poor pupils in

-The head of N.Ireland police says he is in the dark over Brexit

-Edinburgh doing a tourist levy


-Nick Boles wants English flag flown at Whitehall during world cup

-David Jones accuses Greg Clark of taking lead from business rather then setting vision on Brexit

-Freeman warns Tories will lose election if they are seen as loose with money and unfunded promises, if they want that then they will go for Corbyn anyway

-Blair says Brexit date may be pushed back due to state of talks and a vote, neither May (hostage) or Corbyn (refusing) showing leadership, Brexit a response to Europe wide problems, EU needs to sort out immigration issue

-Ed Daviez calls Truss speech, though done in a light-hearted way, a full front assault on others in cabinet and bringing her into limelight

-Jesse Norman and Justin Madders were good mood during DP

-BMA wants second referendum

-Former Nato head Lord Robertson says EU-UK security coorperation will be damaged by Brexit


-Kuessenberg on Tories summer tensions

-Tim Martin (sun) excited by free trade opportunities after Brexit

-Janet Street Porter says Heathrow destroys government's claims to be green

-Gary Gibbon on Brexit white paper
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:51 pm

-Intelligence Committee says intelligence services involved in hundreds of torture and rendition cases since 9/11, more could have been done to try to influence US to stop torture and distance ourselves, need tighter rules on rendition (particularly with Trump) but praises intelligence services for level of cooperation into inquiries. I suspect this won't make the headlines it should

-Varadkar disappointed at lack of Brexit progress (none at all since March seems his view) and wants details about Irish border, UK needs to relax redlines, 4 freedoms can't be compromised or EU would collapse and white paper needs to show UK understands that and no cherrypicking, Brexit white paper should have been published before referendum, UK needs to understand it is the junior partner to EU on sheer size (this will go down badly), no deal very unlikely but governments must prepare.

- A sense Andrew RT Davies was not helped by clashes with MP's and Number 10 while his invitation of Reckless has never been forgiven

-China lifts ban on British beef

-Rees-Mogg unhappy Corbyn failed to inform him of attack at PMQ's (breaching convention) and for making false accusations. Corbyn refused to apologize when asked.

-Pound at seven month low, Bank of England regional agents says business confidence in Brexit has fallen and recruitment is an issue but great for lawyers as firms seek advice, they are concerned at trade wars so checking supply chains, hopes for a world cup boost. Bank of England itself warning about cryptocurrencies

-Whitehall departments in a race to raise the St George flag

-Lowest population growth (0.6%) since 2004

-Blackford says SNP would far rather an independence referendum over EU one and fears Scotland/England voting differently again would lead to more problems

-Benn warns parliament may not have time to vote on EU deal

-SNP withdraw appointment of Gillian Martin to junior education after controversial past blogposts led other parties to warn they would formally oppose and looking at the issue

-Public Accounts and Treasury Committee says true cost of Brexit should be revealed before parliament vote

-Rutte says Irish border first, second and third priorities of Brexit deal and will make other issues easier to discuss, time running out, backstop can't be time limited, May has to come to a Brexit agreement with her cabinet and he will try to help her

-May pleased at Brexit progress, UK has managed to get flexibility from EU, talks will get faster

-EU leaders wearing a few Belgian scarfs and May given a Belgium shirt as a present. The meeting was finished early so they could all watch it

-Gove says Truss is a friend who was teasing him

-Junker wants clarity from UK

-Morduant says aid money could be used to fund humanitarian operations by military


-Nick Timothy urges May to clump down on her cabinet, stand up to Ireland and prepare for no deal, fears we are heading for the worst king of Brexit which he blames on Treasury and Clark

-Powell is Labour's which whip for Love Island voting

-Speculation Farage has dyed his hair to a more Trump colour

-IDS says big business have been wrong in forecasts and small business disagrees with likes of Airbus on Brexit, CBI can't be trusted as they backed appeasement of Nazi's (IDS wrote this in Mail and Tory government...), Harold Wilson policies and joining gold standard

-Lansmann clearly feels Labour proposed changes to it's internal democracy is not enough


-Kamal Ahmed on business anger with government

-Sean O'Grady wants national service

-Grice on Brexiteers may be allowing Corbyn Labour to be party of business

-Alex Morton on ministers should be proposing reform, not demanding more money

-James Rodgers calls for more defence spending

-Nesrine Malik worries at UKIP's latest direction
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Fri Jun 29, 2018 5:53 pm

-MP's not happy with Cummings and consider it ironic "restore Parliamentary sovereignty" then refusing summons, Cummings has been referred to the authorities.

-Lord Young agrees electoral law needs updating for digital and social media age

-Lots of concerns that finical firms had access to Brexit exit polls and using of them for finical gain

-May seemingly amused at getting Belgian shirt, says EU is risking safety of citizens by third countrying UK on security matters, very good progress has been made

-Baroness Chakrabarti calls for judge led inquiry into torture, Lord Falconer says UK took too long to work out it's red lines after 9/11 and wants inquiry into UK complicity in torture restarted, Ken Clarke wants formal inquiry into rendition, Jack Straw says he was unaware but lessons have been learnt, Sun goes with "of course torture is wrong but..."

-Brexit Committee want 5 day debate of final deal

-Joint Committee on Human Rights slams Home office handling of Windrush

-Committee on Climate Change says young is really going to suffer due to politicians dodging the need to cut emissions

-Carney summoned by Treasury Committee to discuss diversity problem

-Government delighted at the hug BAE contract to build Australian warships

-Growth revised up to 0.2% in first quarter

-Hancock says Tories are a party of business or they are nothing

-Barnier says still waiting to hear what UK wants, 4 redlines are absolute, Ireland is a major issue for Brexit that there is still a big divide on, time is very short

-European Council express formal concern at no solution yet on Ireland backstop, warns Gibraltar remains an issue, everyone needs to prepare for no deal just in case, willing to offer more if May changes redlines

-Ireland's Europe Minister Helen McEntee says they are preparing for both best and worst Brexit outcome, Vardaker says backstop can't cover whole UK, staying in single market for goods but not services is not realistic and would destroy the EU if granted

-Lithuania President Dalia Grybauskaitė says hard landing is still possible, nobody wants a no deal and whatever happens, she believes UK will be close partner on security

-Scottish Labour pushing NHS as polls dip

-Tusk says there can be no more delays on Brexit, we need detail now


-Farage says Vadaker backing Belgium shows he is EU's man

-Grieve speculates May doesn't believe in Brexit but it is her duty to carry it out

-Lord Bridges writes to cabinet with Brexit proposal

-Danny Dyer's swear at Cameron has got attention

-Peter Foster worries May's single market proposal is going to fail hard
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sat Jun 30, 2018 5:26 pm

-UK negotiating team annoyed that they told EU they couldn't do talks on Monday then Barnier did invite for talks on Monday to press

-Davies and Olly Robins meeting with Brexit Committee delayed till after white paper published

-May had brought England shirts for all the Belgian PM's family, the shirts had been meant to exchanged at an agreed time

-Juncker says he believes May will unite cabinet

-Virgin Atlantic says it will no longer allow use of planes for forceable deportation

-D'Arcy Week Ahead

-Corbyn a fan of Danny Dyer as an Eastender actor

-Jackie Doyle-Price on woman's health and prisoner health

-Baroness Buscombe on supporting armed forces personal


-Reality Check on Brexit impact on Irish trade

-John Stevens argues we need to be in the Euro

-Forsyth (sun) Chequers, Gove's anger, Queen's speech and Trump
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:55 pm

-Graham Brady demands cabinet fall in behind May which suggests the backbenchers may not be happy with May but they are far angrier with her cabinet.

-Talk May has challenged Brexiteers to oust her if they dare and she will be bullied out of office

-Backbench Brexiteers been meeting with John Bolton

-Gove ripped up customs proposal paper as it felt it downplayed his objections

-Government looking at 3 year rental contracts


-ConHome leadership poll sees the 5th month reign of Rees-Mogg/Other (usually followed by Gove) ended by Javid

-Damian Green cabinet disloyalty

-IDS says cabinet should stop fighting in public, business should be lecturing EU to get them to agree trade deal rather then attacking May


-Jayne McCormack on Foster's attempts to reach out, Andrew McQuillan not impressed

-Rawnsley on chaotic Tories getting away with it
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Mon Jul 02, 2018 5:47 pm

-Oliver Robins has told cabinet there will not be a bespoke trade deal with EU

-Rees-Mogg warns there will be a Tory revolt that may bring down May if not given Brexit that was promised and cites Robert Peel (which has been considered an odd choice), some MP's on the Remain/soft Brexit wings not happy with him for this and there is a sense that Rees-Mogg overplayed his hand there. Boris however gave Rees-Mogg a gentle backing, going against two of his junoirs that have rebuked the MP, and sending a signal to everyone

-National Audit Office says NHS needs even more money then promised due to ageing population

-US Defence Secretary Jeremy Mattis letter leaks warning UK military power is eroding and they need to spend more, May says she is committed to keeping us the leading military power in Europe

-Rumours May's team has found a third customs proposal, David Davies apparently still not been told anything about it

-Simon Stevens says NHS is preparing for no deal and hospitals reaching out to EU staff

-Brokenshire believes no deal can be avoided and expects agreement at Chequers, will set up special housing court to handle leasehold disputes

-Greg Clark open to extending transition if business needs it till customs systems are in place

-Corbyn says health inequality in UK is shocking and needs addressing then wrote about it, also said jailing people for small amount of cannabis helps nobody, would force general election if no deal or bad Brexit deal, May has mishandled Brexit every step of way, cabinet infighting debilitating the country.

-Committee on Standards in Public Life wants MP's to be more transparent about second jobs at election time, MP's may be annoyed and it is unfair but public expectation demands it

-Parliamentary Health and Wellbeing Service saying most MP's seeking mental health help say social media is part of their problem

-Sir Duncan says government looking at judge led inquiry over rendition cases, took too long for intelligence services to realize there was a problem

-Some surprise at lack of MP's for May's EU summit statement

-May says she is committed to no hard border and further proposals are coming, talks are on schedule, rules out some form of EEA or break up of union


-Evening Standard losing a lot of money in Osborne's first year

-Gislea Stuart thinks Leavers will accept longer transition period if good reason for it but some proposing it have ill motive, Barnier as a Gaulist is less upset at Brexit then people think

-Berger on why she wasn't at NHS rally and pointing she did other NHS things instead. She is still getting attacked becuase wanting family time and actually helping NHS is far less important then attending one rally apparently

-McCluskey says Unite has a 35 million strike fund, Labour needs to pay attention to concerns of working class outside London, Corbyn critics in Labour should put a sock in it, Coyne challenge was part of a shadowy conspiracy

-Obama's former speech writer Ben Roads claiming back of queue was urged by the British

-World Transformed returning


-Hardman bemoans May dithering on social care

-James Moore poverty in UK

-Keith Mills is unhappy with how NHS pay is structured

-Simon Jenkins backs Norway Brexit

-Tom McTague and Colin Cooper on hope for UK Brexit negotiators

-Peter Foster on customs third way
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:36 pm

-May with a good putdown of Cable over cabinet responsibility, rejects idea of people a side between Remainers and Brexiters by saying her side is the British people and she will do a deal for them

-Hinds promises EU students starting autumn 2019 they will be treated same as domestic students

-Government rejects calls for new law on pet theft

-Claims that 20-40 Tory MP's preparing leadership bid

-More than two-thirds of LGBT people in the UK avoid holding hands in public due to fears about negative reaction and 40% have experienced a hate crime, government have set up a 75 point plan

-Gove been asking MP's about axing Hs2 and spending money on rail in midlands and north

-Robert Peston with some details about third way Brexit

-Expected eight year fuel duty freeze will end to help fund NHS

-Treasury Committee want FCA Brexit assessment

-LGA says local council face 8 billion funding shortfall by 2023

-McDonnell when Hammond says the shadow chancellor wishes to undermine capitalism "The chancellor does not have to worry about others undermining capitalism. They are doing a pretty good job themselves."

-Hammond says he will tell cabinet how much each Brexit option costs, it is urgent a decision be made on Friday and will publish Brexit econimic impact

-EU Parliament still has concerns about EU migrant status

-Truss says we will cover Scotland's policing costs for any Trump visit

-Media puzzled by trade department officials and ministers responding to every European Scrutiny Committee question with variation of "don't know", "ask Brexit department", "not our issue". They do say they are reasonably confident of carrying over the 40 trade deals EU has

-Jared O'Mara reinstated to Labour party with a warning


-Lord Hague says Tories should not threaten May and leadership challenge threatens Brexit

-McCluskey says if Unite members want second referendum, he will fight for one and that Corbyn is open to having one if political climate changes (Labour deny this), Brexit turning into nightmare. Unite formerly declare it is highly unlikely Labour can back Brexit deal and open to second referendum

-Kit Malthouse tripped by McVey

-Rees-Mogg has joined Snapchat and speaking to PR firms, says those arguing for soft Brexit go against May's speeches so are disloyal whereas he is being supportive, he is as likely to be next pope as he is PM as since Baldwin each leader has come from great offices of state if Tories are in power with Javid and Gove figures he thinks would be excellent

-Paterson says time to prepare for no deal Brexit, make an offer to EU of reprocial tarrif free trade and if rejected then go to WTO rules

-Mercer says we don't want a change of PM, says Williamson's way of seeking funds is just embarrassing and takes a few shots "This serious debate needs to be had by serious people making serious contributions to a serious matter" and "“The Military prides itself on its values most particularly of loyalty, discipline and selfless endeavor. This must be reflected at all times in the civilian control of the Military”"


-Kuessenberg on Brexit third way muddle, Hugh Bennett suspects Remainer plot for a soft Brexit

-Hinsliff on fuel duty
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Re: UK Politics

Unread postby Dong Zhou » Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:16 pm

PMQ's May mistakenly says we are leaving UK. Corbyn goes on rail fares higher then inflation, services being cut... May's failure on buses was a nice twist. May puts it on local authorities and ignores the question then seizes on Corbyn's mentioning need for real NHS funding by pointing out Labour manifesto says 2.5% would make NHS envy of the world but May is offering more, Corbyn says he asked about buses which is a really weak response to NHS shot. Corbyn on passengers numbers falling particularly disabled, commitment to bus pass not much use if there is no bus, is it fair for bus-prices about 13% more then inflation since 2010. May points out he made assertion about NHS funding and she challenged it, bus pass is important but numbers are down and Corbyn should ask local authorities. Corbyn goes for three times faster then people's wages, impact of bus routes cuts, does May believe they are a public responsibility or should be left to market? May says he should look at what Khan is doing (without saying why), says they are helping poor by things like living wage and out of tax, Corbyn says Khan has carried out promise to freeze bus fares and Grayling sets the travel-card fare, cuts to buses undermining northern powerhouse, has deregulation help or hinder? May says numbers have gone down under Khan whereas Tory mayor Andy Street has extended free bus fairs to students and apprentices. Corbyn says Labour would save the buses and give free to U26's, private bus monopolies making a very big profit while public suffers, metro mayor powers should be given to local authorities, May says local authorities have authority and northern/midlands getting lots of powers and transport spending. Corbyn says government shy of giving powers to local government and just wants to cut their resources, talks of bus being in crises leading to damager to economy, environment and people so May needs to recognise how important it is, protect bus budgets and improve powers. May says Tories have done more for devolution then Labour ever did while Labour in north-east have rejected devolution deal and building for the future.

Neither side engaged with each other. Corbyn is known to see bus as a passion project, he tried to build into wider case about public vs profit and transport, felt he didn't quite on the second part down and performance lacked punch but he built a decent case on buses which will matter more to people then it does to Westminster (who wanted Brexit, NHS or McVey based questions, the latter might have been made it wise to move bus for another day). May's (paraphrase) "not in my power" didn't feel a sufficient answer, her shot at Khan was weak though she had some decent shots at Corbyn. Blackford says Vote Leave should be accountable, May says she won't comment on leaked report she hasn't seen but will consider the full report when released, Blackford says the principle of not allowing democracy to be brought and asks about donations to certain MP's from Scottish Unionist Trust while no information on who owns them or what assets it's hold but accusations it of illegal links so what checks from Scottish Tories? May says Scottish Tories obey the electoral laws


-Corbyn says Labour has become the voice of the working class and will give a voice back to communities that have been ignored, that the political class had tried to pretend class issues had ended, wants bank holidday if England wins world cup

-Hancock fears Fortnight is damaging lives of children (Vaizey suspects that is a lazy assumption) and backs parkour

-Tory MP's calling for GTR to lose franchise as well as opposition MP's

-Morduant warns trans people are facing the attitudes and discrimination gay men got in 80's, she is first to use sign language from dispatch box

-Hammond says he will invite shadow whips office for champagne when he gets the money from offshore tax

-Williamson interrupted by Siri at dispatch box, he joked rare to be heckled by own phone

-Vote Leave, expected to be found guilty of 4 count of electoral law, is claiming Electoral Commotion hasn't followed due process and not allowed them to defend themselves and will take legal action unless Electoral Commission withdraw

-Government to publish post-Brexit fishing plans but Scottish government says it hasn't been properly consulted

-Zahwai asks local councils not to take hasty decisions on nursery funding while government sorting out funding, Halfon says there will be real trouble if Treasury doesn't stump up cash

-Gay conversion therapy to be banned

-Brexit press concerned May is pursuing very soft Brexit while suspects Swiss would reject a Swiss deal mark 2

-I swear I keep hearing/seeing "those calling for American style health system to replace NHS" far far more then I'm seeing anyone actually want that.

-Rees-Mogg says regulatory alignment and single market on goods means we have little to offer on trade deals and is not Brexit, won't reveal what he said in private to chief whip which he admits is rare nowadays, tariff alignment is worst idea possible and would make us vassal state+tearing up manifesto (Julian Smith apparently argued it was within manifesto), collective responsibility needs to be upheld, third ways was muddled under Blair and is now.

-Tracey Crouch on loneliness

-Gove doubts we will see cabinet resignations over Brexit deal, hints Electoral Commission will be challenged in court

-Rumours Rees-Mogg's group meeting with Chief Whip Julian Smith was very... angry

-Bradley promises much more certainty when Brexit paper is published and promises she will help N.Ireland's head of police get in contact with appropriate figures about Brexit

-McVey apologises to Parliament when NAO accuses of her of avoiding meeting, misleading claims and wrong about their own concerns on three statements. The level of criticism from NAO is unusual and bascially accuses McVey of a sackable offence but looks like May will avoid that

-Brexiteers in PMQ's clearly trying to get reassurance from May

-Number 10 may not have thought through the idea of May being too nervous to watch penalties

-Convey meets cabinet members over Brexit, Convey warns things need to be wrapped up by October


-Lord Hague says Hard Brexiteers don't have the numbers in Commons, they push too hard and they may allow Commons to vote to stay in customs union

-Andrew Percy says leaving twitter is best thing he ever did

-Baroness Warsi calls for Tory inquiry into Islamophobia

-Preet Kaur Gill Birmingham mental health

-Does feel the mood among MP's and journalists on DP has got more pleasant in recent weeks

-Andrew Neill says government briefing no deal is no longer an option

-Paterson says third way sounds like repackage of unacceptable customs partnership

-Andrea Jenkyns makes clear May will be ousted if soft Brexit comes out of Friday and says Brexiteer cabinet members will be remembered at next leadership contest if they show leadership this week


-Professor Curtice on what kind of Brexit people want

-John Pienaar Brexit third way

-Sonia Sodha NHS and social care reform

-Jolyon Maugham QC on Vote Leave allegations
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