ROTK Mod Creation (Help Needed)

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ROTK Mod Creation (Help Needed)

Unread postby EchoedDream » Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:35 am

Hello everyone, I first thank you for reading this. My name is David, and I have recently been getting back into ROTK 11, after playing a good few hours of it, making officers, using the wonderful guides here to import custom portraits. I got an idea. I want to create a full blown mod for ROTK 11, one that adds new improvements, abilities, the ability to create more officers, rename cities and even have more then 8 custom forces at one time. I understand most of that is in the PUK (Which I unfortunately do not have, however I have seen it from my brother) From what I saw, there are is a ton of content, but there seems to lack some rather useful things. I believe and please someone correct me if I am wrong, that you are limited to less characters in names, about 4 If I remember. Which I understand in Chinese and Japanese is plenty of letters. However, being a fluent English speaker, and small-time writer, this is not really enough to work with.

Now, I have created custom blank scenarios for the game, via Hex-Editing, back in early 2016, after stop playing I have lost the knowledge to do so, and from what it looks like, most information is stored within the scenarios. I saw options to rename Crossbows, Pikes, Spears, even swords. I was never able to get cities renamed. (I tried to rename Jiang Ye to a city name I use in other strategies)

Considering the people of these forums have done some seriously amazing things, could I ask for any advice or knowledge about the coding of the game?
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Re: ROTK Mod Creation (Help Needed)

Unread postby Death » Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:38 pm

It's always nice to see people that still play XI, but not trying to be rude to the others on here, but this forum seems completely dead when it comes to games, especially XI. I still play it, but others either moved on to other games, or have no interest or time in actually editing things, or just don't post or want to help, or maybe don't have time to do so, since these things can take a large amount of time. However, I would be willing to help you a bit if you need it. I joined rather late to the party, but I'm probably the only one that still edits this or is willing to do so, but it would be nice if others could help as well. :mrgreen:
First to some of your questions:
-You can rename cities in the Scenario.s11 file, I renamed Wan to Wancheng for instance, however there's some numbers in there that I have no idea what they do, so you need to test this out for yourself to make sure this doesn't mess up other things.
-If you want more than 8 custom forces, you can just edit out old ones, it doesn't seem like there's a way to actually create or play as more than 8 at a time.
-I no longer have the Puk version of the game, but you can edit the names to be longer, but I'm not sure if you can get them as long as the English name, they may have less spaces overall, but there was a way to edit the surname/forename or something so that they could have longer names that actually fit. I don't have the files anymore to test this, but would probably remember if I saw it, I just can't remember the trick of editing puk names off the top of my head, other than messing around and seeing what works.
-With some editing you could get up to like 1100 officers in a single scenario, with 670 regular officers, 30 Historical slots, 150 created officers, 50 bonus slots, 100 npc slots, and 100 empty spots only in the save file that are used for bandits and such, but can put officers in there if you know how to edit, its just some of them like those empty spots and npc slots don't work exactly like the regular spots. I too would love to find a way to add even more officers into the game than this.
-The scenario files are mostly this: Officer data and stats, force codes with leaders and strategists and relations to other forces, city data like troops, food, gold, weapons and couple others. Also item data, and dynasty names. There's a little bit more, but that's mostly it. In the scenario.s11 file are the city names, rank names and stuff like that, as well as some tactic and skill data, but most of the stuff you want to edit is in the actual exe file, which most people haven't even touched or know how to edit. So if you are able to find some way to make sense of that, or find which values to change or edit, or even find a way to be able to actually read or tell where things lead to, that would make things way easier to make the mod, I just don't know how to actually do this since I never messed with it really, other than to take a quick look what's in there.
-There may actually be mods and things of this game, I've seen some textures and model mods as well as a couple of map mods, but the forum and all the posts are in Chinese/Japanese and most likely only work for those versions of the game, not English, but that does mean it is possible to make these things in English if you are determined enough.
But like I said, maybe I can help or answer any other questions as well, since a mod would be nice to add some new things to the game.
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