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Unread postby Havie » Mon Jan 30, 2017 3:47 am

Hey, I know this is probably quite the big shot in the dark because alot of these types threads have a ton of views, and little replies,
but it appears everyone here shares the same passion and some have great talent.
I am looking to start modding again and I was wondering if anyone with strong programming knowledge would be interested in trying to make a mod where you're playing ROTK ( probably 13) and when prompted if you want to fight the battle or not, it will allow you to load in and fight the actual battle dynasty warriors style.

The reason for this mod is because the DW empires games are just not cutting it lately, obviously we all know how much better the tactical side of ROTK is, but then on the flipside the battle mode just seems so un-engaging compared to other titles like shogun 2 . Ontop of that the DW series is getting way to close to 1v1,000,000 instead of 1 v 1,000 and I was thinking we could use the battle system and AI from DW3 or 4.

Let me know if anyone is interested. There is a potential to be paid for your work too.
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