Should Marijuana be Legal in the United States?

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Should Marijuana be Legal in the United States

Yes, completely legal to everyone
Yes but with restrictions
No, not at all
None of the above
Total votes : 96

Re: Should Marijuana be Legal in the United States?

Unread postby James » Thu Jan 29, 2015 11:49 pm

Sun Fin wrote:I guess my opinion is that drugs should be illegal but the emphasis should be on rehab for those people who are addicted not punishment and instead it should be the dealers and smugglers who should face heavy prison time.

Part of the problem with the 'War on Drugs' is in addressing what a 'dealer' is. There's a big difference between some dude in Oakland growing marijuana to share with his friends—or that same dude selling the marijuana to friends—and the people arranging for thousands/tens-of-thousands/millions in product to cross borders.

We've been putting away some of those little guys—and our prison populations are swelling.
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Re: Should Marijuana be Legal in the United States?

Unread postby Iain » Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:23 pm

Its supposed to go legal up here in Canada next year, Prime Minister Trudeau made it an Election promise (probably to gain extra votes lol) I'm not looking forward to this as I already get that tell tail whiff through my bedroom window from my upstairs neighbors late night and the thought of the air being further filled with this once its legal annoys me.
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Re: Should Marijuana be Legal in the United States?

Unread postby laojim » Fri May 19, 2017 6:22 am

As someone has surely pointed out above it is already legal in a patchwork of states and districts. In Arizona you can buy all you want with a doctor's recommendation. I get some for arthritis, fibromyalgia and some other complaints. This is legal by state law although illegal by federal law. It appears that what is going to happen is that the number of states and jurisdictions where the pot has been legalized in one way or another will continue to grow until it becomes obvious that it is the will of the people and some form of federal legalization will be forthcoming. Marijuana is in no sense addictive or harmful. It was only made illegal in order to stop Mexicans from coming into the states, or so the tale goes. It was believed that Mexicans wouldn't come here if they couldn't get their marijuana. Well, surprise! That has utterly failed.
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Re: Should Marijuana be Legal in the United States?

Unread postby l3wis 1337 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:34 am

I can't believe the 'no' vote is winning here???

People clearly don't know their stuff when it comes to Cannabis, it should be legal everywhere, it's a victimless, natural drug that is virtually impossible to overdose on.

Legalising it would create industry and therefore create lots of jobs, yeah you'd see a few more people with red puffy eyes walking about... I have lost friends and family members to alcohol, yet not a soul to cannabis.


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Re: Should Marijuana be Legal in the United States?

Unread postby ky9ersfan » Sat Jan 11, 2020 9:36 pm

I think focusing on marijuana crimes is a giant waste of money & resources.

First, we have small time criminals going to jail on petty marijuana crimes, and leaving prison as hardened master criminals, with prison education in the area of criminology 101. We really should rethink these policies, and I agree with the states that are making it legal, but with restrictions to sell it to underage people.

Secondly, it is a giant waste of money to imprison record numbers of low level dealers, who are otherwise not a threat to society. We are wasting insane amounts of money, and are running out of space in prisons, with all these petty criminals. And another point I was thinking about, is that if we make it legal, we can sell it in legitimate buisnesses, and create new tax revenues, and take away large amounts of money from street gangs & mexican cartels. AND by doing so we can create new tax revenues, and "Uncle Sam" can get his cut, and those substantial amounts of funds can help with stuff like our crumbling infrastructure, programs to help the less fortunate, help fund police, etc..

Pretty much the only bad thing I can think about, is that all that extra smoking will increase cancer related illnesses. I know for a fact that people who smoke every day are at an increased risk to get cancer, because my cousins dad got throat cancer and died, after smoking marijuana everyday. And also my aunt got lung cancer from smoking marijuana every day, and it spread to he liver, and she slowly shrivelled up and died recently. So smoking marijuana regularly, would definitely come with a buyer beware risk, but that risk is on the consumer (just like vaping).
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Re: Should Marijuana be Legal in the United States?

Unread postby Kongde » Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:37 am

I think this whole idea that people can't have something just because it's bad for them is wrong. If people want to have something that isn't necessarily all good for them, why should we completely ban it? As long as they are educated about what it's going to do to them so they can make an informed decision, then it should be their choice. If we are going to safe-proof everything, then we should ban fast food, alcohol, cigarettes, anything unhealthy at all, and whatever else could be harmful to health. I think it's kind of odd to be picking and choosing on it. I may not agree with the usage of other things, but is it a crime worthy of prison to simply ingest something or possess something that harms nobody but themselves, at worst? At worst, rehab, but prison? We should not treat drug users as criminals, because they are not criminals, how can you commit a crime when nobody has been hurt, and property has not been violated in any way? It is a victimless "crime," where nobody is being affected but the person choosing to do it. Arguably, by keeping it illegal, you are enabling the true crime to thrive - profits go to mobs, gangs, and even terrorists (who are funded through drugs quite often). Clearly, the fact it has been illegal has not stopped anyone from obtaining it, only changed the fact that now the money is going towards bad organized crime instead of the government who could use the money to educate and rehabilitate instead. You would ironically lower crime by legalizing drugs. Furthermore, it being legal would not suddenly cause a spike in usage of drugs. The people who want to do these drugs are already doing them, and the legality of it would not change that. There are people who do not smoke cigarettes, do not ingest alcohol, and in places where it is legal, do not smoke weed. When people are aware of the risks, they simply do not do them.

This position may be radical to some, but I think we've tried this whole drug war thing for the past 80 years or so, and look where we are. Clearly, it's not working at all, and in fact, we are worse off now than ever before with an opioid epidemic. All we are doing is wasting our resources, imprisoning large amounts of people for victimless crimes, ruining many lives even further, funding terrorists/gangs/mobs/crime organizations, and overall seems to worsen drug use than prevent it. You do not have to agree with drug usage to make it legal. I do not agree with many things, but I do not think disagreeing with something is grounds for making it illegal, nor is simply being unhealthy/bad for you (or else we should ban everything else unhealthy/bad for you).
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