ROTK XI custom scenario "Liu Bei fights in Chibi (V2)"

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ROTK XI custom scenario "Liu Bei fights in Chibi (V2)"

Unread postby foosoomin » Wed May 01, 2013 2:53 pm

Custom scenario: Liu Bei fights in Chibi - V2
( Original file made by others )

Scenario topic

In the middle of Chibi battle, Zhou Yu is still wary of Zhuge Liang, so he sent Xu Sheng to arrest Zhuge Liang.
With the historical facts, Liu Bei sent Zhao Yun to fight against Yu Jin, Zhuge Liang was caught by Xu Sheng & he became helpless.
While he was about to send carrier pigeon to inform Liu Bei, Xu Sheng stabbed him from behind with a knife & died.
Kong Ming was only 30 years old then, he has not seen Chibi victory, yet it was his Starfall at Chibi war!

Download scenario file

Additional info

A) Cao Cao & Liu Bei are @ Hostile now, no longer in alliance.

B) Sun Quan & Ma Chao are @ Neutral now, no longer in alliance

C) All forces are now Hostile with rebel forces

D) Some bonus officers originally from PS2 Japanese PUK game in available in this scenario

E) Officers stats changes

Jia Xu, skill changed to "Intensify"

Jiang Wei, skill changed to "Agile Mind'

Chen Qing, WAR is now 70

F) Original Non-playable characters has been converted to playable. They are searchable in some cities

G) Rebel officers are playable too

Wuwan Chief ( searchable @ Ji city )

Wuwan Officer ( searchable @ Ji city )

Qiang Chief ( searchable @ Wu Wei city )

Qiang Officer ( searchable @ Wu Wei city )

Shanyue Chief ( searchable @ Wu city )

Shanyue Officer ( searchable @ Wu city )

Nanman Chief ( searchable @ Yun Nan city )

Nanman Officer ( searchable @ Yun Nan city )

Scenario Map


Force selection screen



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