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Flash/online games

Unread postby Erdrick » Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:59 am

Short version, what are some of the games you've come across, that you can play online, that you'd recommend?

Generally, the "rules" are

1) available online
2) in browser
3) MMOs or other persistant worlds are discouraged- unless they are just pick up and go, not "if you leave, you'll be forever behind" or "rapaged incessantly"

Places like Kongregate or Armor Games have plenty of them- but its more for the specific games, (and it they are on the big sites, cools...)

So, what games are you wanting to share?
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Re: Flash/online games

Unread postby Lady Wu » Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:25 am

What kinds of games are you interested in specifically? I find JayIsGames a good source for reviews and such about browser games.

I tend to play tower defense-type games more than others. I spent way too much time on Bloons TD 5, but I'm also a fan of Kingdom Rush.

In terms of interactive fiction, I enjoyed Violet a lot, especially when I was a grad student, and I also enjoyed various Choice Of games such as Choice of Zombies.(Speaking of zombies, the simulation/strategy games Rebuild and Infectonator 2 are both highly recommendable)

As for launch games, the Learn To Fly series and the Burrito Bison series are both fantastic--lots of humour and creativity (a penguin swearing bloody vengeance on an iceberg that thwarted his efforts in learning to fly? A bison escaping from the clutches of evil gummy bears?).

I'm too old for platformers, but I do like Karoshi: Suicide Salaryman (if it's not obvious from the title, the goal of the game is to kill yourself. (Honourable mention: Pursuit of Hat is the cutest, most adorable game ever where you have to rip your own limbs off to solve various puzzles so you can get your hat back.) The Hanna in a Choppa series is up there at the top of my action games list.

One game I played recently that I surprisingly liked is Starwish, a RPG/horizontal-scrolling shooter/dating sim hybrid. Yes, there's a lot of story text and reading, but the story is great.
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