ROTK XI: Pocket Manual v2 (help?)

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ROTK XI: Pocket Manual v2 (help?)

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If anybody disagrees or have something to add, please, share!

It's as follows:
This is a pocket manual intended to help beginners. It's the sum of information found on internet and some personal thoughts.
I won't encourage vanity to rise from such lesser discoveries, so no credits were given.

1. Basics
Your goal as ruler, is to conquer all of China (by sword).

1.1. Stats
From 1-100, but only those above 65 are useful, in battle only those above 75 are useful (each 5 points above 75 make a considerable difference when measuring forces).
LEA - Higher defense in battle. Domestic: Inspect.
WAR - Higher attack in battle, stronger in Duels. Domestic: Drill.
INT - Prevent/execute strategies on battle. Domestic: Produce, Prevent/execute Plots.
POL - Faster building on battlefield. Domestic: Build, Search, Merchant, Diplomacy.
CHA - Domestic: Recruit and Employ.

1.2 Resources and Income

1.2.1. Resources
You must for each city: Increase revenue (gold/food), produce (troop/equip) and keep Order/Will high (above 90).
Gold: The most basic, used to pay officers, produce and build. Must build Markets, Mint maybe. Note: first thing to do in a city.
Food: Second basic, used to feed Troops (important to March). Must build Farms, Granary maybe.
Weapons: Needed to fight, cost gold. Must build one Smith, maybe a Stable.
SiegeW: Needed to take down cities. Must build one Workshop. Note: you can take a city without them (much harder, use Fire and Incinerate), after you expand a bit you won't need to build them anymore.
Ships: Not needed, stronger units overseas. Maybe build one Shipyard.
Troops: Needed to fight, consume food. Must build one Barrack.
Officers: Needed to fight and take actions. Must Search, Employ, make Prisioners (these cost too). Cost gold (Remunerate).
AP (ActionPoints): Spend to take actions in your turn, can be carried on to next turn and acumulated up to 255. You get ~50AP/turn for your first city and ~20AP/turn more for each city beyond. You get nothing beyond your 6th city (max of ~150AP/turn). That's why above 6th city you should start making Districts (not directly under your control, they follow the same rule of AP gain).
Will: Spend on Tactics/Strategies. Must Drill.
Order: Affect revenue and prevent bandits. Must Inspect.
TP (TechPoints): Won for everything you do (specially via battles), give different advantages. Build Pheasant Tower (near the end of the game put your ruler in Ye to get one).
# Hints:
- Merchant (exchange gold/food) and Transport (good logistic between cities) is of imense help. Note the Districs AI acumulate too much before sending resources, you might want to order transports earlier
- Remunerate officers thru Districts (spend their AP/gold not yours on the front lines — PS2 only). Note: 90 loyalty is low, keep above 95.
- Cities left behind (not enemy border), can be mantained by 2~3 weaklings with 60+ LEA. Leaving good officers behind is stupidity (AI sucks), leave 1 or 2 more to transport if too many ports/gates present.
- Carry officers with 65+ POL with you even if they are "not necessary", so you can build up a new city from the ground faster. Later if your really don't need'em, leave some behind (1~2 per city).
- If you begin in a small force, instead of building SiegeW (offensive), prepare for defense (Towers, Camps, Drums, Traps, can all be of more use).
- For easy extra TP: build and hex with walls (put 7 walls connected), then shot it down with Shower (S rank crossbow) or Thunder (last stone tech for Catapults). Note: Walls like traps have no owner.

1.2.2. Facilites
You can use up to 3 officers to create a facility. The related stat for developing is Pol.
- Market (200 gold/building) - Increases your gold income.
- Farm (200 gold/building) - Increases your harvest income.
- Barrack (300 gold/building) - Allows you to draft troops. Can only draft once a turn per barrack. Note: draft related stat is CHA.
- Smith (300 gold/building) - Allows you to produce spears, pikes, and crossbows. Can only outfit once a turn per smith. Note: produce related stat is INT.
- Stable (300 gold/building) - Allows you to breed horses. Can only breed once a turn per stable. Note: breed related stat is INT.
- Workshop (300 gold/building) - Allows you to build rams/juggernauts and towers/catapults. Can only build once a turn per workshop. Note: build related stat is INT.
- Shipyard (300 gold/building) - Allows you to build ships/warships. Can only build once a turn per shipyard. Note: build related stat is INT.
- Mint (400 gold/building) - Boardering markets are 1.5x productive. Mints do NOT stack.
- Granary (400 gold/building) - Boardering farms are 1.5x productive. Granaries do NOT stack.
- Pheasant Tower (1500 gold/building) - Helps you gain more TP per turn. Only one can be built per game. (Acquired through event - put your Sovereign in Ye near the end).

1.2.3. Income
Your city income is proportional to the city's Order, so if the city have 83 order you get 83% the income a city would generate. Also difficulty impact on income (production and consumption).
§ Example of Order = 80:
- City's base gold income = 600 (Xu Chang)
- City's base food income = 5000 (Xu Chang)
- Market (level 1) = extra 100 income
- Market (level 2) = extra 120 income
- Market (level 3) = extra 150 income
- Black Market = extra 80 income
- Farm (level 1) = extra 1500 income
- Farm (level 2) = extra 1800 income
- Farm (level 3) = extra 2250 income
§ Example of Order = 100:
- City's base gold income = 750 (Xu Chang)
- City's base food income = 6250 (Xu Chang)
- Market (level 1) = extra 125 income
- Market (level 2) = extra 150 income
- Market (level 3) = extra 187 income (0.5 rounds down)
- Black Market = extra 100 income
- Farm (level 1) = extra 1875 income
- Farm (level 2) = extra 2250 income
- Farm (level 3) = extra 2812 income (0.5 rounds down)

1.3 PUK Extras

1.3.1 Buildings Upgrade:
Any pair of markets, farms, barracks, blacksmiths or stables can be merged.
level 1 - 1.0 x income
level 2 - 1.2 x income
level 3 - 1.5 x income
Note: Farm Lv3 can't be destroyed by Locusts.

1.3.2 New Buildings:
Only one of each can be built per city (except by the late market)
First row:
BlckMarket (50 gold/building) - 80% of a normal market income, can't be chained (no 1.5x near Mint) and is destroyed at every January (you won't lose TP on the occasion nor if you manually raze it, but you won't get TP when building it either).
BigMarket (400 gold/building) - 3x normal market income, can't be chained. Only available in large cities.
FishMarket (400 gold/building) - 2x normal market income, can't be chained. Only cities with a port may build these.
Academy (200 gold/building) - Will increases by a greater amount when drilling troops (I've seen an increase of 29), also shortens ship construction time (to 10 days if you have smart officers).
Shrine (200 gold/building) - Adds 5 AP per turn for the city's district (you may not exceed 255 though), also all captured generals in that city have their loyalty decrease faster.
Second row:
Logistic (400 gold/building) - Increases food income by comparing troop to farm field ration (30,000 troops : 2 farms), can't be chained (with a Granary).
Treasury (400 gold/building) - Halves AP required by military actions (eg: drilling only takes 10 points), also decreases the cost of Military structures by 20% within that city area (like Towers).
Agency (200 gold/building) - Halves the AP needed by "search" and "employ" commands. Decreases the time needed for researches to complete.
Embassy (200 gold/building) - Halves the AP needed by "foreign" commands. Halves the gold needed when sending gift to other rulers (from 1000 gold to 500 gold).
Defense (200 gold/building) - Halves the AP needed by "plot" commands. Increases the sucess chance of "rumor".

Black Market: An Investment Case

In an deal situation (no shortages and guaranteed building protection), then a bigger investment for bigger permanent income (maybe Markets Lv 2~3 chained by a Mint) would be better (it'd take longer for the return of investment, but you'd have a substantial income increase for a long time). So the ideal would be investing heavily on the beginning of the game, decreasing to low expenses near the end (when you won't have time for the return of investment to happen).

In the real situation of war, facing shortages and rushing for new cities and possibly having some buildings destroyed, Black Market sounds a lot better. I mean, if you take a city early on, you'll get a lot more income early on (the city itself is an investment generating income and AP) and building some Black Markets to get it running, assuring your position or rushing for the next city, is a good idea.

In short:
- Peacetimes and a long way ahead: high slow domestic investments for higher domestic income, war initiatives slowed down (your rush is to have more than the enemy and be ready when war breaks out, so can't exaggerate on Lv3 markets for example).
- Wartimes: low fast domestic investments for lower domestic income, high war investment for higher income from new captured cities (trade cities quality for quantity, but in a winning bigger overall income, at least is what strives for — again, your goal is to get more than the opponents as fast as possible).
- Near the end: low fast investments, you're on the upper hand already and may lack the time to see the return of your investment.

Note: Black Markets are great temporary investment and maybe particularly useful for Forces lacking politicians (like Nanman).
Logistic (軍屯農)

Although I like translating as "Logistic", the 軍屯農 (Tuntian) was a strategy of putting soldiers to work as farmers when idle.

- 15,000 or less troops = 1x Farm Lv1 income
- 15,000 or more troops = (troops / 15000)x Farm Lv1 income
- Not affected by Granary, but is affected by difficulty and city order (use Farm Lv1 income in the formula above pondering difficulty and order)

More soldiers mean a higher income from Logistic, but also higher food consumption.

Farm Lv1: how much revenue it can provide?
- In easy difficulty, a Farm Lv1 means +1875 food/season which is equivalent to 1 soldier that produce 0.125 food/season (15000 = 1875)
- In advanced difficulty, a Farm Lv1 means +1500 food/season which is equivalent to 1 soldier that produce 0.100 food/season (15000 = 1500)
- In extreme difficulty, a Farm Lv1 means +1125 food/season which is equivalent to 1 soldier that produce 0.075 food/season (15000 = 1125)

The city soldiers consumption of food is as follows:
- In easy difficulty 1 soldier consumption is of 0.225 food/season
- In advanced difficulty 1 soldier consumption is of 0.125 food/season
- In extreme difficulty 1 soldier consumption is of 0.200 food/season

The point: Logistic don't produce food, but reduces troop consumption which in turn increases income.
- Easy: 0.100 consumption of food/season
- Advanced: 0.025 consumption of food/season
- Extreme: 0.125 consumption of food/season

When to build:
- If you have many troops and are already consuming more than your income, then recruiting more troops will only make things worse (you'll consume even more).
- If you have little troop amount then Logistic is not a good choice, 400 gold for a building similar to a Farm Lv 1.
- So the idea is to stock more food on front line cities in which your staying for long. And you should still build enough farms to keep production above troops consumption.
- What about rear cities? Of course with few officers Logistics will be of little use in rear cities, but as you expand your force you have more and more troops on frontline cities which have routes to conquer, having these troops consume much less through these routes, compensates the loss in production on rear cities as it's immediate (as rear cities get behind they get less likely to be of use) and can be equivalent to several farms (compensating for 2~3 rear cities and building alternatives). Of course all this considering that you have food production high enough and troops enough (when you reach the point where it compensates you should start building Logistics in cities on your route of conquer).
- Note also that some cities are too small for large forces passing by, and Logistics can make your staying easier while food comes from somewhere else (I'm thinking on places like Xiao Pei).

1.3.3 Tech for internal affairs:
- 1st: is to increase transport unit's movement
- 2nd: is to increase the maximum amount of gold/food/troops you can store in ports and mountain gates
- 3rd: is to make city Order harder to decrease
- 4th: is to make your generals loyalty harder to decrease.

1.3.4 R&D (in sovereign menu)
Is a new system that lets you:
- increase officers stats,
- give those without a skill, new skills,
- increase officers APT (like calvary B to A).
It takes a lot of time to make a new skill available, so start as soon as possible.

2. Battle

2.1. Unit Types
Swords: Basic equipment. The weakest, and comes with no tactics. This is only something you should use in desperation (Strategis still work fine).
Spear: Balanced attack and defense. Strong vs. Cavalry, weak vs. Pike. Note: can confuse with Rush.
Pike: Weaker attack, stronger defense. Strong vs. Spear, Weak vs. Cavalry. Note: Can attack multiple opponents.
Crossbows: Weaker attack and defense, but has a range of two squares. Note: Can attack multiple opponents and take down cities with Incinerate.
Horses: Stronger attack, weaker defense. Strong vs. Pike, weak vs. Spear. Note: versatile and fast, but not very good without Stampede (to allow confusing) or White Riders (stronger bow attack).
Rams/Juggernauts: Attack does great damage to the HP of a city. Rams cannot attack units. Juggernauts sets things on fire as well as doing good damage.
Towers/Catapults: Attack does great damage to the troops in a city. Can also attack units. Towers sets things on fire, but catapults do greater damage (HP included).
Boats: The default boat you come with. Default for sea battles.
Ships: This is a stronger version of the boat.
Warships: This is gained once you study "Develop Catapults" in techniques. This is the strongest boat. Note: you can catapult some cities with them.
# Hints:
- Spear can't use tactics on sand/desert (but can be good on forests after Tech increase or using CloseCombat).
- Crossbow can't attack in forests (except if with Bowmanship). If you see enemy bow units, try to send your units into a forest to protect them.
- Cavalry can't use tactics on swamps, poison, forests and plankways.
APT: with a unit type increases/decreases stats by percentage. Only A and above are useful. You're advised to use S whenever possible, but terrain and unit of opponent influence the choice.

2.2. Skills List

00 - (March) March
01 - (Attck) Attack
02 - (Defns) Defense
03 - (Strtg) Strategy
04 - (Spprt) Support
05 - (Dmstc) Domestics
06 - (Rvnue) Revenue
07 - (Event) Disasters
08 - (Ties) Ties

+/= ("PUK name") English name [ Koei's rating - type ]: Description (Notes - you should read all of them at least once)
"=" mean it's usually female skill

Strategy Related
+("Itgt") Integrity [ 3 - Support ]: Immunity to misinform.
+("Idmt") Indomitable [ 3 - Support ]: Immunity to perturb.
=("ClrT") Clear Thought [ 4 - Support ]: Immunity to perturb and misinform.
+("Dtct") Detection [ 4 - Strategy ]: Twart strategies of low Int unit.
+("Insg") Insight [ 5 - Strategy ]: Thwart all enemy strategies.
+("DPtc") Divine Potency [ 5 - Strategy ]: [Detection + Agile Mind + Intensify]
+("AglM") Agile Mind [ 5 - Strategy ]: All strategies successful vs low Int unit.
=("Sire") Siren [ 3 - Strategy ]: 2x success rate with strategy vs male unit
+("Dscn") Disconcertion [ 4 - Strategy ]: 100% chance of success vs low Int unit when using perturb
+("PsnT") Poison Tongue [ 4 - Strategy ]: 100% chance of success vs low Int unit when using misinform
+("Trck") Trickery [ 4 - Strategy ]: 100% chance of success vs low Int unit when using blunder
+("Itsf") Intensify [ 4 - Strategy ]: Stronger unit strategies. (doesn't affect success chance, but critical chance which makes effects last longer - Stronger = Critical chance)
+("Cunn") Cunning [ 3 - Strategy ]: Stronger strategies vs low Int unit
+("CvrP") Covert Plan [ 3 - Strategy ]: Stronger strategies vs high Int unit
+("CRct") Chain Reaction [ 4 - Strategy ]: Strategies affect adjacent units also. (one extra adjacent unit only)
+("Cntr") Counter Plan [ 4 - Strategy ]: On thwarting strategy, counter with the same strategy (doesn't decrease success chance of opponent)
+("Augm") Augment [ 4 - Strategy ]: Strategies range increased by 1 square
+("Ambu") Critical Ambush [ 3 - Strategy ]: Stronger attack on ambush (Ambushes deal more dmg, drain 2x more Will and might confuse)
+("FAst") Fire Assault [ 4 - Strategy ]: 100% chance of success vs low Int unit when using fire
+("DFir") Divine Fire [ 5 - Strategy ]: All fire strategies successful (also take no damage from fire, deal more dmg with it - Fire, Incinerate, Traps, etc)
+("Srcr") Sorcery [ 4 - Strategy ]: Able to use sorcery (costy unreliable random effects)
+("BlkA") Black Arts [ 5 - Strategy ]: Able to use sorcery and lightning (costy unreliable high damaging area attack)
+("Focu") Focus [ 5 - Strategy ]: Unit strategies only use 1 Will
=("GHrt") Gladdened Heart [ 4 - Support ]: Own unit recovers Will each turn (5 Will)
+("SMsc") Stirring Music [ 3 - Support ]: Will gained via band platform x2

Administration Related
+("Frtf") Fortification [ 3 - Support ]: Facilities & repair HP increased x2
+("Pdgg") Pedagogy [ 3 - Domestics ]: Technique research cost halved
+("Fame") Fame [ 3 - Domestics ]: Increased troops when recruiting
+("Effc") Efficancy [ 3 - Domestics ]: More spears, pikes, bows produced
+("Bred") Breeding [ 3 - Domestics ]: More horses produced
+("Invt") Invention [ 3 - Domestics ]: Weaponry production time halved
+("ShpB") Shipbuilding [ 3 - Domestics ]: Naval equipment production time halved
+("WwnT") Wuwan Ties [ 3 - Disasters ]: No Wuwan citadels appear on player land
+("QiaT") Qiang Ties [ 3 - Disasters ]: No Qiang citadels appear on player land
+("SYuT") Shanyue ties [ 3 - Disasters ]: No Shanyue citadels appear on player land
+("NnmT") Nanman ties [ 3 - Disasters ]: No Nanman citadels appear on player land
+("Sprs") Suppression [ 3 - Disasters ]: No rebel citadels appear on player land
+("Bnvl") Benevolent Rule [ 3 - Disasters ]: Officers loyalty does not diminish
+("FngS") Feng Shui [ 3 - Disasters ]: No locusts or plague in the city
+("Pray") Prayers [ 3 - Disasters ]: Abundant harvests more common
+("SSpt") Spousal Support [ 3 - Ties ]: Player & spouse abilites +1 on marriage (it's of better use for those like Cao Cao, Lu Meng, Jiang Wei, etc - that have all stats high - still not worth the 500 TP)
+("Elst") Enlister [ 3 - Domestics ]: Search always finds people if present
+("Nego") Negotiator [ 3 - Domestics ]: Easier to use debate in diplomacy
+("Wlth") Wealth [ 4 - Revenue ]: Cities monthly gold income x1.5
+("Stnc") Sustenance [ 4 - Revenue ]: Cities monthly food income x1.5
+("Tax") Taxation [ 4 - Revenue ]: Cities receive gold each turn (and x1.5)
+("Levy") Levy [ 4 - Revenue ]: Cities receive food each month (and x1.5)
+("Clnz") Colonization [ 3 - Support ]: Troops use no food at harbors, barriers
+("Tran") Transport [ 3 - March ]: Improved transport units land Move

War Related
+("Anti") Antidote [ 3 - March ]: Guards against posion (Posion from the southwest region)
+("Trav") Traverse [ 3 - March ]: No damage on plankways, less from rocks (and halves fire damage taken too)
+("SeaM") Seamanship [ 3 - March ]: Improves Move on water
+("Gllp") Forced Gallop [ 3 - March ]: Improves Cavalry Move
+("Mrch") Forced March [ 4 - March ]: Improved land unit Move (Not for transport/seige)
+("Prpl") Propulsion [ 3 - March ]: Ignores ZOC on water
+("Flee") Fleetness [ 4 - March ]: Ignore ZOC on land
+("FlyG") Flying General [ 5 - March ]: [On land = Valiant + Fleetness]
+("SprG") Spear General [ 3 - Attack ]: Stronger spear attack vs. weak unit (you should read: Critical spear tactics vs. units with WAR 5 or more points below yours)
+("PkeG") Pike General [ 3 - Attack ]: Stronger pike attack vs. weak unit
+("ArcG") Archer General [ 3 - Attack ]: Stronger crossbow attack vs. weak unit
+("CavG") Cavalry General [ 3 - Attack ]: Stronger cavalry attack vs. weak unit
+("Sieg") Siege [ 4 - Attack ]: Stronger attacks vs. constructions
+("Admr") Admiral [ 3 - Attack ]: Stronger naval attack vs. weak unit
+("Vlnt") Valiant General [ 4 - Attack ]: [All Generals + Admiral + Siege]
+("Clse") Close Combat [ 3 - Attack ]: Stronger attacks in forests (God's Command in forests)
+("GodC") God's Command [ 5 - Attack ]: [Exterminate + On land: Valiant]
+("Extr") Exterminate [ 4 - Attack ]: Stronger attack vs. weaker units (normal attacks, not tactics like generals and divines)
+("WRdr") White Riders [ 3 - Attack ]: Strong horsebows avail. without research (even with the technique, the horsebows are more powerful with this skill = Exterminate for bow attack)
+("DSpr") Divine Spears [ 4 - Attack ]: Stronger spear tactics (can confuse units stronger than you with Rush)
+("DPke") Divine Pikes [ 4 - Attack ]: Stronger pike tactics
+("DBow") Divine Bows [ 4 - Attack ]: Stronger bow tactics (friendly fire proof)
+("DCav") Divine Cavalry [ 4 - Attack ]: Stronger cavalry tactics
+("DFrg") Divine Forge [ 4 - Attack ]: Stronger weaponry tactics
+("DWtr") Divine Waters [ 4 - Attack ]: Stronger naval tactics
+("DRgt") Divine Right [ 4 - Attack ]: Stronger spear & pike tactics
+("Psnc") Puissance [ 5 - Attack ]: All Divines
+("Stmp") Stampede [ 4 - Attack ]: Cavalry tactic vs weak unit confuses
+("Trap") Entrap [ 3 - Attack ]: 50% chance of confusion on joint attack (surround attack)
+("Vhmc") Vehemence [ 3 - Attack ]: 50% injury inflict chance if enemy moved by tactic (injured officers have stats decreased)
+("Bowm") Bowmanship [ 3 - Attack ]: Able to use bow tactics in forest
+("Rnge") Range [ 3 - Attack ]: Towers, stone projectile range +1 square
+("Plun") Plunder [ 3 - Attack ]: Steal item on defeating unit
+("Cptr") Capture [ 3 - Attack ]: Capture officers (Without providence/elite horses)
+("Mstr") Masterful [ 3 - Attack ]: TP x2 on defeating enemy unit
+("Prmo") Promotion [ 3 - Attack ]: Recover Will on defeating enemy unit (10 Will)
+("Rslt") Resolute [ 3 - Defense ]: Recover Will after enemy tactic (5 Will)
+("Asst") Assistance [ 3 - Attack ]: Support avail. without ties (Except disliked)
+("CAtk") Chain Attack [ 3 - Attack ]: 50% chance of regular attack occurring twice
+("Swep") Sweep Asunder [ 3 - Attack ]: Lowers small amount of Will of enemy unit (5 Will)
+("Mjst") Majesty [ 4 - Attack ]: Lowers large amount of Will of enemy unit (20 Will)
+("Bgul") Beguile [ 3 - Attack ]: Enemy troops defect when attacked
+("Raid") Raid [ 3 - Attack ]: 50% chance of taking no recoil damage (land attack)
+("Mrad") Marine Raid [ 3 - Attack ]: 50% chance of taking no recoil damage (water attack)
+("Fort") Fortitude [ 3 - Defense ]: With up to 2500 men: 50% chance to take no dmg from reg atk
+("Inds") Indestructible [ 3 - Defense ]: 50% chance of ignoring taken damage of 500 or less (combo with Aegis? to be verified)
+("Iron") Iron Wall [ 3 - Defense ]: Joint enemy attack inflicts reg damage
+("Aegs") Aegis [ 3 - Defense ]: 0.5 damage from non-fire attack, 2x damage from fire (can't combo with Divine Fire, but works with Indestructible)
+("Prvd") Providence [ 5 - Defense ]: No injury, capture or death in battle
+("Escp") Escape Route [ 3 - Defense ]: Officer not captured when defeated
+("Esct") Escort [ 3 - Defense ]: No damage to unit if officer dies in battle

2.3. Marching

2.3.1 Combine 3 in a unit
- Rank (or LEA if tied) will determine the lead of the unit and this officer will have greater impact over Attack/Defense of the resulting unit. So careful with high ranked weaklings.
- Ties also affect the resulting Attack/Defense, example someone close can add to the leader (Dian Wei can improve Attack for Cao Cao). An idea is to arrange Oaths/Marriages. Watch for dislikes.
- Skill Combos (choosing 3 skills will depend on unit purpose, below are some archetypes):
StormBringer (Multi Heavy dmg dealer, but unreliable). Example: BlackArts + Focus + DivFire (Unreliable and unfair, spoil the game)
Hunter (pursue and capture). Example: Capture + FlyingGeneral/Fleetness + FMarch/Gallop (disrupt the Forces and spoil the game, but ...)
Tanker (resist on choke points). Example: Fortitude/Aegis + GHeart + DRight/Insight (Raid maybe)
DemoralizingTower (attack troops freely). Example: DForge/Valiant + Range + GHeart
These confuse and screw the opponents:
Strategist (low WAR, support by dealing with threats). Example: Agile Mind + Intensify/ChainReaction + Augment/Focus (the best: DPotency + CReaction + Augment, recover thru BandPlatforms)
SiegeS (Siege supporter, deal with threats). Example: Agile Mind + Focus/GHeart + DForge (specialy good for Rams)
TankS (Resistent suppporter, deal with threats). Example: Agile Mind + Focus/GHeart + Fortitude/Aegis (note: strategies work regardless of troop number/equipment)
SpearRusher (Strong reliable threat dealer). Example: DSpear + Insight + Fleetness/GHeart
CavStampeder (Strong reliable threat dealer). Example: DCav + Stampede + Insight (Note: FlyingGeneral is great combined with cav move)
These multi attack and take advantage of confusion:
PikeSweeperer (Multi target dmg dealer). Example: DPike + Majesty/Beguile + Insight (lesser combos include Assistence, Aegis or even Raid in case you can't confuse opponents)
BowShowerer (Multi target dmg dealer). Example: DBow + Bowmanship/Assistence + Majesty/Beguile (note: Insight not so good due range)
FrontChainAtkr (Heavy dmg dealer, Will spare). Example: ChainAtk + Exterminate/Majesty/Beguile + Insight (lesser combos include Assistence, Aegis or even Raid in case you can't confuse opponents)
BowChainAtkr (Heavy dmg dealer, Will spare). Example: ChainAtk + WhiteRider/Exterminate/Majesty/Beguile + Bowmanship/Assistence (note: Insight not so good due range)
- God Command goes well where Exterminate goes.
- Entrap can be a solution to confuse opponents when lacking other skills (Entrap + DPike/DCav/Assistence + Insight)
- Vehemence can be used in combos like Vehemence + DPike/DCav/DSpear + Insight (instead of confusing you try to injure the opponent, reducing stats)
- Always try to target a confused unit when using Pike/Bow tactics, this will increase chance of success and critical (so confuse those in positions that help you multi target with the confused as actual target).
- Confused units have no ZOC nor cause dmg recoil (they are helpless until the effect pass or someone "calm" them).

2.3.2 Combat:
- Try focusing on the more dangerous units rather than the weaker ones. Confuse them (disable the thread) then gang up on them.
- Confuse opposing units!!! After confusing, have a strong Pike, Archer, or Chain Attack skilled unit take advantage of it. Try to combine different units to work as a team!
- ZOC (Zone of Control) is very important to know when marching. If an enemy unit is near on a square, you will not be able to go past him for he has a ZOC, forcing you to march slowly against them, moving only 1 or 2 squares a time. Fortifications like cities, facilities and fortifications have ZOC. To disable an enemy units ZOC, you have to confuse them. You cannot disable fortifications ZOC, the only way is destroy them, so you can get past. Remember you can use ZOC to your advantage as well.
- When you attack a city keep a Transport not too far on the rear to restore units (transports can perform the "supply" command on adjacent units) and fill in the taken city asap.
- If you have route to conquer of weak forces (weak officers), send slightly better (one really good maybe), officers of yours to conquer that route. Keep the really good ones to conquer the strong forces.
- Defending a city is easier than taking one, so the officers defending a city don't need to be as good as those attacking. Watch out (and make use) of camps, towers, traps, etc. Think about the choke points, terrain, type of units suitable for the attack/defense. Example: in Xin Ye a "Tanker" unit can hold other units backed by a camp and archers on the choke point, archers can damage greatly anyone coming by sea, but if attacked from Wan you will need Spears/Pikes to fight in the forest (Bowmanship and CloseCombat would be of help here), traps and buildings on the road could help.
- Buy some time by building walls, specially when your buildings are in vulnerable positions, build walls surrounding them.

3. Diplomacy & Strategy

Appoint your strategist. This is the very first thing you should ever do. A good strategist is fundamental as he's suggestions impact the odds of success of your actions (saving AP and getting the upper hand on the race for China unification).

Gives 1000 gold to another force to help improve diplomatic relations with them. The increase in the relationship depends on the ruler's bond level. Important to form and keep Alliances.

Attempt to form an alliance with another ruler. The alliance never expires until someone annuls the alliance. An Alliance can make your life much easier by leaving your path to expansion free, or leaving close stronger opponents for later when you're stronger.

Spread rumors about officers in a city, in order to decrease their loyalty. Rumoring is pretty pointless when all the officers are in the city, for they'll just be rewarded the next turn. Rumor the city when the officers are out on the march, then they can't be rewarded. If you employ an officer on march and he safely reaches your city, you'll also be taking it's equipments/troops to yourself. Note: This last aspect only happens if the officer in question is the lead of the unit (highest ranked), also note that hiring him is risky (you can't promptly reward him) and the other officers in his unit will return home (you will lose the chance of hire them if their loyalty was also low).

Oath & Marriage
Costs 500 TP. Help officers not betray you, "Assistance" (like the skill) effect on battlefield (between the brothers/couple).

The Emperor
When you capture a city with the Emperor you can:
-Support him: Cities order increase, supporters the Han will get a loyalty bonus and you get a small TP boost. You'll still become Emperor later on.
-Depose him: Cities order decrease, supporters of the Han will become more hostile toward you. You won't became Emperor on the act, just later on.

Captured Officers
- If the captured officer is not loyal. Send him to Jail! (common example: Wei Yan). You will be hiring him soon.
- If the captured officer is loyal and belongs to a small Force (few cities). Send him to Jail! (common example: Han Sui). You'll take the cities fast to increase your power (hiring him and the others there).
- If the captured officer is loyal and belongs to a huge Force (many cities). Kill him! (common example: Xiahou Dun). You want him dead as this increases the difference between you and the enemy.
Note 1: After playing for a while you will learn who is loyal to who (who sticks with who). Weak officers are not loyal in general (and killing them wouldn't help anyway).
Note 2: remember that deployed officers become free if the last city of their force falls. So defeat them before finishing the last city in order to hire/jail them.

4. Side Games
Items play a major role here.

4.1 Duels
Here is a good source:

4.2 Debates
No tips here.
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