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Rotk Stats

Unread postby dman4093 » Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:41 pm

Okay if you was in the game and a real officer what were your stats be like and also what type of skills and tactics would you be good at also and who would you join and traits
for me
lead-50 im not good at leading people and im way to nice
war-89 im not a lubu or musashi though i do train martial arts religously and i can hold my own against multiple opponents
int-80 well i am really intelligent and get b and a and im good at making plans and sneaking around places though i dont have alot of common sense
pol-20 im not really good at politics and i dont even know what going on at the debates between romeny and obama cause in school at current events i just type in some things i guess about and still get a
cha-i would put this is a 90 i am really charismatic and have charm with the girls as well lol
My tactics- would be mostly be charge,ambush,scare/harass i say these two are the same because scare works with how much fame you have and harass is charisma i guess
My force-i would most likely join no one at first though i would try to be lubu disciple to raise my war to 110 lol and then quit and join cao cao and become cao cao sworn brother
My trait-it would most likely be justice,like i stated before im to nice to people though in the game cao cao shows signs of evilness and justice though i would still join him
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