Top 10 Most influential people of the millennium

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Top 10 Most influential people of the millennium

Unread postby Jonathan » Thu Nov 21, 2002 11:16 pm

Top 10 Most influential people of the millennium

Well this topic explains itself, which ten people do you feel are the most influential of the millennium? Key word “influential”; not “important” or “greatest”, express your feelings, and please explain why you vote for the people you choose. And of course, since this is Current Affairs, be ready to debate.

Rate from 10 to one
8-Bubba ext . . .

Here are some ideas

Theodore Roosevelt
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Margaret Sanger
Mao Zedong
Winston Churchill
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt
Adolf Hitler
Mohandas Gandhi
David Ben-Gurion
Martin Luther King
Margaret Thatcher
Lech Walesa
Ronald Reagan
Mikhail Gorbachev
Pope John Paul II
The Unknown Rebel
Nelson Mandela
Pablo Picasso
Martha Graham
Le Corbusier
James Joyce
T.S. Eliot
Louis Armstrong
Charlie Chaplin
Rodgers & Hammerstein
Frank Sinatra
Lucille Ball
The Beatles
Bob Dylan
Aretha Franklin
Jim Henson
Steven Spielberg
Bart Simpson
Oprah Winfrey
Osama Binladen
Henry Ford
David Sarnoff
Charles Merrill
Willis Carrier
Leo Burnett
Ray Kroc
Sam Walton
Walt Disney
Thomas Watson, Jr.
Bill Gates
Sigmund Freud
Leo Baekeland
Wilbur & Orville Wright
Albert Einstein
Alexander Fleming
Robert Goddard
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Rachel Carson
James Watson & Francis Crick
Tim Berners-Lee
Jackie Robinson
Anne Frank
Billy Graham
Rosa Parks
Marilyn Monroe
The Kennedys
Muhammad Ali
Bruce Lee
Harvey Milk
Mother Teresa
Diana, Princess of Wales
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Unread postby Chen Kun » Thu Nov 21, 2002 11:35 pm

It’s easy to pick 10, but to rate them is the most difficult part and it is also hard if the category for the millennium, what about just for this century?

1.Hitler (without him there will be no WW II)
2.Lenin (the on who responsible for communism)
3.Roosevelt (needless to say)
4.Deng Xiaoping (without him, there will be no stronger China like now)
5.Mandela (ended the racism)
6.Stalin (his Stalinist caused massacre every where)
7.Mao Zedong (China become communist)
8.Osama Bin Laden (no comment :roll: )
9.Einsten (responsible for the nuke)
10.Gorbachev (ended Soviet and communism)
btw I think this thread should be in World history not here :?
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Unread postby Dennis » Thu Nov 21, 2002 11:51 pm

Of a millenium?? That's a long time... I guess it would go something like this.

10) Albert Einstein Edit: Einstein creating the nuke created the longest ever stint of international world peace.
9) Tokugawa Ieyasu Paved the way for Japan's economic dominance and resiliance against US opression. He wasn't alive at the time to see it, but the stability he granted gave Japan the chance most other nations didn't. I think that's why Japan is as rich and prosperous as it is today.
8) Mahatma Ghandi Showed us that a little bit of tolerance and a lot of percevernce can go a long way.
7) Genghis Kahn Almost conquered the entire land masses of China and Asia, I think in terms of growth and prosperity for other nations, he set the time back a few hundred years.
6) Deng Xiaoping (When everything was falling apart for China, his attempts at opening up trade and revolutionizing China's economy really made China what it is now.
5) Sun Zhongshan (The man behind modernday China, his ideas game the most populous nation in the world, a chance to bounce back from obscurity, and be given a chance as a world player.
4) John Locke (His right wing and liberal thinking is what set the pace for western political though of today. The consitution is essentially made up of his thoughs.)
3) Karl Marx (The innovator of a new way of thinking, and unlike any other bone headed scheme that was to ever try and mess with capitalism, it almost worked, and a lot of people still to this day agree with his theories.)
2) Charles Darwin (I think Darwinism, basically opened up a huge door into modern philosophy and thinking, and let mankind overstep its biblical and religious bounds.)
1) Christopher Columbus (Accidently finding America lead to what is now the largest and most inluencial nation in the world, that being said, he must be the most influencial!)
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Unread postby Mu Shu » Fri Nov 22, 2002 2:46 am

For the Millenium but not including this century....
- Christopher Columbus - opened the way for the European colonization of America, proved once and for all the world is round
- Cardinal Richelieu - created the idea of the nation-state in Europe
- Galileo & Issac Newton - paved the way for the age of invention and European domination of the world...
- Isambard Kingdom Brunel - engineer for the British empire
- Ghengis Khan - conquered the largest land empire ever, heirs would influence Russia, India and China
- Luo Guanzhong - author of the greatest novel ever written :D
- Thomas Edison :idea: - what would life be like without electricity...

In chronological order for this Century....

1.) Henry Ford & Alfred P. Sloan - automobile led to development of US highway system and suburban sprawl... many cities (L.A., Las Vegas, Atlanta etc..) wouldn't have developed to their present extent without it...

2.) Vladimir Lenin - posterboy of worldwide Communism

3. & 4.) Adolf Hitler & Stalin - reformed the balance of power in Europe, WWII resulted in the beginning of the end of colonialism... resulted in the formation of Israel...

5. & 6.) Albert Einstein & Leo Szilard - atom bomb... might end the world some day... thanks!

7.) Martin Luther King - minorities would still be truckling to the "white man" if it wasn't for him...

8. & 9.) Robert Noyce & Gordon Moore - we wouldn't have this forum with the semiconductor... plus Silicon Valley wouldn't exist

10.) Deng Xiaoping - prevented the collapse of China, began the reform that makes Walmart possible among other things...
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Unread postby Cao Zhi » Fri Nov 22, 2002 5:04 am

This will be Western-biased. Be forwarned.

10. St. Thomas Aquinas- This Catholic saint's brilliant writings in the Summa Theologica, became the gospel (if you will pardon the pun) of the Catholic Church until the Council of Trent. Its effects are still read and felt today.

9. Cosimo de Medici- The brilliant 'godfather' of Florence increased the power of the Medici banking family, sponsored artists like Donetello, Brunelleschi, and others, and contributed greatly to the development of the Rennisance. His decendants, including Lorenzo 'the Magnificent' de Medici, were also poster boys for the Rennisance.

8. Gustav Adolf II The powerful Swedish King revolutionized warfare by employing trained and uniformed national conscripts instead of pure reliance on mercenaries, made Sweden into one of the Great Powers of Europe, and saved the Protestant cause in Europe during the 30-Years War with his ingenious campaigns into Germany, defeating the Spanish and Austrians until his death by gunshot wound in battle.

7. Louis XIV The Sun King nearly bankrupted France with his numerous and nearly fruitless wars against the Dutch, English, Austrians, and others, weakening France so severly that by Louis XVI's time, France was ripe for revolution. On a more positive note, France was greatly feared in Louis' time, and French culture and the French language was seen as the pinnacle of the civilized way of doing things for generations to come.

6.Gavrillo Princip- Had this crazed Serbian not shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the streets of Sarajevo, the destruction of World War One (and much of the unhappiness of the 20th century for that matter) would have been averted. One could say the same about if the ruling classes of Europe had more restraint, but Princip's crime was what started it all in motion.

5. Genghis Khan- The Great Khan's brutal ravaging of China and the Middle East allowed the West to 'catch up' to those formerly advanced Powers. The Pax Mongolica which followed the Mongol conquests allowed the free spread of ideas, trade, and religion from Europe to China, and vice versa.

4. Enrico Dandolo- Without him as Doge of Venice, the Fourth Crusade would not have been the disgrace that it was, and without his superhuman efforts, the city would never have been taken. It was largely due to the sacking of the city that the Byzantine Empire, for centuries the bulwark against Islam, was fatally weakened. Dandolo set into motion the events which would culminate in the collapse of the Byzantine Empire, and the enslavement for centuries of most of south-eastern Europe to its successor, the Ottoman Turks.

3. Jean Calvin- Similar to Luther, Calvin created a new faith, which remodeled the way of life for many in Europe. The Puritans, Huegenots, and the Dutch Reformed Church are all decendants of Calvin's legalistic, uncompromising, and fatalistic view of Christianity.

2. Napoleon Bonaparte- His military campaigns and political influence spread the ideas of the French Revolution, liberalism, and nationalism through much of the world. He redrew the map of Europe as he saw fit, and would have been another Karl der Grosse had it not been for Great Britian. He was a great law reformer, as well. The Napoloeonic Code is still in use in many lands today.

1. Martin Luther- This disgrunted and unhappy monk did not start a new church reform (he borrowed many ideas from Jan Hus and others who had a more Pauline interpretation on Scripture), but made sure that the Reformation, with its powerful new ideas about human nature, would survive. To this day, Christendom remains sundered.

Some others I would like to mention; Niccolo Machiavelli (for all of his writings, not just The Prince); Joe Stalin for his actions in Russian and European history; George Washington for his influence on US history; Issac Newton for the development of Physics, Calculus, and others; Karl Marx for his misguided idealism :wink: ; William the Bastard of Normandy for conquering England and bringing that land into the Continental orbit and out of the Scandinavian one; Urban II for begining the crusades and its effects; Frederick II Stupor Mundi of Sicily for all of his ecentric deeds and weakening of Germany; countless others.
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Unread postby Iznoach, Legendary Dragon » Fri Nov 22, 2002 8:12 am

Cao Zhi wrote:6.Gavrillo Princip- Had this crazed Serbian not shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the streets of Sarajevo, the destruction of World War One (and much of the unhappiness of the 20th century for that matter) would have been averted. One could say the same about if the ruling classes of Europe had more restraint, but Princip's crime was what started it all in motion.

I disagree, for several reasons. The most direct reason was that the Black Hand organization sent thirteen assassins to kill Ferdinand, not just Princip. He also happened to be the third of the thirteen to try the attempt, as the first two had failed. Also, all assassins who were chosen were dying of TB and were ordered to commit suicide after the assassination, to avoid capture. None of the three who attempted the assassination were able to kill themselves, they were subsequently captured and the government tortured them till they told of The Black Hand's involvement.

In light of this info, I think that you should list Colonel Demitrijevic of the Serbian army in this position, since he was the de-facto leader of the Black Hand and personally ordered the assassination. He believed that it would cause a war, and further believed that if war happened that Russia would get their back, which happened. Basically, Demitrijevic was the man directly responsible for the start of WWI, not Princip. :wink:
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Unread postby Cao Zhi » Fri Nov 22, 2002 6:49 pm

Basically, Demitrijevic was the man directly responsible for the start of WWI, not Princip.

I am not saying that the rest of the Black Hand savages were not also morally responsible, I am saying that since Princip was the one who actually pulled the trigger, he should bear the burden for putting the events in motion. Had the assassin been Joe Shmoe, then rest assured that Joe Shmoe would have been on the list, and not Princip.

There are many other factors which led to WW1: the naval race between Germany and England, the Kaiser's foolish diplomacy, Russia's refusal to back down in defending Serbia and her own mobilization, Austria failing to use her traditional strenghth (diplomacy), Wilson's naive one-sidedness when the US entered the war, British propaganda, etc. The list goes on and on. But this is a topic for another thread.
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Unread postby Guan Suo » Fri Nov 22, 2002 7:28 pm

1 .Winston churchill(he rocked he is my fravirote guy in history we would never have won if it wernt for him)
2 .Field marshel Mongovermry(same with this guy i look up to him to if it wernt for him we would never of had that changing point in the war at al alermain) p.s sorry cant remember first name.
3 darwin(obvious :roll: )
4 Sir issic newton( anthougher obvious one)
5 rooservelt (you know why)
6 George Bush (someone has to sort out Iraq :roll: )
7 K.G and J.B (someone had to create tenoucious d)
8 Duke Welligton (defeating the evil french at the time they were evil nepolonic era)
9 Luther king (this is a great guy beliveing he can change his dreams to reallit i respect him alot aswell)
10 Walter disney (i love this guy he made me feel magic for the first time (in florida theme parkk))

p.s -99999999999999999999999999Princess of wales ( :x i do not even think she deserves to be on that list she did nothing and personally think she is a disgrace to british style :x )
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Unread postby Glaucon » Sat Nov 23, 2002 2:21 am

Hmmm, top ten of the last 1000 years...
sorry about my spelling it will be off in some names.

10. Martin Luther-broke the most powerful force in medival europe.

9. Petrarch- Almost singlehandly started the Florentine Renaissance. His poetic style started a trend away from god and towards the individual. Something this small affected laters artists such as Leonardo, Michaelanglo and all the other Italian greats.

8. Hitler- Brought upon the world the second largest killing spree.

7. Stalin- The only person to be responsible for more deaths than Hitler.

6. Guttenburg- The printing press is one the most revolutionary inventions in mankinds history.

5. Shakespeare - the first great author in the english language, still unsurpassed in sheer beauty of writing. Many of his plays have themes that hold true today, Hamlet and King Lear are in my opinion the two greatest tragedies ever written.

4. Marx and Engels- the communist writings still have their effects being felt.

3. Einstein- Atom bomb for all its positives and negatives changed human history forever. His theories with physics, may lead us to the stars eventually.

2. French Revolutionaries of 1789. Overthrew a thousand year old system in a few months. Put the ideas of the enlightenment into effect, with bloody results.

1. The disease smallpox, not a person, but kinda living thing. Small pox more than anything else let Europe dominate the world and institute the society we live in today. If half of native populations didnt die when they first came into contact with Europeans, the colonial expanision probaly would not have happened.
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Unread postby Starscream » Sat Nov 23, 2002 6:45 pm

Difficult to choose the most influential, but here's the top 10 for my list:
1) Karl Marx: His writings have a political, economical and social effect even though his predictions were wrong. Nevertheless, he's considered one of the classical sociologists and I'm forced to read his works.

2) Auguste Comte and other Enlightenment thinkers: I don't read their works but as the word "enlightenment" speaks for itself, these thinkers did have a major impact on society.

3) Charles Darwin: evolution theory? The origin of species or something? It's a major breakthrough in thinking that affects the fields of biology and even religion.

4) Jean Calvin: Founder of Calvinism and I suppose the breakaway from the Catholic Church and their set of teachings, so I suppose this is really spectacular. Even Weber wrote of The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.

5) Abraham Lincoln: He freed the slaves! That's a beginning of a new life for the black people ever since, that's how I feel.

6) Marco Polo: He spread the tales of the wonders of Oriental technology and civilisation to Europe that generated interests in the East and I suppose that leads to world exploration by Europeans later.

7) Mao Ze Dong: Everyone knows him. :lol:

8) Bill Gates: :roll: At least half the world is using his products now...

9) William Shakespeare: If you study literature in school, you can't miss him. He's famous, classical, poetic, etc etc etc and I hate him.

10) Li Bai: The most famous Chinese poet from the Tang Dynasty. Like Shakespeare, you can't miss his poems in the textbook if you are doing Chinese language or literature.
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