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Unread postPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2003 2:40 pm
by Li Ruiyue
Since no one really looks at the fanfic fanfare section, I've decided to put my further stories here, where more people will hopefully look.
I will post the full version of my -The Match of the Year- story once i have completed it, ok?
But to start things off, here's a short story I've just done. This is the first time I've written a story like this, so please post any criticsm here so I can improve my work, ok? Right, here it is...

Me and You

Every day I spent with you, it was always a pain, hiding my true feelings for you. Every time I looked at your face, I had to turn away, scared that I might reveal my true feelings for you…
I assumed that if I revealed my true feelings for you, you would despise me and never speak to me again. Why I think this? You always pick on me, making snide comments on me, saying that you were only joking, but I thought otherwise…
Every day I saw you, you couldn’t but help to annoy me…hitting me and all sorts…but I realised something…
If you meant to do this or this was by accident, I may never know, but when you were physically fighting me, you sometimes used to act in a way that you wanted to hug me…this made me think about you…
After the several incidents of what I mentioned, I thought about you every day, thinking what would happen if I did tell you my feelings…would you think nothing of me anymore, or would you have the same feelings for me…?
The thought of all this was tormenting me, so I had no choice but to tell you…
You know the story after that…you felt the same way about me, wishing that I had told you sooner, and we went out on our first date…
I felt great, holding your hand while we walked through the quiet streets at night, just glancing either at the closed shops or at each other. I felt so confident with myself after going out with you, I thought this was meant to be…
At the end of our date…you came round mine to stay the night…
It was great during the night, and I awoke to find you sleeping beside me. I glared at your beautiful body, never thinking about the future, just what was going on there and then…
I listened to your peaceful breathing…feeling hypnotised by you. I put my head on your chest and felt your body move while you continued to breathe…
You woke up soon afterwards…and you just glanced at me, saying nothing. You seemed disturbed…so disturbed that you had to go immediately…
I never saw you again…what happened? Didn’t you like me enough? You’ve left me all alone again, I’ve lost my confidence…I don’t know what to do anymore…

Unread postPosted: Sun Dec 07, 2003 8:23 pm
by Asellas
All in all a good story which kept me reading it so it of course must be pretty good, very touching too so keep up the good work! :wink:

Unread postPosted: Mon Dec 08, 2003 12:53 pm
by The great Lu Bu.
Asellas wrote:All in all a good story which kept me reading it so it of course must be pretty good, very touching too so keep up the good work! :wink:

yeahh... I like the story too

God Job :o

Unread postPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2003 7:39 pm
by Lord Ma-koto Chaoying
:cry: moving.

That is a great story... moving. :D

I will just point technical comments. The stream of the text is very good, but perhaps there are too many sentences with suspensions points, of the same lenght - the same type of sentences and phrases - and it's a pity for the sense of the text... and perhaps, it lacks a little this sort of pictures the stream of consciousness has... I mean, in the forme of literary devices.

But your story is great, and I complicate things as usual : in fact, simple things are the best...

"The Match of the Year" ? I'l like to see it !! :D

Lord Ma-koto

Unread postPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2003 8:12 pm
by Li Ruiyue
Lord Ma-koto Chaoying wrote::cry: moving.

That is a great story... moving. :D

I will just point technical comments. The stream of the text is very good, but perhaps there are too many sentences with suspensions points, of the same lenght - the same type of sentences and phrases - and it's a pity for the sense of the text... and perhaps, it lacks a little this sort of pictures the stream of consciousness has... I mean, in the forme of literary devices.

But your story is great, and I complicate things as usual : in fact, simple things are the best...

"The Match of the Year" ? I'l like to see it !! :D

Lord Ma-koto

Oh, I thought you knew that the chapters I've been posting in 'Fanfic Fanfare' were to 'The Match of the Year'. Chapter 6 is now up, it's nearly finished, I'm planning to do four more chapters.
And like I said before, I'll post the full version on here so you'll be able to see it at once, instead of searching on multiple pages for each chapter.
And thanks for the advice on my story, I need some advice if I'm going to write more, thanks!

Unread postPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2003 8:31 pm
by Lord Ma-koto Chaoying
Huh... :shock: :shock: :shock: :oops: :oops: Oops, sorry for that !!! Don't pay attention to that, I'd written my answer without thinking... :( Shame on me. But I have some problems these days, and I do many things wrong ; so don't pay attention to what I said you...

Well, I'll be very glad to see your whole story here instead of searching in the fanfiction thread... but since you've posted a new chapter there, I still gonna read... heh heh... :wink:

By the way, if you know someone who could give me advices about my two writings... (especially the first and serious one, "The Peacock and the Dragon at the Dawn of the Twilight") Asellas -Nanami- told me that there are few sentences which aren't compound sentences, but I don't know which ones...
But it doesn't matter if not, though it would really help me. :wink:

Lord Ma-koto

The Match of the Year!

Unread postPosted: Thu Dec 18, 2003 7:18 pm
by Li Ruiyue
Well, here it is, completed at last! I've now started to do a new story...the cast list will be up here soon enough! Anyway, enjoy for now!


The Match of the Year!

Ryan- Lu Xun- Skilled in sword fighting and some magic skills. Armed with twin sabres.
Comedy values- 7
Fighting skills- 7
Power- 7
Magic skills- 4
Experience- 6
Intelligence- 8
Quote- “Now where’s my brick…?”

Stuart- Kamek- Ryan’s friend. Skilled in powerful magic skills, including teleportation. Armed with rod.
Comedy values- 8
Fighting skills- 5
Power- 4
Magic skills- 8
Experience- 6
Intelligence- 8
Quote- “Stop looking at me like that…!”

Claire- Ivy- Stuart’s sister. Nothing much to comment on really…but she might make an appearance in the upcoming war. Armed with a sword which can turn into a whip…ouch!
Comedy values- 7
Fighting skills- 4
Power- 7
Magic skills- 6
Experience- 4
Intelligence- 7
Quote- “Hiya!”

Jonathan- Harry Potter (?)- Another of Ryan’s friends (Ryan; “What!?…”)Skilled in some magical skills, including appearing snakes. Armed with small wooden wand.
Comedy values- 7
Fighting skills- 5
Power- 6
Magic skills- 7
Experience- 6
Intelligence- 8
Quote- “You what?!”

James- Aragon- Master with the bow and arrow, but uses his twin swords for close combat. Armed with what I just said!
Comedy values- 6
Fighting skills- 8
Power- 8
Magic skills- 3
Experience- 8
Intelligence- 5
Quote- “That’s sad!”

Melanie- Ryan’s friend (well that’s all I can think of at the moment…)- ...I don't know...there needs to be at least one girl don't you think?!...Armed with an annoying personality (hey, like Jonathan!).
Comedy values- 5
Fighting skills- 6
Power- 7
Magic skills- 2
Experience- 5
Intelligence- 6
Quote- “P*** off!”

David- Just an innocent by-stander...or a weapon to throw at the decide!- Nothing much to say…but seems to start being scared of Ryan ( Ryan: “I’m so great!”)
Comedy values- 8
Fighting skills- 4
Power- 4
Magic skills- 1
Experience- 4
Intelligence- 4
Quote- “God, that sucks!”

Martin- A lemon...- Just for comedy values...I wouldn't bet on him to win even if he was the only person fighting in this match!
Comedy values- 9
Fighting skills- 2
Power- 2
Magic skills- 1
Experience- 3
Intelligence- 3
Quote- “Geek!”

Adrian- The tag-a-long- An annoying little brother (no wait...he already is one). Well...all little brothers follow their big brother where-ever they go. Oh...and he's Ryan's brother (Ryan: “Oh joy…”)
Comedy values- 5
Fighting skills- 2
Power- 5
Magic skills- 2
Experience- 4
Intelligence- 4
Quote- “I’ll tell…!”

Mr. Brooks-Hagrid- Jonathan's friend (heaven know why...). Armed with his pointless knowledge of computers.
Comedy values- 6
Fighting skills- 4
Power- 7
Magic skills- 2
Experience- 4
Intelligence- 9
Quote- “Okay, I’ll see what I can do.”

General Lee-...General Lee!- Leads hundreds of Japanese people to their doom. Armed with his famous pointy rod.
Comedy values- 6
Fighting skills- 4
Power- 4
Magic skills- 1
Experience- 8
Intelligence- 6
Quote- Japanese phrases.

Porky- Sumo of the purple ring- Enjoys falling over when he taunts, loses, wins or just stands in one place! Armed with a lot of flubber.
Comedy values- 9
Fighting skills- 7
Power- 9
Magic skills- 1
Experience- 8
Intelligence- 2
Quote- Japanese grunts.

Mrs. Hughes- Sarcastic Southern Teacher- Lives on Ryan's road, so decided to get her revenge on James. Armed with sarcastic comments/insults and rather large sides...
Comedy values- 7
Fighting skills- 2
Power- 2
Magic skills- 1
Experience- 2
Intelligence- 8
Quote- “Man alive!”

Leeanne- Miss Attitude- Has a grudge against Mr. Mark, so she goes to battle with her pink handbag (?) and her aggressive mood swings.
Comedy values- 7
Fighting skills- 7
Power- 5
Magic skills- 3
Experience- 4
Intelligence- 9
Quote- “Hello…”

Mr. Mark- Dodgy Teacher #1- Dodgy glasses, dodgy voice, dodgy hair...well actually, just a dodgy teacher! Armed with hand gestures which causes pupils to crack up.
Comedy values- 9
Fighting skills- 3
Power- 2
Magic skills- 1
Experience- 4
Intelligence- 8
Quote- “You should have gone to spec savers, Mr. Mark!”

Mr. Hillman- Dodgy Teacher #2- Another comedy character. Armed with a demented eye.
Comedy values- 9
Fighting skills- 2
Power- 2
Magic skills- 1
Experience- 2
Intelligence- 7
Quote- “Right now, class, quiet down!”

Colin- ?- Either stalks Stuart or disappears and never comes back. You never know…we might see the rare appearance of him in the battles to come…
Comedy values- 8
Fighting skills- 2
Power- 2
Magic skills- 7
Experience- 1
Intelligence- 4
Quote- “It is not me, it is a hologram of me!”

Julian Clarey- The presenter of Sushi TV- “Hello, I’m Julian Clarey, and yes, this is a giraffe on my head.” That says it all, doesn’t it?
Comedy values- 9
Fighting skills- 6
Power- 6
Magic skills- 5
Experience- 4
Intelligence- 8
Quote- “Hello, I’m Julian Clarey, welcome to Sushi TV.”

Ryan- Fu Xi- Lives in Leicester. Same age as the Ryan we all know and love, but very tall. Very intelligent for his age…Armed with a huge sword…a really HUGE sword.
Comedy values- 6
Fighting skills- 6
Power- 7
Magic skills- 4
Experience- 10
Intelligence- 9
Quote- “Even if you fell like you have no existence, we all have a purpose in life.”

Chris- Taki- Ryan’s friend. Likes to annoy people, so thought he might as well join the fight. Armed with two daggers strapped round his back.
Comedy values- 7
Fighting skills- 6
Power- 7
Magic skills- 3
Experience- 7
Intelligence- 6
Quote- “Oh now you…”

Craig- Xiahou Dun- Chris’ brother. Just as annoying as Chris and as he is a little brother, he HAS to follow Chris…Armed with huge two-handed sword.
Comedy values- 5
Fighting skills- 7
Power- 8
Magic skills- 7
Experience- 6
Intelligence- 2
Quote- “Retard!”

Ben- The boring one- Now what can I say about Ben…? Oh yeah! He’s lazy, boring and rude. Armed with the casual, same look…*yawns*.
Comedy values- 8
Fighting skills- 2
Power- 4
Magic skills- 1
Experience- 2
Intelligence- 5
Quote- “Right, Stu.”

Billie- Garnet- Ryan’s friend who hardly sees now…Armed with powerful white magic to heal Ryan and friends and with a magic staff.
Comedy values- 5
Fighting skills- 2
Power- 2
Magic skills- 9
Experience- 4
Intelligence- 7
Quote- “Ah…hello!”

Jamie- The spoiled brat…What?…He is one…Oh okay then, Lu Bu…- Even though he’s going to be the most powerful figure in China, his immature and spoiled mind will get him nowhere…
Comedy values- 6
Fighting skills- 4
Power- 10
Magic skills- 2
Experience- 2
Intelligence- 3
Quote- Cries or shouts.

Aaron- The moral booster- Everybody’s friend…but that doesn’t mean no one will harm him…His kind-hearted and encouraging spirit raises everybody’s will to fight.
Comedy values- 6
Fighting skills- 5
Power- 7
Magic skills- 3
Experience- 5
Intelligence- 5
Quote- “That’s it, Stu, you can do it!”

Mrs. Topping- The “Good morning” or “Good afternoon” head teacher that everybody hates- Well her title is all the useful facts you need to know about her…oh and she’s fat!
Comedy values- 3
Fighting skills- 3
Power- 7
Magic skills- 1
Experience- 5
Intelligence- 9
Quote- “Do you like Blyth-Jex?”

Edmond- Soldier with Spear- Ryan’s cousin. Feels it’s his moral duty as a cousin to help Ryan battle his foes. Armed with long spear.
Comedy values- 5
Fighting skills- 6
Power- 7
Magic skills- 2
Experience- 3
Intelligence- 4
Quote- “What you doing, Edon?!”

Edon- Soldier with sword- Ryan’s cousin. Doesn’t want to miss out on all the ‘fun’ Edmond is having slaughtering lots of people (hey, I wouldn’t!). Armed with iron sword.
Comedy values- 6
Fighting skills- 5
Power- 6
Magic skills- 1
Experience- 2
Intelligence- 4
Quote- “You like that, don’t you…?”

Edona- Crossbow Girl- Yet another one of Ryan’s cousins. Feels left out by Edmond and Edon going out to war (sort of…war, that is), so joins them. Armed with crossbow and a small dagger.
Comedy values- 5
Fighting skills- 6
Power- 3
Magic skills- 6
Experience- 2
Intelligence- 3
Quote- “Paula…”

Aya- The girl in California who has no part in this war what-so-ever- Lives in California (duh!), and speaks to Ryan over the internet…that’s about it…what?! I said she plays no part!
Comedy values- 7
Fighting skills- 4
Power- 4
Magic skills- 4
Experience- 1
Intelligence- 7
Quote- “Lol, ^_^, and other emotional phrases…”

The Parents- The adults that get in the way- The teachers have an advantage here as most of their parents are dead. The others, though, will continually get hassled by their own parents. Armed with a surprising amount of knowledge about their kids, and the ability to stop what they are doing. Hopefully the parents won’t get in the way too much…it wouldn’t be fun if they stopped the battles altogether now, would it?…
Comedy values- 5
Fighting skills- 3
Power- 3
Magic skills- 2
Experience- 4
Intelligence- 7
Quote- Telling people what to do.

Chapter 1- Let the war begin!...But who needs Harry Potter?

It was an average day at the Blyth-Jex High School, Colin wasn’t here, David was being annoying, and Jonathan was being slaughtered by James…
“Patterson stop it!” Jonathan tried to stop James from sitting on him, but who listens to Jonathan?
“What are you gonna do about it, ball?” James replied, still sitting on Jonathan.
“He’s gonna get his friend Mr. Brooks, James…” For some reason Shaun came over, probably just to get on James’ nerves…well what do I know? I’m not Shaun’s personal assistant am I? Hello?…Anybody?…
*Ahem*, anyway James agreed with Shaun and got off Jonathan. “I completely forgot about your best friend, Johnny.” James said.
While all this was going on, Stuart and I were just standing out of the way of all of this, trying not to get in James’ way.
“Oh thanks for helping me, you two!” Jonathan staggered to his feet, and after searching his surroundings, looked at the two of us.
“Well, you know we would’ve, but if we did, we would have ended up dead.” I mentioned.
“God, why doesn’t anybody stand up to Patterson?” asked Jonathan.
“Hmm…because we’ll all be dead, Jonathan!” replied Stuart.
“Well actually, if we all combined our powers, we could overcome James and rule supreme!” as soon as I said that, Jonathan and Stuart stared at me. “What?! It’s a good idea, don’t you think?”
“It could be…if we convinced enough people to go against Patterson…”Jonathan finally gave into the idea.
“Okay then, you two come round mine and we’ll discuss this further.” I said.
“And who made you the boss all of a sudden?” asked Stuart.
“Well I thought of the idea didn’t I? So you’ve got to do what I say!” I replied.
“Fine…” Jonathan and Stuart mumbled.

* * * * *

After waiting half an hour for Jonathan to eventually exit the classroom, the three of us made our way towards my house.
“Well thanks to you, Johnny, our meeting is going to be half an hour late!” I said, still getting over the fact that I actually bothered to wait for Jonathan!
“I just had to go to the office to phone my mum that I’m not gonna be at home straight-away, because I’m going round yours, remember?” replied Jonathan, starting to get into a strop.
“Well it doesn’t take half an hour!” replied Stuart.
“Well my mum had something to say…” said Jonathan.
“You just could’ve phoned her at my house!” I said, which finally kept Jonathan quiet.
When we all got back to mine, Stuart phoned his dad. While this was going on, someone knocked at the door, so I answered it. (Well what do YOU do when someone knocks on the door!?)
“Oh hello, Billie and Jamie, what are you doing here?” I said as I saw the two of them waiting outside.
“That’s not very nice!” Jamie replied.
“Well, I haven’t seen you two for months and now you just suddenly appear on my doorstep!” I answered back.
“We saw your friends come in, acting all-serious, so we thought we should go and see what’s going on.” said Billie.
“Ok, you can come in and help join us for the revolt against James Patterson!” I said, letting them in.
“Err…who’s James Patterson?” asked Billie.
“I’ll explain it all inside, just come in if you want to!” I said, now shoving them inside.
After getting them inside, I closed the door. As soon as I turned away from the door, someone knocked again.
“Who is it now!?” I shouted at the person who knocked. I suddenly realised it was my cousins; Edmond, Edon and Edona.
“How rude! Now you’ve gotta tell us what you are doing!” said Edon, annoyed with me.
I told them what we were planning to do.
“Cool, can we help?” asked Edmond, as soon as I finished explaining.
Well how could I say no? We need more help taking James down, and they’re only my cousins, who cares if they get hurt?
As my cousins and I joined the rest of the group inside the living room, Adrian, the annoying brother, got in my way.
“Can I join?” asked Adrian.
“How do you even know what we’re doing, Ady?” I asked.
“Your friend Jonathan told me.” Adrian replied.
“Jonathan!” I shouted over to Jonathan.
“What?” Jonathan asked, “It doesn’t matter does it?”
“Fine then, Adrian, you can join. But if you get hurt, don’t start crying and definitely don’t blame me for your injury, ok?” I gave in to the idea.
“Yes!” Adrian said, running around like a lunatic, well that’s what he is…
So the nine of us started to speak about how to deal with James. There’s no point in telling you as it was very boring and very long. And if I told you what we said, it wouldn’t be a surprise now, would it? Anyway, we all went back to our own homes after the discussion, leaving me with Adrian to deal with. After some argument and fighting, we went to bed.

* * * * *

The next day was a Saturday, so we couldn’t go against James today. I went on the internet and spoke to my friend Ryan. I told him what we’re doing about James and for some weird reason, he asked if he could come over from Leicester to help us. How could I say no? I wanted to meet him in person, so this was a perfect opportunity to do so.
Ryan went offline and made his way to my house, so I decided to speak to my other friend, Aya, who lives in California. She found our plan very intriguing, but couldn’t help because she had to stay with her family at California.
* * * * *

On Sunday afternoon, Ryan came round.
“Ah, you made it!” I said.
“Yep, this seems fun…” Ryan said, whether or not he was being sarcastic, I ignored what he said.
The rest of the day was spent by me showing Ryan round my house, and for some weird reason, showed him the Blyth-Jex school.
“Pretty big…” Ryan said, staring at the school.
“Yeah, err, don’t get too attached to it Ryan…” I wondered what was the big fascination about Blyth-Jex, but I suppose when Ryan actually spends the day there, he’ll know what it’s truly like…

* * * * *

I woke up, looked around my room and saw Ryan fast asleep on the bed besides mine (to clear things up, there are TWO beds in my room, I was sleeping on one and Ryan the other, just don’t want people to get the wrong idea…). I wanted to let him sleep, but I knew we had to get an early start if we were to proceed with the plan. So, like any sane person would, I got some water and poured it on Ryan’s head!
“Why’d you do that for?” asked Ryan, ten minutes later after I did the deed. He was still trying to get dried up, while also getting his clothes on.
“Well we need to meet Jonathan and Stuart and everybody else outside the George White school by 8.00, Don’t we?” I asked back.
“Err, yeah, but-” Ryan tried to continue, but I cut him off.
“Then we need to get up early!!!!” I shouted.
“At 6.30?” Ryan asked.
“Yes, now come on down for breakfast.” I said, while exiting my room.
After having our breakfast, Ryan and I headed for the door. As soon as I took a step outside, Adrian came running downstairs, dressed and ready to go.
“You thought you were gonna leave me behind didn’t you!?” Adrian said. Boy, he must have some intelligence if he was able to work that out!
“Err, no, Adrian, the thought never came to our minds.” Ryan said, trying not to offend Adrian, heaven knows why…
“Good then, let’s go!” Adrian said. Don’t see why Ryan had to say what he said, if he said we were planning to go without him, Adrian would’ve got into a strop, and stayed at home, as far away from me as possible. Well you can’t blame Ryan, he doesn’t know how Adrian functions does he? Come to think of it, who does?
We got to the front of George White and waited for the others to come. Billie and Jamie came first, followed by Edmond, Edon and Edona. We waited for another ten minutes for Jonathan and Stuart, but they never showed their heads, so we all decided to go round for Jonathan.
When we all got there we saw, surprise, surprise, Stuart waiting outside Jonathan’s house with Jonathan speaking to his mum.
“How long have you been waiting here, Stuart?” asked Billie.
“Half an hour,” Stuart replied, “I left earlier as I expected Jonathan to take long, but not THIS long!”
“Stu-err- Jonathan, hurry up!” said Adrian. (He always gets mixed up between Stuart and Jonathan).
“I was just saying bye to my mum…” said Jonathan, then continued to talk with his mum.
“It doesn’t take fifteen minutes to do that!” exclaimed Stuart. We all agreed with Stuart and dragged Jonathan away from his dull conversation with his mum.
We got to the west site gate and waited for our prey, James, to pass through it. At 8.30, he did pass through the gate and Jamie went flying at him. Good surprise tactic don’t you think? Unfortunately, as soon as Jamie flew towards James, he was sent back flying towards us! He fell on Adrian, who got really angry, and started to hit Jamie.
Next, Billie and Edona had a shot against James. Edona got a few hits in, but was too weak to even phase James. James picked her up, and threw her at Billie. Edmond and Edon got angry at this and started to beat James up. They were doing quite well, until Edon accidental (I’m quite sure if this was accidental or not…) hit Edmond, and then they went into a mini brawl, forgetting completely about James.
“So, Jonathan, this is your master plan? How pathetic” said James, and charged straight towards Stuart and Jonathan.
James knocked them aside like bowling pins. It was then that Ryan and I had no choice but to charge against James. We struck him so hard, all three of us collapsed and lost conscience…

* * * * *

Dunno where we were, but it definitely wasn’t at Blyth-Jex.
“You lot don’t know what you’ve started.” a mysterious voice surrounded all eleven of us.
“What did we start then?” Jamie asked.
“Heh, a war that will change the fate of the world! Wait, scratch that idea. A war that will change the fate of your lives! Hahahahaha!!!” The voice said.
We looked behind us and there before us stood several teachers. They were; Mr. Brooks, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Mark, Mr. Hillman and Mrs. Topping.
We turned back and saw several famous people. They were; Julian Clarey from Sushi TV, and Porky and General Lee form Takeshi’s Castle. These programmes are Japanese game shows.
Then, as if that weren’t enough, more people appeared from the side of the original eleven of us. These were; Chris, Craig, Aaron, Leeanne, David, Martin, Claire (Stuart’s sister), Melanie and Ben.
“Why bring all these people here?” Ryan asked.
“Ha! I told you that you didn’t know what you started!” the voice said, mocking us, “This is what will happen though, if you’re willing to all shut up!”
Until the voice had said that, we were all having our own separate conversations. If you think about it, twenty-eight people all talking at once really does your head in, doesn’t it? Anyway, we all quietened down.
“You are all going to fight each other to the death,” the voice continued, “The last one standing will go face to face with me and ask for anything that they wish for. Is that fair enough?”
“Err, yeah, but why are you doing this?” Stuart asked.
“You can ask me if you win, if you want,” the voice replied, “Now then, here’s where it gets a bit complicated. You will all become you favourite fighting heroes, based on what Ryan thinks.”
“Why him?” Ryan asked.
“Because if it wasn’t for him, this all thing would’ve never have happened.” As soon as the voice said that, everybody looked at me with evil glares.
“What?!” I asked.
“Anyway, see the winner when he wins, so to speak.” said the voice, not caring about the glances given to me. As soon as the voice said that, the whole place became bright again…

* * * * *

When I could see again, I saw that we were back at Blyth-Jex .
“Cool, I’m Aragon!” said James. He tried his newly found archery skills and launched an arrow at Jonathan’s butt, who is now Harry Potter. (Don’t ask why…)
“That does it James, take this!” Jonathan fired several yellow beams around the place. James dodged them all, but one of them hit Martin, and turned him into a lemon!
“That went well.” Ryan stated, watching. As I looked around, I saw all of the warriors (so to speak) sneaking off, so I followed them, with Ryan running behind me.
We were running down Constitution Hill, when we saw Jonathan flying through the air. He landed right in front of us.
“Well, that’s one down.” I stated.
“Yeah, but maybe we should keep on going before James catches up with us?” Ryan suggested. I took his advice, and we left Jonathan’s corpse behind.

Chapter 2- Jamie's demise

As Ryan and I got back to my road, I saw that Ryan had become Fu Xi, and I had become Lu Xun.
“I’m sure I saw Jamie run into his house.” I stated, as I saw a fairly huge figure resembling Lu Bu run into Jamie’s house.
“Cool, I’m Lu Bu!” Jamie said, looking at himself.
“If you’re carrying weapons like that, then you must be up to no good!” Jamie’s mum came around the corner, shocked at the person Jamie had become, “Sorry, Jamie, but you’re staying here! With all those dangerous weapons you’re carrying, you could get killed!”
“…And your point is…?” I said, after entering Jamie’s house. “It doesn’t matter if Jamie gets killed, actually, that would be a bonus!”
“H-how dare you!!!” Jamie’s mum shouted.
“What? I’m sure everybody agrees with me, right?” I replied.
“Don’t worry, mum, I’ll take care of him…” Jamie said, looking at me with his ‘angry’ eyes. He charged at me and as soon as I knew it, I was thrown out into his back garden, where Ryan was waiting for me.
“You killed him yet?” he asked.
“What do you think?” I replied, and as soon as I said that, Jamie launched himself over to where I was laying. I rolled out of the way just as Jamie’s massive pike dug itself into the ground.
“He’s Lu Bu then? No worry…I know how to beat him.” Ryan said.
“Well I’m glad somebody does!” I said, and then dodged another of Jamie’s ferocious attacks.
“Well all we gotta go is catch him off guard.” Ryan continued.
“And how we gonna do that?” I asked.
“Well…actually…didn’t think of that.” he replied.
“Great, just great!” I dodged and weaved several more of Jamie’s attacks. I soon got tired after a minute or so, and soon became slower…until Jamie got a lucky shot and struck me with the head of his pike…

* * * * *

“Ohhh…” I moaned. I looked around at my surroundings and saw Billie as Garnet and Ryan standing in front of me, staring, “Do you mind?!”
“You should be grateful that Billie was around!” Ryan said, seeming a bit annoyed at my initial reaction.
“How come?” I asked.
“Well,” Ryan said, “When Jamie was fighting with you, I managed to hide behind a bush…”
“Oh, so you just waited until Jamie killed me? Charming!” I stated.
“Anyway…” Ryan continued, “When Jamie killed you, he went back inside his house, so I picked up your body and took it to your house. On the way, I bumped into Billie. She saw your dead body and brought it to her back garden. She then used a reviving spell to bring you back to life.”
“So I actually died? Cool!” I said.
“Don’t get cocky now, Ryan,” Billie said to me, “Apparently I can only revive one person, and that was you. So…”
“No need to say more.” I replied, “I’m grateful that you revived me, and honoured that you would use your only spell to help me.”
“Yeah, well, it’s not like there’s anybody else who I would like to revive. No offence, Ryan.” Billie turned to Ryan.
“Nah, doesn’t matter. You don’t know me well anyway, do you?” Ryan replied.
“Right, now if you two have finished, we must get our revenge on Jamie!” I said.
“But he killed you last time!” Billie stated.
“All the more reason to kill him!” I replied, “But don’t worry, I have a plan…” I told them the plan and the three of us went towards Jamie’s house…

* * * * *

When we walked down Jamie’s garden, he must have saw us, as the next thing we knew, he was there, standing right in front of us.
“Y-you’re still alive?!” Jamie said, looking worried.
“Hehe, yep. And now I’m here for vengeance!” I replied.
“Ha! You will never learn!” Jamie said, and made a launch for me. Ryan intercepted the attack and kept Jamie occupied.
“Right, Billie, now’s the time to cast the spell!” I said. Billie then summoned a spell onto me. It levitated me until I was hovering over Jamie and Ryan.
I waited until Ryan blocked one of Jamie’s attack with his huge sword, once he did, and were at weapon deadlock, I charged down to earth, with twin sabres in hand.
“Now, Jamie, pay back time!” I shouted, and drove my sabres through his body before he had the chance to react to my assault. I kept the sabres in, until Jamie’s body collapsed onto the ground.
“Oh well,” I said, pulling the sabres from Jamie’s corpse, “Who’s next?”
“How can you feel so heatless?” Billie asked me.
“Well, I feel ready for anything, since we just took down the most powerful man in all of ancient China, or so to speak.” I replied, feeling really confident.
“Maybe we should next get rid of the teacher you said who lives on this road?” Ryan asked.
“Yes we should, Ryan.,” I said, “Come to think of it, you can be my adviser, and Billie, my healer.”
“Since when have you became the boss all of a sudden?” Billie asked.
“Well I said this to Stuart and Jonathan, and now I’ll say it to you two,” I replied, “I was the one who started all this, so it’s only fair that I’m the leader!”
“Fine…” Billie grumbled.
“I think it’s a sensible idea, we need to form a group large enough to take down James, anyway.” Ryan said.
“Right, exactly my point!” I replied, “Now let’s get going!”
As soon as I said that, we ran up Romany Road to Mrs. Hughes’ house, her time is up!

Chapter 3- It's time the Teachers got what they deserve!

It wasn’t long before Ryan, Billie and I reached Mrs. Hughes’ house. We saw her come outside to encounter us…this shouldn’t be too hard, should it now…?
“Man alive!” Mrs. Hughes said, “You lot think you are all so cool, well, we teachers shall show you a thing or two!”
“Err…there is just you, or can’t you count?” Billie said.
“Ha, I’ll teach you to be so cheeky!” Mrs. Hughes said, and with that, she drew out a gun.
“Oh boy, this is gonna be hard!” Ryan said. As soon as he said that, Mrs. Hughes fired a shot at Billie. I quickly drew my twin sabres and deflected the shot.
“God, Ryan, always annoying to the end!” Mrs. Hughes replied to my quick thinking, and fired a shot at me. This time it was Ryan’s turn to deflect a shot. He drew his huge sword and easily stopped the bullet from reaching me.
“Humph! If that’s the way you wanna play it…” Mrs. Hughes said, then released a smoke bomb, blinding our view. How she got all this equipment is beyond me!
We heard several gunshots, but each of us used our senses to dodge them with our weapons. After a minute or so, the smoke cleared and we could see that somehow we were separated, with Billie closest to Mrs. Hughes.
“Heh, now to get my revenge!” Mrs. Hughes said to Billie, aiming the gun right at her. Before she could fire, however, Billie used her rod to trip Mrs. Hughes up. This gave us the time we needed to gather together again.
“Ha!” a mysterious voice said from behind us, “Now for us teachers to exact our revenge!”
We turned around to see Mr. Brooks, who had become Hagrid. He looked to be in a bad mood, but before anyone of us could react to his presence, Mr. Brooks rose his giant fist and hit Ryan face-on and sent him flying near to Mrs. Hughes.
“Ha! I’ll be able to get you now!” Mrs. Hughes said, delighted with the opportunity that had arisen. Before she could strike though, an arrow hit her leg.
I thought it was James, but it appeared to be Edona, with Edon and Edmond!
“Am I glad to see you lot!” I said, “You are here to help me, right?”
“Of course!” replied Edon, “We heard that Jamie had fallen so we thought it was you. We came here and lo and behold, you were here!”
“Just in time too!” I mentioned.
I turned to face the injured Mrs. Hughes, and the huge Mr. Brooks. Before I launched a strike, though, another surprise happened. Mr. Mark on his dodgy bike rode by, knocking Billie over towards Mrs. Hughes.
“Hehe…” Mrs. Hughes smirked over the defenceless Billie.
“Fire another arrow, Edona!” I told her.
“Give me a minute, I’m still reloading!” Edona replied. After a couple of seconds, Edona was ready, but it was too late, Mrs. Hughes had fired, had all that was left was Billie’s lifeless body.
“No!” I screamed, ran right up to Mrs. Hughes, dodging the attempts of Mr. Brooks and Mr. Mark. As I reached Mrs. Hughes, I lashed out with my sabres until she fell.
Edon and Edmond joined in, and Edon used his sword, while Edmond used his spear to slice down weak Mr. Mark and his equally weak bike.
Ryan recovered from his encounter with Mr. Brooks and charged his mighty sword into Mr. Brooks, killing him.
After the trio had fallen, I noticed Mr. Hillman sneaking off, how he was able to get here, view our battle and sneak off without getting noticed was beyond me! Seems like the teachers have hidden qualities…
We chased after him, finally catching up when he reached the sandy park located near Mousehold First School.
“It’s over, you!” Ryan shouted at Mr. Hillman. Mr. Hillman turned around, revealing his extremely dodgy and demented eye, “And what the hell has happened to his eye?!”
“Heh, we try to get around that in our IT lessons,” I answered, “But it’s extremely hard to!”
“Yeah, Ryan told us about him,” Edmond continued my point, “So this is how he looks, freaky!”
“Be cautious, though,” Ryan said, “He can’t have lured us here for no apparent reason!”
I took Ryan’s advice, and launched towards Mr. Hillman carefully. Before I reached him, a blast of sand blew into my face.
“What the-?!” I said, falling to the ground.
“He must have rigged the floor with an electronic device, blasting sand u whenever he wants it to!” Ryan answered.
“It’s all up to me then!” Edona said, “I’ll use my arrows to knock the device out of his hand!”
Edona fired, but Mr. Hillman saw what we were up to and summoned a sandstorm! It blew the arrow and us out of the park. After it had deposited us onto the ground, the sandstorm kept a constant barrier of wind and sand around the park.
“Great, just great!” Edmond said, “Now what are we gonna do?”
“I’ve got an idea…again!” I replied, “If I know right, Lu Xun can fire weak magical attacks, right Ryan?”
“Yep.” He replied.
“So all we gotta do is fire several magical attacks through the sandstorm, hopefully one of the attacks will cause Mr. Hillman to drop the device!” I continued, “Then we can go in for the kill!”
Saying that, I fired magical beams repeatedly, until I supposedly had hit Mr. Hillman as the sandstorm had stopped. After it had finished, we rushed inside to find Mr. Hillman’s corpse left on the floor.
“Wow! Ryan, your magic attacks are stronger than you said!” Edon said.
“Hmm, I don’t think Ryan killed him.” Ryan said, examining the body.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“I mean if you look hear, you can see someone slit his throat,” Ryan replied, “And I doubt your attack couldn’t have done that.”
“I suppose not,” I replied, “But if I didn’t do it, who did?”
As soon as I had said that, about a hundred or so people came charging into the park, grabbed me, and carried me off, leaving Ryan, Edon, Edona and Edmond behind…

Chapter 4- Television madness!

When I awakened, I saw the very same hundred people who carried me off away from Ryan and my cousins, surrounding me. They all moved aside as a man walked towards me.
“Ah, I see that you’ve awakened, young one!” The man said, now standing right in front of me.
“Well duh!” I replied, “Anyway, who the hell are you!?”
“Heh, I thought you would have known me!” The man said. I glanced at his face and turned from my ‘what’s going on?’ face to my ‘I can’t believe it!’ face.
“G-General Lee?” I said, still amazed, “What are you doing here, and why can you speak English?”
“I’m not completely sure myself to be honest,” General Lee replied. I gave him my look I always give Stuart. “But maybe it has something to do with this little contraption I’m speaking through.”
“Hmm…a device that makes Japanese people speak English…” I pondered for a second, then continued, “Hey! I wonder if it works visa-versa?” After I said that, it was General Lee who was giving the look I give to Stuart, to me.
“Ahem. Maybe we should just cut down to the chase, right?” General Lee replied.
“Huh?” I asked.
“God! Are you really that stupid!?” General Lee said, “What I mean is your funeral!”
“Oh, you heard that I died then? Who tells you this stuff, huh?” I said.
“You’ve already died?!” General Lee said in amazement.
“Oh, so you don’t know then,” I replied, “Then let me fill you in…” I explained to General Lee about how I died from Jamie and Billie revived me.
“Hmm…very interesting..” General Lee said, “Let’s make your death twice as painful as before then!” I looked around me and a huge set identical to Takeshi’s Castle in Japan appeared around me. I looked even more closely and saw the hundred people mob holding weapons. “Alright, my friends, the person to kill this kid wins! Attack!”
It then came to mind with me that the hundred people were the hundred Japanese contestants for the Takeshi’s Castle show.
I drew my twin sabres and slashed away at the Japanese people, running through the Honeycomb Maze, leading people to their watery graves at the trap exits. I skipped past easily through the Skipping Stones, fortunately many of the Japanese people didn’t have the agility to get by and slipped and cracked a lot of their bones on the stones, then collapsing into the water. I skipped by Dominoes, slowing the remaining 57 contestants down.
I jumped onto the surfboard in the Wipe Out set, jumped over the flimsy pink whale back onto the surfboard. I jumped onto the platform, only to be encountered by the one and only male Pocahontas dressed as a women. He got the better of me, mainly because I was caught off guard (unfairly I must say), and shoved me into the water. I used my twin sabres to hook myself up onto the exiting platform and kept running until I bumped into David (what he was doing there I will never know…).
“Ow! Watch where you’re f***ing going, you b******!” David said, completely angry to whoever knocked him down.
“God, David, must you always swear?” I asked him.
“Just ‘cause you don’t, geek!” A voice sounding like Martin’s said. I looked around and saw the item which David was carrying around, a lemon, a lemon version of Martin.
“The lemon speaks!?” I shouted.
“Oh, didn’t realise it was you, Ryan.” said David, noticing me.
“How did you know it was me?” I asked David, guessing he didn’t know that I had changed into Lu Xun.
“Because of your voice, I recognised it.” David replied.
“Oh.” I replied, saddened by the fact that my voice wasn’t the same as Lu Xun’s (Lu Xun’s voice just sounds cool, and intellectual).
“Anyway,” David continued, “About Martin. When Jonathan turned him into a lemon, and James was on the rampage, I quickly picked him up, and hurried off. I wanted to kill Martin, not let James have all the glory. But when I went to drive a knife into him, I couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t. I tried and tried, but I just can’t kill Martin! I feel like such an idiot.”
“Well, I would normally approve of your ‘not-killing’ personality, but when it comes done to it being Martin, I’m quite frankly ashamed that you can’t even kill him!” I replied, “So I’ll do the job for you!” I raised one of my sabres and as soon as I was going to strike Martin, I felt the ground shaking.
“What the hell is that?!” David asked. I didn’t reply as I knew what was awaiting. The 57 Japanese contestants had caught up with me, and seemed more vicious then ever!
“Come on!” I shouted to David, and the three of us ran towards the Sumo Rings set on water.
We were about to collide with Porky, one of the sumos, but David and I slipped on the watery ring and skidded underneath Porky, leaving the 57 contestants to take the brunt of Porky’s charge. All 57 of the contestants went flying and crashed into several parts of the Takeshi’s Castle set. We saw General Lee appear again.
“Damn! That wasn’t supposed to happen!” General Lee said, surprised that I had gotten past all hundred of the Japanese contestants and survived. “Ha! I will not give up though, Porky, kill him!”
Porky charged right at us, but I used my quick thinking, grabbed Martin from out of David’s hands, and threw him at Porky. Porky seemed fascinated with Martin, and began to eat him. Giving me some time, I launched David right at Porky using my twin sabres. David slammed right into Porky, but Porky continued eating and David rebounded off Porky into the water.
“Well, that’s the end of them two.” I said, as Porky had just finished devouring Martin the lemon.
Porky punched me onto the floor, and was about to do a running jump, but slipped over himself! I quickly got up, and jumped as high as I could, and when I was at the highest point of my jump, I used all my strength to charge drive back onto the sumo ring. The unstable sumo ring suspended over water went down to my side of the ring, and catapulted Porky into the air. He quickly came back to down to earth, or should I say, came down on General Lee! The two defeated, I walked off.
After an hour or so of walking, I came across Edmond, Edon and Edona.
“Hi, you three! Great to see you again. You wouldn’t believe the adventure I just endured on my own!” I said, glad to see some friendly faces, “Where’s Ryan?”
“Err…” replied Edmond, “He told us to tell you that he was going back home. He said that this was getting nowhere and that killing people helps no one. He did say, however, that he might come back to see you, if you see sense.”
“But I can’t stop killing people now,” I said, upset with the fact that Ryan was gone. “If I don’t kill people, they will end up killing me!”
“Boy, so what you gonna do, Ryan?” Edon asked.
“Well, we will kill everybody, sort things out with the guy who planned this all, and go and visit Ryan.” I replied, “That way, everybody will be happy. Err, apart from the people who’ll die. Oh well, sacrifices have to be made.”
So the four of us headed towards Stuart’s house, to see how he was going, if he was going at all, that is. On the way, we bumped into Adrian (boy, I seem to be bumping into quite a lot of people, huh?).
“God! Why do you have to be included in this war, huh?” I said to Adrian, “I might as well kill you now!”
“Ryan, wait!” Edona stopped me from drawing my twin sabres, “Look, you shouldn’t kill your own brother. What you should do is bring him along all the time, if he gets killed on the way, fine. If he survives and everybody else is dead, then you can kill him, ok?”
I had to agree, I mean, he’ll die eventually anyway. Adrian could be useful to sway the damage to him, keeping me safe. Thinking like this kept me content all the way to Stuart’s mum’s house door. I knocked on the door, and saw a figure resembling Kamek open the door. I figured it was Stuart, and Stuart knew it was me without me saying anything.
“Ryan!” Stuart said, “Have I got something to tell you!”
“What?” I asked, curious.
“Come inside,” Stuart replied, “And I’ll tell you all about

Chapter 5- Stuart tells it all!

“Well then?” I asked Stuart, as I sat down on his chair in his living room. “What happened to you?”
“Err…I got turned into Kamek, like you turned into Lu Xun.” Stuart replied. I gave him the look I always give him.
“What?!” Stuart always get annoyed when I give him ‘the look’. “Stop looking at me like that!”
“Well, I know that you’ve turned into Kamek,” I said, “I want to know about your ‘big’ adventure you’ve had.”
“Ah…ok then,” Stuart replied, “Listen closely…”
“Well after James turned into Aragon and fired and arrow at Jonathan’s butt, I quickly hastened away from him with Claire, who is now Ivy. What I didn’t know, however, that Ben, Melanie, Leeanne and Chris were following me.
After a while of running down Constitution Hill, I finally noticed the four of them following Claire and me. I turned round to face them, but saw Chris as Taki suddenly appear in front of me. I did the same trick and vanished, then reappeared behind Chris and hit him with my staff. Chris fell on the floor, then Leeanne had her turn against me, waving her pink handbag frantically around. Fortunately, Claire intervened and turned her sword into a whip, tied it around the pursuing Leeanne’s legs, and tripped her up.
For some reason, Melanie joined in with the fight, dunno why she suddenly hated me so much. I was ready to intercept, but Ben called out casually “Right, Stu.” Whenever Ben says that, I always have to reply with “Right, Ben.”, so I did, but I lost concentration and Melanie sent me flying.
While I was getting up, I saw Claire kill Ben, shame that. I wanted to kill him myself though. When I got up, I fired a purple beam at Leeanne, killing her also. I was then gonna go for Melanie, but Chris had gotten up without me noticing and had grabbed hold of Claire, holding a dagger to her neck.
“I think you should stop just right there,” he smirked, “Unless you want your friend to die!” I told Chris that she was my sister, but it just gave Chris more of a reason to hold Claire hostage.
“Meet me at Ronnie’s in half an hour if you want to ever see your sister again.” He continued, and after saying that, he left me with Melanie. I was about to strike her, but she surprisingly said “That was bang out of order!” I asked her why she’s suddenly ‘Mr. Caring’ and she replied that if her sister was held hostage, she’s be furious. After saying those words, Melanie and I prepared for the encounter with Chris at Ronnie’s, as Melanie knew where to go.
Half an hour of preparing later, we headed to Ronnie’s, to be encountered with a tied-up Claire, and Chris and Craig, who is now Xiahou Dun. I asked them to let her go, but Craig said that the only way I could get her was if I defeated both of them. I was glad I had Melanie’s help after hearing this.
Melanie went for Craig while I went for Chris. Chris drew his two daggers and quickly swiped away at me, but he didn’t realise I had cast a barrier on myself which stopped all attacks from harming me. After Chris got tired, I released my barrier, causing a shockwave which knocked Chris to the ground.
Using this free time, I watched Melanie dodge and weave through Craig’s fast attacks. He side-stepped backwards, and held his sword in mid-air. I knew he was preparing a magic attack so I warned Melanie. She didn’t hear me, but still took advantage of Craig’s preparing time and killed him. I turned around to face Chris again after Melanie had defeated Craig, but Chris had already got up and started making an exit.
“Thanks a lot you two!” Chris yelled to us, “I only lured you here so you could kill Craig!”
“Why couldn’t you kill him yourself?” Melanie asked Chris.
“Because,” Chris replied, “My mum told me not to kill him, said she would kill me if I did. So anyway, you can take your stupid sister back, now to let everybody kill each other until no one is left, then I’ll win! Ha!” After saying that, Chris ran off.
“You untie your sister, Stuart,” Melanie said, “I’ll go after this creep!” And with that, she left me with Claire. I untied her and we went back home.”
“Hmm…interesting story,” I said, after Stuart had finished, “So, where’s Melanie now?”
“We dunno,” Claire said, coming into the living room to see us, “We haven’t seen her since she left to get Chris.”
“Chris couldn’t outrun Melanie,” Edmond said, “So I think Melanie has already killed him and is now after other people to kill.”
“She might get carried away,” I said, “Melanie loves death, and now she’s got an excuse to kill, she might kill innocent people she thinks aren’t worth living.”
“If that’s the case then,” Claire had caught onto my plan, “We better go find her as quick as we can!”
“Just as I thought,” Edon said, “But before we go, can we get something to eat, I’m starving!”
“So am I,” I said, “Maybe we should stay for food.”
Half an hour later, after having lunch, the six of us left Stuart’s mum’s house and went to search for Melanie.
We went to the scene of the…err…crime?…I dunno…anyway, we asked around near Ronnie’s and a helpful kid told us where to find Melanie, it was at Anglia Square, so we headed there.
When we arrived, we saw Melanie taking blows from Mrs. Topping, why she was there is beyond me…like always! Oh yeah, we saw Chris’ corpse on the floor as well.
After Mrs. Topping knocked Melanie down, Edona fired an arrow at Mrs. Topping’s legs to stop her causing the final blow on Melanie. Mrs. Topping fell…onto Melanie, killing her!
“God, Edona!” I shouted to her, “Try hard enough and all my friends will die!!”
“Heh, sorry.” Edona said, while I was giving her an evil glare, Edmond and Edon rushed in to finish off Mrs. Topping before she could recover from her fall.
With Melanie, Chris and Mrs. Topping all on the floor dead, we all headed to the City Centre, as Claire thought that will be the place where everybody else will have gone to. To the City Centre it is then!

Chapter 6- A wierd combination

When we reached the City centre, we saw Aaron there, waving at us.
“Right, guys and girls?” He asked.
“Yeah, we’re all fine,” Stuart said, “But it seemed you knew that we were coming…am I right?”
“Yep,” Aaron replied, “This weird guy with a giraffe on his head asked me a question of three choices to answer from. I chose the option of meeting my friends, and then you just appeared!”
“Man with giraffe on his head…” I was in thought for a second, then I turned to Stuart, “You don’t think it’s Julian Clarey, do ya?”
“Well there’s only one way to find out, ain’t there?!” Adrian said, I had completely forgotten about him until this time. Now why doesn’t he be quiet when I ask him to…?
“Could you show us where this person is?” Claire asked Aaron.
“Sure thing,” Aaron told us, “He told me to come and get you lot anyway.” I was still confused by this, but I followed the others…who were following Aaron…

* * * * *

When we reached WH Smiths, there stood Julian Clarey, wearing blue ears and a giraffe on his head, welcoming us.
“Welcome to the new set for Sushi TV,” Julian said to us as we stopped walking, “And to start off with, we have these wonderers looking for people to kill so they can win…well, they don’t know that yet!”
We looked around and saw cameras and lights surrounding us. I had enough of Japanese show sets after my experience with Takeshi’s Castle.
“Cut to the chase,” I said frankly, “I know you brought us here to get killed, so let’s get it on, yeah?”
“Humph! You really think I’ll fight such experience warriors like yourselves?” Julian said to us, “If so, then you must think I’m really stupid!”
“Hey, a compliment!” Edmond said, “Nice to know that our abilities are known.”
“Silence!” Julian continued, “What I’m planning on doing is having Aaron and another person fight you guys. And what better way to have fun than to see if you can guess who will fight against you other than Aaron!”
“Huh?” It seemed that Julian had lost Stuart.
“Will the extra person you’ll be fighting with be…a- Jonathan, b- Porky, or c- someone who you’ve never met before in your lives?” Julian asked us.
“Well…” I pondered, “It can’t be Jonathan or Porky, as they are both dead, so I’m going with someone who we’ve never met before in our lives.”
“We’ll go with Porky!” Edmond, Edon, and Edona said in unison.
“Let us fight Jonathan,” Claire and Stuart said together, “We want more comedy in our fights!”
“I’ll go with what Ryan said.” Adrian said. Seems this war has completely changed Adrian, not only is he being quiet, but now he’s agreeing with my ideas!
“Well, the majority has to win,” Julian said, “So let’s see how well you fight against the stronger, more vicious Porky!” Porky jumped from a building and landed beside Aaron, who seemed ready to do battle with us.
“But I thought I killed him at Takeshi’s Castle!” I stated to Julian.
“Ah, you thought you killed him, but honestly, do you really think that falling on General Lee would really kill him?!” Julian replied, “You were in such a rush after the encounter with Porky, you didn’t stop to check if you actually had killed him. Now you and you friends and family will suffer the consequences!”
“Way to go, Ryan.” Edon said to me blankly.
“What do you mean?! You were the ones who voted for him, didn’t you?!” I shouted back to Edon.
“Get ready,” Claire said, “Here they come!”
We turned our attention to the rampaging Porky and Aaron, and quickly drew our weapons to do combat. We moved into two groups, one consisting of Claire, Stuart and Adrian, and another consisting of Edmond, Edon, Edona and I. My group took on Porky, while Stuart’s group took on Aaron.
I dodged and weaved Porky’s assaults, full of energy from our nice rest speaking to Julian Clarey. Edona fired the odd arrow or so, trying not to hit me in the process of hitting Porky, but the arrows just rebounded off his flubber. I then reminder myself on how David couldn’t hurt him even after being fired at Porky.
Edmond and Edon went up against Porky with their sword and spear, and lunged their weapons towards Porky. Porky gabbed the weapons, however, and destroyed them! This was seriously not good…
I looked around and conveniently saw a well placed cannon aiming at WH Smiths. I thought of the obvious and told my cousins to lure Porky in front of the cannon, while I loaded it up.
I went towards the cannon and, after some trying, picked up the heaviest of the cannon balls and placed it inside. I waited until my cousins ran towards the cannon, with no weapons to defend themselves with, I guess it was a sensible solution to run. I quickly fired a magical ember from my twin sabres at the piece of rope on the cannon, setting the cannon alight. Perfectly timed, Porky ran right in front of the cannon when it fired the cannon ball. Porky was taken with the flow of the ball, which also took Julian Clarey, into WH Smiths, exploding the shop. The shop collapsed onto the two of them, ultimately killing them. This time I was sure that Porky was dead!
My group of four turned towards Stuart’s group of three battling Aaron. I say battling, but actually they were running away from him, trying not to hurt our friend. I would hate to see Aaron die, since he always encouraged me and Stuart at school to do better. But to end this war, Aaron needed to be eliminated. So I shouted to Stuart.
“Come on!” I said, “I don’t care if Aaron is one of our friends, he needs to die and-” Before I could finish, I saw Adrian had killed Aaron with the dagger he must’ve stolen from my room. “-Oh.”
With the final three enemies dead, we all got to together to discuss on what we should do next…

Chapter 7- My family reduced to size

We all sat down near Mc. Donald’s, trying to think of a way how we could all win this war, so we wouldn’t have to kill ourselves. I was deep in thought until Stuart came up with a valid point which I had completely forgotten about.
“Actually, Ryan,” Stuart said, “You said that all the enemies were dead, but what about James?”
“I dunno to be honest,” I replied, still shocked that I had forgotten such a beast as James, “I am hoping that he perished along the way, but with the ease he defeated Jonathan, I doubt he’s dead yet.”
“Well if you’re judging James’ abilities by his battle with Jonathan, I think that’s pretty unfair.” Stuart said.
“Why’s that?” Claire asked before I got a chance to.
“Well, Jonathan is so easy to defeat, battling him was like an easy practice which anybody could accomplish, even David!” Stuart explained his point.
“Heh, so true!” said a voice from out of nowhere. We all turned to face our greatest nightmare, James himself! “And I think defeating you lot will be just as easy!”
James launched himself from the top of Mc. Donald’s and landed right beside the seven of us. He quickly drew his sword, and lunged it at Edon, killing him instantly. He then turned towards us. But without anything being said, we ran for our lives. We ran all the way to QS, until James had caught up with us and swiped at Edmond, killing him also.
“Ha! Come on, Ryan!” James said to me, “I thought your sad little group of nobodies will at least try to put up a fight!”
“He’s right,” I sighed to everybody, “We have no choice but to fight him. I mean, we need to if we’re ever going to win this, right guys?”
“I’m with you all the way!” Edona said, infuriated at what James had just done to her brothers. “He’s gonna pay!”
After Edona had spoken, she quickly loaded an arrow into her small crossbow and fired it at James’ left arm. James was stunned for a second, but thought it would seem to be funny if he killed Edona with his arrows. An arrow against arrow fight. James drew his bow and arrows.
“I declare an arrow fight,” James said to Edona, “Whoever wins lives, and whoever loses…wells, dies!”
“Edona don’t!” Adrian shouted to Edona, “Your puny arrows stand no chance against James’ arrows!”
“Oh thanks for the support, Ady!” Edona replied, then turned back to face James, “I accept your challenge!”
Edona and James walked back in opposite directions, you know…the thing they do in old western movies. After a couple of steps, James said to draw and quickly spun around. Quite surprisingly, Edona had already turned around, still angry with James about her brother’s death, so Edona saw no reason to fight fairly. She fired an arrow straight towards James’ heart, I was getting so excited by the fact that James will finally pay the price of his deeds before and during the war.
James somehow knew that Edona was going to pull a stunt off like this, as he immediately reacted to the shot arrow and launched off one of his own, more powerful arrows straight towards Edona. It collided with Edona’s arrow, but split through the middle of the arrow, still heading towards Edona.
“Stuart, do something!” Claire said.
Stuart quickly responded and fired a purple beam at James’ arrow, knocking it away from Edona. James became just as infuriated as Edona was by this event.
“Heh, you just don’t know when to stop,” James turned towards Stuart, Claire, Adrian and I, “You’re seriously gonna pay now! I was gonna go easy on you, but disrupting my fun is out of order!”
With that being said, James hurled his sword through Edona, killing her. Boy, so many people from my family dying to day, huh? James picked up his sword, and glanced at us, then looked above from where we were standing. We looked up as well, seeing a huge sign.
“This is where I win!” James shouted, and threw his sword at the sign, making it fall of the wall towards us.
“Run inside the shop!” I yelled, “It’s closer than going anywhere else!”
We all ran inside QS. When we got inside, we saw the sign and part of the wall collapsing outside onto the ground, blocking our exit outside, we were trapped.
“This is seriously not good,” I said, “We’re sitting ducks here, until James breaks through and slaughters us like he has done to my cousins!”
“Ryan, is that you?” a female voice said from behind. I turned around to see my mum, fancy seeing her here, I completely forgot that she had to work today. If I had remembered, I wouldn’t have stayed near QS in the first place, as my mum doesn’t like me fighting…and she especially wouldn’t like me killing people as well!
“Err, hi mum!” I replied.
“Why on earth are you carrying those swords?! I told you before that you’re not aloud to take stuff like that out of the house! And why do you look like that? And who are these people here?!” my mum furiously asked me.
“Well it’s hard to explain everything,” I replied, “But I can tell you that these two are Stuart and his sister Claire.”
“I-I can’t believe this is happening!” my mum said, trying to stay on her feet. I then told her everything that has happened, and what James is going to do to us soon if we don’t get out of the shop.
“Well then we better get out of here then!” my mum seemed to understand what was going on, and seemed to feel that she had no other choice but to help us anyway.
We got to the mountain of rubble at the front of the shop and were about to start moving it out of the way until we saw the rubble move. A couple of seconds after, the whole pile was blown, including us, out of the way, to the back of QS. I quickly stumbled to my feet, and saw James at the front doors. This is it, I thought to myself, it’s time for the final showdown!

Chapter 8- This is it!

With James standing in the way of our exit out of QS, I knew the only way out was to defeat James. He has had it coming to him, over the past years at Blyth-Jex, he has been persistently annoying Stuart, Jonathan and I. And now James has just killed my three cousins…
“James,” I started speaking, “This is it, it’s time for you to pay for what you’ve done to me, my friends and family!”
“Ha!” James smirked, “Come on, you had no chance against me at school, so what makes you think that you that you can defeat me now?”
“I don’t know,” I replied, “But there’s just this strong feeling that I do have the power to vanquish you. It just suddenly appeared when this war started…”
“That’s sad,” James continued, “Is that the best you can come up with?! Look around you, all you have is a pitiful three people to help you. Ha!”
I looked around and saw Stuart, Claire and Adrian stagger to their feet. I turned to my mum and saw that she had been knocked unconscious.
“Oh,” Claire said, “Seems that the work of removing the rocks have been done for us!”
“But at a cost,” Stuart said, “Now James is here and he’s not gonna spare any of us!”
“Too true,” James smiled, “This is where it all ends, for you!”
I drew my twin sabres as James drew his sword. Stuart drew his staff, Claire drew her sword and Adrian drew my dagger.
“Don’t hold back!” I told them, “Fight as you’ve never fought before!”
“Well duh, Ryan,” Adrian replied, “If we don’t fight, what are we gonna do? Just wait for James to kill us?! Well that’s a good plan!”
I ignored Adrian and ran towards James. My twin sabres clashed his one sword several times, each at different angles. I ducked and jumped over his swipes, but James was able to get a kick in and I was shoved out of the way.
Claire turned her sword into a whip and wrapped it around James’ body, which gave Stuart a chance at attacking James. Stuart fired several beams of purple light at James, but James was able to go against Claire’s whip and dodged slightly to the left or right, making Stuart’s shots all miss. James broke free and grabbed Claire, driving his sword through, which instantly killed Claire.
“No!” Stuart cried, “James, how can you kill someone that close to me?”
“The same way he killed my cousins,” I replied, “By not caring.”
Me and Adrian launched towards James. James easily dodged Adrian’s attacks, grabbed his leg and suspended Adrian in midair. I grabbed the opportunity to attack James, and lunged my sabres at the arm which was keeping Adrian suspended. James let go of Adrian, and turned his attention to me.
“Heh,” James said to me, “You think you’re the big hero around here, saving your brother’s life. That’s so sad it’s sickening!”
“You may think so,” I replied, “But I can’t let my own family die because of a war which I technically started.”
“Oh, and now you’re loyal as well?” James replied, “Don’t make me laugh! Actually scratch that, you are making me laugh, ha!”
“Well at least Ryan has honour!” Stuart suddenly said, still trying to recover from the loss of Claire, “What are you trying to get out of all this?”
“Me?” James replied, “Well I’m planning to become rich! That geezer who set this war up said that the winner could ask for anything which he or she desires!”
“I completely forgot about that,” I said, “This is perfect!”
“What?” James asked.
“I know what to ask for!” I replied, “As long as I win this, I know what to ask the person who set this war up!”
“Good for you,” Adrian said, “Now if you don’t mind, shouldn’t we go back to killing James?”
“Try to kill me you mean, midget,” James said, “And die while trying! Hahaha!”
I closed my eyes, and felt the presence of James running towards me. I prepared my twin sabres for attacking, and when I felt that James was close enough, I launched an attack with my eyes still closed. I opened my eyes again to see James dead body on the floor.
“Wow!” Stuart said, “You finally killed James! But, err, how come you didn’t do that in the first place? You seemed to kill him with relative ease there!”
“I dunno,” I replied to Stuart, “It was as if I was being controlled. I didn’t know why I closed my eyes, I just did. And it seemed that my arms carrying my sabres moved to the correct positions all by themselves. And when I swiped at James, it sounded like someone told me to strike at precisely the right time.”
“It could be that voice we heard when this all started.” Adrian suggested.
“Could be,” I replied simply. I saw some of my mum’s friends from her work come by to help my mum. “You look after her, ok?” I said to the friends, “I’m going.”
Stuart, Adrian and I all walked out from QS. We kept on walking in silence until we reached the Forum (the main library in the city). Once we reached the Forum, we all stopped.
“This is it.” I said.
“What’s ’it’?” Stuart asked.
“The showdown between you, me and Adrian.” I replied.
“What?!” Adrian shouted, “You gonna make us all fight ourselves?!”
“Yes,” I looked down to my shoes, not looking at Adrian or Stuart, “To finish this horrible war…we need to eliminate every person involved in this fight, which includes us. We need to have only one person surviving…which means two of us will have to die!”
“Pah!” Stuart seemed angry at me, “Who exactly came up with these rules anyway? I mean, we know it’s that weird voice, but who is actually the weird voice?”
“Let’s find out then!” I said, and raised my head at Stuart and Adrian, “Who ever wins out of the three of us can go face to face with the voice and find out the truth!”
All three of us drew our weapons slowly for the final time.
“This is really it then?” Stuart asked to make sure that what I was saying is what I really meant.
“Yes,” I replied simply, “And don’t hold back! Just because we care for each other, doesn’t mean we should go easy. I’m expecting the best out of you two!” With that being said, we all prepared for the final battle to end this war…

The Match of the Year 2

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by Li Ruiyue
I wasn't allowed to get my whole story in one post, but here's the last two chapters!


Chapter 9- Hardest battle yet!

My first instinct was to attack Adrian, and finally rid him after all the times he had annoyed me since he was born. Every day was a pain trying to keep peace between Adrian and I, always arguing about some little thing. But Stuart held more of a threat with Kamek’s powerful magical attacks, so I went after him first.
“This is for our own good!” I yelled, as I jumped towards Stuart.
As I was about to drive my twin sabres into him, he quickly used a teleportation spell, disappeared, then suddenly reappeared behind me. Stuart tripped me up with his rod, then went after Adrian. I got up and fired one of my weak magical attacks at Stuart, who easily formed a barrier around himself, deflecting my attack. Stuart released his barrier, sending Adrian flying away from Stuart and I.
“You can’t delay the inevitable,” I said to Stuart, “You can’t just push Adrian or me away from you. The only way to win is if two of us die!”
“I know…” Stuart replied, “You know this isn’t easy!”
“We don’t have a choice…” I said back, but I didn’t continue the sentence as Stuart had already launched himself towards me.
I somersaulted backwards, which caused Stuart to collapse on the ground. While Stuart was trying to recover, I was memorizing myself as to what attack’s Lu Xun has at his disposal. I knew he had a fire attack, but didn’t know how to use such a powerful spell.
Adrian had made his way over back to where Stuart and I were duelling and stood right in front of Stuart.
“You’re gonna pay for what you did to me!” Adrian shouted to Stuart, “No one does that to me!”
Stuart finally got to his feet and kicked Adrian. I saw a tear come from his eye, but he quickly swept it away and lunged my dagger towards Stuart. Stuart cast yet another spell which made Adrian and Stuart switch places, leaving Adrian swiping at thin air, and Stuart at a perfect shot against Adrian.
Despite all my views about Adrian having to die, I knew I had to protect him, so I quickly kicked Stuart out of the way. Adrian turned around, and hurled my dagger at me, which I grabbed easily.
“This is the thanks I get for saving you?!” I asked Adrian.
“Hey!” Adrian shouted back to me, “You said no holding back against each other, and here you are protecting me, when you should be trying to kill me!”
“Suit yourself,” I said, closing my eyes, “You’ve got it coming to you now!”
I knew Stuart was readying an attack, and left Stuart to kill Adrian as I was still holding the dagger which Adrian had thrown at me. I know it was heartless to let Stuart kill Adrian, but at least I wouldn’t be blamed for his death, I mean, I did save him, didn’t I? I opened my eyes again and faced Stuart.
“Just you and me now,” I smirked, “I really thought you wouldn’t be the last one I would face in the final showdown as my money was on James!”
“Oh, charming!” Stuart replied, “You just gave me a really nice reason to kill you know!”
I was pleased by Stuart’s reaction, actually I was expecting the reaction I got, as now Stuart will be fighting at his best, which I had asked him to do earlier.
“But why fight here?” Stuart asked me, “When we can go to a far more exciting place to fight!”
With that being said, Stuart spun his rod around, casting a much more powerful teleportation spell, which affected both of us this time. We appeared somewhere where I had never seen before, with fire all around us in random places.
“Where are we?” I asked Stuart.
“Heh, I dunno the exact location,” Stuart replied, “But this place looks much more of a dramatic arena, don’t you think?”
I gave Stuart the look I always give him, then fired one of my weak magical attacks at him, which Stuart dodged easily. When I did this, however, I noticed a small breeze of air coming out of my sabres. I only noticed this as the arena we were fighting on was so hot, I could notice even the slightest breeze. I finally realised how to use my fire attack.
“It’s now or never!” I shouted at Stuart, then went to one of the smaller concentrated bursts of flames and fired one of my magical attacks towards Stuart. The attack was wind based, so it caught the flames of the fire on it’s journey to Stuart, and set him ablaze.
When Stuart’s burning body finally collapsed onto the ground, I heard someone clapping from behind me. I turned around to meet none other than Ryan. I had completely forgotten about him, my mind has been so preoccupied lately. Ryan stopped clapping and glared towards me.
“Well done, Ryan,” Ryan started to speak, “The war is now officially over!”
“What?!” I replied, I was really confused by what Ryan had just said.
“Well let me explain…” Ryan said, but before he could, a bright light appeared and Ryan vanished.
Great, I thought to myself. Oh well, at least the war is finally over. I assumed that the bright light which took Ryan away was the same light which took all of us away before this war started. Before I could think any further, the bright light appeared again.
When I could see again, I saw that I was where this war first started, the place where we first encountered ‘the voice’. I looked further and saw Ryan and a guy in a robe, covering his face.
“Come over here,” Ryan said to me, “I asked this guy to bring you here so we could confront him together!” Well, there was no point of me saying no thanks you, now was there? So I walked over to where Ryan and the robed guy was waiting…

Chapter 10- Aftermath

“Heh, now let me explain the situation you two are in, ok?” the robed guy started to speak. His voice seemed familiar, but I couldn’t be bothered to try and figure out where I’ve heard the voice before, as there were more important matters to attend to.
“Go on then,” I said, folding my arms.
“First though,” the robed guy said, “Let me get you out of those ‘costumes’.”
A blue light surrounded Ryan and I, and after the light disappeared, I saw that I had become ‘me’ again, and Ryan was also back to normal.
“Anyway,” the robed guy continued, “The winner of this war is Ryan Rosenheim.”
“How?” I asked, “Shouldn’t there be only one person surviving to end this war?”
“There is,” Ryan started to explain, “What I was about to tell you is that you are technically out of the war since near the beginning. When Jamie killed you, you went out of the war, but Billie revived you and it made things more complicated.”
“Yes,” the robed guy continued, “I have been helping you in particular, so then things wouldn’t be as complicated.”
“Help me in what ways?” I asked.
“Well, me killing Mr. Hillman for a start,” the robed guy said, “You were never gonna get past the sandstorm he produced, and it seemed such a shame to see one of my more interesting contestants to lose against James, so I instructed you in secrecy when and how to kill James.”
“Contestants?!” I shouted to the robed guy, “You think this is a game?! I had to kill my best friend for a game?!” I was so angry I would’ve killed the robed guy, but because I had lost my twin sabres after going back to normal, I had to resort to punching him instead. It took the robed guy off guard and he stumbled backwards, with his hood uncovering his face. I stared at him, I couldn’t believe my eyes, “Colin?!”
“Heh, yes it’s me!” Colin smirked, “Happy now?”
“You know this Colin guy, Ryan?” Ryan asked me.
“Well to be honest, hardly anybody knows him,” I replied, “He’s hardly ever at school and doesn’t speak much.”
“Seems like he has been planning this all the time he was away from school then.” Ryan said.
“Ha! You know nothing!” Colin shouted at us, “You two have no idea about what’s going on!”
“Well then tell us!” Ryan said.
“I will only tell you what my master has allowed me to tell you…” Colin said, “My master said that this was a mere test for the winner of this war. He said whoever wins this war, he will soon summon him and use him for the master’s plan.”
“And what is exactly the master’s plan?” I asked.
“That I cannot say…” Colin replied.
“Fine then!” I said, “Now, let’s get onto the business of asking for whatever we desire!”
“Only Ryan Rosenheim can do this, as he is the winner.” Colin said.
“Actually,” Ryan said, “I would appreciate if Ryan would do the honours. I expect he has something decent to ask for!”
“If it’s the winner’s wish…” Colin said, “I cannot argue…”
“Great!” I said, “So anyway, bring back all the people who have died in this war back to live!”
“But that defeats the whole point of why this war had happened!” Colin said, “The point was that the winner of this war will carry out the master’s plan on his own, not with any help from his friends.”
“Why is that then?” Ryan asked.
“Grr…” Colin mumbled, “I cannot say. But I will do what you have asked for, I will bring everybody back to life. They’ll all be back to normal once you leave this place, bye!”
“Wait!” I shouted, “Colin, I still have other questions to ask. Why were you in charge of this war? Who is you master? Why-”
“Silence!” Colin shouted at me, “The rules say that the winner can only ask for one thing, not several!”
“Lousy rules!” I said, and Ryan and I were surrounded with the same bright light as before.

* * * * *

When my eyes recovered from the brightness of the light, I saw everybody who was involved in this war surrounding Ryan and I, alive on my road.
“Ok, children,” Mrs. Topping spoke, “I want everyone to forget what we have just experienced today, and act as if nothing as happened back at school tomorrow. I’m afraid I’ll have to put all of you from Blyth-Jex absent as today was a school day.”
“Haven’t they suffered enough?” Mrs. Hughes butted in, “Man alive, give them a break, they’re only kids!”
“Well I do believe we should try to forget about all this,” Mr. Mark said, making hand gestures while doing so as normal, “If word lets out to the public that this happened, well let’s just say I don’t think Blyth-Jex would be an open school to the public ever again!”
“I agree,” Mr. Hillman said in his dodgy voice, blinking away, “Now let’s go home.”
As the teachers left, so did Porky, General Lee and Julian Clarey leave as well. The teachers headed off to their homes, and the other three headed off towards the airport to get back to America and Japan.
“Well that was a fun experience,” Stuart said, “Come on, Claire, maybe we should head home.”
“Yeah.” Claire said simply.
“I’ll see you tomorrow at school, Ryan,” Jonathan said, “I’m gonna walk home with Stuart and Claire, ok?”
“Ok then, bye!” I replied to Jonathan. I then turned to Adrian, “Adrian, go with your cousins to their house. I’ll explain to mum that you’re gonna stay the night, ok?”
“Wow! Thanks, Ryan!” Adrian said.
“You did well today, Adrian,” I said, then turned to Edmond, Edon and Edona, “I’ll pick him up tomorrow morning, ok?”
“Yep, that’s fine!” Edmond replied, “See you lot later!”
As my cousins and Adrian walked home, Chris, Craig, Leeanne, Aaron, Ben, Melanie, David and Martin followed suit and left us.
“Heh,” James said to me, “You are so gonna pay for what you did to me in that stupid war!” James launched towards me, but Ryan intervened and kicked hi in the stomach. “Gah! You and your stupid friend are so….stupid!” With that said, James ran off.
“Thanks.” I said to Ryan.
“No problem,” Ryan replied, “What are friends for?”
“Heh, I wonder what’s happened to Colin?” I asked.
“I dunno,” Ryan replied, “But I don’t think we should worry about that for now.”
“You’re right,” I replied, “From what Colin said, you’ve gotta wait for his master to ‘summon’ you, since you are the winner.”
“Exactly,” Ryan said, “Well I’m now gonna head back to Leicester for now. I’ll promise to come visit you properly at some point, but I’m preoccupied at the moment now.”
“Err,” I said, “Then why did you come over here in the first place then?”
Ryan kept silent, I was totally confused (as normal).
“But don’t worry,” Ryan continued, “When Colin’s master tells me what to do, I’ll come to see you straight away, so we can tackle this together!”
“Alright!” I replied, “Well, until then, I’ll see you around on the internet!”
“Indeed you will!” Ryan said, then ran off, probably to a bus stop so he could start making his way back to Leicester.
And with that, I turned and walked to my house. I still had so many questions on my mind which I knew I couldn’t answer by myself, so I just decided to try and forget about this whole incident until Ryan comes back with news about Colin’s master…Yep, until that day comes, I suppose I better go back to my normal ways of living. Going to school, watching David being annoying, Colin still not being at school, and Jonathan being slaughtered by James.

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by Lord Ma-koto Chaoying
You already know my opinion, Li Ruiyue. :D

I just wanted to add this...

There are some things you have written that always make me laugh... :lol: even when I read again far later than the first time.

I wanted to ask... you told us that the people in "The Match of the year" were... real people on the forum. When I see names (James, Stuart, Jonathan, Ryan [I'm sure for this one...]...etc...), I always wonder whether it is the James or the Stuart I see on the forum (the usernames I see). :roll:

Lord Ma-koto

PS : And, for the PM ( :D), I gonna answer... but I have two problems :? ; I'll tell you in my PM...

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by Li Ruiyue
Lord Ma-koto Chaoying wrote:You already know my opinion, Li Ruiyue. :D

I just wanted to add this...

There are some things you have written that always make me laugh... :lol: even when I read again far later than the first time.

I wanted to ask... you told us that the people in "The Match of the year" were... real people on the forum. When I see names (James, Stuart, Jonathan, Ryan [I'm sure for this one...]...etc...), I always wonder whether it is the James or the Stuart I see on the forum (the usernames I see). :roll:

Lord Ma-koto

PS : And, for the PM ( :D), I gonna answer... but I have two problems :? ; I'll tell you in my PM...

Ah, no. James and Stuart are from my school. (Stuart is Scarablord on SoSZ). What I am doing however, for my next story these people from SoSZ will be included...

Lord Ma-Koto Chaoying
The great Lu Bu
Jiang Wenming

By the way, if any others want to join my new story (I haven't started writing it yet), please PM me and tell me a little about yourselves, thanks!