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I'm really proud of this chapter I've just finished, check it out! I think it's the best yet. :D

Chapter 5- California, here we come!

After a couple of hours, the crew emerged from the landed plane and stretched off all their cramped muscles. Ryan Leigh had spent the whole time sitting down with Ryan Rosenheim, fascinated by Ryan Rosenheim’s stories about his past, while Billie was fortunate enough to encounter her friends on the plane. She had been chatting to them, while occasionally butting into both Ryans’ conversation, intrigued by some words she heard while eavesdropping. Michael was also listening to the Ryans’ conversation, but he had Ryan Rosenheim’s permission to do so anyway.
Being next to the narrow path, Jonathan had plenty of chances to take quick visits to the lavatory without disturbing anybody apart from Stuart, who had been trying to tell Jonathan about some interesting information he found on the internet. Adrian pretended to be interested with Jonathan and Stuart’s conversation, but he really wanted to know what the Ryans were talking about. At several points Adrian had caught a glimpse of Ryan Leigh laughing or being amazed by Ryan Rosenheim’s story, which made Adrian jealous because he thought he was missing out on all the fun, but if Adrian had listened to the Ryans’ conversation, he probably wouldn’t have understood half of what they were talking about.
“I was wondering…” Ryan Rosenheim was the first to speak, and silenced the groans of the other six trying to get blood circulating around there bodies again, “If we could go to California first.”
Stuart peered over to the locater device Ryan Rosenheim was holding. He noticed that the dragon heads were not showing the way to California. Ryan saw what Stuart was looking at, and quickly pulled the device out of Stuart’s sight.
“Forget about that for the time being,” Ryan Rosenheim spoke sharply, “I would really like it if we went to California, even if we aren’t supposed to,” He turned to Ryan Leigh, “You understand, right?”
“Indeed,” Ryan Leigh nodded, then turned towards the others, “Look, this is kinda personal for Ryan, could we please do as he wishes just this once?”
“Alright,” Michael replied, he seemed to be in a more pleasant tune than the others, “We can see Aya and Larry there, can’t we Ryan?”
Aya was a close friend to Ryan Leigh. She had met him on “The Scholars of Shen Zhou” forum, but she left the forum very soon after she joined. The two of them still spoke to each other online, and had close ties. Of course, she resided in California. Larry was another of Ryan Leigh’s sworn oath brothers. He is another member of “The Scholars of Shen Zhou” and loves anime shows, a feature which attracted Ryan Leigh to speak to him online.
“Yep,” Ryan Leigh nodded, “All the more reason to go!”
“I know the way around here,” Ryan Rosenheim said, “Jaime told me a little about this place. I know where we can went a car.”
“A car?!” Billie replied, “Who’s gonna drive it? I am guessing no one has a licence?”
Ryan Leigh had caught onto Ryan Rosenheim’s plan and walked up to Adrian. He snatched the rat talisman Adrian was staring at.
“With this!” Ryan said.
“Explain this plan of yours, Ryan.” Jonathan said.
“That rat talisman brings stuff to life. So all we gotta do is sneak around, grab us a car, then use the talismans power. With the car in motion, we can drive to California!” Ryan Rosenheim replied.
“And who’s gonna drive then?” Stuart asked, looking concerned, but thinking that the question had gotten them off guard.
“Here’s our man,” Ryan Leigh grinned, then pointed to Ryan Rosenheim, “This lil’ fellow had had practice driving a car before. We’re in safe hands!”
“Wow,” Ryan Rosenheim said, “You caught onto my entire plan pretty quickly, you’re smarter than I thought!”
The seven of them went over to collect their luggage, which only consisted of a backpack for each person. They went outside where Ryan Rosenheim led the way to the car rental building. The hid behind several bushes directly in front of the building.
“Alright,” Ryan Rosenheim spoke up, “We need someone to go to the front desk and distract the person there. Another one of us will sneak past, pick a car, bring it to life and drive it out here. Once we all get in, we’ll drive of to California.”
“Alright,” Billie said, “Well since you can drive, it could be in our interests that you sneak off to grab us a car. I will distract the person at the front desk, as I look old enough to be able to rent a car anyways.”
“While the rest of us wait here, right?” Michael checked.
Once everything was sorted, Billie made her way over to the person at the front desk. The person was a middle-aged lady, who seemed fairly occupied by listening to her headphones and reading a magazine. Billie was tempted to leave the lady to her own devices, but realised however engrossed she might seem to be with that magazine, she might notice someone sneak by and steal a car. She was about to grab the lady’s attention but she saw that the lady had already noticed her and seemed pretty annoyed by that fact.
“Can I help you?” the lady said in a frustrated tone.
“Heh, hi,” Billie made an idiotic grin, “Err…can y-, do you…have a …you know…?”
The lady sighed and placed down her magazine, carefully placing her headphones down on top of the page she was just reading.
“You wish to rent a car?” the lady continued to speak in a frustrated tone, annoyed by the fact that Billie was taking so long to speak.
It was all part of Billie’s plan though. She deliberately took long to answer the lady’s question to buy Ryan Rosenheim more time to sneak and get a car.
Ryan Rosenheim noticed that the lady was hanging onto every word which was rarely sprouted from Billie’s mouth. He took his chance and ran swiftly by the front desk into the garage where dozens of cars were located. He took out the rat talisman from his pocket and quickly dived into the biggest and nearest car he could find. He pondered for a couple of seconds figuring out how to make the car start with the talisman. After a while, Ryan placed the talisman onto the middle of the steering wheel. It didn’t activate. He was about to take it off, but once his fingers came into contact with the talisman, it activated and the engine stirred.
Billie had made the lady’s line of work completely pointless when she finally said the words “I want a car.” very slowly. It seemed that the lady was focussing all of her attention to Billie, until she heard the faint noise of the car starting up.
“Excuse me for a moment.” the lady rushed to the garage, but it was too late.
Ryan drove through the garage exit, where Billie quickly hopped in. Ryan drove slightly up to the row of bushes where Ryan Leigh, Adrian, Michael, Stuart and Jonathan hopped aboard. Then Ryan Rosenheim accelerated away from the car rental building.
“Sorry if you are all a little cramped back there,” Ryan Rosenheim shouted above the sound of the wind, “Let’s find a place to hide for a minute to sort ourselves out.”
Ryan drove the car to a little town further north or the car rental building. He stopped the car and everyone got out.
“Let’s be quick,” Ryan Leigh said, “First, Stuart, quickly go inside that souvenir stall and purchase a map to find out which road we need to take.”
“Alright,” Ryan Rosenheim said smugly, “Since I’m the driver, I get to pick where everyone sits. Luckily I picked a car which can hold four people at the back, so Adrian is going to have to sit on someone’s lap. I want Ryan to sit at the front with me.”
“Grr…” Adrian mumbled, “I don’t wanna be treated like a lil’ baby!”
“Like it or not, Adrian,” Ryan Leigh replied, “You’re the smallest and lightest so you have to sit on someone’s lap or else!”
“He can sit on mine.” Billie was the first to reply.
Stuart came back with a map and handed it over to Ryan Leigh, who was instructed by Ryan Rosenheim to direct him to California. With the map sussed out and the way to California planned by Ryan Leigh, everyone got back inside the car and left the small town.

* * * * *

Halfway to California, Adrian broke the peace and started complaining.
“I need to use the toilets!” he cried.
Ryan Leigh sighed, this was Adrian’s way. Always on a trip to anywhere he would always require something awkward to gain hold of. This time it was the toilets, which Ryan did have sympathy for, since no one had really gone since the plane, which was a while back.
“I think it’s best that we do stop.” Ryan Leigh advised Ryan Rosenheim.
“Yeah,” Ryan Rosenheim agreed, “We’re running low on fuel anyway. Let’s stop at the nearest petrol station.”
After another 10 minutes of driving, the seven of them finally reached a petrol station, where they stopped, refuelled and went to the lavatories. They all had a quick bite at the adjacent café and headed back to the car, where they saw the same middle-aged lady from the car rental place.
“I don’t know what you punks are up to,” the lady began, “But I bet it’s not good. Why else would you disturb a poor lady relaxin’ on a Sunday afternoon on her deserted workplace listening to her favourite tunes and reading the daily magazine!? I mean, that really is absurd!”
“Aren’t you bothered about us taking the car?” Stuart replied, trying not to snigger at the lady’s desire to be left alone at her own workplace.
“I don’t care about the cars!” she shouted, “And quite frankly, if you were nine years old and your only intention to hire a car was to run over some poor pedestrians, I would’ve let you, as long as you gave me the money for your purchase. I don’t give a damn about health and safety! I just want money and as much free time to myself! Is that so much to ask for?!”
The lady’s short speech about her ignorance had took all seven of the crew completely off guard. Jonathan was the first to recover and asked something which the whole crew most probably had in their minds.
“Would you mind if we just paid you for the car and left you alone?” Jonathan asked the decisive question to end the lady’s bickering, hopefully.
“Yes,” the lady smiled, and extended her arm out, waiting for her pay to come into contact with her hand, “Anytime this year.”
Ryan Rosenheim pulled out around two thousand dollars he had converted at the airport. With her money finally in her grasps, she grinned, and headed back to her car which she used to catch up with the crew in the first place.
“What a strange lady,” Michael said once the lady had driven off, “I hope not everyone is like this over here!”
The others agreed, and seated themselves back into the car and headed back on the road to California using the rat talisman as their source of power. Only then that Ryan Leigh realised that the lady never gave them the keys to the car. Putting these thoughts to the back of his mind, he concentrated his mind to give directions to which way Ryan Rosenheim needed to drive to reach California.
“Not long now,” Ryan Rosenheim muttered to Ryan Leigh, “’Till we meet Jaime at last.”
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lol pretty nice story.
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Oh, sorry for the long time... :x

:D Ha ha, a great chapter. Lot of action ! I would like to see ya stealing a car and driving it, thanks to a talisman... :twisted: ha ha, I'm just kidding, Ruiyue. :wink:

The idea crossed my mind... do save your writing on several places (back-up diskette... etc...) it would be awful to lose your work, because of a virus... :(

And now, the long-standing sentence... "Keep up the good work" ! :lol:

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This is pretty good, Li. :wink:

However, I think maybe you should have run the woman over and you wouldn't have wasted that money. :lol:

Keep it up!
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Lord Ma-koto Chaoying wrote:Oh, sorry for the long time... :x

:D Ha ha, a great chapter. Lot of action ! I would like to see ya stealing a car and driving it, thanks to a talisman... :twisted: ha ha, I'm just kidding, Ruiyue. :wink:

The idea crossed my mind... do save your writing on several places (back-up diskette... etc...) it would be awful to lose your work, because of a virus... :(

And now, the long-standing sentence... "Keep up the good work" ! :lol:


Err...people, I wasn't driving the car, it was Asellas who drove, not me.
I print out every chapter I finish and save it every paragraph or so I do. Thanks for the thought though, Chaoying. the lady over, Sima Hui? What kinda person would I be then!? Even if it was tempting... :wink:
Chapter 6 completed.

Chapter 6- Speed is the key
It had been a total of four hours since Billie, both Ryans, Adrian, Stuart, Jonathan and Michael had left the airport, which meant about three hours of that time was spent sitting in a cramped car, with only one stop to stretch their legs.
Once Ryan Rosenheim noticed the sign saying “Welcome to California” written in bold, he grinned in joy. He stopped the car and got out, the others followed suit.
“I’m afraid,” Ryan Rosenheim began, “I’ll have to leave you lot here, including you, Ryan. I want to see Jaime on my own, and I doubt she would want everyone knowing of her exact address anyway.”
“Jaime…is a girl!?” Adrian seemed shocked.
“Yes,” Ryan Leigh replied, “If Jaime was a boy, I would be very worried as to why Ryan had been referring to her as a sister instead of a brother.”
“Anyway,” Ryan Rosenheim continued, “I’m sorry to leave you here, but you can all go wandering around, have some fun! Let’s all meet back here at 9 pm, alright?”
“Alright,” Stuart replied, then turned to Ryan Leigh, “Why don’t we go see Aya?”
“Oh yeah!” Ryan Leigh scuffled inside his backpack and produced a scrap piece of paper, “I wrote down her address here, let’s go, people!”
The crew split up, with Ryan Rosenheim heading for Jaime’s house one way, while the others went to Aya’s house in the opposite direction. On the way towards Aya’s house, the six of them passed a school. From the gates the words “Ryan?” was produced from someone’s mouth. Michael turned towards the person who had just spoke and it turned out to be none other than Larry, one of Ryan Leigh’s sworn oath brothers.
“Hi,” Michael said gleefully, “Err…who’s that behind you.”
“Oh,” said Larry after turning around to encounter an adult, “Hello, Mr. Hutton.”
Mr. Hutton was a fairly largely built teacher. He seemed about 40 years old or so, and wore unfashionable glasses. He seemed like he was losing hair, but was still a youthful brown colour.
“Hello,” Mr. Hutton replied to Larry in a surprisingly squeaky voice, “And what are you doing?”
Larry turned towards Ryan Leigh, then back at Mr. Hutton. After a few more rounds of doing this activity, Larry spoke.
“Speaking to my brother, sir. That’s what I’m doing.”
“Well, can’t you wait until after school to speak to him?” Mr. Hutton replied, frowning.
“Err, well you see…err…he my mum told him to pick me up for a…err…dentists appointment. Yeah, that’s what she said.”
“And why didn’t you mention this to me in class? I may be a substitute teacher for your lessons today, but I do know how the school operates around here.”
Ryan Leigh saw that this was getting nowhere and butted in.
“Don’t worry, sir. Larry is telling the truth.”
Mr. Hutton knew he was slowly losing to the children, but he wasn’t going down without a fight.
“For all I know,” Mr. Hutton replied back to Ryan, “You could be some friend of…” He thought about the name, then remembered what Ryan had called his brother, “…Larry. You could be some friend of Larry’s making this all up just to get…Larry out of school.”
“Honest, sir.”
“What’s your last name then?” Mr. Hutton smirked, he thought that he’ll catch Ryan out with this question.
Without thinking, Ryan answered the question truthfully. If he had thought about it, Ryan would’ve realised that Larry and him didn’t possess the same surname, which really is a must if people are to be known as brothers.
“Leigh, hey?” Mr. Hutton continued smirking, then turned to Larry, “And what’s you last name?”
Larry smiled. He knew Mr. Hutton had asked the most pointless question. All Larry can do now is to lie and Mr. Hutton would be none the wiser.
“Leigh. That’s my last name, sir.”
“Oh.” Mr. Hutton turned away disappointed, leaving Larry to leave the school.
After reuniting with the others, Michael explained to Larry why they happen to be in California.
“So, if you’re collecting talismans,” Larry fumbled for something in his pocket, then produced a talisman with an image of a rabbit on it, “Then I’m assuming you want this, huh?”
“Would you mind?” Billie asked. She had been quite quiet since the car trip.
“Not at all,” Larry replied. He handed the talisman over to Billie.
“How’d you make it work, Ryan?” Billie asked.
Ryan went over what Ryan Rosenheim had told him about using the talismans. Billie activated the rabbit talisman and disappeared, leaving a trail of dust behind.
“Is that the invisible talisman?” Jonathan asked.
“No,” Adrian replied, “It’s the speed talisman.”
“Speed talisman?” Stuart echoed.
“With the rabbit talisman,” Ryan replied, “You can travel anywhere at hyper speed.”
“We can reach anywhere in the click of a second!” Michael exclaimed.
“Exactly!” Ryan said, “After visiting Aya, there’s someone I would like to see using the talisman.”
Billie returned from where ever she went to and quickly handed the talisman over to Ryan.
“I feel a bit noxious now…” Billie murmured.
“Wow!” Larry said, “I had no idea that thing could do that!”
“No wonder why he gave it to us in the first place then!” Jonathan whispered to Stuart.
“Actually,” Ryan pondered, “I would like to see someone before I see Aya. Stuart, take this address. Go and see Aya, and tell her I sent you. I shouldn’t be long, bye!”
After handing over the piece of paper containing the address over to Stuart and before anybody had a chance to say what they thought about this, Ryan activated the rabbit talisman’s power and went.

* * * * *

After about a minutes worth of rabbit talisman power, Ryan Leigh reached his destination, Oklahoma City. Ryan knew the exact address where the person he was after lived, and went directly there.
Ryan knocked on the door. No answer. He knocked again. Still no answer. Ryan turned back to see a young girl around his age walking down the street. She was blonde, and had a perfect posture. Ryan headed towards her, thinking he could impress her with the two talismans he had in his possession, combustion and super speed.
“Err…hi!” Ryan started off speaking, but the girl just ignored him.
She continued walking until she cried aloud. Ryan noticed that she had bumped into something, but nothing was there.
“Stand still!” Ryan shouted to the girl.
The girl stopped in her tracks and waited to see what Ryan was planning to do. He walked in front of her and launched his hand towards the front of the girl. Just as he expected, something was blocking the path. Something invisible.
“Go around from here.” Ryan spoke to the girl.
The girl did so, and after she left, someone spoke.
“You had to spoil my fun, didn’t you?”
A flash of light revealed the something that had been obstructing the girl’s path. This something was Jonathan Womack, a close friend to Ryan Leigh and another member from ‘The Scholars of Shen Zhou’ forum.
“Heh,” Jonathan brushed his hair back, “Sorry to sound rude, I was just messin’ with ya. Seriously though, is that really you, Ryan?”
“The one and only!” Ryan replied back grinning.
“Dude! How on earth did you get here? More importantly, why are you here?”
“Kinda a long story…”
“Come to my house and you can tell me all about it over a drink.”
Ryan followed to Jonathan’s house. The very house Ryan was knocking on not too long ago. After seating himself inside, Jonathan brought some drinks through.
“My mum is out at the moment, so we’re alone,” Jonathan said to Ryan, while pouring him out a glass of coke. After filling his own glass with coke, Jonathan sat down next to Ryan, “So go on, tell me why you’re here then.”
Ryan explained everything what Ryan Rosenheim had told him about Fou-Lu, and why he came down to Oklahoma, which was because he wanted to finally meet Jonathan in person.
“Interesting…” Jonathan replied, “I suppose you’re after this lil’ beauty then?”
Jonathan showed Ryan the snake talisman.
“That’s how you were able to turn invisible!” Ryan exclaimed, “By using the snake’s power of invisibility!”
“Well, you can keep the talisman for now, as long as you join me back to California and help us collect the other talismans.”
“Sure thing, dude,” Jonathan stood up, “One problem though. Your rabbit talisman has the power of super speed to one person. And there’s two of us.”
“Already sorted that problem out. You got any roller blades?”
“Yep, I see now,” Jonathan went to his closet and produced a pair of roller blades, “Lemme just write a note to tell my mum where I’m going.”
“Not like she can do anything about it,” Ryan joked, “By the time she reads that, we’ll be long gone.”
After writing the letter explaining his absence, Jonathan put on his roller blades and followed Ryan outside. Locking the door, Jonathan help Ryan’s arm tightly. Ryan activated the rabbit talisman’s power, and Ryan zoomed off, with Jonathan being dragged along by the roller blades.
The two of them reached Aya’s house, where they saw Aya speaking to Larry, Michael, Stuart, Jonathan Seaman, Adrian and Billie outside.
“Hi guys!” Ryan shouted to the group.
“Ah, you’re back,” Michael was the first to say, “You were right, you weren’t long at all…Who’s that guy?”
“This is Jonathan Womack, also known as Jiang Wenming on SoSZ. Jonathan, this is Adrian, my brother, Michael and Larry, my oath brothers, Billie, Jonathan and Stuart, my friends.”
“Hi dudes and girls.” welcomed Jonathan.
“It’s about time you got here!” Aya spoke, “Ryan, you could’ve had the decency to show your face straight away!”
“Nice chick…” Jonathan whispered to Ryan.
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Unread postby Jon » Sat Feb 14, 2004 5:25 pm

Hehehe, nice. I like it when people write about me, it makes me feel special ^.^

Seriously, great chapters. You're a good writer!
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Unread postby Li Ruiyue » Sun Feb 15, 2004 3:42 pm

After some persuading from Jiang Wenming, chapter 7 is up here early. :wink:

Chapter 7- Second Encounter

“I mean come on,” Aya continued, “You send all of your friends to my house with no regard to my wishes!”
“Sorry, Aya,” Ryan Leigh replied, “I thought you wouldn’t mind.”
Aya glared at Ryan, then at the others and went inside her house.
“Boy,” Jonathan Womack said, “Didn’t know you were the sort of dude to annoy someone that bad.”
Ryan sighed and handed Billie the rabbit talisman.
“Well, sorry to break up the non-reunion,” Larry said after a moment of silence, “But I don’t fancy travelling the world with you guys, I’m really sorry.”
“Aw,” Michael replied, “Shame you’re not coming with us.”
“Ah, but it’s not such a bad deal!” Jonathan butted in.
“Why?” Stuart asked.
“’Cause you’re getting me instead!” Jonathan grinned.
Jonathan Seaman was about to reply, but Aya’s door reopened. Aya emerged from within, handed something quickly to Ryan, then left.
“What did she give you?” Jonathan Womack asked, “A hate letter?”
“You really don’t know when to stop, do you?” Jonathan Seaman asked back sharply.
“Hehe, not really.”
“Anyways,” Ryan said, “Aya actually gave me a map.”
Billie peered at the map, then looked at the thickness of the paper, it was fairly thick for a piece of paper.
“Hmm…” Billie thought, “Wonder why it’s so thick?”
“I dunno, but maybe we should head back to the car?” Michael asked.
The others agreed, and they all headed off to the car, without Larry and Aya.
On the way, they saw a café. Seeing as they hadn’t ate since the café at the petrol station, the group agreed to fill up their stomachs.
Ryan got several a bacon sandwiches for Jonathan Womack, Adrian, Michael and himself. Jonathan Seaman got himself a jacket potato with some salad, while Stuart gathered an assortment of crisps, sandwiches and biscuits. Billie got herself a cucumber sandwich.
They all gathered around a fairly large table and began eating their purchases. After a couple of minutes, a man came up to them.
“Excuse me,” the man said in a gruff voice, “But did I see you dealing with talismans earlier on?”
“Dealing?” Ryan asked, “You’re making it sound like it’s something bad as…”
Ryan looked up at the man. The man was in black gear, with retro-sunglasses.
“…Don’t I know you?”
“Not me exactly,” the man smirked, “But my people know you and your friend.”
“Wait a min,” Ryan stood up, “You’re the FBI?”
“Correct, here at last to take you away.”
“How did you find us?”
“Well, some of my men followed you and your friend to Anglia Square. Seeing that you’re with more of your dangerous talisman-wielding friends, we decided to secretly follow you instead. We followed you all the way to the airport, got on the same plane as you did, but lost you at the airport. After a while of searching the entire airport, we came across a car rental. The lady there told us about you and she assumed you were going to California.”
“Maybe we should’ve ran that lady over…” Michael joked.
“Anyway,” the man continued, ignoring Michael’s comment, “We have evidence that clearly shows you punks to be dangerous with those talismans. First you use that dragon talisman to destroy our HQ, then we hear that you stole a car and drove off by using the rat talismans. Now, we get reports of a girl being harassed by this boy who appeared out of nowhere, and reports of people seeing a male blur running across Oklahoma City!”
“Whoops,” Ryan said, “Maybe I should’ve been a bit more discrete…”
“Well whatever the case is,” the man continued again, “You’re coming with us.”
“You and what army?” Jonathan Womack replied back.
“This army,” the man pointed to the window, where several black vans and other men with guns stood patiently, “Come with us quietly, or we will shoot.”
“This is the end…” Ryan closed his eyes.
“Agreed, now come with us!” the man said.
“No…” Ryan murmured, “This is the end…for you!”
Ryan opened is eyes, pulled out the dragon talisman from his pocket and blasted it at the man. The man went flying out through the window, landing on several other FBI agents. The collection of men drew their guns.
“Great,” Billie said, “You should’ve thought about this. We’re seriously gonna die now!”
Ryan ignored Billie and fired another blast of combustion from the dragon talisman, this time aiming at the ceiling. The ceiling collapsed, preventing the bullets penetrating the crew of seven. Ryan and the others ran out of the café’s back exit.
“Stop right there!” several more men said in unison, waiting at the back exit outside.
“Now you see me…” Jonathan Womack said, activating the snake talisman’s power of invisibility, “Now you don’t!”
Jonathan ran towards the men (still invisible) and kicked and punched them all until they all collapsed in pain. Jonathan became visible again.
“See? Simple as that! Nothing to fear ‘cause Jonathan is here!”
“Gee, he thinks highly of himself, doesn’t he?” Billie asked Ryan.
“Aw, leave him be.” Ryan replied smiling.
The seven of them got to the front of the café where they confronted the entire force of the FBI on the floor, and Ryan Rosenheim in the car he stole earlier on.
“Did you run everybody over?” Adrian inquired.
“Cool! Maybe you’re not a internet geek then!”
Everybody stared at Adrian.
“Err…hey, Ryan!” Jonathan Womack called out.
“Hmm? Who’s this?” Ryan asked.
“Oh, this is Jonathan Womack, Jiang Wenming from SoSZ.” Michael answered.
“Ah, nice to meet you.” Ryan Rosenheim greeted, then turned to Ryan Leigh, “He’s coming with us? We haven’t the room in the car to do so.”
Ryan Leigh glared around the surroundings, and spotted one of the FBI’s black vans.
“Another grand theft auto, anyone?” Ryan grinned.
After collecting the rat talisman from the car, the eight of them all got into the van, where Ryan Rosenheim started it up with the keys that were left in there. The van started, and they left the café, heading for their next destination.
Billie was looking at the map which was given by Aya. Adrian passed over while holding the locator device and tripped, dropping the device onto the map which was laid out of the floor. The dragon heads glowed over the map.
Billie moved the device over the area marked “The USA”, the dragon heads stopped glowing. She once again moved the device over it’s original position, France. The device glowed.
“A magic map, hey?” Billie said.
Ryan Leigh noticed what Billie had found out and headed over to her.
“France it is then!” Ryan said gleefully.
“I was expecting to stay in America a bit longer than we actually did though…” Stuart mentioned.
“We have five talismans,” Jonathan Womack summarised, “The sheep, dragon, rabbit, snake and rat. Our next talisman is located in France, and we know the FBI is on our case. Piece of cake!”
“Ryan,” Ryan Leigh asked, “I wonder if the FBI are the enemies which Fou-Lu spoke of?”
“I doubt it,” Ryan Rosenheim replied, still concentrating on where he was driving, “Those creeps were far too easy to get rid of, and Fou-Lu doesn’t seem like the person to be threatened by weak people…”
“Alright, I see you point,” Ryan replied, “Head towards the airport, if you may.”

* * * * *

Once the crew reached the airport, they all scrambled out of the van. They went to the front entrance, where they encountered none other than the lady from the car rental.
“And where do you think you’re going?” the lady asked.
“What do you care?” Michael said back sharply, “We paid you and left you alone, didn’t we?”
“That’s where you’re wrong…” the lady replied, “You see, those men who are after you disturbed my nap. I mean, come on! You people today, take no respect about people’s privacy!”
“Err, well…” Ryan Rosenheim said, “Maybe it’s better if you didn’t go to work in the first place?”
“And then what? I’ll get no money!”
Jonathan Womack sighed, and attempted to persuade the lady.
“Lady, maybe you should calm down first, yeah? Then, you can sort yourself out, you know? Be more active, actually work?”
“Cheeky little brat!” the lady responded, “Ah well, I made a good choice.”
“What do you mean?” Stuart asked.
“Those men who were after you, they gave me money, as long as I did something…”
“Did what?” Ryan Leigh asked.
“Oh, what was it now…?”
“Ahem.” someone from behind the crew coughed.
The crew turned around to confront the FBI force back in the blue. The crew were surrounded by the gun-wielding agents.
“This classifies as not good,” Michael said.
“Oh, I remember now!” the lady said suddenly, blissfully unaware of the FBI surrounding everyone, “Those men gave me money if I were to stall you from boarding any planes from here!”
“And she did that well.” Jonathan Seaman said.
“Now, children,” one of the FBI agents said calmly, “If you would all like to hand over those talismans and carefully walk inside this van, we would be much obliged.”
Both Ryans, Adrian Billie and Jonathan Womack unwillingly handed over the talismans they were keeping hold of, and everyone was handcuffed and led into one of the black vans…
“Prepare for the long trip, you kids,” a guard said to the crew inside the van as it drove off, “We’re heading to New York.”
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Unread postby Li Ruiyue » Tue Feb 17, 2004 9:01 pm

Alright, assitance time, folks!

After watching a certain programme, my mum suggested to make a song version/sequel of my story.

I thought this is a great idea, but I'm terrible at writing songs. :oops:

Please, PM me or contact me on Yahoo, AIM or MSN if you're willing to produce some lyrics for me.

Thank you so much for your time.
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Unread postby Lord Ma-koto Chaoying » Tue Feb 17, 2004 9:56 pm

:D x 1000000 !!!!!! :shock: :D :D

Really... GREAT !!!! I loooovve the two chapters !!! The last one is more humourous than never !!!! :shock:
And I love how the characters are ! :D

Sob... you were planning to go to France... :cry: ( :wink: )

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Unread postby Sima Hui » Tue Feb 24, 2004 4:58 pm

I love this! :D Can't wait for the next chapter! Ooh, I'm tingling with excitement!

Keep up the brilliant work! :wink:
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