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Unread postby Li Ruiyue » Wed Jan 14, 2004 7:05 pm

Sorry for the delay, but I wasn't really interested in writing for the time being, that is, until I saw Sima Hui's work, which was like inspiration to an extent. Anyway, without further ado, here's a chapter concentrated on Asellas...

Chapter 1- The Beginning

It had only been three weeks since Ryan Rosenheim had ‘won’ the war with his friend, Ryan Leigh, and other kids and adults. Ryan had tried to get back to a normal life, trying to let go off the past and move on, as he always does. But the thought of the “master” Colin had spoke of still was looming inside Ryan’s mind.
Ryan went on his PC as usual and thought to himself.
“Gah, this master bloke is getting on my nerves. Why doesn’t he just show himself and tell me what he wants of me already! I want to get this outta my head as soon as possible,” Ryan said to himself.
Ryan was usually on his own. There was only his mum to keep him company inside his house, but she was at work most of time, so Ryan kept himself busy by speaking to his buddies on the internet. This is how he met Ryan Leigh, the one person who has changed his life so much, so much as to make Ryan hate Ryan Leigh to an extent.
Ryan connected to the internet, and after a while of spending time browsing the Scholars of Shen Zhou forum, he saw the screen name “pdubovci” appear on his AOL buddy list.
“Great,” Ryan spoke to himself again, “I’m really not in the mood to speak to him today. And he’ll just probably start speaking to me as well, like he always does. He’s just so annoying sometimes!”
Not to Ryan’s surprise, the words “Hi there” appeared on his screen by Ryan Leigh. He wasn’t one to be impolite, so it was common of him to say hello to everybody he saw.
Ryan Rosenheim had no choice but to reply back.
The conservation continued, like always. With Ryan Leigh asking the questions.
“How are you?”
“Alright, you?”
“Fine thank you. What are you doing?”
Ryan Rosenheim’s answer changed every day to this question, which annoyed him. But when he was in the mood, he would reply with the answer “Nothing, not even breathing” when Ryan Leigh persisted. A new conversation would continue about why Ryan Rosenheim wasn’t breathing. One time he replied simply that he was half-android, which was obviously a lie, but it seemed to keep them both amused.
After a while of slow conversation, Ryan Rosenheim made up some excuse of him not being able to reply so Ryan Leigh left him be. Ryan sighed in relief, he was deep in thought about what made him so eager to help Ryan Leigh take down James Patterson, the school bully. If he had said no, he would never have been caught up in the whole incident, and would never be so anxious for this “master” to come and speak to him about what he wants with him.
Ryan stared at his blue-coated wall and sighed again. His sigh seemed to cause the wall to suddenly glow a bright white light.
“Ah, about time!” Ryan said, knowing that this was the “master”.
Ryan got up from his chair and went to the glowing wall, slowly getting brighter. Ryan launched his arm towards the wall and it sucked his hand in. He saw that his arm was there, but as he looked further down his arm, he saw the bright wall, no hand in sight. He felt himself being sucked in, but Ryan knew he wasn’t going to be able to break free, so he walked in voluntarily. The same bright light from weeks before surrounded him. The light was so bright it made Ryan close his eyes, for if he opened them, he would surely be blind.
After he felt that the light had gone, Ryan reopened his eyes to see that he had been transported inside a small wooden hut. Ryan looked around and saw there was no door, so he assumed that the only way in or out of this place was by transportation, a power which Ryan did not possess. He saw that he was standing on an ancient rug, judging by its patterns on it. Ryan had done a lot of work about patterns and other shapes on the internet, and recognised that this rug must be a Chinese rug, an ancient Chinese rug.
“Thou seems to enjoy looking at what his behind and below thee than discover what is more important in front of thee,” a mysterious voice said from in front of Ryan.
Ryan looked up and saw an old man sitting on a beautiful, brilliantly decorated, gold chair. It seemed to be a chair which old Chinese emperors used to sit on. The old man himself had grey hair, which could instantly fool someone to thinking for the man to be old, but at a closer look, the hair was so youthful, it must’ve been dyed grey for some reason. He had emerald green eyes, and no wrinkles, so Ryan was positive that this man wasn’t as old as he thought he was. The man wore a suit, with no tie. The suit was navy with red streaks located on random areas of his clothes. The shirt inside was a scarlet red. All of which was immaculate.
“Are you the ‘master’ your servant Colin spoke of?” Ryan questioned the man.
“If thou are calling Colin mine servant,” the man replied with a fairly monotone voice, “Then am I right to be speaking thou already assumes I am thine master?”
Ryan was quite taken back by the way the man spoke, and it was clear to him that this man had a fair amount of wisdom within him.
“Thou cannot speak now? How amusing!” the man smirked, “Well if thou must know, mine name is Fou-Lu, the master of which thou speak of.”
“Fou-Lu, huh?” Ryan gulped, he didn’t know why he gulped himself, but there was something about Fou-Lu’s tone of voice which made Ryan intimidated, “Well I’ve been waiting for you for three weeks, so hurry up and tell me what you want with me already!”
“Ha ha,” Fou-Lu replied simply, still smirking, “It seems we have such an eager recruit here…”
“Recruit? For war?” Ryan replied worryingly, he had had enough war for his lifetime already.
“Heh, well it depends how involved you wish to be in with my plan.”
“Just enough to make you stop harassing me, ok?” Ryan eyed Fou-Lu, but Fou-Lu just simply turned his head away, pretending he did not see Ryan glaring at him.
Fou-Lu stood up from his chair, glanced quickly at Ryan, then went over to a table in the corner which Ryan had missed while expecting the room when first arriving to this place. Fou-Lu picked a piece of metal shaped like an octagon. He then walked towards Ryan and placed it into the palm of his hand. Ryan stared at the metal octagon, seeing the image of a sheep on it.
“What’s this then?” Ryan asked, staring at the sheep still.
“That,” Fou-Lu began, “Is called a talisman, or more correctly, that is the sheep talisman. There are eleven more artefacts just like that, each with a image of the animal represented of each of the twelve years of the Chinese zodiac.”
“Okay, that explains the image on this ‘talisman’,” Ryan stopped looking at the talisman and eyed Fou-Lu again.
“Each talisman holds a different mystical energy, giving them great powers which man could not usually perform. For instance, that sheep talisman thou art holding holds the power of astro-projection.”
“Yes, when thine power is used, its owner’s soul is released from thine body and thine body itself collapses on the floor. Thine soul is actually a ghost form of thou, which thou can actually control. All of thou thoughts and feelings are with your ghost form, so thou could think of it as another version of thou. Anyway, thine ghost form of thou can ‘fly’ around anyway, can go through walls, even other humans such as thou self.”
“Why do you refer to me as a human? Unless you aren’t human yourself…”
“Very perceptive, young warrior, but there is no need to know much about me by thine way thou art feeling about this whole situation. But back to thine point, thine ghost from of you cannot contact any of thine humans around you, however hard thou shouts. Thine only way you can speak to a human is by entering their dreams.”
“Alright, got all that. One question though, how do you activate the powers?” Ryan replied, feeling that the situation maybe isn’t such of a waste of time after all.
“Squeeze thine talisman, and while doing so, believe in what thou art doing. Give it a try with that sheep talisman I have just thou. Don’t worry about thou body collapsing on the ground, I’ll be here to catch thou, okay?”
“A-alright.” Ryan replied, he couldn’t really trust Fou-Lu, but he wouldn’t get any peace and quiet if he doesn’t do what he tells him to.
Closing his eyes, Ryan squeezed the talisman, thinking that it must work, that it will work. Quickly opening his eyes to see if it was working, Ryan saw the outline of the sheep glow, and all of a sudden, he felt himself go higher. He looked below and saw his body in Fou-Lu’s arms.
“It seems thou have activated the talisman, warrior,” Fou-Lu said to Ryan’s ghost form, looking at it while doing so.
“Wha? You said nobody can see or hear me, but it seems it doesn’t apply to you.” Ryan said, scared at the fact that he was looking at his own body.
“Indeed. I said humans couldn’t see or hear thou, but thou seems to have forgotten I am not human.”
Ryan flew back to his body and reopened his real eyes. He saw Fou-Lu staring at him. He quickly got free of Fou-Lu’s grasp.
“So what are you then?” Ryan questioned Fou-Lu yet again.
“I told thou that I am not telling thou anything more of me apart from my name. Thou needs to be concentrating on thine mission at hand.”
“So finish telling me then!”
“Alright I will.” Fou-Lu seemed to smirk at the fact of Ryan’s eagerness, “What I want thou to do is collect all twelve of thine talismans, scattered across thine world by mine enemies, which thou need not to concern with. Anyway, thine device I will give thou soon is like a detector of thine talismans, detecting their power from any distance.”
Fou-Lu picked up the other object which was located on the table and placed it on the palm of Ryan’s other hand. The device was gold, with four dragon heads facing in four different directions. The eyes and mouth of all the dragon heads grew brighter when Ryan moved it closer to the sheep talisman.
“Thine closest talisman will be indicated first, which is thine sheep talisman. When you get back to thou home, the dragon’s heads will be showing you to thine direction of thine next talisman and so forth, got it?”
“Right,” Ryan replied, finally grasping the idea of what exactly was going on, “One final question before I leave you, why can’t you search for the talismans yourself?”
“Because,” Fou-Lu continued, “I have far too many enemies around, and if I where to go search for thine talismans, I would surely be caught. Thou, on the other hand, are unknown to my enemies and therefore they will be completely oblivious to my scheme at hand.”
Fou-Lu was now smiling, he had been smirking the whole time Ryan was here, until now. Fou-Lu raised his hand at pointed the palm of it towards Ryan. Ryan saw a bright light emerge form the palm, but had to close his eyes again for fear of being blinded.
When if seemed safe again, Ryan opened his eyes once again and saw that he was back in his room. He examined the dragon device and noticed that only one of the dragon’s head were alight. He moved the statue to a different location, and a different head lit up, showing the way Ryan had to go. Looking at the talisman, Ryan thought he had no choice but to start right away, so he headed off downstairs to his kitchen, where he would restock on supplies for the long journey ahead.
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*thumb up* !

Unread postby Lord Ma-koto Chaoying » Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:51 pm

:D Oh I like it very very very very very very very very very... (... :wink: ) much.

I think it's even better than the previous ones (in the Match of the Year) ! :shock: :D
I really enjoyed it, the way the plot is developed ! Your humor is still as great, but there is more originality, you made the reader get more captivated than in your previous one. :D *thumbs up* :D

I like the encounter with the "old" man... I have some trouble with the vocabulary ("thou" / "thine"), but when I looked them up in the dictionnary, I laughed. :lol:

Heh heh, hope that Lord Asellas won't have you beheaded for having included him in the story. :wink: For my part, I find the idea of concentrating on Asellas excellent. (Consequently, we'll be beheaded together... :lol: )

Do keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to the sequel ( :D ), but take your time if you need it ! :)

Lord Ma-koto

PS : :? Sorry for not having given what you asked me in the PM yet... I was so busy. :( I'll do it ! :)
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Unread postby Li Ruiyue » Sat Jan 17, 2004 11:23 am

Yes yes, Lord Ma-koto, I understand. I told you Match of the Year was just for fun, not showing any of my talent at all there really, but I'm surprised at how people really enjoyed it. So what I'm gonna do is rewrite Match of the Year in as much detail as my new story is in, it'll be called The Match of the Year: Re-Mastered.

I'm so glad you like both of my stories, Lord Ma-Koto, and I'll get onto the case of rewriting Match of the Year once I've finished this story, by the way, the title of this sequel/new story I'm doing at the moment is called The Sacred Quest for Magic. Chapter 2 is going to be about my family and I, it'll be up latere on today, or tomorrow, depending how long it is going to be, as I haven't much time to write it today...anyways, watch this space!
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Unread postby Lord Ma-koto Chaoying » Sat Jan 17, 2004 4:10 pm

It's obvious that that one is far better. I have the feeling all that is going to be great ! :D

Take your time, Li Ruiyue. No doubt it'll be very good. :)

Lord Ma-koto
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Unread postby Li Ruiyue » Sun Jan 18, 2004 2:24 pm

Here's Chapter 2 as promised. By the way, the title Real Life is based on the rat talisman's power- motion to the motionless, bringing stuff to life, see?

Chapter 2- Real Life

Adrian Dubovci had long awaited the next issue of ‘Jackie Chan Adventures’, a magazine which was based on the cartoon series of the famous Jackie Chan. He was so excited about this particular issue as with this issue, the magazine comes with a free gift, a replica of the rat talisman, which was Adrian star sign in the Chinese zodiac. He wished that the talismans were real and did have mystical powers, but he soon realised that was not going to happen anytime soon.
“Mum,” Adrian turned to his mum Paula after spending half an hour looking out of the window waiting for the postman to arrive with the magazine, “Why is the postman taking so long?!”
“Just wait, Ady” Paula sighed, while preparing dinner for the family, “They can be late, you know. And it isn’t a case of life or death, is it?”
“Gasp! I dying!” Adrian joked around with Paula, ending his performance by collapsing on the floor, pretending to have died.
“Ady, get up from the floor!” Paula shouted back, annoyed by how stupid Adrian was acting.
It was quite common for Adrian to go over the top, and he always acted tough when his cousins were round. If there was ever a joke erupted from someone, Adrian would take the joke one step further, so much as to make the joke seem more foolish than funny. He seemed to have grasped a much better vocabulary than other 7 year olds like himself. Paula and her husband, Beni just assumes this is because of Adrian’s brother, Ryan Leigh, for his use of vocabulary used often around the house.
“I’m going to see what Ryan is doing, ok?” Adrian said to Paula while getting out of the chair which he was just previously sitting comfortably on.
“Ok,” Paula replied in a stressed tone of voice.
Adrian went out of the living room, and after taking a couple of steps up the staircase, he quickly retreated back to the kitchen, where Paula was still preparing food.
“Oh yeah,” Adrian said quickly, a bit exhausted from the short run he just did, “Tell me when the magazine comes, ok?”
“You think I have the time to hop from cooking to the door to check if the magazine has come yet?!” Paula replied angrily, “Why can’t you keep an eye out, I’m far too busy preparing food for dad’s family who are coming round later on.”
Adrian left Paula in a mood. He always got in a mood whenever he didn’t get his way, however simple the task he had asked for. He was very lazy, as where the rest of the family. Ryan was always the one following the family, turning off lights when they exited the room, tidying up their shoes from the floor to the shoe rack, and putting all the rubbish left behind into a neat pile for the person who made the mess to collect and deposit it into the bin.
Ryan was only 15 years of age, but seemed to have a fair amount of knowledge kept inside his head. He was in all of the top sets in school, but sometimes lacked the effort to do extended tasks, which was Ryan’s downfall. Ryan didn’t have many friends located at school, but on the internet he was popular among many for his kindness and politeness which Ryan showed often to his friends online. He became great friends with many people online, that he swore oaths of brotherhood to many of them, which friends in China used to do. Ryan was fascinated in the Chinese ways, so it wasn’t a surprise that he became oath brothers with so many people. His star sign in the Chinese zodiac was the dragon, so he collected many dragon ornaments, mainly gold. His room had an oriental look to it, with cream walls and white furniture.
Adrian slowly walked up the steps leading to upper part of the house. Once he reached the top, he quickly ran and rammed the door to Ryan’s room wide open, a tradition which annoyed Ryan every time Adrian did this.
“What ya-” Adrian started to speak, but then realised that Ryan was not present in his room, so he proceeded to his parent’s room, where he found Ryan typing away on the PC, “You on the internet?”
“Yes,” replied Ryan, not even looking at Adrian.
“Did you ask mum if you could go on?”
“Of course I did. How else would I have been able to get on?”
Ryan had very strict times by his parents on when he could and could not go online. The main reason for this was because Beni had a large family, most of which call him via phone many times a day, and if Ryan is online, Beni wouldn’t be able to receive the calls.
“Mum,” Adrian shouted to Paula downstairs, “Ryan is on the internet!”
“Ady, I know, I let him,” Paula replied back, getting angrier by Adrian’s interruptions by the minute.
Adrian went back into his parent’s room to see Ryan chatting away to someone on MSN.
“Who are you talking to?” Adrian asked.
“You know, that boy who you heard on the microphone.”
“That boy you saw a photo of, with the cap?”
Ryan opened up a file which showed a picture of Michael, one of Ryan’s sword oath brothers. Ryan seemed to be very close to 13 year old Michael, as they shared similar qualities and interests. They had only known each other for a month or so, but quickly formed brotherhood as Michael thought they were getting along great, which was true. Now, Ryan and Michael have been close to each other ever since.
“Oh him!” Adrian said, finally remembering who Michael was.
Adrian was about to continue, but he heard someone at the door. Adrian quickly rushed downstairs, opened the first white door, then the main brown door to be greeted by the postman. After giving a pleasant welcome, the postman gave Adrian the posts for the family, including the magazine.
“At last!” Adrian said to himself, then shouted to Ryan, “Ryan, it’s here!”
“What is?” Ryan came to the top of the stairs, wondering what all the fuss was about.
“The magazine, duh! And look, it’s got the rat talisman with it!”
“Like I care,” Ryan retreated back to his PC. Adrian followed suit.
When Adrian got to where Ryan was seated, he had a quick flick through the magazine, then turned his attention to what he had been waiting for, the talisman. He tore the packaging and held the rat talisman in the palm of his hand. Ryan glimpsed at the talisman and made a strange look at it.
“Is it me, or does that talisman look different from the others we own?” Ryan asked.
“Uh?” Adrian replied, stared at the talisman, then looked back at Ryan.
Ryan went to Adrian’s room and gathered all the other talismans the two of them had collected from the magazine series. He walked briskly back into Paula’s room and laid all of the talismans on the table located right next to the PC. He snatched the rat talisman from Adrian’s hand and compared it to the other talismans.
“I was right,” Ryan said, “This rat talisman seems to have a darker tone on it than the others do. I wonder…”
Adrian snatched the talisman back from Ryan before he could finish speaking.
“Why’d you steal my talisman? You skunk!” Adrian said angrily.
After Adrian had finished insulting Ryan, he discarded the talisman and launched himself towards Ryan. Ryan easily kicked Adrian back, which knocked the talisman right next to an action figure Adrian had left around. Adrian was about to launch another strike, but suddenly the rat talisman started to glow. The next thing Ryan and Adrian saw was the talisman entering the frame of the action figure. Once the talisman had been completely engulfed into the figure, the figure stood up by itself.
“Wow! Ryan, do you know what this means?” Adrian said excitedly.
“Yes,” replied Ryan as he got off his PC chair, “This talisman is real, which means this can bring motion to the motionless.”
The action figure was a replica of Batman, minus the size. Batman turned towards Adrian, then launched towards him. He punched Adrian in the eye.
“Ow! Stupid toy!”
Adrian grabbed Batman and tried desperately to find a way to get the talisman out of him.
“Ady, the only way that talisman is gonna get outta that toy is either it takes it out himself, or we destroy the toy immediately.” Ryan advised Adrian.
“I vote for destroying it!” Adrian replied.
Ryan rushed to the other side of the room and took the hoover located there apart. After grabbing a pole from the separated hover, Ryan told Adrian to drop the toy as soon as he said so. Once he did, Adrian dropped Batman and Ryan immediately secured Batman down by his legs with Ryan’s foot. With Batman trapped, Ryan repeatedly struck Batman with the metal pole until the talisman flew out of him, along with his legs, arms and head. Adrian quickly scooped up the talisman from the pile of debris which was Batman.
“Cool!” Adrian shouted, “You know what we can do with this, Ryan?”
“Yes,” Ryan said, then snatched the talisman from Adrian’s grasp, “We will keep this away from you and not tell mum or dad about any of this.”
“Why not?”
“Because they haven’t gotten over the shock of mum nearly dieing from the explosion at her work, remember? If we come up with all this about the talismans, they’re just gonna freak out…again.”
“I know that,” Adrian crossed his arms, “What I wanna know is why I can’t keep hold of it?”
“Didn’t you just see what happened?” Ryan pointed to what was Batman, “You’re a liability already, if I let you look after the talisman, for all we know World War Three could break out!”
“Oh ha ha, very funny.”
“Whatever you may think, Ady, I’m not letting you hold this talisman furthermore!”
Ryan switched off the PC and was about to head into his room when he heard the someone knock on the door.
“Ryan,” Paula shouted from downstairs, “Could you get that?”
Ryan went downstairs and tried to make out who was at the door by looking at the weirdly-shaped glass surrounding the porch, which doesn’t give a clear view of outside. But over the past four years of living at this house, Ryan had become aware of what people looked like. He can easily recognise Stuart, Adrian or an adult at the door, but this time, the shape located outside was unfamiliar to Ryan.
Ryan opened the door and came face to face with a man dressed entirely in black, wearing newly-fashioned sunglasses, also black. He held a four headed dragon statue and pointed it at Ryan.
“Come with me, boy,” the man said simply.
“Why?” Ryan asked.
Ryan was about to shut the door, but he recognised someone who two other men were holding captive.
“Ryan!” Ryan shouted towards Ryan Rosenheim.
“He’s unconscious,” the man said, “And so will you be also!”
Before Ryan had a chance to react, the man had knocked him out cold, closed the door to his house and quickly carried him along with Ryan Rosenheim into the back of the three men’s black van. The men closed the door and as soon as they drove off, Adrian came outside, oblivious as to what had just happened.
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Unread postby Lord Ma-koto Chaoying » Mon Jan 19, 2004 5:51 pm

:D x 100 !! !

You write very well, Li Ruiyue. :shock:
I really like your work. :D I was more and more captivated as I was reading your story... :shock: it's a shame that such a little number of people read and review your artwork. :(

But how can't one of the best officers of the Purple Kingdom serving Lord Asellas have such a talent ? :wink:

I hope you aren't in pain... aïe it hurts getting a blow that makes you inconscious ! :wink:

Lord Ma-koto

PS : Oh, poor Batman toy... :cry: yes, for me, objects are owed respect. I may believe it because of some oriental religions. :wink:
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Unread postby Li Ruiyue » Wed Jan 28, 2004 8:25 pm

Chapter 3 done, sorry for the wait. I concentrating on my RPG which I'm making at the moment...
I admit this chapter isn't as good as the others...

Chapter 3- Friendly Feuds

Stuart Feek eagerly waited outside Jonathan Seaman’s house. The two of them planned to walk to Ryan Leigh’s house so then the three of them could all go to the City Centre to buy some DVDs and games. Stuart looked at his watch.
“Great,” Stuart sighed, “It’s 2 o’clock already! We’re already half an hour late!”
After another five minutes of waiting, Stuart finally saw Jonathan emerge from his house, putting his jacket on.
“Sorry for the wait, Stu,” Jonathan said, “I was about to come out and I forgot my house keys. I also forgot where I left them so I went around the house looking for them, I finally found them on my bed though.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Stuart replied impatiently, “Come on, Johnny! We’re already half an hour late! Ryan will have probably gone by now!”
“I’ll phone him not, shall I then?” Jonathan suggested, about to head back inside his house, “Just to make sure he is still waiting for us.”
“There’s no need,” Stuart quickly said, pulling Jonathan away from his front door, “I can phone him on my mobile on the way, ok? Now let’s go!”

* * * * *

Ryan Rosenheim slowly opened his eyes. He had only just came out of his house when several men came up from behind him. Before he could ask what they wanted, they had knocked him out cold.
“Ryan?” Ryan looked over to where Ryan Leigh was lying unconscious.
Ryan went over to Ryan Leigh and tried to shake him awake, but to no avail.
“Great,” Ryan said to himself, “I can’t leave him here by himself, I gotta wait for him to awaken, then we can get outta here.”
Ryan sat back to where he had been placed before hand and searched his body. He realised that the dragon tracking device and the sheep talisman had been taken.
“Just perfect,” Ryan thought to himself, “But I wonder why those men took Ryan as well…”

* * * * *

“Hello?” Stuart asked the person who received the call from Ryan’s house.
“Who’s this?” replied a voice from the other end of the call.
“I was about to ask you the same question. You don’t sound like Ryan.”
“Oh, did you see where he went then?”
“Ryan went already? Oh well, sorry to trouble you.”
“Who is this?”
“It’s Stuart.”
“Oh, Stuart! This is Adrian! Why are you asking where Ryan is if you’re with him?”
“What?” Stuart became confused all of a sudden.
“Well I saw this black van drive off, but I thought you had picked him up with that.”
“Err, no, we’re planning to walk to the city.”
“Then who did take Ryan then?”
“I don’t know, but don’t worry. Jonathan and I will come to see you. We’ll see where Ryan went together, ok?”
Stuart ended the call and looked at Jonathan behind him, who had stopped to tie up a shoe lace.
“Hurry up, Jonathan!” Stuart shouted to him, “Someone took Ryan!”
Upon hearing this, Jonathan quickly ran up to Stuart and the two of them walked briskly to Ryan’s house.

* * * * *

Ryan Rosenheim searched his surroundings, trying to plan an exit so as to when Ryan Leigh would wake up, the two of them could leave immediately. Ryan noticed a crack located on one of the sides of the walls. Ryan stood up, walked towards the crack and kicked it, which resulted in several rocks falling to the ground.
“Just as I thought,” Ryan smirked to himself, “A weak wall!”
Ryan turned to Ryan Leigh, who was now just awakening. He rushed over to help Ryan up.
“Oh, my head,” Ryan Leigh murmured to himself, “Where am I?”
“Don’t worry,” Ryan Rosenheim smiled, “You’re in good hands. Come on, I found a way outta here!”
Ryan Leigh stood up, still a bit groggy. He followed Ryan Rosenheim to the crack on the wall and followed his lead by kicking at the wall repeatedly.

* * * * *

Stuart and just reached the border of Romany Road when he was greeted by Adrian. It seemed that Adrian couldn’t wait as long as he had to and ran up to the top of Romany Road and awaited Stuart and Jonathan.
“Ah, hello, Adrian,” Jonathan said pleasantly, “How are you today?”
“How do you think he feels?” Billie Alden emerged from behind a tree, “His brother has just been kidnapped and a real talisman has been lost.”
“Real talisman?” Stuart questioned.
“Oh, didn’t Adrian tell you about the talisman?” Billie wondered.
“Why would I be asking if I did know?!” Stuart replied back.
“Good point,” Billie smiled, “Anyway, the talisman has real magic powers…according to Adrian. He also thinks that’s why Ryan was kidnapped, because he was holding the talisman.”
“And you really believe him?” Jonathan folded his arms, “Maybe it’s just some of Ryan’s friends who picked him up without your knowing as he didn’t want you to know. As for the talisman, I think Adrian is just making it up, you know how seven year-olds are like, big imaginations.”
Adrian was at the end of his tether and began pleading to Billie to help him convince Jonathan. Billie had been Ryan Leigh’s friend since he and his family moved in to their house on Romany Road four years ago. She kept a diary about her first experiences of her encounters with Ryan, until they started seeing each other more frequently. They would sometimes make little stalls outside their front garden to sell their old possessions, which went well sometimes. Billie and Ryan also constructed a little toy town, made entirely out of cardboard and other pieces of waste they found lying around their homes. It was a great construction until it became too big and got destroyed, but it was a fun six weeks or so for the two of them.
Recently, however, Billie and Ryan had started to drift apart from each other, seeing less of each other as well. This all started once Billie began sixth form at a different school. She made new friends and went out much more often, leaving Ryan to his own devices. They still are good friends, however little they see of each other.
“If he doesn’t wish to believe you,” Billie spoke after staring at Adrian for some time, probably thinking of what to say to calm Adrian down, “Then he doesn’t have to come.”
“Stupid!” Adrian ran towards Jonathan and kicked his leg, which hurt Jonathan.
For a seven year old, Adrian had become pretty strong in ample time. Anyway, the pain caused by the attack on Jonathan caused him to go mad as he pushed Adrian to the floor. He was about to punch him furiously until Billie and Stuart restrained him. Jonathan pretended to clam down, so Billie and Stuart released their grip. Jonathan quickly changed his tune, and tripped Stuart up, sending him to the ground.
“Sorry, Stuart,” Jonathan tried to sound like he was sorry, but failed to do so, “It’s just that it’s obvious that Adrian is lying, so why is he allowed to kick me?”
“Because he’s only seven years old, Jonny!” Stuart got up and was about to hit Jonathan back, but thought about the situation and left it for another day.
“Tell you what,” Adrian was helped up by Billie, he swept the tears from his eyes and stood up strong, “If we could see where that black van took Ryan, then I can show you that I am telling the truth about the talisman!”
“You might as well come with us,” Stuart added, “Since we’re aiming to rescue Ryan in the first place.”
“Fine,” Jonathan mumbled, “Let’s ask everyone we see to find out exactly where that black van went then!”

* * * * *

After some persistent effort from both Ryans, they finally were able to make a hole big enough for the two of them to crawl through. As soon as they saw this, they rushed into the hole and made their way through into the next room. There they saw the two talismans which were previously in their possession.
“Why did they leave the talisman here?” Ryan Leigh asked, then looked at the table containing the talismans again, “And why are there two?”
“Heh, the other one belongs to me,” Ryan Rosenheim replied smiling, grabbed both talismans off the table, “Well actually, lemme tell you the full story…”
Ryan Rosenheim spent a couple of minutes explaining the experiences with Fou-Lu, and told Ryan Leigh about how the three black men came by surprise in a black van, and quickly scooped him up into the back of a van. They took possession of his items which Fou-Lu gave him and used the locater device to track Ryan Leigh down. After explaining everything, Ryan Leigh spoke.
“So this is the master Colin spoke of…” Ryan pondered, “Anyway, gimme back my rat talisman.”
“Didn’t you hear anything of what I just said?” Ryan Rosenheim replied back sharply, “I need to gather all the talismans for Fou-Lu!”
“Well would it hurt if I looked after the rat talisman while we search for the others?”
“Alright, I trust you.”
Ryan Rosenheim tossed the rat talisman to Ryan Leigh and kept the sheep talisman to himself. The two of them looked on the table once more to be greeted by the locater device, with the dragon heads indicating where the next talisman lied.
“Let’s set off,” Ryan Rosenheim said, “We don’t have any time to spare!”
“Alrighty!” Ryan said smiling, then turned his smile into a frown, “One question, how we gonna get out of here?”
Ryan Rosenheim turned the device to one side of the walls, which there located a glass tube attached to the wall, containing a talisman with a dragon image marked on it. Ryan Leigh stood on the table, smashed the glass tube and grabbed the defenceless dragon talisman.
“Three already?” Ryan jumped off the table, “Boy, aren’t we lucky! I’m definitely looking after this one, since it has my sign on it!”
Ryan Rosenheim frowned in disagreement, but Ryan Leigh ignored him and turned his attention to the next locked door sealing their retreat. He aimed the dragon talisman, and activated its power, combustion. The door and part of the wall took the full force of the powerful flame and crumpled away, leaving both Ryans a way to escape the place they were housed in. As they ran to the door, they were greeted by one of the men who had kidnapped the Ryans in the first place...
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Unread postby Lord Ma-koto Chaoying » Wed Jan 28, 2004 10:03 pm

:o You have a knack for ending a story ! (and writing, for that matter... :wink: ) Owww I wanna know the sequel ! :wink:

Oh, don't worry, it's still good. :D Maybe the previous chapters were so thrilling and well done than this one seems to appear a little less good, but in reality... no. :wink: The end did make me almost frustrated... :wink:

That's a good job, Ruiyue : do keep it ! :D

Lord Ma-koto
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Unread postby Li Ruiyue » Thu Feb 05, 2004 7:28 pm

Chapter 4 done. I'll stress this again, Chaoying...the story I'm writing and posting here IS the sequel!!!

Chapter 4- On the Move

“Y-you broke free?!” The man questioned the two Ryans.
“Damn right,” Ryan Rosenheim smiled smugly at the man, “Now why don’t you explain to us just who you are and what you want with us.”
“We are part of the FBI,” the man replied, “Recently we uncovered that dragon talisman you’re holding underground in Australia. We accidentally activated its powers which destroyed one of the citizen’s houses there. We thought of the talisman as a nuclear weapon and kept in in that glass tube which you seem to have broken.”
“That explains who you are,” Ryan Leigh spoke, “What plans do you have with us then?”
“You’re criminals for holding nuclear weapons on your person.”
“What?” Ryan Leigh replied bemused.
“He thinks the talismans are nuclear weapons,” Ryan Rosenheim turned to Ryan Leigh, “So to them, we are carrying nuclear weapons.”
“Indeed,” the man continued, “Anyway, we saw you,” he pointed to Ryan Rosenheim, “Looking at the sheep talisman and decided that you’re too dangerous to let you wander around with such a weapon. So we took you into our van, where your locater device led us to your house,” he pointed to Ryan Leigh, “We saw you carried a talisman as well and decided you must be as equally as dangerous as your friend.”
“Well we need to collect the other talismans,” Ryan Leigh said impatiently, “So get out of our way!”
Ryan Leigh shoved the man back out of the room, where a set of stairs were located. The man tumbled down to the bottom of the stairs, leaving both Ryans’ exit opened. They ran downstairs, where Ryan Rosenheim spotted a laser gun. Two more men ran to them from another room, so Ryan decided to use the gun against the men. It was out of energy however, so Ryan threw the gun at the two men, who stumbled backwards to the previous room which they emerged from. Ryan Leigh took aim with the dragon talisman and fired a powerful blast at the ceiling, which made the ceiling collapse on the two men.
The Ryans took the other exit out of the room, which led to outside the building. Ryan Rosenheim looked at his locater device, saw that the dragon heads were indicating where the next talisman was located, and lead Ryan Leigh to that direction.

* * * * *

After spending half an hour of asking people if they had seen a black van, Stuart, Jonathan, Adrian and Billie were growing tired with the same answer, no. The four of them decided to rest at Anglia Square. Once they got their, they all seated themselves on one of the eight benches which were circling the centre of Anglia Square.
“We’ll never find him at this rate,” Adrian sighed, “I’ll never get my talisman back!”
“Is that all you care about?” Billie questioned Adrian, “Aren’t you concerned with your only brother’s safety?”
“Err…no.” Adrian smiled evilly.
“Excuse me?” a boy who looked around thirteen questioned Adrian.
“Yes?” Jonathan asked politely.
“Do you know anyone called Ryan who lives around here?”
“Ryan who?” Billie asked, curious as to who this kid was.
“I don’t know his last name. He mentioned to me once before that he lived in Norwich, and I’ve been asking everyone if they knew him and I was lead here.”
“Kind of a long journey,” Stuart mentioned, “Say, your name won’t happen to be Michael, would it?”
The boy seemed a bit bewildered, but nodded.
“Ah, you must be his oath brother then!” Stuart stood up to shake Michael’s hand, “I’m Stuart, Ryan’s best friend. These are Billie and Jonathan, other friends of Ryan. Oh yeah, that’s Adrian, Ryan’s brother.”
“Ah, Stuart, Ryan has told me so much about you,” Michael had a big grin on his face, most probably relieved as he finally had gotten somewhere to finding Ryan, “So, where is Ryan then? In one of the shops?”
“Sorry,” Billie stood up as well, “We don’t know where he is either. We’ve been looking for him, but gave up and rested here.”
“Oh…” Michael’s grin turned into an upset face.

* * * * *

Both Ryans kept running in the direction which was lead by the locater device.
“Is it me,” Ryan Leigh pondered, “Or are we really heading towards Anglia Square?”
“Anglia Square?” Ryan Rosenheim’s mind went blank.
“You know, where Melanie perished during the war?”
“And my head teacher, Mrs. Topping?”
“Ah, yes, I remember now.”
Ryan Leigh quickly stared at Ryan Rosenheim, but continued running. When they reached Anglia Square, Ryan Leigh felt a gush of comfort on him, for he saw in front of him his friends and family.
“Hey, guys!” Ryan Leigh rushed towards Adrian, Michael, Billie, Stuart and Jonathan.
“Ryan! So glad I could finally meet you!” Michael said enthusiastically, “Who’s that?”
Ryan Leigh turned towards Ryan Rosenheim. Somehow he had completely forgotten about him, even though he was just talking to him a minute ago. Ryan was so relieved to see his friends again.
“My name’s Ryan Rosenheim,” Ryan said before Ryan Leigh had a chance to reply, “I’m from Leicester. And you are?”
“Oh, I know you!” Michael grinned again, “You’re from the Scholars of Shen Zhou, right? My name is Michael, otherwise known as Sima Hui on SoSZ.”
“Ah, I see,” Ryan Rosenheim gave a polite smile to Michael, “Nice to see you again, you four.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Adrian butted in, preventing the other three get a word of politeness in, “Ryan, you got my talisman?”
“Err, yeah I have.”
Ryan Leigh scuffled the rat talisman out of his pocket and showed it to the others. Before Ryan had a chance to put it back into his pocket, Adrian rushed over and snatched the talisman out of his grasps.
“Now I can show you that this is real” Adrian shouted, wearing an evil grin.
“Adrian,” Ryan Leigh sighed, “There’s no time for this again. Look, we know they’re real and we need to get the others.”
“What?” Adrian turned around to face Ryan.
“Look,” Ryan Rosenheim brought out the sheep talisman from his pocket, and Ryan Leigh pulled out the dragon talisman, “There are more real and dangerous talismans out there, and I need to collect them all.”
Ryan Rosenheim retold the encounter between him and Fou-Lu. Ryan Leigh had heard it already, so paid no attention to the story and just examined the dragon talisman.
“Sweet,” Michael said once Ryan had finished, “Then I plan to help you collect the other talismans.”
“Really?” Ryan Leigh broke free of his trance with the dragon talisman and turned towards Michael, “You don’t have to, you know.”
“I know, but I want to.”
“If there are more talismans to collect,” Adrian said gleefully, “I’m coming as well!”
“On behalf of Stuart and Billie,” Jonathan said, “We’ll help you too. If these talismans are dangerous, you need all the help you can find.”
“Thanks, you guys,” Ryan Leigh replied, then turned towards Ryan Rosenheim, “Where to then, Ryan?”
Ryan Rosenheim examined the locator device, the dragon heads were glowing very weakly westwards.
“Hmm…” Ryan Rosenheim pondered, “You think the next talisman is overseas?”
“We might as well have a look,” Ryan Leigh replied, “Why you ask? ‘Cause if we go abroad westwards…”
“Then we’ll reach America!” Billie finished Ryan’s sentence.
All seven of them grinned, then went off to the nearest airport. On the way there, each of them collected their passports, Michael and Ryan Rosenheim already had theirs with them.
They all reached Gatwick airport with the vast amount of money their parents had given them surprisingly. They collected their tickets and waited with the other passengers until the gates open. They sat down on some comfy looking seats.
Adrian looked at the rat talisman in his hands, then was going to look around for something to bring to life, until he saw Ryan Leigh’s look of disapproval. Michael got acquainted with Billie, to find out about her past with Ryan Leigh. Stuart and Jonathan were talking about the television series “Little Britain”, while both Ryans chatted away.
“This could not only prove useful for our mission,” Ryan Leigh said, “But also fun and enjoyable.”
“I can’t agree more with you, Ryan.” Ryan Rosenheim replied, smiling.
“And you should enjoy it the most.”
“If we’re fortunate to stop by California, you could see Jaime.”
Jaime was Ryan Rosenheim’s sister. Ryan had made plans before to visit her, but he wasn’t expecting to see her this soon. Ryan cared for Jaime and her husband Andy so much.
“Excellent!” Ryan Rosenheim replied. This really cheered him up, “Too bad I won’t be able to stay the week or anything though.”
“Yeah,” Ryan Leigh replied, “But don’t worry, it will happen in the not to distant future.”
“Thanks, Ryan.” Ryan replied.
Ryan Rosenheim started to talk about more about Jaime to Ryan Leigh. Ten or so minutes later, there was an announcement informing the crew that the plane was now ready to be boarded. All seven of them rushed to the queue, got there tickets checked and boarded the plane.
The plane, like any other plane, had a narrow pathway between the rows of seats. Each row had three seats connected together. Realising immediately what the problem was, Ryan Leigh spoke.
“This means one of us has to sit apart form the rest.”
“I’ll sit behind,” Billie replied first, “I don’t know a lot of you, and I suppose I don’t mind if I sit apart.”
On one side, Michael sat next to the window, Ryan Leigh next to him, then Ryan Rosenheim next to Ryan. On the other side, Adrian sat next to the window, then Stuart, then Jonathan. Billie sat on the seat directly behind Michael. With everyone seated, and a five minute wait, the plane finally took off.
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Unread postby Lord Ma-koto Chaoying » Sun Feb 08, 2004 8:31 pm

Forgive me for the long reply, Ruiyue... :(

Awwww !! :D A great chapter !!! :D x 101 !! Such a writer, Ruiyue. :D

So, you did escape from the FBI ? :shock: Congratulations... :lol: I laughed a lot and was captivated by your story as usual, it really helps me when I'm not in shape. :D
I hope that there will be a travel to France, after the USA... :wink:

Lord Ma-koto

PS : :( Sorry if I take so much time for the chat... my studies... :( but I promise ya I'll WILL find the way to chat with you... :)
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