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Unread postby Lady Wu » Mon May 17, 2004 9:15 am

Thank you Lord Ma-Koto and Kong Wen. :)

Kong: Glad you noticed the personalities! My personal favourites are Zhou Yu and Sun Quan. Sun Quan has a wacky sense of humour that I associate with a lot.

It was indeed a challenge to juggle everyone and have their lines in character. Some are easier to do than others, namely, those who have more lines in the novel and stand out with a more distinctive personality. Zhou Yu, Lu Su, and Sun Quan are the easiest. Huang Gai is a bit iffy to me--I don't know what to make of him yet. Gan Ning is degenerating into what Peter Jackson did with Gimli, which I totally hated. That'll be something that I'll have to remedy in the next installment. Hopefully Bu Zhi will get more lines too, once Zhuge Liang appears. He's the hardest one to do. Or I could just assign him some random computer problem (looks at the Virus/Computer assistance thread) :twisted:...

You know what, the absolute hardest part to write is the imitation 13375P341< (see, I can't even spell "leetspeak" properly) for the Sun Quan impersonator. It hurtssss our eyesss! Yesss, Precioussss! :lol: (okayyyy... time to sleep....)
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Unread postby Kong Wen » Mon May 17, 2004 9:25 am

The reason I like Huang Gai so much is this:

ShanyueKilla: yours too? i keep getting dozens of those “join cao now” emails every day...
ShanyueKilla: this is huang gai

For some reason, that made me laugh more than everything else in the fic. His typing style is awesome, and introducing himself after his first line made him lovable.
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Unread postby Cao Zhi » Mon May 17, 2004 9:21 pm

Your writing is hillarious, Lady Wu. At the end, Sun Quan scolds Lu Xun, but I couldn't find Boyan speaking previously. Is he just a quiet chatter or something? I can't wait to see how you deal with Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu :)
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Unread postby Lady Wu » Tue May 18, 2004 3:09 am

Cao Zhi wrote:Your writing is hillarious, Lady Wu. At the end, Sun Quan scolds Lu Xun, but I couldn't find Boyan speaking previously. Is he just a quiet chatter or something? I can't wait to see how you deal with Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu :)

*Lu Su (fixed back there)
I got my names mixed up there... thanks for noticing/point it out! :oops:

Zhuge Liang would have come in sooner, if it weren't for that hacker. That part was actually based on a real chatroom meeting experience... back in those days, we had an administrative meeting for SOC (at 4am my time too! :x) in which this random person joined and insisted that we talk to her, and we couldn't convince her that it was supposed to be a private chatroom on something serious and that she should leave. Her typing was a lot more civilized than this intruder, though.

Edit: Story is continued here.
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A long story I'm writing...

Unread postby TheZhugeofToday » Wed Jun 09, 2004 4:19 am

Alright, there's this story I've been writing a few days now, which includes some interesting stuff, and the storyline is intense. I focused mainly on the points and strategems involved in the story rather than wasting my time on too much "English class" detail. Enjoy, and please tell me what you think!
(It it yet to be completed....)

"Cam, I have managed to round up 172 good men for our cause, all from the state of Virginia!" Max, Cameron's good friend, anxiously stated, proud of his accomplishment. "Well done, we will need every last one for what is next." Cameron responds with a calm demeanor. "Right, then. Max, gather the officers and beckon them to my office, so that we may plan!" Cameron ordered.
Let us look into the background of this. Cameron, now 22 years old, has been planning to raise an army and use it to fight and gain land, so that he may bring peace and rule fairly. It was his long time dream, and was now coming to realization, as the United States of America had an unreliable and ineffective president and leaders, and the country was in mass poverty as a result of a badly failing economy. At this point, Cameron had been studying war for seven years, and could be easily considered a military genius. All he had to do was prove himself. Since he was 15, he had been looking in his friends for possible officers of the future. Through the years, he had many, many friends, and quite a few good ones. However, out of these appeared four truly loyal ones. Of these were his two best friends, Richard and Austin, as well as long time friend Max and trusted Scott "Skewer". Cameron had known Richard for 12 years, and was the best guy out of the group, yet knew the least on war. Austin was Cameron's most wise and intelligent general, well versed in all ways of war, and considered as brother to Cam. The only other man he placed this much confidence in was Richard. Max had always been a friend of Cameron's and was now recently becoming a reliable one. behind Austin, he is the most knowledegable officer. Scott was an intimidating, impulsive, and sometimes arrogant person, but nevertheless a good leader of men. It would be these five men who would lay the foundation for a great land for all to live.
All five of them were now sitting down around the round table in Cameron's quiet home in Richmond. "Alright, men, here is what I propose." Cameron began. "We have 172 men. We will divide into the following divisions. There shall be 40 total cavalry units, all equipped with rifles and a secondary pistol. 20 of these will be light cavalry, and the remaining half shall be heavy cavalry. Austin will serve as commander of both units, he himself with the light cavalry, and Jon Driscoll, a loyal supporter with some knowledge of war, shall be under him leading the heavy cavalry. The main body, made up of 80 infantry units, shall be headed by Max. These men will have the same arms as the cavalry units. 40 shall be the centre body, 20 as vanguard, and 20 as rear guard and support. Also, there shall be 20 stealth men, armed with silenced rifles and silenced pistols. These shall be led by myself. A band of 10 snipers, obviously with sniper rifles, shall be headed by Richard. 20 of the 22 left shall act as a diversionary infantry unit, commanded by Scott. The final two men shall serve as my personal bodyguard." Cameron gasped for breath as he finished. Scott seemingly angry inquired," Where the hell do you plan on getting these horses and weapons?!" Cameron, somewhat unsure of how his friends would respond, replied, "Well, I plan on hitting a bank to get the money for the horses and seizing a gun shop, maybe two, to fit our weaponry needs. I hope you are all prepared." "Of course brother, whatever it takes to bring peace." Austin enthusiastically responded. "Any questions, my men?" Cameron asked of his companions. "No. This one is in the bag man." Scott hastily responded. Cameron then allowed them to roam his home and grab a beer for themselves, yet he worried himself over Scott's arrogance.

So it would be that the men drank the night away, knowing it would be soon that their road to destiny would begin. The following morning....

"Alright, motherf**ker, I don't kill people in cold blood so just give me the money, and all of it!!" Cameron yelled in the face of the man working at the register of the Bank Of America in Portsmouth. The intimidated employee bowed out and handed the money over. Cameron was accompanied by Scott and Richard was around the corner waiting in the getaway car. Scott and Cameron walked out calmly and jumped into the car. Richard sped away like a bat out of hell, and he drove some 25 miles until he arrived at an old house Max had bought just south of Richmond. There, the other two men awaited the arrival of their friends and the money. The five of them rejoiced at their success, and congradulated one another. From here, they kept ten thousand of the 250 thousand dollars on them and buried the remaining 240 K behind the aging house. The stolen money was to serve as the source of all the supplies needed for the expedition. Cameron gave Austin five thousand dollars and delegated that he purchase the horses and their armor and other equipment. The other five thousand was given to Max to buy the proposed weapons. Thus, the two men departed and completed their task, without fault. Later that night, once the five men had reuinited at Max's barnhouse and were beginning to review plans, Jon Driscoll had arrived. Greetings were made and the men all seemed easily compatible with him. It was soon that Cameron would present the plan of attack.

"To follow up on yesterday's briefing on divisions, I will now tell you how I plan to take the capitol. Normally, there are 20 men on patrol in front of the capitol building. There is also one man at the main gate and another at the rear entrance. This is just the easy part. Myself, the stealth unit, and my bodyguards will be laying in ambush under cover of brush nearby the patrolled area. Once the opportunity presents itself, we will sneak behind them and incapacitate them. We will then immediately pick up their bodies and return to the brush. We will take their clothes and put them, so as to disguise ourselves as them. Once this is completed, we will resume their patrol, until the scheduled shift is up. Just as the true guards would, we will walk into the capitol building and enjoy the thirty minute break. However, about ten minutes or so into this, we will leave and I will frantically run around claiming that an army of more than a hundred terrorists have attacked the city. I am depending on a man of authority confronting me on it, my confirming it, and him acting on it. The entire mission is dependent on armed forces moving to the attack in order to defend the city. By the way, the "terrorist army" is our army, so it will not be a bluff entirely. Anyway, if and when their forces move out, my unit will volunteer to lead their vanguard. If this succeeds, we will do so. If this fails, we will stay in the capitol building and resume our "job". Let's say it fails, just to be prepared. We will stay in the building, like I said. The point in this is to attempt to bring down communications and ultimately to divide the enemy's forces. The unit will take out the single guard protecting the comms. room, and then take hostage the men working there. We will force them to explain to us how to shut down telephones, faxes, computers, and all other methods of communicating, within the building. Once this is done, we will get rid of all the men that were working in the comms room, to make sure they can do nothing to bring the building back on line. Once communications are down and out, we will move to our next objective. There exists a lightly guarded base of operations/ federal arsenal near the capitol building, little less than a mile away. Though it is not defended well, it is vital to the nearby armed forces. We will attack this fortification by stealthy means and seize it. Once it is taken, we shall access the radio and report attacks on both the capitol building and the fort we are in as well. Since the capitol building has no way to talk to the outside world, they will not be able to deny the attack. In this way, their defensive forces will have to be divided in order to save the capitol building and the fort we will take, making things easier on the main force and the mission. As far as the rescue force goes, we will lie in wait for them and ambush their force on two sides, crushing them. Now, back to the situation if we get a yes for leading the vanguard to help the defense force in the city. We would act just like their vanguard force would, leading the march to help the army. However, When the time presents itself, we will turn sides and assist our main body in battle. Hopefully, this will catch the enemy very off guard and we will destroy them.

Now, as for the main body, here is what I present. In coordinance (as far as timing goes) with my unit, the main body will march on the capitol city itself. There is only one other fortress, and it holds about 500 men. However, on average, it only has around 300 in it, and of these, only 250 are armed forces. The 20 vanguard men of the main body shall lure them out and engage in a skirmish. Upon Max's command, these men shall fall back to the main body, which will be about 500 feet away, which is far away for the plan. With all hope, the enemy will pursue. At about 350 feet from the base are the 20 light cavalry men, lying in ambush in a wooded hill. These men will charge out, and drive straight through the enemy's formation. Then, the 40 men of the main unit will engage the pursuers. During the battle, the 20 men of the rear guard will go around, under escort of the 20 light cavalry through the woods, and wind up at the fortress. They will go in, clear out, and secure it for our own. The 20 heavy calvary will stop and wait outside the fortress. Soon, my unit will come up leading the "vanguard" of the enemy. The heavy calvarymen shall be lying in ambush in more woods further down the road. These units will jump out, attack the enemy reinforcements. My unit will turn around, and fight against them as well. At this point, if the first battle being fought by the main body is not yet won, half of the remaining main body will break off and support the ambush my unit will be currently engaged in. Should they be done, the entire force will engage. Also, given that the fortress is secured, half of the rear guard unit which took the fort shall break off and support as well. During this battle with the enemy reinforcements, Richard's snipers will be picking off men left and right from hunting towers which will be set up in the nearby trees. Scott's diversionary unit will march until they draw near the actual capitol building. These men will lie in ambush and attack any more reinforcements, should they come, thereby disallowing more reinforcements to defend. Please be aware that should my unit not be apppinted to the enemy vanguard, we will be staying at the first small fort, occupying it, and defending as necessary. Also note that Scott's unit, is not permitted to attack the first wave of support, and only small ones coming thereafter. Men, tomorrow night we march!" Cameron yelled with much enthusiasm.

So the men retired for the night, anxiously awaiting the night of the battle.

Night came, and the officers and their men deployed for battle, all assuming their positions as explained. Let us turn to Cameron's unit to begin.

"There's the patrol. Everybody ready?" Cameron whispered to his unit. They all nodded their heads in acknowledgement. Cameron's unit ambushed the patrol, silently killed and did away with them, and put on their clothes. This was all done smoothly, and in less than 10 minutes. Following this, Cameron's unit walked into the capitol building as planned, for their "break". Some time into the break, they broke out of the dining room frantically, Cameron holding the radio in his hand, claiming that an attack on the city had just been reported. "Where's the commanding officer???" Almost immediately, a colonel by the name of Davis walked downstairs and met with Cameron. Cameron explained the report, and told the specifics. Davis had taken the bait, and believed Cameron whole-heartedly. "Son, this is very big. Please excuse me." Davis almost in a panic explained to Cameron. However, the young man pleaded for the vanguard. It was given to him after some heavy persuasion. All was going well here........ However, there were some problems elsewhere.....

Max had ordered in the vanguard, and a skirmish ensued with the enemy. The unit fell back, and yet, the enemy did not pursue. Again, pursuit was provoked, and again, not acted on. By this time, the vanguard only numbered 6 men. These 6 returned to the main body, exhausted. Max, with a great deal of hesitation, ordered the rear guard to stay back, and he lead the remaining 46 men of the main body on for a full frontal assault. Mounted guns crushed the unit as they made their advance, and Max was forced to retreat, he himself suffering a shot to the arm. Realizing he had failed to complete his task, he took his remaining 28 men and sat in the woods nearby the light calvary unit for rest and to support later on. However, less than a half-hour later, the enemy let down their guard. Max seized his opportunity and took all his men into the fort, sweeping right through it and securing it. This came at unexpected ease, as from the estimates based on dead enemies, the fort was only garrisoning 50 men at the time. Max's men mounted the guns on the roof and took up positions in and around the fortress, while Max himself received treatment from an enemy doctor who was forced to help him. This changed the plans, but it did not alter the ultimate goal of the main body, as it was achieved.

The light calvary intended as ambushers, however, no longer had to do their assignment, as the fortress was taken and their opportunity never presented itself to engage in the battle. Austin, making a very wise decision, took his unit and joined up with Richard's snipers. Austin explained the previous battle's results, and then he took up an ambush spot below the sniper unit.

As was planned, the heavy cavalry unit was set to ambush across from Richard's unit. Soon enough, Cameron's unit and the enemy reinforcements arrived. As they travelled in between the ambushers along the road, a loud roar was heard, as the entire cavalry had charged out from both sides and began to cut through the enemy like nothing. At this point, Cameron's unit defected and fought with the enemy as well. During this, the snipers were shooting down enemies as planned. As the calvary made continuous sweeps and Cameron's unit kept fighting, Cameron ended up in dire straits. His personal boydguards had fallen, and he found himself surrounded by 8 enemies, all without their rifles and wielding their knives in place. Cameron cut down two of them with ease with his mighty blade, and was then stabbed in the hip by an enemy behind him. Recovering in no time, he jumped back up and slew that man and three others next to him. The remaining two closed in on him, and Cameron's wound caused him to fall to his knees. With the commander facing death, Austin, on his horse, charged down and vanquished the two enemies. He then circled back and picked Cameron up from the ground, and took him to safety, dropping him in the sniper unit's care. Richard ceased fire on the enemy, and treated Cameron's wound with many bandages the unit had with them and then laid him down in the grass, keeping a careful eye over him. Cameron demanded he be allowed back into battle, but Richard had to force him down and keep him on his back. Without much time wasted, the entire enemy army was annihilated, and the rebel army sustained little casualties. The remainder of the light calvary was sent to join Scott's unit. These two, numbering 35, marched into the capitold building itself, cleared it of opposition, and took it for their own. There remained only the small arsenal/fortress. Cameron, now on a horse, led the remainder of his stealth unit(12) very early that morning under cover of pure darkness and took the fortress, encountering only 10 opponents. The fortress was taken, and only two men of the unit perished in doing so. With this, the city, its fortresses, and the capitol building were taken. Total victory had been achieved. However, the army lost one of its leaders in the heat of battle. This man being Jon Driscoll. According to his soldiers, he fought bravely, but was knocked off his horse and shot by the enemy. All in all, the victory was a bittersweet one.

The next day was taken by the army to take much needed rest, treat wounds, and mourn for the fallen. Of the 172 men that went into battle, only 95 men, discluding officers, lived through it. (28 main body, 10 stealth, 12 heavy calvary, 16 light calvary, 19 diversionary, 10 snipers.) On this day, Cameron made an appearance on national television, and stated," My people, the old government has been ousted, and a new one is upon us. This new government shall restore peace, prosperity, and militarial strength to America. I ask you all to see this, and support myself, my men, and this new government. Also, in order to see this new order come to be, we shall need enlisted soldiers to subjugate the rest of the country, and defend future times of great goodness. I ask for all brave men and women to answer my call, come to DC, and enlist. You will bring great fame and honor to yourself and your families in doing so. A new age has come, and a new sun has dawned on America!"

This speech was very effective and many people came to enlist and support the new revolution. In total, within the next week, over ten thousand men and women were converted to soldiers through their enlistment. Cameron assigned the men to camps and trained them diligently, with much help from his officers. These camps were spread out around DC, and mainly were concentrated near the capitol building and the 500-man fortress. Gun shop owners donated equipment freely, and shipments were brought in from Europe of weapons and ammunition. With little time, these new recruits were battle-ready soldiers. About 6 months into the training and new government, Cameron and his officers instituted a new business system, lowered taxes, and ultimately, reaped more wealth than America had seen since the roaring twenties. The new government was doing extremely, extremely well, and support for it spread like wildfire. Also, it took the USA government all of these 6 months to organize a counterattack. A major contributor to this was a coup d'etat in a millitary base in Richmond. It employed about 5,000 troops, all led by Zach Aardahl, a Colonel in the US Army. However, his long time rival and enemy, even though he served in the US Army as well, and even at the same base, led a rebellion and seized the base. This coup d'etat was led by Robert Avery, a friend of Cameron's. The men in the base were split between the two men, as support for them was almost equally divided. Through Avery's genius, he defeated Aardahl's forces in battle. The battle actually came down to Aardahl as the final man, save his small unit of bodyguards. Avery challenged him to a duel of swords, and Aardahl accepted. Avery easily overpowered his rival and took his head. Victory was his, and it greatly delayed USA's counterattack against Cameron. However, even before the government had a chance to fight back against Cameron and his rebels, a small band of commoner loyalists made a night raid on the capitol building, in an attempt to retake the city.

On the night of March 3, 2012, the band of 200 or so loyalists raided the city. Cameron, sleeping in his quarters in the capitol building, was stirred and woke up. He grabbed his spear and sword, and woke up Avery, as he had recently came to the city with his men. The two men went outside to investigate the noise which had awoken Cameron. They spotted the army of patriots, armed with pitchforks and the like. Before Cameron could sound the warning and awaken his troops, the enemy saw him and charged. Avery and Cameron looked at each other and knew to run. However, a detatchment from the enemy's army swung behind them and surrounded them. Cameron drawing his spear and Avery his sword, they met the enemy back-to-back. They came in floods, and Cameron slew many at a time with his great spear, just as Avery defeated them one by one with his calvary saber. Soon, Avery got in a rut, and Cameron threw his spear as a javelin straight through an enemy to save Avery from certain death. He then drew out his katana and kept on fighting. They both continued to hold their own, slaying enemies by the horde. This amazing feat of might and skill was seen by a few awakened soldiers and most importantly, Scott Kewer. As the two men were fighting for their lives, Scott mounted his horse, took up his fearsome halberd, and charged out into the midst of the battle. He cut down tens of enemies in his wake, and eventually made his way to Avery and Cameron. They banded together, and faced the capitol building. The three of them bellowed a great cry, and the patriots trembled in fear of their might. They broke through, reached the captiol building, and there, held off the enemies at greater leisure, as the loyalists were fighting uphill. Opponents continued to come on and on, and Scott made another valiant charge through them. Cameron and Avery followed. Between the trio, they vanquished nearly all of the remaining enemies. After this, a band of ten calvary of Cameron's army came out and routed the opponent. At last, the capitol had been saved. This was all due to the valorous, skillful, and stalwart exploits of Cameron, Avery, and Scott. These men and the few calvary who joined in retired to their rooms, despite the fact they did not sleep for that night, in awareness of a renewed attack. It never came, and so morning followed suit.

That morning, Cameron assembled the entire army in front of the capitol building at 8 A.M. sharp. "I am sure by now all of you have heard of what occured last night." He opened up, and was then interrupted by a grand applause. "Anyhow. I would like to say a few things regarding that. First of all, I would like to thank Robert Avery for his deeds on the battlefield. He and I fought alone against their entire army, and for this and other things, I present him with the title of Dragon General, and third-in-command. I would also like to present Scott Kewer with the title of Cavalier General and fifth-in-command. As for the ten brave calvary men who charged and routed the enemy, you are all rewarded with the rank of Sergeant. The leader of that charge, my brother and new recruit, Collin Crockett, is hereby a Liutenant, and commander of the Second Calvary Division. (Of 3) As for other ranks, they shall from here on follow as I shall say. Second-in-command and Brigadier General is Austin Whitehorne. Fourth-in-command and Minister of the Interior goes to Max Shapiro. Sixth-in Command and Fire General shall be Richard Young. Commanders of certain divisions will be chosen as wartime comes. However, as for now, you men and women will be split up between myself and my five members of the Board.(Austin...etc) Thank you for your time, and enjoy the day, my people!" He ended his speech with a bellowing rally. All was well until the government finally organized that counterattack on March 10, 2012.

Around noontime, the tower guard spotted the federal army marching on Cameron's city. The guard reported it and Cameron went to see for himself. "Well, well. It is about time." He said to himself, with a smirk. He called the capitol building, and issued the order for the troops to mobilize and fall into their defensive postures. By now, artillery and even more forts had been built around the city. Cameron reserved two thousand men and put them under his personal command. These were one half calvary one half infantry. He deployed the calvary in a wooded area near the rear flank of the enemy. He gave command of this unit to Collin. Cameron also sent out the other 1,000 infantry, under Max's command, to take a long route around the battle towards the enemy army's base, stationed in Richmond. The other 8,000 men simply took up defensive postures in their fortifications, as mentioned before. The detatchment of calvary is meant to ambush the rear guard and temporary enemy base when the time comes. With this, the enemy will be crushed any way they go. Either between the main defense and calvary or calvary and detatchment infantry. That detatched infantry unit will have already taken their main base in Richmond, as it is very lightly guarded. Cameron took one last trip around the city and made sure the defenses were air tight. After this, he took up a station with five bodyguards and Austin in a tower near the capitol building itself. Max and Collin had already deployed, as well has Avery, Scott, and Richard took control of their respective divisions and prepared for battle. In the tower, Austin asked Cameron, "How many of them are there, brother?" Cameron laughed, lacking sanity, or so it seemed, and responded," First of all, they are in a dense square formation, which has failed to fool me there are more of them than in reality. Considering this and other things, I would say they number around 20,000." "Er, what!? That is twice our size!" Austin responded, a quiver in his voice. "Hah. Well, that will not be enough to save them, my friend. You should know me better by now to know I have more than one thing up my sleeve." Cameron said, and in doing so, soothed Austin's worries. A drumroll was heard, and the vanguard of the enemy appeared. It consisted of around 2,000 men, and was escorted by several tanks. "Excuse me, if you will." Cameron said as he climbed down the tower. "I must direct this battle myself. Watching could be our downfall." And so, he ran to Avery's position with his bodyguards. "Avery, do you see those tanks?" Cameron whispered to his officer. "Of course. Ya' can't miss them." He responded with confidence. "What do you think of a ploy of falsification to turn them back. I would rather have that take the risk of my men being killed by those big bitches." Cameron asked with enthusiasm. "Ah, my friend, that is genius! Hurry, do it quick!" Avery responded, now with a boost of morale. So Cameron climbed a flight of stairs to the roof of the fort. He bellowed," I am sure you fools are aware that my tactical unit has already cut you off from your allies. We've already captured or killed your main body and rear guard, and your base in Richmond is about to be taken. And do not think to call and check it in, we already knocked out the lines and satellites to prevent you men from getting the news of attack from them rather than us. Now I suggest with all sincerity you retreat as well, or lay down your arms, and you shall be well taken care of and returned to your families once we disarm you. Take your pick. Be massacred here or live long and peaceful lives with those you love."

With this, the tanks halted and the men stopped. They seemed to congregate and converse. With a short time, a man stepped forward and said," General, I request the honor to speak with you alone in person." Cameron shouted back, "Indeed. Follow me." These two men climbed up the tower Cameron was originally in, had the men there leave for the time being. The man claimed he wanted to defect to Cameron's side, and he requested the vanguard especially for this reason. Cameron saw through this fake defection ploy almost immediately, as he was piecing things together quickly. All things considered, Cameron decided to accept the "defector", knowing he could use it to his advantage. As the two men were walking back to the man's unit, Avery joined them. Greetings were made, and from that first moment Avery saw the man, he recognized evil. Only a few seconds later, the man pulled out his gun and shot at Cameron, all of a sudden. Not the least bit startled, Cameron acted immediately and seized the shooter. However, it struck him that he was not hit. He then saw his great friend on the grass, facing death. Avery had taken the bullet for his leader. Avery could barely talk, and the two friends clasped each other's hands, knowing the brave man had little time left. He managed to get out these words, struggling the entire way, "Damn him! Agh... I am leaving the cause much too early, my lord. I pray you this. Take the southeast US after this battle is won. Following that, take the midwest. The northeast will then give in with little resistance, as they will be cornered and lack supplies and troops. From here, ally with the forces left in the west, splitting the country. Leave Austin and Richard at the western border to oversee things. You should allow Max to stay behind and govern the east. You, yourself, after building a navy, attack Africa. It will fall easily to your strength, and welcome your coming. While you are away, the west will betray and attack you at the border. Austin and Richard can handle this. After this, counterattack in near full-force against the west and conquer it. From there.......agh." Avery could not finish before he died. Cameron burst into tears and lamented for his fallen friend, who died instead of he. Remaining outwardly calm, and yet innerly enraged, he ordered an all-out artillery barrage of the enemy units. He then ordered in a tacital unit to deploy landmines and rid them of the tank menace.

The artillery barrage succeeded, and brought many an enemy to his death. The landmines worked just as well, and finished off the enemy's vanguard. Immediately after the battle was surely won, Cameron went to visit the gunman and now prisoner. He began by pushing the man around and slugging him in the face numerous times. After he had spilt his enemy's blood just a bit, he demanded to know the man's identity. After some time, he gave it up. He was the first son of Zach Aardahl, Avery's arch enemy. "Well isn't that ironic!" Cameron said, this time definitely insanely. "Fool. You are going to wish I was the one you killed." With those words, Cameron ordered the flogging of the man. After he was beaten to a point on the verge of death, Cameron finished him off by taking his head with Avery's blade. He then walked to where his men were eating dinner outside all together, and said," Look here, my troops. This is the head of the man who killed one of our best generals and men, Robert Avery. For this he has been beaten and executed. Let this be a reminder to all of our enemies! f••• with us and pay with your life!" The men and women were greatly inspired and unleashed a grand roar of approval in unison. On that note, Cameron tossed the head aside and retired to his office. In a matter of just minutes, he called an officer's congregation ASAP. The men met at his office and took a seat, anxiously awaiting what their leader had to say. "Alright. Even though it is my heart saying we should mourn, there is still an army out there, numbering about 18,000. We cannot afford to be caught with our pants down. Thus, I am going to leave 5,000 men here, under Austin's command. One of the other three thousand will go with me, and array a battle line away from the capitol, close to the enemy's temporary base. The other two thousand will be under Richard and Scott(both calvary), each travelling on either side of my unit, under cover or woods. We will carry out a great ploy which will catch them with their pants down, rather than us. From there, they will retreat as planned. If they fall to where the main defense is, they will be utterly crushed. Otherwise, they have to fall back to their base of operations in Richmond. From here, my infantry unit will pursue, as will Scott's calvary, and Collin's mounted ambush will occur once the enemy passes by. They will be routed and when they get to their base, we can only hope Max did his assignment and captured it. In this way, we shall seize victory and launch a mighty offensive to take the southeast." He finished with pure determination shining through in his eyes. "Well then, if there are no questions, let us deploy. Good luck, men." With this, they all were assigned their units and began the march.

The next morning, Cameron's battle lines were arrayed, and the men were all prepared for battle. They provoked skirmishes throughout the day, to dull the enemy's edge a bit. When night fell, however, the plan was enacted. All night, loud noises were made and drum rolls were sounded, in order to make a night raid appear evident. Despite this, the plan was to never raid. This kept the enemy up all night and surely drained their energy. This plan was continued for the two nights following, and the enemy was very tired as a result. On the fourth day, Cameron's unit retreated. Again, being exhausted, the enemy did not pursue, and remained stationary. That night, Scott and Richard made a real night raid with their 2,000 calvary. They brought torches and effectively burned the enemy encampment. Not only was this destroyed, but the troops of the opponent were obliterated, as many were incapable of fighting effectively. Cameron's unit then came up and assisted in containing the fire, to prevent disaster. The entire main body was wiped out, and the rear guard retreated. Being around 6 in the morning, Cameron and Scott's units began to pursue. Once the enemy's rear guard passed by Collin's unit, he ambushed them and caugh them very off-guard, and lacking energy, of course. These units were allowed to retreat after inflicting heavy damages. Eventually, they made it back to their base, and found it was no longer in their possession. Effectively, they were crushed, and their commander captured. In this way, Cameron had once again brought victory to his legion.

Cameron ordered his men and captives back to D.C., and so they marched. Before doing this, however, he gave Max another two and a half companies (2,500) of men to occupy his newly conquered Richmond base, and also appointed Richard to assist him. At the end of the day, the last of the army was reuniting at the capitol. After tallying heads, Cameron was pleased to find that throughout the entire confrontation, he had only lost 105 men, and only 62 suffered injury. This was an enormous victory, as he had only suffered very minor casualties while crushing a good 12,000 opponents and subjugating 7,000. The remaining 1,000 or so was given food, drink, and were released to return to their lives. At this point, Cameron had amassed an army of roughly 17,000 men, all well trained and loyal. After conversing with his generals, he decided to begin expanding, and spread his influence.

Acting on this desire, he appointed Max third-in-command to replace the fallen former, and promoted the fifth and sixth in command to the rank just above where they stood previously. Cameron left Max in charge of the territories of D.C. and Richmond and assigned him 5,000 men. With all precautions of defense taken, Cameron would soon depart with Scott, Austin, Richard, and Collin, and an army of 12,000. Their primary destination was the southeastern tip of Virginia, wherein lies the cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Portsmouth. These are all important districts becuase of their militarial and economical value. Along the way, Richard and Collin will break off to opposite sides to occupy the territories surrounding the three cities on their northernly borders. Each will be given 4,000 men. Scott, Cameron, and Austin will continue on to capture their three target cities. And so, on the day of May 1, 2012, after finally winning a struggle with supplies, the men began their march of subjugation.

As a result of high spirits, the men marched along at quite a pace. By May 3, the point for Richard and Collin to break off had arrived. Before bidding goodbye, Cameron had a talk with them both. Let us first hear what he said to Richard. "Friend, your time has come to truly prove your worth as a general. I want you to advance slowly, and with caution. I feel as if your path is the hardest one. Beware of a farmer's militia. From reports, they are very discontent with the new age we bring upon them. I doubt, however, that they number more than one thousand. Even this maximum would be a miracle. My only true worry is this. In the city of Lynchburg, the central city of the territory you are to take, dwells an old rival of mine. He is Derek Proffer, I am sure you've heard me speak of him before. He does not know much of strategy, but he is impulsive and brave. They say those who are willing to die, like he, can be killed. If he attacks you, kill him. Lean on strategy, for pure numbers will not help you much. I suggest diversionary tactics and the like. Good luck." Richard listened whole heartedly and then departed, determined to win glory. As for what he said to his brother, it went somewhat like as follows. "Collin, my brother. I am again so glad to see you have chosen to serve me. Up to this point, your valor and loyalty has spoken for itself. When you march to take those cities east of Richmond, I want you to remember these words. Men, in general, tend to be foolhardy and immature until they reach about 25. Many of our army are at or under this age. You are young, but 20 years old, and they may stray from you. Do not allow this. Make friends with the men, keep their spirits high, and endure the same hardships as they. The only local leader in your target area is Steven Su. I have been downwind of rumors of him raising an army for his own. Find him, be hospitible, and persuade him to join us, along with his army. I am trusting you, little brother." With that, his generals went their ways. Cameron and the rest travelled on. By May 10, Portsmouth had been reached. This was at one time the largest naval war port in The United States. Now it has dropped in that area a bit, but still harbors a grand navy. Cameron sent Scott with 2,000 men to capture this city and gain control if its port. He gave him these instructions," The naval workers at Portsmouth are many. Your small army could be overrun. However, I have already taken countermeasures against such a possibility. I had men on the inside plant bombs on every ship. With this, you can control those men, as their lives are in your hands. Demand surrender of them all. Get as many as you can to serve, and for those who refuse, release them with food and water. On that note, Scott departed. Cameron allowed the men to take the next day night off for rest. The men greatly enjoyed this and Cameron gained admiration. On May 12, the troops departed. Austin and Cameron were to take Norfolk and Virginia Beach in one fell swoop.

A day later, the destination was reached. Contrary to his expectations, the mayor of Norfolk surrendered, and held a great congregation endorsing the new government. Nearly every man and woman stationed at Little Creek Air Base gave in as well, and promised loyalty to the new legion. In this way, the city, the air base, and downtown (subsequently) were won over, and with no loss of life. The mayor was hired, and reinstated as mayor for Norfolk. However, the military leader was a different man. Cameron's childhood friend and well-known leader, Don McMinn, who was already currently working at the Norfolk base as rank of Liuetenant, was appointed the rank of 1st South General, and given command of the Norfolk base. Don was greatly honored, and swore his life to Cameron's service. In all, 8,000 men were enlisted from Norfolk. 7,000 of these left with Cameron, and the other 1,000 were left to keep their posts.

The final target of the expedition was Virginia Beach, Cameron's hometown. It just so happened, and seemed very odd, actually, that his high school reunion was underway when he arrived the night of May 15. However, he marched, with Austin and the army, to the get-together, to see old friends, and possibly, recruit. Once he reached the school, he left his army outside, and granted them free time, to do as they please. He and Austin walked in, full clad in their armor. Immediately, the 2007 class IB reacted to their presence. Whispers were heard, running along these lines,"Oh my, is that Cameron? Why is he in his armor, I thought he was in DC to being with!?" The first person to greet the two warriors was Austin Baraki, an old friend of Cameron's. "Man, what are you doing here? Have you come to conquer this city as well?" He asked of his old friend. "Well, actually, yes. I was hoping to come here and enjoy myself before any battles are to be fought." Cameron replied. "Well it is about damn time, this city is falling through the pits. We all need you." Austin asserted. He then took it upon himself to break the silence. "We have been graced tonight by the presence of the future president of our country, our old friend Cameron Crockett!" Cameron removed his helmet and locked eyes with a beautiful woman, a woman he remembered well. Her name was Liz, and now she was 22. He went to greet her," It is a great pleasure to see you again, Liz. I was wondering if you would be interested in coming with me after this to my camp. I think we should catch up on old times, and make new ones. Whaddya' say?" Shocked at his arrival still, she barely answered,"It is also good to see you. And of course I will come with you." "Good then. But as for now, would you care to dance?" "But your armor..?" She implied her timidity. "It is nothing." Cameron responded as he removed it. "A dance, then?" He again implored her. "Indeed." She smiled back. So they would dance, and did they ever dance. With time, they both grew tired, and took temporary leave of each other after resting from dancing. Cameron spotted that trio of women who he always had mixed feelings for. These three being Katy, Virginia, and Lauren. They greeted him happily, as usual. He casually replied,"Well well, if it isn't you three. It is good to see you all again." "I feel the same way" The three said back in unison. However, this was all interrupted very abruptly. The main entrance doors were swung open, and men with intense faces rushed in. Cameron turned, and and arrow struck his arm. "Damn you!" He screamed with the pain evident in his tone, and drew his sword. He rushed the group of men, 20 or so, and equipped with melee weapons. The fierce man slew three opponents without hesitation, and then called for his sword brother to help. It was these two men facing their enemy's army. Cameron slew two more, and suffered a sword strike to his same arm which was hit with the arrow. Now with an arrow lodged in it, and bleeding from the sword wound, he had but one hand to fight with. He, losing strength, weakly cut down one more in his way. At this point, Austin Baraki saw Cameron fall to the ground in pain, and ran to him. He borrowed his sword, and defended his friend with it, standing over his injured body. On the floor, Cameron looked up and noticed this. He also saw a long time enemy, Parker Wyatt, leading the opposing force. With this, he ordered to Austin W.,"Capture Parker! I want him alive!" The two Austins continued fighting, and succeeded in capturing the leader. At sight of this, his troops cowered and fled. Arrow yet in him, Cameron stood up to the prisoner. "You arrogant fool! Why have you ambushed me, and who has ordered it?" He demanded. "Haha, you're the fool for taking the time to have fun! And you will never hear from me who notified me just minutes ago of your presence." The prisoner replied. "Well then, rather than executing you, I challenge you to a duel of swords. Do you accept?" "It is a chance at life, of course I accept." Parker cockily replied. Cameron then approached the frightened crowd,"Follow me. There is a duel between myself and your little friend here. To the death." "But, Cameron, you are seriously wounded!" Liz pleaded with him. "I could defeat this foe with no arms, and I shall do well with the use of only one." He said back to her, with some doubt in his voice. The two men walked off, and the crowd discreetly followed. They set up some ten feet from each other, and Parker was granted a sword. Once they were both ready, Cameron charged. He swung high, his enemy ducked, and Cameron fell to the ground, ailing from his wounds, and landed on his knees. Parker drew closer to slay him. He raised his sword high, and just as he came down, Cameron rolled over, jumped up, and vanquished him with one swift cut to the back of his neck. He walked away, leaving his dead rival on the floor, in two pieces. Cameron first approached Liz. "Now do you doubt me?" "No, but you really shouldn't be so damn crazy. You just fought an able man while you were very handicapped!" "I know, and I apologize to you for that. However, he had to be killed one way or the other. I figured this would make the greatest impact." "Well, indeed it has." She slowly commented. Cameron smirked, and then made himself clear to the people, as he was preparing to speak. "Do not be afraid any longer my friends. They came to take my head, and instead their leader lost his. I know who ordered this attack, and she will be executed. However, even with the unpleasant sight of blood and my own injuries, I implore you all to enjoy what is left of the night." He finished, walking away. The wounded warrior then made his way over to Virginia, every so swiftly. "You can not hide it, I know you ordered this attack. It is obvious to me. Ever since your father was killed in the battle for D.C., you have hated me. You know this just as well as I. I have told everyone here tonight, though not giving a name, you would be executed, as I am sure you heard. However, I will do no such thing. Vengeance is understandable, even though I do not condone it. Instead, I ask for your forgiveness, as the hands of one of my men took your father's life." Cameron said, with a passive tone. Virginia, still quaking in fear only nodded her head. "Good, then. I wish you all a goodnight. After I give my speech and depart, I doubt I will ever see you three again." As he said this, they exchanged hugs and fare-wells. On that note, Cameron made his presence clear once more and cleared his throat. "As you are all aware, I am on a campaign to subjugate all poorly governed regions. The USA is my first target. I have already taken D.C. and Richmond, and will soon have half of Virginia under my rule. The economy in my areas are booming, and prosperity is spreading. Considering all this, I call upon all the brave men and women here to serve in my legion. I will accept everyone, and you will become advisors, governors, generals, or soldiers." Finishing, he was approached by a large group. Austin Baraki was first to volunteer his services. For his valor and known skill in militarial matters, he was appointed Southern Vanguard General and given a personal guard of 30 men. David Flick also volunteered, and was made Defense general. The trio of women volunteered, and all were made low-rank advisors, and were appointed the mission of accompanying Cameron for this job. Other than this, none of talent offered their services, and 35 men were made soldiers. Thirty were immediately assigned to Austin's bodyguard, while the other five were assigned to Cameron's own bodyguard unit. Soon after, these men and women left, reunited with the free-roaming army, and now were more than 9,000 strong.

As For Richard's campaign, it went quite well. As he marched onward to the west, he did indeed encounter Proffer. Both forces arrayed for the ensuing battle. However, Richard sallied out that night and harassed his enemy's flank with some crack troops. Proffer impulsively pursued with a few hundred men and fell into an ambush. His forces were crushed and he was captured. Richard quickly beheaded him and showed it to his surviving men. At the sight, they were disheartened and surrendered. With this, Richard won the territory over swiftly. Collin, on the East end of the northern territories, was encountering a great deal of difficulty. As his older brother had warned, his men were disobedient and immature. One night, a group of hooligans were drinking and became very intoxicated. Collin punished them heavily, as drinking was forbidden. The next day, the men retaliated by trying to assasinate their commander. Collin awoke to their clumsiness and slew all three of them. He displayed their heads in the camp as a warning to rebels and an attestment to his authority. From here on out, no one dared to challenge him. He also went about making good friends with the men, to the point where no one saw him as a stranger. He would soon encounter the Steven Su his brother told him about. He confronted Collin with his rather large contingent of untrained militiamen and sought surrender. This was accepted with great pleasure. Thus, Collin and Richard marched homeward.

Scott's march to Portsmouth did not go uncontested. A small force of maybe 100 encountered Cameron's general. Scott, caught off guard, lost a heavy amount of men in proportion to his enemy. He was forced to fall back and rethink his course of action. He came to find that leading the army of ex-marines was Cameron's father. He wondered greatly as to why he would attack his son's forces. Scott thus went to see his liege's father. They conversed, and Tom explained to Scott that his officer mistook Scott's forces for government troops. WIth that, Scott absorbed Tom's small army and marched on. When he arrived at Portsmouth, he carried out the plan given to him by Cameron. It worked well and nearly all men surrendered. The few others fought vigorously to the death, bringing down another 20 or 25 of Scott's men. Thus, Scott seized the great port and city of Portsmouth. Here, the mayor was kindly treated and politically reinstated, while military power lied with Scott, as he would remain deployed there to guard their new navy. Tom was sent back with a force of 200 to the capitol, to await his son's victorious arrival.

On his march home, though, Tom found actions in the capitol very suspicous. Max, the general Cameron left in charge of the Capitol and Richmond, was acting treacherously. Soon enough, Max rebelled and seized both cities for his own. All his men followed him as well, as they had not been fully to devoted to their liege just yet. Tom did not give into the rebellion and instead stood against Max, out numbered 10 to 1. Tom conversed with his men and decided that they did not stand much of a chance strategically with their new enemy. Thus, he made the decision within himself to put his men on deadly ground and force them into a corner. In doing so, he hoped they would see only death and thus fight vigorously as possible until life leaves their bodies. The day after planning, Max engaged him. Tom withdrew his forces into a pinned-down position. He said to them, "Loyal followers of my son and our Lord! The time has come to die honorably in order to bring glory to our names and smite this traitor! I know you may fear death, but there is nothing but death now. Do not fear it, for I am here and will die alongside you all. Let us show them the punishment of treachery!" With that, Max's vanguard fell upon Tom's unit. Fighting more vigorously than ever planned, the men wiped out their enemy's vanguard. The remaining 1,500 men charged with rage at the loyalists. Tom, still on his horse and fighting with his officer's sword, saw Max on his own horse charging into the fray. Knowing Max lacked fighting ability, and seeing the chance to depress and force rebel surrender, he charged for the enemy commander. Max did not see it coming, but a sword blow from Tom's blade separated his body from head. However, Max's own father, Robert Shapiro, saw this and shot Tom from his horse. Incapacitated, Tom looked up at his victim's furious father. Before the blade could come down, Tom's life long friend Mike Oliver dashed in and kicked the blade from his enemy's hands. Following up, he shot him in the head and killed him. He looked down at Tom and saw his terrible condition. He tried to keep the tears back as he treated for his friend. Tom's last words ran like this, "Max is dead, we have won here. I beg you to reatreat now and find my son. Tell him I died fighting for his cause, and took his enemy's head. I finally have my honor back........." At this, a sad Oliver followed orders. He took the remaining 30 or so men and came across Cameron's force marching home.

Mike told Cameron the news. "My father has perished in battle? How noble...." He said as he too began to weep. After the two men shared their lament for a while, Cameron knew he had to resume his march. However, taking it ever so personally now, he refused to allow his men to come with him, as he knew this was now his affair, not one his men should die for, as true victory had already been won, and most of the rebels dispersed. So he marched up indeed, accompanied solely by Mike Oliver. The two men arrived to see the capitol building being directly attacked. Apparently not all the men stuck by their rebel leader. Cameron and Mike charged into the building and saw an amazing sight. Cameron's good friend and skilled court historian Rachel Beckman was fending off enemies with a sword! Amazed, Cameron realized she was handling herself perfectly. After slaying her foes, she spotted Cameron and walked toward him. They were reunited with a friendly hug and then Cameron said to her,"Rachel, are there any other men left here loyal to me?" "Yes, I saw a group of maybe ten fighting down this hall." "We must hasten!" He replied as they ran down that hall. When he arrived, he spotted two of his good old friends, Marie Armstrong and Matt Lampella, now married. Matt was defending his wife against a small band of enemies. Matt was struggling, so Cameron defeated the men and reunited with Matt and Marie. They thanked him, and at once, they all left the burning building. Rachel then spoke up,"The only person of importance remaining to rid ourselves of is Kate Becker, Max's bedamned mistress." "Hmph, you've been wanting to get even with her for quite some time now. Go, lead us to where she is, and I will force her to duel you." So it was that she led her comrades and liege to Kate's position. "Kate, I am here to take vengeance for all the wrongs you have done to me and my liege. Prepare to die!" Rachel said as she viciously charged her enemy. Kate clashed swords with her, and Rae jumped into the air while running so she positioned herself behind Kate. At this, she stabbed her swiftly in the back, just as Kate had done to her in years past. At this, she walked briskly out of the room, as Kate dropped to her knees then the floor, lifeless. Finally the small party could rejoin their army.

However, misfortune struck the group of warriors again. On their way back to where Cameron ordered his troops, they were ambushed by a force of maybe one hundred men, consisting of the majority that all the rebels had not lost at the hands of Cameron's father. The liege immediately reacted by standing ready with his halberd. He saw that his his enemies were using only swords and melee weapons. He pondered at this, and determined within himself that this must be the traitor's idea of humiliating him. Yet, Cameron held nothing back against his old men. He slew many before Rachel and Matt joined the fight with their respective weapons. Matt found himself chagrined in a tumultous situation, and was pierced by an enemy spear through his shoulder. He fell to the ground without any more fighting. His wife, Marie, saw this and withdrew a small revolver she purchased recently for these chaotic times. She used it quickly, shooting the two men nearby Matt, saving him from a most certain fate. At this point, Marie called for help, and Cameron answered her call. He stood by her and helped to defend their fallen friend. Rachel, meanwhile, was herself caught in a rut, encircled by more than 50 enemies. She thought of surrender for only a second and then saw her destiny. It lay in battle, not her current political position. With this, she started fighting for more than just her life, but for glory, honor, and prestige. Upon this realization, she immediately became a menace on the current battlefield, intimidating even the strongest of men facing her. Nearly the entire ambush party had been destroyed by these three men and two women, but even more troops fell upon them. At this point, Steven Su's newly subjugated army was approaching the capitol. Noticing the situation, he led his elite guncalvary into the fray, obliterating the rebels and saving his new ruler and friends. Thus, the battle was brought to a dramatic end. Marie, now taking the time to treat to Matt, saw that the spear was very deep into his shoulder. Matt received on-site surgery, Marie being a surgeon, and she successfuly removed the spear shaft and head. After this, she sent him off to the medical camp of Cameron's legion to be watched over. She said to Cameron,"Thank you so much for rescuing us. Were it not for you and Rachel, we'd be dead!" "It is nothing, old friend. Please, go be with your husband." Upon these words, she did just so. Cameron looked at Rachel and he somehow could tell she'd realized her true place; on the battlefield. He went up to her, thanked her for her valiance and bravery, and then conversed about her new place. "Now I have witnessed your ferocity on the battlefield. Do you wish to serve under me militarialy, as the chief of my personal bodyguard and 3rd Calvary Commander?" He asked. "Well, it would be improper to say no to such an opportunity. Therefore, yes, I accept, with great thanks." Cameron, pleased at her coming around, yet disgusted at his friend's betrayal, found the taste of a bittersweet victory in his mouth. He made preparations to rebuild the few incinerated portions of the Capitol building and to readministrate Richmond. He put Max's former Richmond command in the hands of his brother, since he had received the successful news of his individual campaign. Thus, all of Eastern Virginia conquered, Cameron reorganized his forces. He himself commanding the capitol, Collin in Richmond, Scott in Portsmouth, McMinn in Norfolk, Austin Baraki and Flick in Virginia Beach, and his oath brother and Richard, along with the trio, were to stay in the capitol with him until further ordered. Their numbers now exceeded 25,000.

Cameron left the traitor's head on display for show that he would not tolerate rebels. He delivered a speech expressing his sorrow for causing death within his own faction and he also noted his great dismay at his once good-friend's betrayal. He told the men that Max was overly-ambitous and was probably being employed by the former US government to do their will. He also commemorated his old father and greatly praised those who remained loyal to him during the uprising. He sincerely apologized for the deaths of any of their family or friends as a result of the rebellion. He guaranteed the men one year of peace, the only battle would be training and drilling exercises. He assured them his compassion and their safety under his rule. Thus, the "One-Year-Peace" began.

During this time, not much occurred. Cameron instructed his men to the point of perfection on war. Thus having an extremely disciplined an trained army, he set about establishing officer's schools. These were meant for men and women going into highschool who are they sure they want to enter the army as an officer. In addition, he cultivated many areas, raised commerce, and devoloped more foregin trade with his new navy. He also recruited many men and women of talent into his ranks to serve as warriors, generals, and advisors. Thus efficiently stregthening his kingdom and recruiting more commanders, many within his reign saw him as unstoppable. The full year passed as promised, and the day the peace ended, Cameron marched southward with Richard, the trio, Rachel, Austin Baraki, and Austin Whitehorne's father, Les to force the surrender of the entire southeast. He left with 20,000 men. His first target was the major garrison in North Carolina, his foremost enemy. There, some few thousand men awaited him, with plenty of resources and the certain arrival of reinforcements. Cameron recognized he had only one choice; confront them at once. Since he did not think they would be going anywhere until the reinforcement arrive to assist them, he knew what to do. He would leave 5,000 men some ways from the city in the best of hiding so the enemy could not see them. The other 20,000 would march around to feign an attack on their homes in the towns behind the fortified position.
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Unread postby xiaocaca » Wed Jun 09, 2004 7:57 pm

whooooooaaaaahhhh it's long! but it's very good, and even though i'm not this genre type of person, i still find it very exciting and catchy. nice work!
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Unread postby ylee_coyote » Mon Dec 13, 2004 7:16 am

Wow, no one's posted in here since June lol, guess I'll break the chain. Anyways, just wanted to post an advert for the story I'm writing.

If you guys have time, pls read through it and tell me what you think (positive and/or negative feedback accepted...c'mon, I can take the criticism :wink: )
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Unread postby Zhou Rhis » Fri Mar 04, 2005 2:12 am

I'm curious: I have a fic i've begun, but I plan on continuing it...alot. Should I post it here, or should I create my own thread? I apologize if this counts as spamming, but I read that you want to keep this place tidy, and i'm simply trying to aid in that.
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Unread postby Li Ruiyue » Sat Mar 05, 2005 11:10 am

Zhou Rhis wrote:I'm curious: I have a fic i've begun, but I plan on continuing it...alot. Should I post it here, or should I create my own thread? I apologize if this counts as spamming, but I read that you want to keep this place tidy, and i'm simply trying to aid in that.

It's entirely up to you. I started posting my stories in this thread, but then I decided to post my own thread. If you know the story is going to last a while then maybe you should start a new thread.
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Unread postby Yuan Shao » Mon Mar 07, 2005 11:15 am

Hey, I'm new and I decided to share this story with you guys. I also have some copies of this in other forums.

Kenshin Uesugi: The Last Action Star

The Dragon of Echigo, Kenshin Uesugi, was having a nice time stolling through the forests of Echigo. It was a fine day indeed to take a break from the wars waging on. Besides, even warriors who are addicted to war need to take a break now and then.

As he was passing by a small village by a magnificent waterfall, Kenshin stumbled upon a group of bandits molesting a peasant girl.

"Come here little girl, I'll take care of you." one of the ruffians said.

"You, bandit. You bandits who molest the little child. You shall pay for your indecent behavior. Bishamonten, God of War, help me save this little child, who is being molested by these bandits." Kenshin shouted.

The bandits smiled, and they railed at Kenshin. Kenshin became angry, but as he was about to get his sword, he forgot that his mom used it as a hanger for Kenshin's dirty clothes.

"Damn. Now I won't be able to swing my hanger- I mean, sword like a helicopter and make some really cool wind and maybe hit the bandits. You shall die anyway, bandit." Kenshin muttered.

One of the bandits lunged in for a jab. Kenshin held the bandit's hand, and punched two times in the stomach. *KAPOW!* Another bandit attacked with a stick, fortunately, Kenshin was able to grab the attacker's hand. Kenshin twisted the man's hand and smacked the guy right in the face. *SMACK!* The rest of the bandits went away, and just as Kenshin was about to talk to the girl, a man with a rifle arrived.

"You die, you who dresses like an Arabian!" the musketeer said.

Just as the musketeer was about to fire, Kenshin did his super cool charge attack, the one with the explosion, and deflected the bullet towards the bandit musketeer. *KABANG!* The musketeer falls, and Kenshin took his gun and his knife that was attached to it. Suddenly, two more bandits came up.

"Hmm, how do I use this contraption.." Kenshin said.

He then took one of those round metal balls, and put it inside the rifle.

"Hmm, two enemies, one round ball thingie. Is this when the knife comes in handy?" Kenshin said to himself. He always either talks to himself, or his only friend Bishamonten.

He then stuck the knife into the hole of the rifle. He then aimed point blank, and shot. The bullet went through the hole halved, because of the knife stuck in the hole, and went in two different directions. The first half of the bullet hit the first bandit in the groin, and the other half went through the second bandit's mouth. *KA-err......DOUBLE KILL!* The bandits, who could'nt believe their eyes, ran away, and Kenshin saves the day.

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