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If the internet existed in 3k times...

Unread postby Lady Wu » Fri Feb 06, 2004 8:15 am

Heh, I was feeling a bit silly and started this:
*Master Zhou joins the conversation*
*Timestamp is turned OFF*
Master Zhou: helllloooo?
Master Zhou: sheesh... I’m earliest?
*Old Zhuge joins the conversation*
Old Zhuge: Hello Gongjin! Fancy seeing you here! What’s up?
Master Zhou: Hey Ziyu! heh I hardly ever go online but yesterday I got an email from Lu Zijing asking me to join the chat this morning.
Old Zhuge: Yeah. Zijing suggested to the liege to use this for a netmeeting. I’m not sure how it works
Old Zhuge: Zijing set this thing up but most of the time it’s only me and Zhang Zhao in here...
Master Zhou: lol! I had no idea Zhang Zhao even had a computer!
Old Zhuge: Well, he does. It’s kinda neat, esp since he’s working on an index for the Analects... it’s so hard to keep track of cross-references etc by hand.
*Lu_Zijing joins the conversation*
Lu_Zijing: Zhou Gongjin whatever happened to your email??
Master Zhou: ???
Lu_Zijing: your address
Master Zhou: Oh that!
Li_Zijing: Two days ago Lord Sun sent a message around telling ppl to meet here this morning, but yours got rejected and he didn’t have your other account.
*ShanyueKilla joins the conversation*
Master Zhou: let’s not even talk about it. my yangzhou account got spammed out >:-O
ShanyueKilla: yours too? i keep getting dozens of those “join cao now” emails every day...
ShanyueKilla: this is huang gai
Old Zhuge: Welcome Gongfu.
Lu_Zijing: hey :)
ShanyueKilla: hello ziyu and zijing
Master Zhou: Yeah... lately it’s the Yizhou money scam
Old Zhuge: what money scam?
ShanyueKilla: heh, the ones about how liu zhang’s government is corrupt and unstable and they need to get their possessions out of shu and how they they;re gonna give you a million gold if you send them a copy of your seal?
Master Zhou: precisely, that crap
Lu_Zijing: hahahahaha!
Master Zhou: it pisses me off beyond belief. I was out on Poyang lake for a few days and when I got back I couldn’t open up my inbox coz it was too full
*SunTzuII joins the conversation*
Master Zhou: I’m ready to take out Liu Zhang just for providing an excuse for all that spam.
Lu_Zijing: Speaking of which, how’s the navy training going?
ShanyueKilla: My liege.
Old Zhuge: O Lord Sun.
Master Zhou: My sovereign.
Lu_Zijing: oops... sorry my lord
SunTzuII: No worries... how’s it going, people? Hey and Gongjin you need to fix your email.
Old Zhuge: Gongjin was just saying that his inbox was spammed out
Master Zhou: Sorry... it’s the spam =P
Old Zhuge: by the Yizhou scam and the Cao-ist ads
SunTzuII: Hah! So that’s why you want to invade Yizhou? You ain’t getting *my* seal on the order! LOL!!!!
Master Zhou: hehehe
SunTzuII: Just set a filter, dude! I used to get a ton of those northerner spams but now it’s ok. I’ll see about giving you a larger quota too
Master Zhou: Thank you my lord.
*BellBoy joins the conversation*
BellBoy: Yoooooo dudezz! Wassup?
ShanyueKilla: Let the fighter speak his name!
BellBoy: make a wiiiild guess
BellBoy: and I know you’re Gongfu
SunTzuII: Gan Ning of the Bells, I wager :)
BellBoy: smart!
BellBoy: whos subtzu
BellBoy: *SunTzu
SunTzuII: >.< Sun Tzu is the great strategist of the Spring&Autumn times, of course.
BellBoy: icic
BellBoy: DOH! i’m really sorry my liege!!!
Old Zhuge: ...... -_-;;
SunTzuII: whatever...this really isn’t a formal setting anyway... though I guess Zijing
had a point when he said this’d be the fastest way to get everyone together
SunTzuII: I had no idea that this chat thing existed... now I gotta wonder what you
guys say behind my back! hahaha
*FarmerBu joins the conversation*
*Zhang Zhao joins the conversation*
FarmerBu: Beat you.
Zhang Zhao: Whatever.
Lu_Zijing: If anyone dare say something inappropriate, I as op will kick them out ;)
SunTzuII: Anyway, though the setting isn’t formal, I’ve asked you all to be here for something serious.

And has nothing to do with tigers, Sir Zhang :D
Welcome Bu Zishan.
FarmerBu: Bu Zhi here at your service, my lord.
Zhang Zhao: My liege.
So who all is here?
Lu_Zijing: Lu Su here, Master Zhou = Zhou Yu, Old Zhuge = Zhuge Jin, ShanyueKilla = Huang Gai
Lu_Zijing: BellBoy=Gan Ning and ofcourse SunTzuII is our lord Sun.
Zhang Zhao: Oh alright.
Apologies for being late. Bu Zishan and I were over at Gu Yong’s trying to fix his computer. His PSU fried and we were unable to find a replacement. He sends his apologies for not being to be online.
SunTzuII: That’s too bad.
Old Zhuge: Hey, Sir Zhang, is the Yongye chapter done yet? Can you email me a copy?
SunTzuII: Anyway
Zhang Zhao: It’s getting a bit too big now... I’ll upload it to a temporary folder in the archives. You can get it by FTP.
Zhang Zhao: Sorry.
SunTzuII: Ok.
SunTzuII: So, I had this interesting conversation on HIM last night
BellBoy: HIM?
Zhang Zhao: Han-Online Instant Messanger
Master Zhou: Sir Zhang you really do know your computer stuff!
*Zhang Zhao blushes and bows*
Zhang Zhao: I pick up bits and pieces listening to the clerks at the offices.
SunTzuII: Lemme post the transcript of it....
SunTzuII: Here goes:
    CaoMengde: Greetings Sun Zhongmou.
    Tiger_Kid: Greetings stranger. Who may you be?
    CaoMengde: ..... look at my sn.
    Tiger_Kid so?
    Tiger_Kid: I could register DongZhuo as my handle. sn’s don’t mean a damn thing.
    CaoMengde: You can’t. That’s taken. Besides, who dares pose as me?
    Tiger_Kid: So... you are PM Cao himself! Cao Ah-man! How’s the clan? ^_^
    CaoMengde: know, people are killed for calling me that.
    Tiger_Kid: LOL!
    Tiger_Kid: Lord PM Cao, where in the subcelestral realm art thou?
    CaoMengde: Speaking of killing, did you get my email?

    I’m in Xiangyang.
    Tiger_Kid: No. I didn’t receive any email from you. What address are you sending it from?
    Tiger_Kid: Crap. I’ve blocked all messages from your office.
    CaoMengde: How could you?
    Tiger_Kid: Too many of your minions are spamming me... blame them :x
    Lemme unblock you. Hang on.
    CaoMengde: Grrr....
    Tiger_Kid: Can’t you just tell me now? What you were going to email me, I mean.
    CaoMengde: No.
    Tiger_Kid: unblocked
    CaoMengde:, right?
    Tiger_Kid: yeah
    CaoMengde: Sent.
    Tiger_Kid: How did you get my HIM handle anyway? I never use it for anything administrative related
    CaoMengde: I have my ways of knowing.... mwahahahaha!
    Tiger_Kid: -____- boy am I scared
    CaoMengde: go read the attachment.
    Tiger_Kid: ok. I’ll check my mail now. bbiab

SunTzuII: tiger kid obviously was you all know my HIM! hahaha
SunTzuII: Well, it wasn’t exactly laughing matter... :-/
FarmerBu: What did the email say?
ShanyueKilla: Well now we know how to get a hold of Cao Cao.
Old Zhuge: To answer to the join cao spam? ;)
ShanyueKilla: Ziyu!!!! That’s not funny! Especially not when the lord is around.
Master Zhou: as if you need to doubt Gongfu’s loyalty.
BellBoy: Dudes, let’s hear the rest of it.
SunTzuII: Thank you Xingba. The email contains a pdf attachment, which, to Mengde’s credit, is artistically designed. I can forward it to you guys if you want a personal copy. It says:
"When I, the Prime Minister, received the imperial command to punish a fault, my banners went south and Liu Zong became my prisoner, while the people of Jingzhou flocked to my side at the first rumor of my coming. Under my hand are one million strong and a thousand able leaders. My desire is, General, that we go on a great hunting expedition into Jiangxia and together attack Liu Bei. We will share his land between us, and we will swear perpetual amity. If happily you would not be a mere looker-on, I pray you reply quickly."
BellBoy: WTF?
Old Zhuge: that’s basically telling us to surrender.
FarmerBu: Mind it, Xingba.
SunTzuII: Peace, gentlemen... at least let me post the rest of the conversation.
Lu_Zijing: ok.

To be continued...
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There's no better state than Wu
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Unread postby Kevin » Sun Feb 08, 2004 7:45 pm

Here's my friend, Richard's fanfic about cows ruling the world!

Chapter 1:
Run. A field of straw is surrounding Vheod. Behind Vheod is the menacing barking of hounds. Vheod’s shirt is ripped, and the blood from his wounds seep through his shirt, but Vheod must not be caught. He runs like there is no tomorrow, for if he stops, there really will be no tomorrow for him. The barking is closer. The stench of blood fills Vheod lungs. He chokes and stumbles, but he can't stop. There is no end of the path for him, but he runs anyways. He goes like there is a goal and he goes to be shot down, it all ends up the same anyways. He'll never win, but why give up hope. A hole in the ground moves closer and closer as each footstep comes closer and closer. A ravine, that’s what it is. “Shall I jump,” he thinks, “what the hell, why not?” He jumps and barely makes it, his foot and the edge, he lunges forward. That gravel sprays into the pit as Vheod bolts out of his near-death experience. To continue the journey to nothing is his goal. A whine arises and he sees the hounds fall into the pits, their legs too short to make the jump. A bloody howl erupts when the fall ends the dog’s pitiful lives. He has a chance of freedom. Exhausted, he wonders why he is constantly running.
Grumble erupts and Vheod clenches his stomach in hunger. A bush filled with berries lies ahead, and now he runs forward to greet the food with his hungry mouth. Plunging the bittersweet berries in Vheod’s mouth gave a bitter taste, but as long as it was food, it was edible, and it wasn’t really hard to get, he would go for it. The sweetness greatens the dry feeling in Vheods mouth, and he puckers his mouth to suck the most moisture out of his lips, but he must find water for that is not enough. Trickling, he cannot believe how lucky he is. A small stream runs through the ground. Following this stream, the stream gradually grows wider. He keeps walking along this delicate stream. Now he ponders. Mindlessly he remembers his child goal, to become a pirate, but a good pirate. He would save people. CRASH, Crahing, and a waterfall appeared before him through the thicket. He plunged himself into the water. Drinking and bathing at the same time. He enjoyed the water. He took out his father's sword. He settled in a trance and thought back.

Will be continued:

super note:This is NOT my fanfic, it is Richard's

Unread postby Lord Ma-koto Chaoying » Sat Apr 17, 2004 1:57 pm

Very interesting fanfiction, Kevin... :D

It's captivating and well written, it makes the reader want to read the sequel.

What about asking your friend Richard to create his own thread (As long as there are several chapters, I think it's allowed...) ?

But feel free to do what you want. :wink:
Anyway, very interesting work. :wink:

Lord Ma-koto
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The silliness continues

Unread postby Lady Wu » Sun Apr 18, 2004 12:07 am

Blame Cao Zhi. He made me continue the story, though I hadn't planned to keep writing: :`-(

SunTzuII: Tiger_Kid: Erm... nice font!
CaoMengde: Thanks. Zhong Yao designed it for me.

Are you going to say something else?
Tiger_Kid: You really wanna know?
CaoMengde: I'm all ears.
Tiger_Kid: Erm... well, you see, I prefer hunting tigers to hunting court-appointed officials. I really do. and I think I can manage ok on my own on this side of the river, tyvm.
CaoMengde: Stop acting silly. You and I both know the consequences.

Your father and I were pals and I would hate to see his son come to harm.
Tiger_Kid: You would hate it, eh? Well, that your problem! hahahahaha
CaoMengde: ........
Tiger_Kid: ok ok. how bout I chekc w/ my men first and let you know?
CaoMengde: I await your speedy reply.
Tiger_Kid: Yeah, in the meantime, can you get your guys to just take our emails off your spam list already? I mean, it's bloody annoying, and unnecssary, since you've sent us the official um... propaganda..
***NOTE: This user is offline. Your messages will most likely *not* be

Lu_Zijing: Good call on the spam. Let's hope he _did_ get the message.
So what do you think, my lord?
Zhang Zhao: I feel that it was unwise to respond so cheekily...
SunTzuII: Well, what can I do, cry and beg for mercy? Anyway, let me hear your opinion on this matter.
Zhang Zhao: An army 1M strong is not to be taken lightly, my lord.
ShanyueKilla: an army a river away.
FarmerBu: Not quite, since Cao holds Jing province now
BellBoy: dammit, that newborn pup of liu biao's is nooooo comparison to us.
SunTzuII: and they're upstream too... :-/
Zhang Zhao: No, but I mean, the law is on his side, you know. The Emperor is under his control and
Zhang Zhao: and basically his word is law.
SunTzuII: hmm... can we talk about the legalities for a bit? I mean, he's not legit, is he?
Zhang Zhao: look, there's no way that we can hold off the invasion, so why not spare the lives of the people?
FarmerBu: Sir Zhang has a point...
SunTzuII: oh wait a sec. my mom's calling me. brb
*SunTzuII has left the conversation*
Old Zhuge: Damn you, Zibu, youwere just saying that because you hold Changan Electronic stocks.
Lu_Zijing: Gongjin you're so quiet
Master Zhou: grrr.. I type so slow, everytime I managed to type up soemthign someone beats me to say it
Zhang Zhao: Blazes, Zhuge, where the heck did you get that from/
Master Zhou: Hey people, let me brief you on our naval training.
Zhang Zhao: *?
Zhang Zhao: Besides, who holds CE anymore anyways? That was so last year.
Zhang Zhao: Even the *northerners* ditched electronics in favour of Xuanwu Shipbuilding and XH Construction, which got the contract for reconstruction in Jing province.
FarmerBu: lol Gu Yuantan got screwed over by his CE investments
Master Zhou: Wanna hear about our navy?
ShanyueKilla: you guys are investing in the *north*?!?
Farmer Bu: Well, we stick to companies that don't contribute to the war effort and are interstate
Zhang Zhao: We really don't have *any* electronics company here, you know.
FarmerBu: lol poor Yuantan, he and his crappy CE computer.
Master Zhou: Navy report? Anyone?
FarmerBu: No chance in heck to find a replacement PSU when the war starts.
FarmerBu: Another reason why we shouldn't declare war. Disrupts the economy and development. Industry is finally picking up in Kuiji and Wu, and irrigation projects are starting to bear fruit.
Zhang Zhao: trading in the JinglingStock Market has gone down to unprecedented levels these months because of the uncertainty of the outcome of the impending war.
Lu_Zijing: Interstate economics is something I will never understand...
*Lu_Zijing has left the conversation*
Zhang Zhao: The citizens are just starting to have a normal life; we shouldn't throw their lives in this bootless war.
Old Zhuge: With all due respect, Sir Zhang, I think your reasoning is flawed
And you bored Zijing away... :(
BellBoy: so u mean we should just hand this over to cao???
Zhang Zhao: Hmm. Where *did* he go?
BellBoy: i mean, think of all the hard work we all put into building this state
ShanyueKilla: I would rather die.
BellBoy: itll be a shame to just throw it out like that
ShanyueKilla: ok sirs zhang and bu let me ask you something.
Zhang Zhao: Please.
To be continued...
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There's no better state than Wu
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Unread postby Lady Wu » Sun Apr 18, 2004 12:16 am

Alright, here's more.
ShanyueKilla: ok. what's the biggest corporation under heaven, and why are they successful?
FarmerBu: oh oh I know this one. It's our very own Wu*Mart!
Zhang Zhao: Wu*Mart... by providing quality commodities at "always low prices" through the world.
FarmerBu: though the people of the Central Plains lower incomes due to the destruction during the wars, they now have access to good household chinaware and such from the now ubiquitous WuMart branches.
Old Zhuge: except the one in Xiangyang that had to delay its opening day.
ShanyueKilla: ok so let me ask you again. why can wu*mart sell stuff for so cheap while the rest of the world is in turmoil and prices skyrocket everywhere?
Zhang Zhao: What, may I ask, does this have to do with the discussion at hand?
*BellBoy yawns*
Old Zhuge: Wiat a sec. I think I see Gongfu's point now. Good job ;)
Just answer the Q, Zibu.
Zhang Zhao: Aie... why do we have to talk about this?
FarmerBu: Fine, if you really want to know...
It's called cheap Shanyue labour.
ShanyueKilla: right. basically, we go and fight the shanyue, captuer them and put them in labour and agricultural camps
ShanyueKilla: and who's been out subduing the shanyue??
ShanyueKilla: i mean, we've spent so much effort on the shanyue problem and finally making some headway. a bunch of us have something of a reputation among those people and that's how we can hold them at bay.
ShanyueKilla: so if we submit to cao, chances are he'd make us all relocate to the capital even if he doesn't take our heads, then the shanyue will rise in rebellion again, wumart's infrastructure will fall, and the world will no longer be able to afford consummer items, etc
Zhang Zhao: Strange reasoning indeed. But we can't say what the court has in mind already regarding the Shanyue problem, can we? We can only hope that the north with their military superiority can subdue them once and for all, or that they'd keep our generals around who are experienced in the area.
Zhang Zhao: I mean, sure, the industries will be affected for a short period of time after the handover, but we don't know for sure that the problem can't be solved.
FarmerBu: Huang Gongfu you're assuming that the status quo can't be maintained, while in fact we're just rejoining the north, the central government. All that means is that we merge and be spared from further worries about competition and war.
ShanyueKilla: and you gentlemen are assuming that the war is lost already, that we can't maintain stability by fighting it out and defending our own.
FarmerBu: But for sure once war breaks out, there would be no stability to talk of. Furthermore, even if we win, our army would be lessened and would be less effective against the Shanyue.
Master Zhou: People, you know what, before we assume and conclude anything, perhaps we should see some facts and figures about the armies?
Master Zhou: I mean, i've spent the past few months training our navy, which will be the decisive force on our side. At least you should be interested to hear about it...
*SunTzuII joins the conversation*
Master Zhou: phew, finally got my say
so you people listening to the navy report or not?
SunTzuII: HEY THIS IS COOL!!!!11!! YEah tell me abot teh nAvy!!11!1!1!!
SunTzuII: WaSSUP guys???/
*Lu_Zijing has joined the conversation*
FarmerBu: wb Zijing
BellBoy: Arrr.
Master Zhou: Zijing where did you go? i thoughrt you're supposed to keep order and let everyone have a say.
Lu_Zijing: sorry...couldn't stand that debate anymore and went to grab a snack =P
oh, the liege has returned!
BellBoy: ......
SunTzuII: ........... n0 1 is talkin to me... :(
Zhang Zhao: It's just that.... this isn't very characteristic of SunTzuII...
SunTzuII: what carateristci of ST2?
Zhang Zhao: Ok, since no one dares, I'll risk *my* head and wager that you're not the real Lord Sun. He never had a caps lock problem and he doesn't use long strings of !1!!'s.
SunTzuII: HEy, have u considrd th3 p0ssibi1ty that im juz testing u guyZ i mean waht if im real???
BellBoy: u must certainly aren't...
FarmerBu: This is not funny. Who *are* you?
I hope you know that this can be a capital offence.
Old Zhuge: Lu Zijing, can you kick him out?
Lu_Zijing: I'm trying...
SunTzuII: 1ook im not tring 2 do anything so juz ignor me & keep talking wouldja?
ShanyueKilla: we can't continue without first knowing who you are, friend or foe.
SunTzuII: i dun wanna desrupt like if ur descusing sumting importent so juz pertend like im not hear
SunTzuII: i dint do anithing 2 sunQun. im freind not foe
Zhang Zhao: Well, you *are* disrupting a very important meeting. It is also unacceptable that you stole someone's screen name, not to mention Lord Sun's.
Zhang Zhao: And your spelling is atrocious.
SunTzuII: IM shure he wont mind
Master Zhou: Zijing...
Lu_Zijing: I can't. The name is protected.
BellBoy: then can't u just un-protect it?
Lu_Zijing: it doesn't want to do it... :(
SunTzuII: mwaahahhahahHAAHAH!!!!!!!!
Lu_Zijing: OMG you're annoying! Can you go away plz?
ShanyueKilla: if i find out who you are...
SunTzuII: no
i juz wanna look leeme in the backgraund ok?
SunTzuII: preety plz?
Lu_Zijing: Look, this isn't an open chatroom, ok? I don't even know how you manage to get in, let alone hack the system and get ops status But we can't discuss stuff with random ppl around so please go.
SunTzuII: u guyz r sooooo mean!!11!1!!!
ShanyueKilla: yeah. we're mean. we kill losers like you and hang their heads in the marketplace for the birds to feed on.
SunTzuII: oh yah im scared
Zhang Zhao: We can trace your IP.
SunTzuII: go ahed
ShanyueKilla: ...and we cut off their limbs and throw them in the yangtze to attract fish when we go out fishing.
SunTzuII: LOLZ watever
BellBoy: we gouge their eyes out with red hot pokers and feed them alive to the bears
SunTzuII: COOLL!!! cn i come see te nex time u do that??
BellBoy: well, you see, we don't even know who you are, how can we invite u?
SunTzuII: U Guys actchully noe me... guess who i am? ^^
ShanyueKilla: i hate riddles. i kill people who ask me riddles.
SunTzuII: lolzzz all of wu is like juz u loosers?!? mite aswell like juz sorrendar to caocao!11
Master Zhou: watch your trap, kid.
SunTzuII: ok ill be reelly quiet an u can keep talking
Old Zhuge: No.
Master Zhou: No.
BellBoy: no way
Lu_Zijing: Damn chat program!
What can i say to lord Sun...
SunTzuII: its ok he wont blame u
Lu_Zijing: who are you to guarantee? I just want you to log out, ok? which part of that don't you understand??
SunTzuII: liek i sayd u dun hafta talk to me.
FarmerBu: Hey, gentlemen, why don't we just do that and ignore this person?
Master Zhou: Sure. Count me in.
*ignore* *ignore*
Old Zhuge: ....
Lu_Zijing: ....
Lu_Zijing: Next time I'm not giving protected status to anyone. Not even the Emperor of the Han were he to join this chatroom.
Zhang Zhao: Learn something new every day...
Lu_Zijing: argh....
*BellBoy is sharpening his sword*
ShanyueKilla: good thought
Zhang Zhao: Lord Sun has gone for quite a while now... wonder what's happening?
Master Zhou: Most likely trying to figure out how to log in when this idiot took his user name... any of you guys near the palace and can run over and give him a heads up?
Lu_Zijing: Doubt it.
Lu_Zijing: Screw you, whoever you are! Just log off already!
*LordofWu has entered the conversation*
LordofWu: WHAT THE HELL? Who took my username?
LordofWu: who's impersonating me as SunTzuII???
Lu Su, I demand an explanation!
Lu_Zijing: My lord...
SunTzu II: hey, dun yell at ur officers like that
LordofWu: Who the #*%@ are you to talk to me like that
and stole my name too... you think life's too long, huh? I hope you like hot oil.
SunTzuII: hey dude juz chill
LordofWu: What the hell happened? First I couldn't log in as myself, and then there's this random bozo posing as me! the nex tthing you know you'll be bowing to the janitor int he palace because you mistook him for me!
LordofWu: Lu su kick this impostor out and begin a fullscale investigation, I command you!
To be continued....
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There's no better state than Wu
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Unread postby robbyjo » Fri May 14, 2004 10:20 am

Lady Wu, I can't believe you have such a time to kill as a grad student... :shock: Thanks for the good laugh. I need that.
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Unread postby Lady Wu » Fri May 14, 2004 4:58 pm

robbyjo wrote:Lady Wu, I can't believe you have such a time to kill as a grad student... :shock:

Just like you have all that time to kill by playing DW :lol:

Thanks for the good laugh. I need that.

You're welcome. :) It's not often that I get to write something silly and non-academic.

PS: I can't believe you have such time to kill as a grad student as to read that! :lol:
"Whatever you do, don't fall off the bridge! It'll be a pain to try to get back up again." - Private, DW 8
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There's no better state than Wu
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Unread postby Lord Ma-koto Chaoying » Sun May 16, 2004 4:01 pm

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Ha ha ha ha... excellent writing, so funny ! :lol: Now I understand how the Ancient China people won battles. :lol:

Lady Wu wrote:
robbyjo wrote:Lady Wu, I can't believe you have such a time to kill as a grad student... :shock:

Just like you have all that time to kill by playing DW :lol:

Thanks for the good laugh. I need that.

You're welcome. :) It's not often that I get to write something silly and non-academic.

PS: I can't believe you have such time to kill as a grad student as to read that! :lol:

Yes, though I don't see you often here :wink: , you always give the impression of a very serious person, who writes very serious things. But it's well known that the most serious people has the best sense of humour. :wink:

Excellent fanfiction !

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Unread postby robbyjo » Sun May 16, 2004 11:31 pm

Edit: This was out of place. Sorry...
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Unread postby Kong Wen » Mon May 17, 2004 8:08 am

Lady Wu, that is hysterical. I love Huang Gai and Zhou Yu. You did a great job of keeping every character's personality unique (whereas this kind of adaptation normally lends itself to characters' personalities bleeding into each other). Very nicely done.
"We spread the time as we can, but in the end the world takes it all back."
— Roland Deschain, Wolves of the Calla
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