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Woo hoo I got response ^_^ Lets do dis!

Warning: This is long.

Chapter 2

A Favor Asked : Monster of Jiujiang

In the last chapter it was said that Xing Tao and company were about to set out to Jiangxia when a messenger had arrived. The hasty letter was sent by Feng Xu who had written to ask of a favor. As Xing Tao opened the letter he read:

“Long have I desired the province of Jiujiang, yet I have always been hesitant to obtain it. For you, virtuous sir, it should be no problem to obtain such a province with the ease of turning over your hand. In the past I had lent you several of my own soldiers to use at your own disposal. Now that you are prepared to move, I felt it was only proper to see you off and make sure that my end of the deal was straight. As said before, I wish that Jiujiang become my province. The prefecture is known as Ye Li, a much enfeebled lord unfit to rule his land. I ask that you obtain it for me. Upon capturing this province I will grant you use of this province so that you may gain a closer vantage point to obtaining your own province.”
“Upon receiving this letter you will gain control over five legions of veterans at Jiangxia to use at your disposal, please use them wisely. Fortune be with you.”

The letter being read, Xing rejoiced happily by embracing the messenger and sending him back with a gift for Feng Xu. As the messenger left Xing Tao turned to his general Li Jiao and smiled somewhat cynically. “Do you know what this means, my friend?”
Li Jiao responded in a mellow and laid back tone, “but of course my lord, you wish to use these men to take back over Jianye and that is more than respectable my lord. However it is said that a general by the name of Tan Nu resides under the rule of Ye Li.”
Xing Tao was clearly confused, “Why do you speak of him thus?”
Li Jiao continued, “The history of this man is not minor, for he himself has slain several prefectures for his lord. He himself is the only cause of Ye Li’s existence. He should have perished at Longyou, but Tan Nu’s massive courage and strength fought through every struggle with near ease. It is also said that he cut through a whole legion on horse back with his lord over his lap.”
Xing Tao was stricken with fear and he instantly grew pale, “It seems that gaining back Jianye is going to be more difficult than I thought, however I will give all my strength to fulfill my dream.”
Li Jiao smiled and started moving the van. Two officers by the name of Ding Mao and Ding Shu, who were both of the same blood, led the fore front and Li Jiao was in the back. Xing was in the middle with two officers at each side of him.
Upon reaching Jiangxia they were greatly welcomed and given gifts of gold, silk, and flesh as honors. Xing Tao was met with so much kindness that he nearly wept where he stood. His heart was filled with happiness and glee as he met with the officer under the command of Jiangxia. The two walked through the town streets conversing to each other till they had reached the prefectures house. The prefecture, Ping Li, introduced Xing to his strategist. The strategist smiled happily as the light mustache above his lips rose to his nose. The man was of fair complexion and looked young and wise.
Xing grinned seeing this strategist and then laughed heartily, “He is of perfect stature and dignity to serve under your rule, almost too perfect to serve any. What is his name?”
Ping Li looked to his strategist and then to his guest, “He is called Mai Zhi, but he is titled ‘Young Coyote.’”
Xing was astonished and asked, “How did he receive such a title?”
At that moment Mai Zhi stood somewhat erect and chimed into the conversation, “I, being of young age and of poor mind, shall address this. At young age I was out with my father on his farm. We grew up in a rather poor family in Shouchun and it was famous for bandits. The past few years our craps had not been respected, bandits had come and burned our fields and slaughtered a steer and took him for food. Oh how terrible with was! However one day I had noticed that the bandits burn the crops first and then move to the stables to steal the livestock. I had devised a plan and had asked my father to take the livestock into the forest and keep them there till the bandits had run. With a little help from the military I had set an ambush. When the bandits had come through the stables our troop rushed out and defeated the bandits without quarrel and lo! We had saved our crops and ate plentifully. Therefore I was named the ‘Young Coyote’ for my supposed cunning and ferocity.”
Xing listened and after it was over he clapped merrily. At once, wine was served and the three conversed for several hours until they all became intoxicated and had to take leave. Xing left to the guest apartments and lay upon the couch until morning when he awoke.
With that Li Jiao came into his lord’s quarters and asked him if he was ready for the expedition to Jiujiang. Xing confirmed his wish and dressed in his fine, fighting robe and stood easily to the door. As he exited he had laid his upon Mai Zhi once more. This time it was Mai that had approached and paid obescence to him. “I have seen your virtue lord Xing Tao and I wish that I could join your service as strategist.”
Xing, somewhat disarrayed spoke thus, “I do not wish to cause a quarrel young lord, so I will ask that you remain here and serve your prefect.”
“I wish not to serve under an unworthy lord, so I wish to serve under one that will bring peace to this land.”
Clearly stricken by Mai’s sudden change in seal he wept. He himself did not wish to cause trouble among friends, but such a wish must be granted. So Mai Zhi was allowed into Xing’s service as strategist.
It is said here that Xing Tao’s army had left in haste to attack Jiujiang, and Ping Li knew not where his strategist had gone. At reaching the fortress of Jiujiang, a watchman caught eye of Xing’s approach. At once, Ye Li called up council. Though with many men, he had very few generals. One, named Chen Ki, spoke at the council, “It is wise to not let such a villain as Xing Tao to take our city. Word has come that Feng Xu wishes that Xing Tao himself take the city so that he may pay respects for a favor of legions of men. Now they wish to attack upon us, I will go out and subdue this foe.”
Ye Li approved of this and sent 5 legions out to oppose Xing. Chen Ki pointed his finger and railed at Xing. “You worthless gripe, how dare you attempt to take this city!”
Xing only smiled and replied, “Such anger will never reach the mountains, it is only the virtuous that will lead the expedition.”
Chen, becoming furious, sent a general by the name of Yan Pu out to fight. Xing called forth Li Jiao who set his spear and rode forth. The two champions met and in the second bout Yan was struck in the shoulder and fell from his horse.
Chen was clearly disarrayed and sent himself and the captain, Lu Wei, to oppose. Xing thought to send another but as soon as Li Jiao’s spear met Lu Wei’s chest he had no doubts. The two generals, Chen and Li fought for ten bouts when Chen’s left wrist weakened and he was subdued by a spear thrust to the neck. The defensive force, under Ye Li retreated into the fortress and spoke of the defeat of three generals. Ye Li, frightened by this act, decided to retreat and find a new settlement. However, the one styled, Young Coyote had predicted this escape.
The back gates to the fortress had swung open, and a hail of arrows met the escaping force. The legions were drawn into confusion and the slaughter began; several legions under Ding Mao assaulted and abused Ye Li’s force. The retreating party had escaped and they were met by another ambush through the bank by Li Jiao. At once, Ye Li screamed in horror and sent Tan Nu to oppose him. Li Jiao saw this giant of a man. He wore a long black robe and shining silver armor. He wore no helmet to cover his head, and he was armed with a massive battle axe, stretching eight feet long. The two met in battle and neither one had advantage, so both forces drew off and set up a camp.
Being surrounded by enemies, Ye Li had no where to escape. However that would soon turn into a worse situation as soon as the rustling of horses was heard. The prefect rushed out of his tent and caught eye of the fires, all of them, ravaging and decimating the tents and grain storage. In the confusion, Ye Li failed to notice the swordsman behind him and fell to his blade. The swordsman hacked the prefect’s head off and brought it to his lord. The swordsman was given considerable rank and gifts.
As soon as Tan Fu had heard the cracking of flames outside he rushed from his tent and began slaying left to right, denying the rank and the side they were on. Li Jiao, who led the night raid, came out to fight Tan. The two fought a ground battle that lasted for hours; however, neither seemed to tire out until Tan had tripped over a stray sword. He fell onto his backside and stood at the mercy of Li Jiao’s spear. He was moving to slay Tan, but due to an interceding of Li Jiao’s followers he merely took him to the camp and presented him before Xing.
Xing welcomed him and treated him with the utmost kindness until he was so overwhelmed with kindness that he wept.
Xing asked, “Why do you weep thus?”
Tan replied, “This poor, lost soldier has no lord to serve and no one had treated me as kindly as you, lord. And I have never seen one that could defeat me in a battle. Tell me, Virtuous One, are you truly the one to bring peace to the land?”
“That is my dream, to restore virtue and peace to this land, however without able men I am incapable of such. I ask, you sir, that you serve under my ranks as a General and Soldier.”
Tan rejoiced happily and embraced Xing tightly to the point of almost suffocation and let him free. “I, thank you, my lord, for your gratitude.”

What happened in Jianye will be explained in the next chapter.
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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 here finished...
There WILL be a sequel to this story, which I will start doing work on after I've finished this story, which should be around about Christmas/ beginning of next year time. Watch this space....


Chapter 7- My family reduced to size

We all sat down near Mc. Donald’s, trying to think of a way how we could all win this war, so we wouldn’t have to kill ourselves. I was deep in thought until Stuart came up with a valid point which I had completely forgotten about.
“Actually, Ryan,” Stuart said, “You said that all the enemies were dead, but what about James?”
“I dunno to be honest,” I replied, still shocked that I had forgotten such a beast as James, “I am hoping that he perished along the way, but with the ease he defeated Jonathan, I doubt he’s dead yet.”
“Well if you’re judging James’ abilities by his battle with Jonathan, I think that’s pretty unfair.” Stuart said.
“Why’s that?” Claire asked before I got a chance to.
“Well, Jonathan is so easy to defeat, battling him was like an easy practice which anybody could accomplish, even David!” Stuart explained his point.
“Heh, so true!” said a voice from out of nowhere. We all turned to face our greatest nightmare, James himself! “And I think defeating you lot will be just as easy!”
James launched himself from the top of Mc. Donald’s and landed right beside the seven of us. He quickly drew his sword, and lunged it at Edon, killing him instantly. He then turned towards us. But without anything being said, we ran for our lives. We ran all the way to QS, until James had caught up with us and swiped at Edmond, killing him also.
“Ha! Come on, Ryan!” James said to me, “I thought your sad little group of nobodies will at least try to put up a fight!”
“He’s right,” I sighed to everybody, “We have no choice but to fight him. I mean, we need to if we’re ever going to win this, right guys?”
“I’m with you all the way!” Edona said, infuriated at what James had just done to her brothers. “He’s gonna pay!”
After Edona had spoken, she quickly loaded an arrow into her small crossbow and fired it at James’ left arm. James was stunned for a second, but thought it would seem to be funny if he killed Edona with his arrows. An arrow against arrow fight. James drew his bow and arrows.
“I declare an arrow fight,” James said to Edona, “Whoever wins lives, and whoever loses…wells, dies!”
“Edona don’t!” Adrian shouted to Edona, “Your puny arrows stand no chance against James’ arrows!”
“Oh thanks for the support, Ady!” Edona replied, then turned back to face James, “I accept your challenge!”
Edona and James walked back in opposite directions, you know…the thing they do in old western movies. After a couple of steps, James said to draw and quickly spun around. Quite surprisingly, Edona had already turned around, still angry with James about her brother’s death, so Edona saw no reason to fight fairly. She fired an arrow straight towards James’ heart, I was getting so excited by the fact that James will finally pay the price of his deeds before and during the war.
James somehow knew that Edona was going to pull a stunt off like this, as he immediately reacted to the shot arrow and launched off one of his own, more powerful arrows straight towards Edona. It collided with Edona’s arrow, but split through the middle of the arrow, still heading towards Edona.
“Stuart, do something!” Claire said.
Stuart quickly responded and fired a purple beam at James’ arrow, knocking it away from Edona. James became just as infuriated as Edona was by this event.
“Heh, you just don’t know when to stop,” James turned towards Stuart, Claire, Adrian and I, “You’re seriously gonna pay now! I was gonna go easy on you, but disrupting my fun is out of order!”
With that being said, James hurled his sword through Edona, killing her. Boy, so many people from my family dying to day, huh? James picked up his sword, and glanced at us, then looked above from where we were standing. We looked up as well, seeing a huge sign.
“This is where I win!” James shouted, and threw his sword at the sign, making it fall of the wall towards us.
“Run inside the shop!” I yelled, “It’s closer than going anywhere else!”
We all ran inside QS. When we got inside, we saw the sign and part of the wall collapsing outside onto the ground, blocking our exit outside, we were trapped.
“This is seriously not good,” I said, “We’re sitting ducks here, until James breaks through and slaughters us like he has done to my cousins!”
“Ryan, is that you?” a female voice said from behind. I turned around to see my mum, fancy seeing her here, I completely forgot that she had to work today. If I had remembered, I wouldn’t have stayed near QS in the first place, as my mum doesn’t like me fighting…and she especially wouldn’t like me killing people as well!
“Err, hi mum!” I replied.
“Why on earth are you carrying those swords?! I told you before that you’re not aloud to take stuff like that out of the house! And why do you look like that? And who are these people here?!” my mum furiously asked me.
“Well it’s hard to explain everything,” I replied, “But I can tell you that these two are Stuart and his sister Claire.”
“I-I can’t believe this is happening!” my mum said, trying to stay on her feet. I then told her everything that has happened, and what James is going to do to us soon if we don’t get out of the shop.
“Well then we better get out of here then!” my mum seemed to understand what was going on, and seemed to feel that she had no other choice but to help us anyway.
We got to the mountain of rubble at the front of the shop and were about to start moving it out of the way until we saw the rubble move. A couple of seconds after, the whole pile was blown, including us, out of the way, to the back of QS. I quickly stumbled to my feet, and saw James at the front doors. This is it, I thought to myself, it’s time for the final showdown!
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This would be chapter 3. If you're not familiar with my story, go to chapter 1 and read the explanation. Thank you ^_^ Criticism is appreciated.

Chapter 3

Seige of Jianye : The ‘Great Conqueror’ is Ensnared

In the last chapter, it was said that Tan Nu had joined into the ranks of Xing Tao’s as a general. However, it is also contradictory to say that two other generals were obtained in the squall. They were called Jiang Xu and Ye Ang the latter being a master of archery and swordsmanship and the former being the adopted son of the prefect, which was substantially skilled in strategy and psychology.
Xing Tao sent speedy messengers to Feng Xu in Changsha to inform him on the capture of Jiujiang.
Forward to that event was Xing’s council with his advisors and generals on the plan of attack against Jianye. Ye Ang said his piece, “It is said that Jianye is not easily guarded, yet it is not easily taken either due to the back road being blockaded by The Great River, but there is a way to penetrate such a force. A well laid defense can be demolished by a well placed attack. Therefore I ask that I may offer counsel. With our minimal numbers and their large amount of numbers, it would be easy for them to defeat us in a full frontal attack. Wherefore, I insist that the commander of the invading force, Ran Nu, be eliminated through ambush.”
Xing was interested at this advice and told him to continue.
“As you should all know, Ran Nu is an impatient lord and lowers his officers to maggots. Therefore I insist that prolonged waiting intervals should be set and lord Tan Nu should wait in ambush to wipe the forces out.”
Xing lowered his eyes thinking, “This advice is good, yet it is probably not what I am looking for.”
However, Mai Zhi interceded saying thus, “The advice is perfect, yet I’m afraid that lord Ye Ang has forgotten one perfect detail. Upon further thought, Ran Nu is very high tempered and scolds his generals for disobedience and lost, his behavior is of a child’s. Ran Nu, will scold his officers for losing and being foolish enough to stumble into ambush. They will either move to our side, or gladly send the head of Ran Nu over the gates.”
Xing surprisingly jumped at such advice, “Truly the heavens have blessed me with such advisors!”
At once the forces under Xing went out of Jiujiang with 10 legions in all. All of which were combined from Feng Xu’s and Ye Li’s forces. He was, not only grateful, but honored to have such a force under his command.
As Xing’s forces approached, a spy had come to Ran Nu, saying that Xing Tao was coming forth to take back the capitol. He called a counsel forth and asked his advisors what they thought. The young advisor, Tai Lu spoke first, “Most likely, with a cunning and devious advisor such as Mai Zhi, it is not common for them to attack us head on. I advise that you stay in wait and let them attack us first so that we may not fall into a trap and be fooled.”
At this, the elder, Gui Han, opposed saying, “I disagree with the young one; I advise that taking all taunts with ferocity and wiping out the force whilst we have the chance. Why wait to let Xing Tao grow stronger and gain more influence?”
Ran Nu saw the elder’s advice to be much more substantial and smiled cynically nodding his head, “This is good advice, I shall take it. Prepare the troops for a full attack when they arrive.”

Alas! The great counseling of the youth could not be heeded through the deaf ears of his lord. Why is it that all lords must lose influence!

Several days later, Xing Tao’s main attack force arrived and set up a camp. In hiding, was Li Jiao closer to the camp, and Tan Nu, closer to the gates of the capitol. When Ran Nu heard that Xing Tao’s forces were outside, he called forth one more counsel to ask what should be done. The younger spoke thus, “I suggest that waiting till the morning. Attacking at night could be a dire consequence, especially against such as Mai Zhi.” However, the elder shook his head, “Mai Zhi is no threat, he is but a child nursed by his ego, speak no more of him. A night raid is the best course of action for this situation, as to strike them when they are resting and wipe them out for good.” Ran Nu took this advice and prepared a night raid of one legion, and the lead of a general by the name of Ji Tiao.
As the legion approached the main camp, a loud shout was heard from behind. As Ji Tiao spun around, he saw it was Li Jiao on horseback with his spear poised and ready. Ji was a very skilled spearman and led the spear away from his direction and made a strike for Li, but he defended. The two fought, till Ji saw that he was surrounded by his enemy’s troops. He made an attempt to kill Li, but missed and nearly fell from his horse. Finally, Ji had figured he should escape and made himself a path to escape. As he did this, Li Jiao came in pursuit.
Hearing this news, Ran Nu sent out a veteran known as Hua Xi whom excelled in archery. He bolted out of the castle doors to assist Ji Tiao but to his disappointment and surprise, Tan Nu flew from the forest and slaughtered Hua’s force. Hua and Ji were both surrounded and fought with all the strength they had to cut a way to the fortress. At last they had escaped and both had made it into the fortress with a few scars and bruises.
Upon receiving both Ji and Hua, Ran’s anger grew and he threw all of it towards the two failures. “You impudent officers you are not worth coming into my service!” Both of them left their lord’s chamber sadly and went to Ji’s apartment.
As they sat, they drank wine trying to console each other, speaking of what they had done for Ran and received no gratitude. Ji sadly drank and then spoke, “When I entered our lord’s army, I was determined to make him happy, however he is not happy with our efforts. I myself plowed a way into Niuzhu so that we may gain the upper hand over our enemy. Now we face a great enemy that has a virtuous leader.”
Hua chimed in, “Indeed friend, I too wish that our lord would treat us with kindness. I myself slew 3 officers so that our lord could escape to safety and he did nothing to thank me. This Xing Tao is of virtuous lineage, it would be wise to assist him in his quest. Wherefore, we should join our enemy’s ranks.”
Ji was already accepting this idea and leaned forward, “We should give our new lord a gift to show that are worthy of his lordship. Or at least a deed would do well.”
Hua had an idea, “We shall steal away into the night from our quarters and behead our old lord and present it before the soldiers of this fortress. This will gain us many soldiers to pay penance to the ‘Virtuous Lord.’
So the plan was favored by both officers and they left their apartments and came to Ran Nu’s palace. The palace was rather small, due to the weapons storage and siege storage was kept in the original palace. Ran Nu was sitting by candlelight reading as his two angered officers came in.
Ran Nu looked up and before his mouth could open, Hua Xi’s blade cleaved off the head of Ran Nu. At that moment, Ji Tiao prepared a box to obtain the head. As he placed it in the box, they began to retreat into the town square.
Hua rang the bell in the middle of the square and shouted to the town to come to the square. In an hour, the whole civilian and military populations were gathered around the square. As soon as it went silent Ji pulled the head from the box and held it up. The whole crowd gasped in awe and in horror. As the crowd began to ramble on about the head, Hua spoke to calm them, “Our old leader, being of short temper and disrespect for his officers, has been executed and from this day forward, our new lord will be the virtuous Xing Tao.” The whole crowd was somewhat disconcerted, but after a time they all began to favor this idea.
In the morning, the gates had opened and all of the soldiers dropped the heads of Ran Nu and Gui Han before Xing Tao’s camp. Xing Tao himself came forth and accepted both officers and the young strategist into his camp. They all drank wine and laughed happily. Xing especially cackled the loudest, he of course gained back his capitol.

There is another lord, known as Zhen Rong who was a regal lord. He was a strong and intelligent lord, fit for the ruling of any kingdom. He had long silk hair which he kept in a bun. He favored his hair more than he favored his sons. He wielded one sword which was curved and had a frayed tip. He himself favored the fine arts of painting and music, and he continued his hobbies more often than he ruled. However, in a province, such as Xiliang, he kept his ruling power up.
One day, while he was in his garden, watching his pond, an advisor, Lu Rei, came forth and presented a letter. Zhen tore the letter open and read thus:

“I am of poor state of mind and of life, I cannot live with such a kingdom if not even I cannot control my own people’s actions. Therefore I, He Jiao, submit my kingdom of Didao to you, noble sir. I wish that you take control of my officers, and become their lord.”

At the end of the letter Zhen rejoiced and set up a caravan to Didao. As Zhen approached the fortress he heard a great shout from the right and left. He looked to both sides seeing two legions rushing forth to cage him in. However, an officer by the name of, Wang Meng, twirled up his double blades and fended off both legions by himself. His ferocity warded off the attacking legions and they fled back into the castle.
Zhen angrily retreated back to Xiliang and spoke to Lu Rei, “Prepare for an attack upon Didao! It appears that our force is not appreciated in this province.”

How Zhen Rong fared in this expedition will be uncovered in the next chapter
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Unread postby EERman » Sun Dec 14, 2003 3:44 am

ah yes, this is a very good story jekel. i enjoy reading it and i am waiting for the next chapter. very good storyline. i am not sure how to critique this, so i will get back to you with more advice later.
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Unread postby Phoenix » Sun Dec 14, 2003 5:45 am

I just had an thought process, and I had an idea. Here goes:

Maybe for a week or two, one member will post a beginning message, establishing the characters, storyline, etc., and for that period of time, each member can add on to the story, able to twist the plot as they see fit. Think of it like a "Popcorn story."

Of course, there would have to be a Spoiler-Warning for certain stories. Ex: A Kingdom Hearts fanfic or a maybe a Metal Gear Solid one.

Well, what do you mods and admins think of this idea? If you'll allow it, would it be in a totally new thread, or would it stay here in the "Fanfic Fanfare!" thread?
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Chapter 8 finished, near the end now!


Chapter 8- This is it!

With James standing in the way of our exit out of QS, I knew the only way out was to defeat James. He has had it coming to him, over the past years at Blyth-Jex, he has been persistently annoying Stuart, Jonathan and I. And now James has just killed my three cousins…
“James,” I started speaking, “This is it, it’s time for you to pay for what you’ve done to me, my friends and family!”
“Ha!” James smirked, “Come on, you had no chance against me at school, so what makes you think that you that you can defeat me now?”
“I don’t know,” I replied, “But there’s just this strong feeling that I do have the power to vanquish you. It just suddenly appeared when this war started…”
“That’s sad,” James continued, “Is that the best you can come up with?! Look around you, all you have is a pitiful three people to help you. Ha!”
I looked around and saw Stuart, Claire and Adrian stagger to their feet. I turned to my mum and saw that she had been knocked unconscious.
“Oh,” Claire said, “Seems that the work of removing the rocks have been done for us!”
“But at a cost,” Stuart said, “Now James is here and he’s not gonna spare any of us!”
“Too true,” James smiled, “This is where it all ends, for you!”
I drew my twin sabres as James drew his sword. Stuart drew his staff, Claire drew her sword and Adrian drew my dagger.
“Don’t hold back!” I told them, “Fight as you’ve never fought before!”
“Well duh, Ryan,” Adrian replied, “If we don’t fight, what are we gonna do? Just wait for James to kill us?! Well that’s a good plan!”
I ignored Adrian and ran towards James. My twin sabres clashed his one sword several times, each at different angles. I ducked and jumped over his swipes, but James was able to get a kick in and I was shoved out of the way.
Claire turned her sword into a whip and wrapped it around James’ body, which gave Stuart a chance at attacking James. Stuart fired several beams of purple light at James, but James was able to go against Claire’s whip and dodged slightly to the left or right, making Stuart’s shots all miss. James broke free and grabbed Claire, driving his sword through, which instantly killed Claire.
“No!” Stuart cried, “James, how can you kill someone that close to me?”
“The same way he killed my cousins,” I replied, “By not caring.”
Me and Adrian launched towards James. James easily dodged Adrian’s attacks, grabbed his leg and suspended Adrian in midair. I grabbed the opportunity to attack James, and lunged my sabres at the arm which was keeping Adrian suspended. James let go of Adrian, and turned his attention to me.
“Heh,” James said to me, “You think you’re the big hero around here, saving your brother’s life. That’s so sad it’s sickening!”
“You may think so,” I replied, “But I can’t let my own family die because of a war which I technically started.”
“Oh, and now you’re loyal as well?” James replied, “Don’t make me laugh! Actually scratch that, you are making me laugh, ha!”
“Well at least Ryan has honour!” Stuart suddenly said, still trying to recover from the loss of Claire, “What are you trying to get out of all this?”
“Me?” James replied, “Well I’m planning to become rich! That geezer who set this war up said that the winner could ask for anything which he or she desires!”
“I completely forgot about that,” I said, “This is perfect!”
“What?” James asked.
“I know what to ask for!” I replied, “As long as I win this, I know what to ask the person who set this war up!”
“Good for you,” Adrian said, “Now if you don’t mind, shouldn’t we go back to killing James?”
“Try to kill me you mean, midget,” James said, “And die while trying! Hahaha!”
I closed my eyes, and felt the presence of James running towards me. I prepared my twin sabres for attacking, and when I felt that James was close enough, I launched an attack with my eyes still closed. I opened my eyes again to see James dead body on the floor.
“Wow!” Stuart said, “You finally killed James! But, err, how come you didn’t do that in the first place? You seemed to kill him with relative ease there!”
“I dunno,” I replied to Stuart, “It was as if I was being controlled. I didn’t know why I closed my eyes, I just did. And it seemed that my arms carrying my sabres moved to the correct positions all by themselves. And when I swiped at James, it sounded like someone told me to strike at precisely the right time.”
“It could be that voice we heard when this all started.” Adrian suggested.
“Could be,” I replied simply. I saw some of my mum’s friends from her work come by to help my mum. “You look after her, ok?” I said to the friends, “I’m going.”
Stuart, Adrian and I all walked out from QS. We kept on walking in silence until we reached the Forum (the main library in the city). Once we reached the Forum, we all stopped.
“This is it.” I said.
“What’s ’it’?” Stuart asked.
“The showdown between you, me and Adrian.” I replied.
“What?!” Adrian shouted, “You gonna make us all fight ourselves?!”
“Yes,” I looked down to my shoes, not looking at Adrian or Stuart, “To finish this horrible war…we need to eliminate every person involved in this fight, which includes us. We need to have only one person surviving…which means two of us will have to die!”
“Pah!” Stuart seemed angry at me, “Who exactly came up with these rules anyway? I mean, we know it’s that weird voice, but who is actually the weird voice?”
“Let’s find out then!” I said, and raised my head at Stuart and Adrian, “Who ever wins out of the three of us can go face to face with the voice and find out the truth!”
All three of us drew our weapons slowly for the final time.
“This is really it then?” Stuart asked to make sure that what I was saying is what I really meant.
“Yes,” I replied simply, “And don’t hold back! Just because we care for each other, doesn’t mean we should go easy. I’m expecting the best out of you two!” With that being said, we all prepared for the final battle to end this war…
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Unread postby ACG » Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:52 am

Nice! Its a long time scince i checked out this thread. I missed it!
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Unread postby Man Chong » Fri Jan 23, 2004 11:10 pm short fic...

And for those of you who don't know anythign about Starcraft:
The Zerg are aliens who are waging war against the humans. the Zerg have the ability to infest humans, turning them into suicide bombers to be used against their fellow humans.



Who am I?


What am I?


Is this my hand?


Who is the overmind?


To serve you?




Created to serve you?


Is that my purpose?


What should I do?


Ready to serve.


Are those your enemies?


Are they your allies?


Where are your enemies?


Are those your enemies?


How do I kill them?


Sacrifice me?


Sacrifice me then, for the Swarm.


I am ready to serve you


Are those your enemies?


Should I kill them?


Who is that?


Do I… Know him?


I know him


I’m sure of it.


Am I supposed to destroy him?


I can’t… I know him.


Why am I killing him?


What is this feeling?


This feeling… Eating away…


Is this sadness?


What are these?


Are these tears?


Am I crying?


Am I about to kill?




No… I can’t…


I can’t do it…


I mustn’t do it…


I’m not your doll


Sacrifice me…..


The Infested Terran blew himself and the bunker went down with it. Human blood slowly dripped the wrecked structure, like tears illuminated by the falling sun…
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Unread postby Lord Ma-koto Chaoying » Sun Jan 25, 2004 10:21 am

Man Chong, you already know me opinion, you know I like your writing :D , though I was scared ! :shock:

When I said you that I hope there would be a sequel, I wasn't kidding. :wink: It's just that your writing seems to be the beginning of a science-fiction novel... :wink:

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Unread postby Man Chong » Sun Jan 25, 2004 7:50 pm

Oh ah....well, I will write more sci-fi short stories soon...I hope...

Bleh...Finals next week...X.X
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