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Unread postby Musou » Fri Sep 12, 2003 4:18 am

OK, Im gonna start work on my fic now. It mainly focous's on Wu.

It's going to be in the DW "universe" but is going to feature actual people from history that so far wernrnt included in any DW game.

Such as Sun Ben, Sun Fu, Sun Yi, Sun Kuang, Sun Li and Sun Ren (Sun Jian's other daughters if I'm not mistaken) and Sun Ce's daughter which I'll call Sun Rei. Oh, and Sun Lang will appear as well.


Morning in a forest just outside Jian Yi

A army of forty or fifty men can be seen being lead by two young Wu officers.

???: Are we there yet brother Ben? We've been marching for days!

Sun Ben: Just hang in there little brother. Uncle Jian and Aunt Wu are going to need the help of our unit in the coming battles. And beside's won't you be glad that we'll get to see our cousin's again?

Sun Fu: Well... yeah.

Ben: Heh, well don't worry we are almost there.

As they got closer Ben could hear a large commotion in the distance.

Ben: Strange. I hear a large croud up ahead. Did we arrive during a festivil? What could it be for?

The path lead to the top of the hill. From there Ben could see a large crowd gathered in and around the castle. Apperently they also noticed him because they exploaded into an uproar of cheers.

Sun Fu: Woha! Talk about a warm welcome!


TBC tomorrow

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Unread postby ACG » Fri Sep 12, 2003 12:21 pm

Awww. Its too short.
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Unread postby Musou » Fri Sep 12, 2003 3:27 pm

Don't be hasty im a little short on ideas.
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Unread postby Musou » Fri Sep 12, 2003 9:04 pm

OK. Here we go...

Sun Ben and Sun Fu road through the streets of Jian Yi waving to the crowd as they passed by.

Soon the gates of the castle could be seen opening to aloww there forces to enter.

Lining the pathway was some of Wu's best soilders and generals.

Sun Ben looked towards the castle steps and couldent hold back his smile.

There, standing at the top of the steps was the "Tiger Of Jiang Dong" Sun Jian, and the beauteful Lady Wu.

As they approached Sun Ben's troops immediatly got down on one knee and bowed there head's.

Ben and Fu put there hands together and bowed there head's. (Like Yuan Shu did in "Unity...?")

Sun Jian: Please nephews! There is no need to be so formal!

Ben: It's good to see you again, uncle. It's been two years now.

Jian: Yes, too long. Tell me, how is my brother? Is he well?

Ben: Yes. He's fine. Father sends his best wishes.

???: Hey Ben!

Further ahead Ben say Sun Ce along with his wife Da Qiao.

Ben: Ce! How are you, cousin?

Ce: Never been better!

Ben: And this must be Lady Qiao. You are more beauteful then rumered.

This caused Da to blush slightly.

Suddenly Ben noticed something hiding behind Da's legs. He got down on on knee.

Ben: And who's this? Don't be shy come on out!

Da: Come and say hello Rei.

Out stepped an adorable two year old girl.

Ben: Hello sweethart! How are you doing?

Rei just smiled.

Ce: well, the others a waiting for you guys. Theyere eager to see you again.

Ben: Yes I've been wondering how Quan, Kuang, Yi, and Shang Xiang have been doing.

Ce: Then what are we waiting for? Come on!

Ben: Come on, Fu dont fall behind!
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Unread postby ACG » Sun Sep 14, 2003 6:31 am

Now thats the size fanfics always are! Great job! :D
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Unread postby Musou » Sun Sep 14, 2003 11:31 pm

Well, I got something to say that I think you guy's may enjoy.

This is going to be a romance fic.

and of corse the lucky guy is Sun Ben.

As for the girl, I'll leave you guys with a hint.

She's not from any of the kingdoms, but one of the smaller forces.

Since I'm almost clueless when it comes to ramance, I may need some assistance from you guys.
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Unread postby Musou » Tue Oct 14, 2003 5:23 am

SSX: Are they here yet? Are they here yet?

Sun Kuang: Calm down sis! Theyre already here!


Sun Yi: Ow! Yes, really so keep calm!

Sun Ben: Whose that I hear sreiking?


SB: What the...? Yikes!


*she hugs him*

SB: Geez, Shang Xiang! If it wernt for my armor you would of knocked me off my feet!

SSX: Oops! Sorry!

Sun Quan: Gretings cousin!

SB: Quan! Long time no see!

SQ: Indeed. You must be tired after your long march. Why don't you go to your room and rest for a wile?

SB: Great! Thanks cus!

SQ: Rest well.

* So Ben went to his room. He then fell in to a well needed sleep.*

Note: Okay, I took the wife part out because it doest fit and is just pain retarded. And I'm gonna edit out the part about the feast.

*In the castle garden that night*

*We see The Two Qiaos and Sen Rei, sitting on a bench.*

Xiao: Ohh, those stars are soo pretty don't ya think sis?

Da: Yes sister it is a beautiful night. shouldent we be getting to bed? Our husband's will get worried.

???: You arent going anywhere!

Da: Li Jue!? How did you...

LJ: Shut up! Lord Dong Zhou wishes to "invite" you ladies to his castle. He "insists" that you come.

Xiao: We arnt going back to that nasty place!

LK: We shall see about that! Grab them!

*the girls tried to scream but the soilders quickly covered ther mouth's and dragged them tpo a near by carrage.*

LJ: Lord Dong will be most pleased! Ha ha ha!

Next: the other's find out and the rescue mission begin's!
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Unread postby Musou » Mon Oct 27, 2003 11:50 pm

(This is just so the new post icon lights up and you can see the new addition. I apoligise if this is considerd spam.)
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Unread postby Musou » Mon Nov 03, 2003 6:25 pm

*Kuang and Shang Xiang are seen talking in the throne room of the palace,*

Kuang: I said...

*Just then a soilder rushes in*

Solider: My lord! My Lady!

SSX: What? What's wrong?

Solider: The Qiao's and Sun Rei are missing!

Kuang: WHAT?

Soilder: There are sign's of a struggle in the garden!

SSX: Have our brother and Zhou Yu been informed?

Soilder: No... not yet.

Kuang: Then what the hell are you waiting for?! Go tell them !

Soilder: Yipe! Uh, yes sir!

Sun Jian: what is all this rukus?

SSX : Father, thw Qiao's are missing! We suspect theyve been kidnapped!

SJ: What?! Kidnapped? This is disturbing news. Guard! Summon our best generals, my son's and my nephews! We will have to figure out who took the Qiao's and how to get them back!! Kuang, Shang Xiang, come with me

SK&SSX: Yes father.
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The Match of the Year!

Unread postby Li Ruiyue » Fri Nov 14, 2003 4:40 pm

I've started a story about the people around where I live (with the exception of Ryan (Nanami Ice Kleist)). This isn't supposed to be brilliant, just something funny I write up in my free time.
By the way, I am the narrator. If you have any questions about the story, PM me or post it up here. (Sorry if it's a little long...).


Chapter 1- Let the war begin!…But who needs Harry Potter?

It was an average day at Blyth-Jex High School, Colin wasn’t here, David was being annoying, and Jonathan was being slaughtered by James…
“Patterson stop it!” Jonathan tried to stop James from sitting on him, but who listens to Jonathan?
“What are you gonna do about it, ball?” James replied, still sitting on Jonathan.
“He’s gonna get his friend Mr. Brooks, James…” For some reason Shaun came over, probably just to get on James’ nerves…well what do I know? I’m not Shaun’s personal assistant am I? Hello?…Anybody?…
*Ahem*, anyway James agreed with Shaun and got off Jonathan. “I completely forgot about your best friend, Johnny.” James said.
While all this was going on, Stuart and I were just standing out of the way of all of this, trying not to get in James’ way.
“Oh thanks for helping me, you two!” Jonathan staggered to his feet, and after searching his surroundings, looked at the two of us.
“Well, you know we would’ve, but if we did, we would have ended up dead.” I mentioned.
“God, why doesn’t anybody stand up to Patterson?” asked Jonathan.
“Hmm…because we’ll all be dead, Jonathan!” replied Stuart.
“Well actually, if we all combined our powers, we could overcome James and rule supreme!” as soon as I said that, Jonathan and Stuart stared at me. “What?! It’s a good idea, don’t you think?”
“It could be…if we convinced enough people to go against Patterson…”Jonathan finally gave into the idea.
“Okay then, you two come round mine and we’ll discuss this further.” I said.
“And who made you the boss all of a sudden?” asked Stuart.
“Well I thought of the idea didn’t I? So you’ve got to do what I say!” I replied.
“Fine…” Jonathan and Stuart mumbled.

* * * * *

After waiting half an hour for Jonathan to eventually exit the classroom, the three of us made our way towards my house.
“Well thanks to you Jonny, our meeting is going to be half an hour late!” I said, still getting over the fact that I actually bothered to wait for Jonathan!
“I just had to go to the office to phone my mum that I’m not gonna be at home straight-away, because I’m going round yours, remember?” replied Jonathan, starting to get into a strop.
“Well it doesn’t take half an hour!” replied Stuart.
“Well my mum had something to say…” said Jonathan.
“You just could’ve phoned her at my house!” I said, which finally kept Jonathan quiet.
When we all got back to mine, Stuart phoned his dad. While this was going on, someone knocked at the door, so I answered it. (Well what do YOU do when someone knocks on the door!?)
“Oh hello Billie and Jamie, what are you doing here?” I said as I saw the two of them waiting outside.
“That’s not very nice!” Jamie replied.
“Well, I haven’t seen you two for months and now you just suddenly appear on my doorstep!” I answered back.
“We saw your friends come in, acting all-serious, so we thought to see what’s going on.” said Billie.
“Ok, you can come in and help join us for the revolt against James Patterson!” I said, letting them in.
“Err…who’s James Patterson?” asked Billie.
“I’ll explain it all inside, just come in if you want to!” I said, now shoving them inside.
After getting them inside, I closed the door. As soon as I turned away from the door, someone knocked again.
“Who is it now!?” I shouted at the person who knocked. I suddenly realised it was my cousins; Edmond, Edon and Edona.
“How rude! Now you’ve gotta tell us what you are doing!” said Edon, annoyed with me.
I told them what we were planning to do.
“Cool, can we help?” asked Edmond, as soon as I finished explaining.
Well how could I say no? We need more help taking James down, and they’re only my cousins, who cares if they get hurt?
As my cousins and I joined the rest of the group inside the living room, Adrian, the annoying brother, got in my way.
“Can I join?” asked Adrian.
“How do you even know what we’re doing, Ady?” I asked.
“Your friend Jonathan told me.” he replied.
“Jonathan!” I shouted to him.
“What?” Jonathan asked, “It doesn’t matter does it?”
“Fine then, Adrian, you can join. But if you get hurt, don’t start crying and definitely don’t blame me for your injury, ok?” I gave in to the idea.
“Yes!” Adrian said, running around like a lunatic, well that’s what he is…
So the nine of us started to speak about how to deal with James. There’s no point in telling you as it was very boring and very long. And if I told you what we said, it wouldn’t be a surprise now, would it? Anyway, we all went back to our own homes after the discussion, leaving me with Adrian to deal with. After some argument and fighting, we went to bed.

* * * * *

The next day was a Saturday, so we couldn’t go against James today. I went on the internet and spoke to my friend Ryan. I told him what we’re doing about James and for some weird reason, he asked if he could come over from Leicester to help us. How could I say no? I wanted to meet him in person, so this was a perfect opportunity to do so.
Ryan went offline and made his way to my house, so I decided to speak to my other friend, Aya, who lives in California. She found our plan very intriguing, but couldn’t help because she had to stay with her family at California.
On Sunday afternoon, Ryan came round.
“Ah, you made it!” I said.
“Yep, this seems fun…” Ryan said, whether or not he was being sarcastic, I ignored what he said.
The rest of the day was spent by me showing Ryan round my house, and for some weird reason, showed him the Blyth-Jex school.
“Pretty big…” Ryan said, staring at the school.
“Yeah, err, don’t get TO attached to it Ryan…” I wondered what was the big fascination about Blyth-Jex, but I suppose when he actually spends the day there, he’ll know what it’s truly like…

* * * * *

I woke up, looked around my room and saw Ryan fast asleep on the bed besides mine (to clear things up, there are TWO beds in my room, I was sleeping on one and Ryan the other, just don’t want people to get the wrong idea…). I wanted to let him sleep, but I knew we had to get an early start if we were to proceed with the plan. So, like any sane person would, I got some water and poured it on Ryan’s head!
“Why’d you do that for?” asked Ryan, ten minutes later after I did the deed. He was still trying to get dried up, while also getting his clothes on.
“Well we need to meet Jonathan and Stuart and everybody else outside the George White school by 8.00, Don’t we?” I asked back.
“Err, yeah, but…” Ryan tried to continue, but I cut him off.
“Then we need to get up early!!!!” I shouted.
“At 6.30?” Ryan asked.
“Yes, now come on down for breakfast.” I said, while exiting my room.
After having our breakfast, Ryan and I headed for the door. As soon as I took a step outside, Adrian came running downstairs, dressed and ready to go.
“You thought you were gonna leave me behind didn’t you!?” Adrian said. Boy, he must have some intelligence if he was able to work that out!
“Err, no, Adrian, the thought never came to our minds.” Ryan said, trying not to offend Adrian, heaven knows why…
“Good then, let’s go!” Adrian said. Don’t see why Ryan had to say what he said, if he said we were planning to go without him, Adrian would’ve got in a strop, and stayed at home, as far away from me as possible. Well you can’t blame Ryan, he doesn’t know how Adrian functions does he? Come to think of it, who does?
We got to the front of George White and waited for the others to come. Billie and Jamie came first, followed by Edmond, Edon and Edona. We waited for another ten minutes for Jonathan and Stuart, but they never showed their heads, so we all decided to go round for Jonathan.
When we all got there we saw, surprise, surprise, Stuart waiting outside Jonathan’s house with Jonathan speaking to his mum.
“How long have you been waiting here, Stuart?” asked Billie.
“Half an hour,” Stuart replied, “I left earlier as I expected Jonathan to take long, but not THIS long!”
“Stu-err- Jonathan, hurry up!” said Adrian. (He always gets mixed up between Stuart and Jonathan).
“I was just saying bye to my mum…” said Jonathan, then continued to talk with his mum.
“It doesn’t take fifteen minutes to do that!” exclaimed Stuart. We all agreed with Stuart and dragged Jonathan away from his dull conversation with his mum.
We got to the west site gate and waited for our prey, James, to pass through it. At 8.30, he did pass through the gate and Jamie went flying at him. Good surprise tactic don’t you think? Unfortunately, as soon as Jamie flew towards James, he was sent back flying towards us! He fell on Adrian, who got really angry, and started to hit Jamie.
Next, Billie and Edona had a go against James. Edona got a few hits in, but was too weak to even hurt James. James picked her up, and threw her at Billie. Edmond and Edon got angry at this and started to beat James up. They were doing quite well, until Edon accidental (I’m quite sure if this was accidental or not…) hit Edmond, and then they went into a mini brawl, forgetting completely about James.
“So, Jonathan, this your master plan? How pathetic” said James, and charged straight towards Stuart and Jonathan.
James knocked them aside like bowling pins. It was then that Ryan and I had no choice but to charge against James. We struck him so hard, all three of us collapsed and lost conscience…

* * * * *

Dunno where we were, but it definitely wasn’t at Blyth-Jex.
“You lot don’t know what you’ve started.” a mysterious voice surrounded all eleven of us.
“What did we start then?” Jamie asked.
“Heh, a war that will change the fate of the world! Wait, scratch that idea. A war that will change the fate of your lives! Hahahahaha!!!” The voice said.
We looked behind us and there before us stood several teachers. They were; Mr. Brooks, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Mark, Mr. Hillman and Mrs. Topping.
We turned back and saw several famous people. They were; Julian Clarey from Sushi TV, and Porky and General Lee form Takeshi’s Castle. These programmes are Japanese game shows.
Then, as if that weren’t enough, more people appeared from the side of the original eleven of us. These were; Chris, Craig, Aaron, Leeanne, David, Martin, Claire (Stuart’s sister), Melanie and Ben.
“Why bring all these people here?” Ryan asked.
“Ha! I told you that you didn’t know what you started!” the voice said, mocking us, “This is what will happen though, if you’re willing to all shut up!”
Until the voice had said that, we were all having our own separate conversations. If you think about it, twenty-eight people all talking at once really does your head in, doesn’t it? Anyway, we all quietened down.
“You are all going to fight each other to the death,” the voice continued, “The last one standing will go face to face with me and ask for anything that they wish for. Is that fair enough?”
“Err, yeah, but why are you doing this?” Stuart asked.
“You can ask me if you win, if you want,” the voice replied, “Now then, here’s where it gets a bit complicated. You will all become you favourite fighting heroes, based on what Ryan thinks.”
“Why him?” Ryan asked.
“Because if it wasn’t for him, this all thing would’ve never have happened.” As soon as the voice said that, everybody looked at me with evil glares.
“What?!” I asked.
“Anyway, see the winner when he wins, so to speak.” said the voice, not caring about the glances given to me. As soon as the voice said that, the whole place became bright…

* * * * *

When I could see again, I saw that we were back at Blyth-Jex.
“Cool, I’m Aragon!” said James. He tried his newly found archery skills and launched an arrow at Jonathan’s butt, who is now Harry Potter. (Don’t ask why…)
“That does it James, take this!” Jonathan fired several yellow beams around the place. James dodged them all, but one of them hit Martin, and turned him into a lemon!
“That went well.” Ryan stated, watching. As I looked around, I saw some of the warriors (So to speak) sneaking off, so I followed them, with Ryan running behind me.
We were running down Constitution Hill, when we saw Jonathan flying through the air. He landed right in front of us.
“Well, that’s one down.” I stated.
“Yeah, but maybe we should keep on going before James catches up with us?” Ryan suggested. I took his advice, and we left Jonathan’s corpse behind.
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