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sorry, yet another idea from my desk! :D

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Dong Zhuo eyed the Imperial Court. Its massive structure had him

dazzled, as well as the many decorative objects prancing in and about the

gargantuan edifice. Even the rain didn't impede anyone from seeing this

glorious building.

Zhuo moved forward onhis horse. The beast struggled to stay put as it

attempted to compensate for the big man's frame. Dong was a realitively

large individual, many suggested his bad eating habits constituted to his

portly structure, however, he would only say, 'it runs in my family'

vehemetly ignoring what others said. Narrow and dark eyes coupled with

a diabolical voice made this man be feared by many of his fellow

subordinates. But there was one who didn't scare at the site of the Tyrant,

his name was Bian Xi. After having a severe falling out with his lord, Xi

incited the masses, saying there was no reason to fear The Great Pig, and

that Dong was only a mere coward, using brutality and viciousness to

gain friends. Bian had the mind to lead a major revolt against Zhuo, but

this never happened; as guards would capture him, cut off his head and

bring it back to the Tyrant, letting all see the job had been done. From

then on, no general stepped out of place.

'Charge!' He roared, 'Slay these men like dogs!'

Hearing of the oncoming horde, the reining leader, Fu Shi Ren, ordered

his forces to take the field against Dong Zhuo's vast army, the Imperial

Court couldn't fall into the wrong hands. As soon as the gates opened,

one gigantic wave of Imperial Guards could be seen charging toward their

now mortal enemy.

The battle that was fought wouldn't be a long one, as sheer numbers

dominated the entire conflict. Ren's forces didn't stand a chance against

Zhuo's army, they would be swiftly defeated roughly two hours into


'Hah!' Dong cracked, 'the Royal Seal is mine!'

In the main chamber, Fu Shi Ren was being viciously taunted and

interrogated. The Tyrant's guards even threatened to kill him on the spot,

but as soon as he entered, they ceased their terrible treatment of the


'My Lord,' asked Hua Xiong, 'what shall we do with him?'

Dong Zhuo turned and walked.

'My lord?!'

Before reaching the door, Zhuo shifted around and sneered, 'off with his


Ren went on a monstrous tirade, hollering and cursing at the top of his

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Chapter 2:The Birth Of A Tyrant

Dong Zhuo walked into his lounging den. It had been raining for many

days, the constant precipitation started to take a toll on The Bigman. He

thirsted for battle more than water itself.

'This downpour,' he said, 'i must busy myself with something'

Suddenly, the door thundered open, Zhuo's guards were holding an

individual. He possessed long, thick hair, close set eyes and the face of a

bulldog. His clothes smelt incrediably, so much so, Dong needed to stand a

few feet away from the prisoner.

'We found him wandering near the supply depot,' one protector

uttered, 'there was another unit with him but they quickly surrendered.

The men are in our cell region'

The Pig waved them away.

'What business have you here?' he quizzically asked.

'I..I..' the young man couldn't respond.

'Who do you belong to?'

'I.. Wu'

'Ahh, i understand' He grabbed a nearby blade.

'What is your name?'

'Cheng Pu'

With a swift strike of the weapon, a decapitated body dropped to the floor.

Hearing the commotion, a guard rushed in, he looked at the headless

carcass and cringed in disgust.

'M.. My Lord?'

'Dispose of his body,'

The individual started for the cadiver.

'And slaughter his other friends as well'

'At once Commander'

Dong carefully put the blade back on the table, he whispered as he petted

the object, 'Don't worry my son, there will be more. Plenty more'

The following morning, Zhuo and a small brigade headed out to

neighboring cities, many flooding with peasants. Out of nowhere, The Pig

ordered the massacre of all the village inhabitants. His men wouldn't fail

to deliver. Over a span of five hours, the Tyrant spent time brutally killing,

raping, and plundering villages at his leisure. The amount of citizens

eliminated was so great, one wiseman noted '...the men came and killed

down to the mother, grandmother, then children. The massacre was

horrible'. At night, Dong's forces dispersed from the area and headed

back to Luo Yang, leaving several cities and villages in shock.

Xu Chang, Wei Capital
Two Hours After The Great Slaughter

'This man must be stopped!,' Xiahou Dun hollered, ' he has no right to

murder and destroy!'

Sensing his cousin's rage, Cao Cao calmed him, 'dear brother, do not fret,

Dong Zhuo's crimes shall not go unpunished'

Dian Wei entered, his massive frame taking up a good space. 'This is true'

he raised his battle axe to his fellow comrades, 'i shall also lend a hand in

the total destruction of the Tyrant'
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Chapter 3: More Bloodshed

Liu Zhang entered Dong Zhuo's office. Sent by Sun Jian, he was on a

diplomacy mission, trying to gain a potentially lethal ally. Zhang felt that

Jian was becoming desperate, he didn't see Zhuo as a tyrranical man, but

as an individual who needed proper guidance and a better partnership. In

his mind, the messenger vowed not to let Dong kill him, Sun had some

brains, giving him a longsword and a heavy assault force in eastern Luo

Yang just outside the fortress if things were to go south. Liu wasn't a man

to be taken by surprise, the moment he rode out of Chang Sha, the Wu

capital, he knew that the Pig might try something out of the ordinary.

'Why are you here?' He barked

'Sun Jian requests an alliance. You and him fighting side by side on the

battlefeild, will you honor this proposal?' Liu asked.

Dong sat in thought for maybe three minutes then retorted, 'NO!'.

Zhang replied, 'oh, i'm sorry to waste your time'. He started toward the


'Wait, i could use you as bait' The Pig swore. In an instant, he had his

sword. Dong met Liu half way and viciously cut and thrusted the weapon

at the informant. Zhang spent most of his time dodging and evading the

close blows. After one final miss, Liu recovered and cut Zhuo in the

abdomen. The Big Man dropped to his knees, holding his lower stomach

worriedly. Blood dripped through the cracks of his hands.

'You fodder! Guards!'

Soon, a large contigent of protecters dashed into the room, blades


'Prepare to die like a dog!' One bellowed.

Outside, Fan Neng felt the diplomacy was taking too long. He roared,

'Charge! Get in there!'

Zhang was ducking and evading sowrds like a madman. Throughout the

conflict, he cut and eleiminated as many guards as he could. Finally, he

saw a flash of his own troops. Fan siad, 'we are here to help'. After a bitter

skirmish, a great number of Dong's men layed dead on the floor. Liu and

Neng hastily withdrew from the site.

'That Pig, this was a suicidal mission' Zhang swore.

Fan Neng soundly agreed.
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The Twisted Blade

'Greetings,' said Zhang Jiao, 'i hope this partnership will contribute to our

mutual benefit'. Unbeknowest to the allies, Zhang formed an alliance with

perhaps the most hated man in all of China at the time, Dong Zhuo. Many

thought he was obliterated at Luo Yang, but, what many didn't know was

that before the battle actually ended, he deserted his forces and fled to

Nanchang, where he remained in hiding for three years. Once the Yellow

Scarve Insurrection began, the Tyrant decided this was where he could

get his ever so sweet revenge.

'Like wise' The Big Man said. Fighting on Pu Yang had been vicious for a

span of three months, the Axis powers were showing no signs of letting

up, the same went for the Yellow Turbans. The city was a desolate island

that had several signs of unending combat, roasted trees from

juggernauts, torn banners, mutilated horses and a landscape trickling with

dead soldiers let all see battle was done to the highest degree. Wind was

very chilly, making the conditions for battle a little more suitable, coupled

with the occassional haze for the day.

In Zhang Jiao's main chamber, the War Council discussed the oncoming

fight's possible tactics. Many were unsettled, the fifth major engagement

was about to be duked out at Pu Yang, one city already riddled with what

seemed like unceasing battle.

'These men shall fall!,' Jiao noted, 'we have another added sowrd to

contribute in their ultimate fall'

They nodded in agreement.

'Now, strategems. Of what course of action shall be taken to destroy these


'I propose we have a heavy assault force strike from the mountain pass in

the northern region of the city. It is realitively close to the conflict area,

and with another force on the feild, we should have the Allies on edge'

Yue Jin gleefully said.

'An interesting propsition'

'I could take one well numbered army to Jiao Zhi and lay siege to the

ancient settlement,' chided Dong Zhuo, 'surely, if i were to capture the

site, we would be able to sustain more troops than the Coalition. Letting us

put them on edge, and morale would tip in our favor'

The Council blew back in astonishment.

'But that place is heavily defended!' Tian Feng protested, 'it is certain you

will run into stiff resistance'

'I'm willing, i'm also sure the unit that is assigned to me shall reign

victorious on the feild'


'I shall incline to your plan,' Zhang explained, 'the force i gave you will

lend a hand in the fall of the great city'.

Claps and cheers rang out at the strategy. Many were elated at the

success that was to be had. However, in the background, Yue Jin's face

cringed in digust.

That fodder! Taking my light! I shall see to his downfall. Jin thought.
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wow thats pretty good, you should make your own thread for it :D
eh, ill find something witty to put here later.

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i know, i'm just using this thread as a pre stage before i actually write the real thing.
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Chapter 4: The Collapse Of Dong Zhuo

The Grand Alliance

'Men, we have called this meeting for one goal,' said Dian Fu. The Three

Great leader, Sun Jian, Liu Bei, and Cao Cao nodded their heads in agree-


'The ultimate downfall of the tyrant Dong Zhuo!' Fu raised his axe high in

the air, three more weapons followed. In Nanchang, there was power

anew on the horizon.

Luo Yang

'Hah! These dogs are making this too easy! Full speed toward Hedong!'

Dong barked. His forces had been waiting outside the city for many days,

it was more a stand off then fight.

'My lord, no, you must understand!' Zhang Xiu pleaded with him.

'Of what trouble are you referring to?'

'The Allies, surely Hedong will be heavily defended! They are probably

expecting us to attack the city. Commander, i beeseech you, withdraw

from the area and don't assault the fortress!'

'Nonsense! Charge!' A massive force could be seen swiftly advancing on a

heavily fortified stronghold, in the back, Zhang nodded his head.

'I shall dessert him, if stupidity lay in a child, let it be known the pig Dong

is one'. He turned on his horse and rode away.

Throughout the conflict, Zhuo was expecting a realitively easy victory,

however, this was not so. The detatchment from the main Coalition put up

a strong fight, showing heavy resistance. Eventually, Zhuo would consider

retreating. It was firmly suggested by two his subordinates, Shen Pei and

Huang Zhu, but against their wishes, Dong continued fighting. The combat

dragged on into the early morning hours. When it was confirmed the

Allies arrived, Zhuo was in disbelief, as he kept pushing toward Hedong,

the Pig soon realized reinforcements arrived, full strength. During battle,

Dong hollered, 'Hold out men! We can defeat them!'. When he turned

around, he discovered all of his generals were nowhere to be found and

his troop numbers were needy.

One great percentage of the army desserted him, all of his subordinates

left. Before he could think, an assailant's weapon punched into his chest,

another in his abdomen and a final violently tore into his neck. The

Tyrant's vision blurred as the arms exited his body, he hit the ground and

dropped his sword. The attackers looked down at the dying man, he

couldn't make out who they were. His eyes closed.

Jiao Zhi
One Decade Later

Dong Ming paced the floor, eagerly looking outside the window as he

passed. One of his generals, Liao Hua walked by, a puzzled look on his


'My lord, what are you busying yourself with?'

The man raised his head and answered, 'The coming of a new terror'
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The Coming Evil

Dong Zhuo, born of unknown origins would grow up a mean and disgruntled child. Eventually, he gained control over Fancheng after defeating Shu forces over a span of three days. With a firm foothold on the Han Zhong Province, the city of Chang Sha was raided. However, Wu would send Zhuo's forces reeling back to the southlands; victory fresh on their minds.

Unable to bear the crushing defeat, Dong used Diao Chan as a ploy to assassinate one of the red warrior's most highest ranking generals, Sun Quan. Despite the fortress being heavily guarded, Chan remained undeterred, holding onto her necklace hoping to make it out swiftly. After being initiated in, Quan made several passes at the newly recruited enchantress, Diao knew it was time to make her move. Once seducing him immensely, the woman would pull a dagger from her neatly clothed dress and viciously stab the target several times. Hearing the commotion, guards entered the room, but the assailant was nowhere to be found.

'Who did this?' asked Sun Jian. The protectors left him to answer that for himself. Diao Chan had successfully escaped after making a diabolical assassination. Jian was fumed to the highest degree. With the hit triumphant, Dong Zhuo would march his forces to Hedong, another city currently under the control of the Wu commander. Following a major two day dogfight, Hedong fell to Zhuo's massive army, it was only a matter of time before Dong was at Sun's doorstep, and he knew it. In order to try and calm the waters, Jian sent Cheng Pu on a diplomacy mission, hoping to get on the Tyrant's good side. A few days later, Sun recieved a pinewood box. The smell immediately braced him. Upon opening the package, he eyed a pool of blood, mixed with blood, bone, hair and flesh.
'This is futile!,' Jian rumbled to one of his subordinates, 'forget an alliance, we shall assault Luo Yang, full force!'. The battle at Dong Zhuo's city wouldn't last long, as his men showed stiff resistance, causing Sun Jian to order a withdraw.

Capitalizing on the loss, Zhuo marched to Yiling and captured it from the already combat fatigued soldiers. He joked saying,
'These pigs are too easy to slaughter'. Once the Tyrant seized Jian's strongest region, a grand coalition was formed to suppress him. It would consist of the kingdoms Wei, Shu, Wu, and a massive force lead by Yuan Shao. They marched to Luo Yang and fought for many days. But days turned into months, and months turned into years. The Third Year of combat, showed no different, as Dong Zhuo's resistance was the same as it always had been. However, amidst the battle, Zhuo's generals were becoming tired and annoyed by fraying for such an extended amount of time. Eventually, they fled during the night, as well as some 70% of his army. Morning came and on the feild, Dong noticed all of his subordinates had desserted him, and a great portion of his forces was missing.
'Ignore the desserters!' He hollered, 'continue fighting! we shall win this conflict'. During the gargantuan combat, Dong Zhuo was stabbed by an unknown attacker's sword in the neck, two more blades followed, one in the abdomen, another in the chest. Everything stopped. Zhuo's weapon lowered, blood profusely dripped from his wounds. He dropped onto the ground. His vision became blurred as he dosed into an eternal slumber. The Pig didn't know who killed him, he couldn't make out who they were. His eyes shut.

One decade later, in Jiao Zhi, his son, Dong Ming was going over battle plans in the central hallway. One of his generals, Shen Pei passed by, watching him busy himself with work.
'My lord, what are you doing?' He asked quizziacally.
The man rose his head and replied darkly, 'the coming of a new evil'
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[list=]No Better Place To Die[/list]
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No Better Place To Die

-Entry I-

Greetings journal, this is Shen Zi again. I now belong to the kingdom of Wu, this is an ok kingdom, they, however, lack the credintials the other kingdoms have; such as Wei, and Shu. I feel as though i'm not doing myself any good staying here, Sun Quan looks down on me and i feel as though i simply do not belong. Why is this happeneing?. Today during our daily meeting, we discussed the battle plans for the Yellow Scarve Rebellion. I conjured up many ideas, but they would only be vehemently thrown out, as if they were pointless. My continual endeavours are beginning to bring me down. Coupled with this, i also ran into more trouble, Sun Ce. I was sitting in the southern foyer reading an interesting book having to do with legendary tacticians such as Yue Han and Niu Long. As he slowly advanced down the stairs, he gave me such a troubling look, as though i shouldn't be there.
'Get out of my seat!' he sneered.
Not wanting to initiate a confrontation, i meekly submitted to him and exited the seating area. I made my way up to my chamber, where i could read up on the strategists i love so dearly. Many hours passed as i delved into my books, suddenly, there came a knock at my door. It was the enchantres Sun Shang Xiang. Her hair so delicate, figure so alluring and eyes so beautiful.
'We must hurry, there's trouble in Chang Sha!' she exclaimed.
'Of what kind?' I replied.
'Liu Feng is leading one massive incursion on the city,' Shang shivered as she answered, 'his army is rather of the gargantuan degree'
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