My collected poetry works (updated Aug 8)

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My collected poetry works (updated Aug 8)

Unread postby jiuwan » Tue Mar 11, 2003 7:21 am

Well I can't really call myself a poet, but during this last year (from March of last year) until now I've been writing a lot of poems and collecting them. Maybe it's just in the back of my mind that one day I might want to publish them. But for now, I'll just enjoy writing them as I go along and post them up here for others to enjoy. Also I would hope for some constructive criticism that would help me down the road.

I guess the whole reason why I started writing poems was last year I had my heart broken really bad. So that was the catalyst that started it all. So a lot of my poems tend to be centered around the subject of love. As for drawing, I've been doing that for a long time, but that is a subject left for another day. This day's topics will just be poems.

This was the very first poem that I ever wrote......

Here I am sitting by myself
In the middle of the night
I don't know why
But lately
I just can't sleep at nights
I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason
I just lay there
And start to cry
I just can't help it
Tears roll down my eyes

Without any warnings
The flood of emotions
Surging through me
I just can't hold back anymore
It happens every night
I try to tell myself
It's just a girl
Get over it
But my heart is not as strong
The heart just won't forget
All the joys and pain
The pain
Of losing her

Every little thing that we shared
I still remember
Every little word
That she said
Remains in my heart
Every message she wrote back
Remains in my mind

I once thought love was special
I once thought I could love someone
I once thought if I loved someone with all my heart
Everything will be right
Everything will fine
I once thought
But now I'm sitting here all alone

Crying to myself
Crying in pain
A pain that cuts
So deep into my heart
I know this wound would never heal
The scar remains in my heart
Nothing will change
Things will never be the same
With me again

I've learn
To never trust someone
With my heart again
I've learn
To never fall in love again
Never to fall for someone again
Love hurts too much
My heart breaks too easily
Just let me cry
By myself
'Til I die

<A HREF = "">The poem was written along with this drawing....</A>

This following is the latest one that I just did a couple of nights ago when I couldn't sleep, just like right now as I'm writing this thread. (A lot of my poems I write when I just can't sleep. It's just some nagging urge that I have to let out before I can sleep peacefully)


The flowing river slowly drifts in the evening night
Flanked by the glow of spring flowers oh so bountiful
Under the sweet glow of the half lit moon
A bird chirps happily ignoring the sadness down below
Many are the rulers fighting to create a dynasty in their name
How can a dynasty's glory compare to your beauty
Beauty that shines greatly over this vast land
Rivaling the immortal gods of Heaven

Floating on a single raft waiting to see your face again
A world of suffering washed away upon seeing your smile
Revealing a lengthy road filled with hundreds of flowers
Blooming with the ever so graceful beauty
Sadly this world is plunging into chaos
There are so many short lived dreams
Left behind are only shadows not knowing if it still hurts
Numb of all pain in the summer breeze

The flowers are fading in their glory
Half of my life gone by without the passions of love
Love is never a smooth road
Many are the years filled with tears
Resentfully not seeing the autumn scenery
Of the falling of leaves as the season comes to a close
A solitary man faces the flowing river
Watching as his life passes him by

The bright reflection of the snow shows my faithful heart
No need to ask of the steady mountains and raging blizzards
Nothing can make me waiver nor shake my faith
Only to see your smile in the mornings
Will all the lessons of life and death be told
Let the winds carry forth my message to you
As I lie in wait for you
Through the cycles of life and death of the ever changing seasons

You can see the big difference from my first poem to this current one. Over the course of the year, I've been picking up on tips and constructive criticism. And I've learned a lot about writing poems in general, it's not just pick up the poem and write! :lol:

It's a lot of work worrying about the rhythmn and fluidity of the poem itself. And then there's the choosing of certain words and how they affect the poem overall. I mean certain words are weak when you want to hammer a point across but are limited with words to do it.

I don't know how poets like The Masked Moogle do it. When I do it it's like I wanna pull out all my hair in attempting it :evil:
I mean just look at how he does his rhyming scheme in the last poetry contest. I could never do someting like that, that's why I like sticking to free verse. Much more simplier for me.

This one I think most of you will recognize from as my entry on the poetry contest.


As time passes slowly and painfully each day
I can not but help to dream of you m' lord
Sweeping me into the sweet embrace of your strong arms
How I long for those days again just to be next to you
Thinking of the day that I said good bye to you
Tear drops just falls from my eyes
As I see your figure slowly slip away from my grasp
In hopes of returning JingZhou to my brother Zhong Mou
You've embarked to conquer the land of the Two Rivers
As you embark on an expedition to take Chengdu from Liu Zhang
Short have you enjoyed the prosperity of JingZhou
Short is the marriage between the house of Liu and Sun
Forever is my love for you m' lord
Your smallest wish is thy handmaid's command

Left here alone without the company of my dear husband
My duties as a wife uncompleted
Standing on top of the gates looking out to sea
Thinking of your smile washes away my tears
Praying to god that you will succeed
Hoping someday we'll be together again
As husband and wife
For the time being I will do my duties
And raise young Gong Si as my own son
The days pass by slowly without your love m' lord
But every little bit is helped by young Gong Si
Every time I miss you and the tears start to flow
I would enjoy the company of young Gong Si
Young that he is

I would be more than capable of taking care of him
Without the help of Zi Long
Constantly he is always watching me
Given me a sense of insecurity
He has proven his trustworthiness to your lordship
His amazing skills and valour at DangYang
Valiantly he fought for the safety of Gong Si
Alone against the legions of hordes of the Cao army
Unrelentlessly he pushed back the soldiers
Forcing a path to freedom
Returning young Gong Si to the safety of m' lord
His devotion to serving m'lord is admirable
Yet I can not trust this man myself
I always feel uneasy around him
Making me wish m' lord would come back home sooner

Time has long passed and Heaven has frowned upon us
You're away thousands upon thousand of miles away
Away in the Land of Two Rivers
While I am stuck here in the palace at the capital
Cruel is the heavens to separate husband and wife
Everyday I've been dreaming of you
Thinking of how you used to hold me in your arms
Day by day I'm waiting for the chance
For us to be together once again
Feeling your lips pressed closely upon mine
Begging Zhong Mou to allow me to return to your side
Hopless is the cause of my persistent begging
For the two you are not on the greatest of terms

One day I hear the news
Which brings tears of joy and sadness to my heart
Tears of joy from the news of your coming
Sadness in hearing that your grand army is here for my brother's head
Bitterness and hatred fills your heart against my brother
As thy handmaid I can not but stand by your side
In your time of need
As Zhong Mou's sister I can not stand by to see him killed
By my very own husband's hands
How cruel the heavens have dealted this hand upon me
Distressed I am to be caught in between
Stories pour forth into the capital that your army is victorious
Wave after wave of successive victories
Closer and closer each day you are to me
Closer and closer is Zhong Mou's death

In desperate attempt to drive back your army
And preserve the lands of Wu
Lu Xun was appointed Commander-in-Chief
Young and brilliant is this lad
Yet my hatred for him burns when the news of his success
Reached the capital
With your death
All of a sudden my whole life had came to a complete stop
Void is my heart without you here
My willingness for life has come to an end
I have no need to live any more
Looking down at the river I see the rapids of the water
Fast is the current flowing
As I turn to face west, the tears just pour forth
I no longer wish to live in this world no more
I shall throw myself into the river and drown
Praying to Heaven
Hoping that someday
We'll be together again my love
Wait for me.....

Ok, enough typing for me. It's really late so I'll just cut and paste the rest.
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Unread postby jiuwan » Tue Mar 11, 2003 7:25 am


In life
How many true friends are there?
How many friendship can last forever?
Shaking hands
As we part our seperate ways
Is in our hearts

Today we temporarily part
Tomorrow we will meet again
Even if we don't see each other again
We will still be friends

Split by mountains far and wide
In two seperate lands
We don't need to see each other
Our hearts will know
True friendship
Will never change



Never said I loved anyone
Never shed tears for anyone
Never wanted to be right
My eyes are filled with tears

Looking at myself
I am unhappy
I aslo need a companion
Who won't break my heart

Deep loving without regrets
People laugh at me
This is just a fantasy
There's no comfort

Loving someone
Should be without guilt
Then why do tears fall in the night
Each night I sleep with loneliness

No meaning in life
Ask not who I am
Love with me
No one can replace
My true love

Not much people like me
Why let me suffer?
Ask not who I am
Face with me
See the tears
That fall from my eyes
I am no different than you
Except my heart breaks easily



Looking at you
With that sweet smile on your face
I can only give thanks
For knowing someone special
As special as you

Saying to you:
"I only want to be with you
In this life
Everything I want
Is you
Let me be the one
To care for you until I die

Each second that goes by
I'm always thinking of you
No one can replace you
In my heart

Seasons change
Water flows
Life ends
Nobody knows
But my love for you
Forever grows

With all my effort
I will never forget
For the rest of eternity...
With all my heart
I cherish you on this day
Happy birthday"



Oceans falls
Oceans rise
People's talk
People's lies
My heart for you
Forever flies

Flowers bloom
Roads turns
Birds sing
Children learns
My passion for you
Forever burns

Seasons change
Water flows
Life ends
Nobody knows
But my love for you
Forever grows



Never said I wanted popularity
Never said I wanted to win

All I ever wanted
Was someone to love

Someone to touch
Someone to hold

Someone to call
Out my name

Am I asking for too much?

Some would say yes
Some would criticize

Some would inult others
To make themselves feel better

When you yourself are not being criticized
When you yourself are not in the spotlight

Hurling rocks of insult at others
From a distance

It takes guts to stand alone

I would fight
I would fall

I know that
I can't take it all

They beat me down
They beat me hard

Let them do all
That they can

For my spirit will never be broken

For I refuse to die
For I refuse to cry

Never letting up
I get back on my feet

I want to live
I want to love

No one can stop me
As I continue my struggles

As I continue down my path looking for that love
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Unread postby jiuwan » Tue Mar 11, 2003 7:28 am


I once met failure
Nobody cared
Nobody listened
To my cries
Of sorrow
It's all because of you
I can finally understand
What love is

How I can look at love
Without ever knowing
What it really is?
How can I say forever
If I didn't care?

You came along
And showed me
How special love can be
But before I can fully embrace
You left without a sign
I still remember
Each lingering kiss
That you left behind
I can still feel
Each time you touched my heart
I will love you
'Til I die

I asked myself
How can I tell if it's
How can I tell if it's
Every night
I still remember
Your every words
That you've said to me
How I love you my darling
How I miss you

I'd rather
Forever fail
Then pay back
Everything I owe you
I'd rather
Forever fail
Then to see you cry
I still miss you
I wanna say
I still love you
'Til I die


" LOVING ME IS..... "

Loving me is
I'm heart broken
You're sorrowed

Loving me is
You're troubled
Cause I'm hurt

Loving me is
My fall from grace
Yet I accept
Two hearts
Should not question each other

You said things
Would change
For the better
You promised
You would love
Like I did

I've had a dream
You were the dream
I love you
Without the words
Now it's gone

Loving me is
I'm heart broken
You're sorrowed

Loving me is
You're troubled
Cause I'm hurt

Loving me is
My fall from grace
Yet I accept
Two hearts
Should love each other

If you truly loved
I wouldn't question
If you truly cared
I wouldn't regret
Letting the world know
What you meant to me

I wanted to share
My dreams with you
I wanted to give
My world to you
That was then
This is now

Loving me is
I'm heart broken
You're sorrowed

Loving me is
You're troubled
Cause I'm hurt

Loving me is
My fall from grace
Yet I accept
Two hearts
Should always be together

Loving me



I wait....

Another day
Another restless night
Another month of missing you

Another season
Another year has gone by
I still wait for my life's love

Am I hurt?
Did I cry?
I will wait even if my heart breaks

A year's sorrow
A thousand years of pain
True love never dies

Even if we're far apart
I can still feel your warm tenderness
Love will change everything

Even if the rains pour down on me
I will never get bored of waiting
Until my dreams are fulfilled

The tears roll down my cheeks
Like a love sick puppy
Waiting for it's master

Waiting for you to come home to me



I wanted to go with you
But it's not that easy
Look in my eyes
And it will tell you the sorrow
Of seeing you leave

Will not our love be enough to stop you from leaving
I can't control myself
I can't find the words to say
I only know
That I'll be missing you

This instant being with you in silence
Who could see the tears in my heart
When you asked me why I don't speak
When I can not find the words to express
How I truly feel

Hoping this feelings I have will continue
And not drift away like the winds
Being with you for an instant
Is like being intoxicated by love
Why wouldn't I miss you?

You don't have to say anything
Please I beg you
I can't hold back the tears
I want to remember the good times and the happiness
To forever remain in your heart

Understand that I am forever yours
That will never change
You can rest easy and not worry about me
As it's time for you to leave
I will miss you dearly
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Unread postby jiuwan » Tue Mar 11, 2003 7:30 am


I forgot yesterday
How I think of you
How did I ever live
Each day and moment

When I remember
It's like the sand in my eyes
Bringing forth the tears
Rolling down my cheeks

I never said how I felt
I never told you
How I felt
How much I loved you

Remembering how it was
Between you and I
The special tenderness like a flower
Giving off a sweet aroma of fragrance

Content I want to wait for you
Sorrowed I want to look for you
When I worry I think of you
When I'm relaxed I wish for you

Hoping you the best in whatever you do
Cause forever you will remain
Everywhere in my heart
You are everywhere in my heart



Left here alone......

Here I am
Sitting by myself
In a dark corner with no one in sight
Not even the slightest whisper
Can cover up the sighs of my heart

The ache of the broken heart
That tells the story of a thousand words
A story that was short lived
By a fool
Who fell in love

I fell in love with the notion of a fairy tale
I didn't know how it would end
I wasn't prepared for what would happen
It caught me by complete surprise
Why didn't I see it coming?

There is nothing I can do
Except drown my sorrows
And remember the memories
Of a love that was once special
Of a love that is now gone

I can't help but still wonder why?
What did I do that was so wrong?
All I ever wanted was for you to be happy
Even if it meant that I had to cry
For you to smile

I'd always thought everything was fine between the two of us
Then I found out your love wasn't true
Your love wasn't mine
To hold on to until the end of time
'Cause your love wasn't real

Seems like yesterday
That we first met
As the snowflakes slowly fall down on our heads
With a gentle breeze of the east wind
Cutting through the silk of your shirt

As you shivered
I put my arms around you
Gently warming up your body
With all the love
That I have to offer

Now the tears just roll down my cheeks
I can feel it slowly dripping down
Reminding me of what I had lost
And never have again with you

I have always been a person without dreams
Without any hopes in the world
Until I met you
You became everything that I can wish for
So I put all my dreams and hopes in you

Only to find that your dreams
Never included me
Never was I to be your future destiny
Never was I the one
That you loved

I was so sure of this feeling
That I had in my heart
That you would never go and leave me
You would never lie to me
But I was a blinded by your love

Now my love is gone.......



Please step up to me
And let me look at you with my heart
Let me look deep into your heart
To see if i'm there

So that I may have reassurance
To subside my fears

When love becomes to deep
It's hard to see if it's real or false
When it's false only pain will follow
When it's true there is only happiness

Just a little kiss can change
Everything in my world

Who should leave?
Who should stay?
I don't have the courage to ask
For I fear of being alone



The spring wind blows gently
Giving life a gentle breeze of coolness
The autumn rains pours down
Watering the life around us

Something is slowly dying

I can feel it in my toes
I can feel it in my bones
And it scares me
That my heart is dying

I can no longer give love
I can no longer really love anyone with all my heart

Walking down the streets of memory lane
Carefully watching each twist and turn
Stopping to gracefully remember the times
Of you and I

Wishing that everything didn't turn out the way it did
It shouldn't end like this

Never noticed
Never cared
It has already been a year
Of you loving me

Looking into the far distant future
It isn't filled with hopes and dreams of me and you

Many is the memories that we have
Of me and you together
Of all the time that we spent together
And you wishing for forever

That we can be together
Through all the trouble that we've already endured

Here you are
Holding onto me tightly
With both your arms wrapped around me
Never letting go

But my feelings aren't the same anymore
They aren't true anymore

I can't change my destiny
I can't fight fate
The stars have already chosen
A path for me to walk

It's a long path that I must travel alone
A long path that I must endure alone

Having you hold onto me
Is a really great feeling
That fills my body with a special feeling
Right down to the bottom of my heart

Alas, I must tell you
Tell you I must

My destiny is hard for you to follow with me
You will only get hurt
I am not ready
To love anyone yet

You need not to wait for me
For I will not return

There is too many unanswered questions in my heart
That I can't answer myself truthfully
And until then forever is a long time
When we can't realize our dreams together

You need not love me anymore
Please I beg you

My life is too complicated
You will only have sorrow
If we continue to live this story
Of a love that isn't true

I am just not ready to love anyone
With all my heart I am sorry
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Unread postby jiuwan » Tue Mar 11, 2003 7:35 am


Deep within my heart
I didn't ask for it
Yet I have to accept

In the dark
I wait
Waiting by myself
Despite what happened
I still love you

No matter how wrong I was
Or if your heart's changed
Don't leave me

Each night I hope
Each night I wish
To understand your thoughts
To understand you

With no regrets
Don't hate me
Don't despise me
Forgive my past mistakes

Hoping you would say
You would let me
Have another chance
It should be all my fault
I will start over

Look with your eyes
Before you walk away
Look with your heart
Am I still there?

If there is no you
There is no purspose
For me to live
Any longer
I wish to be dead

If you are not in my heart
In my heart
There is always you



I would sing this song
I would sing it for you
The letters you've sent me
Every word is stored in my heart
The troubles of this world
Don't rush in to solve them
The time we have can allow us to go to far away places

People say dreams like this are too simple and unachievable
To have us side by side, hand in hand, never letting go
People say love like this are of a fantasy world
Only you can understand my pains and sorrows
Don't ever leave

I don't care what people say
I just want you to love me
The sun rises and shines upon this vast land
There are plenty
But you
There is only one

I don't care what others say
I just want you to love me
Pain, happiness, and sorrow
We've been through them already



Nothing is forever
That is life
I can not hold it back
With vain effort
There is no turning back
When you said ' good bye '
You said you needed time away
You know I will wait
For you
Forever with you

Go as far as you like
Leaving an empty void
Within my heart
I can not see from afar
If for a day
You can comfort my heart
Just once
That is all I ask for

Go as far as you like
Leaving an empty void
Within my heart
You can not see me
If for a day
You can comfort my heart
Just once
That is all I need
Would you remember me?
Would you remember my name?



In this world
Which mountain is the highest?
Maybe, just maybe
There is one that will be higher

In this world
Only a mountain can be higher than a mountain
True love can never be found
More genuine than yours

In this life
Why compare who I should give my love to?
One mountain can be higher than the last
But the deepness of your love
Reaches to the highest point of the heavens
Thousands upon thousands times
You are the greatest

Compare our lives
And we will not know who gives more love to the other
Maybe, just maybe
It all doesn't matter
All I know is that in this life
There is no one that loves me as best as you
And I can never find another as special as you



Who are you ...
You put on all your make up
Before you meet me
Asking me what I think
Of you
And how you look

Who are you ...
With both my eyes
I look carefully
At each glitter in your eyes
As the rest of the world envies

Who are you ...
No matter how much is applied
It doesn't matter
Because in my heart
There is only one image of you

Who are you ...
It all doesn't matter
How you look on the outside
I will always see the inside
See the true beauty that you possess

Who are you ...
Others can say you look horrible
Others can say you look beautiful
But when I speak of you
I speak from the heart

Who are you ...
Let them see you through my eyes
Let them see you as my god
But don't let them see my face
When I'm without you by my side

Who are you ...
People ask me why
For you I have changed
And I can only answer
With a smile on my face

I am you, you are me
You make my life complete
Two souls bound together
There is no one I'd rather be
Than to be me with you by my side



They can be wonderous
Yet they can be your undoing
There is so much feelings bottled up inside of me
So much to sort through
So much that it overwhelms me
Like climbing a mountain without any legs
I only want one thing in life
And that is to have you love me

Man's most precious commodity
Once it's gone it can never be regained
Time stands still for no one
Time continues to move forward
With or without you
You have to make the most that you can
With the time that's been given to you
I don't want to make the same mistake again of losing you

Something that is always around
Something that I can never rid myself of
Why can I not understand your true feelings?
Even if you don't hold me tight
At least let me know your true intentions
If there is a little bit of me inside your heart
Let me quietly hear from the side
That you love me

Everyone in this world has that need
To be loved by one or another
What are my needs?
What are my wants?
I'm just waiting for you
To say those three little words
To hold me tight and never let go
After I've felt the your tender kiss upon my lips

Everyone has a need to be cared for by someone
If you don't care about me
How can I love myself?
Without your love I am incomplete
In the circle of life
Like fire without oxygen to burn
How can I breathe
When I'm missing my air to breathe from?

All that I ask for is for you to be my lady of mine
To share with me my world
I can not offer you the riches of the world
I can not promise you happiness forever
All I can promise
Is to love you with all my heart
Nothing but my unwavering devotion to you
Won't you forever be my lady of love?



When you don't have a companion
Don't have to be lonely
It's not the end of the world
It's best
To forget all those past feelings

If you want to be free
Then forget about her
It's the right thing to do
I said I would never cry again
Tears that I won't show her again

Why must you be so cruel
When I saw you again?
Finishing this cup of wine
Is finishing all my troubles
With you

I love once more
I'm drunk once more
In the end we still separate
Sobering up from drunkeness
There is no going back

I love once more
I'm hurt once more
Who can endure the pain?
One person
Being hurt is more than enough

Forget who I am
I'm lost
I sit here alone
I think about the past
What was all my love was for?

Actually it's hard to get used to
Leaving you behind
Is it wrong?
When there is no chance
Of the two of us getting back together

Why must you be so cruel
When I saw you again?
Finishing this cup of wine
Is finishing all my troubles
With you
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One never knows
Where the road ahead leads to
Why do we have to know
All the infinite possiblities?
I only want to know one thing
When the nights are peaceful, the winds quiet
To have you share with me

Why compare
Who is better
If my heart
Has you within
Then I need nothing more
Who can give as much as you have given me

Someone once said I was a fool
In wanting you
With no hate
With no regrets
Till the end of time

Someone once said I was a fool
In wanting you
For the end of time
Is that wrong?

I never thought
What success would bring
I never guessed
What would happened
Who would know what the future brings
When you are deeply in love

I never wanted
Anything that would hurt you
I never want
To see you cry
All that matters to me
Is that you are forever happy



The more passionate the love
The more the love flowers bloom
Cloudy is the future

The longer the love
The quicker is the separation
Hard is it to separate after the embrace

For wanting you
Lying to you for the rest of your life
Is more cruel than us splitting up

Also loving you
When you sacrifice yourself
How can the feelings be of a deep love?

Moment of departure
Catching a glimpse of your eye
Not hearing your sighs

Once again
Fearing these memories
Will only be treasured after it's lost

Over there
You would be more happier
How can I be so selfish?

Just for you
There must be a great start
Willingly I must even if i regret

If I don't understand love
Where is there someone who understands love?

If I'm not hurt
Where is there someone who isn't hurt?

I treasure you
You have to treasure yourself as well

If you don't believe
Where is there someone who believes?

If you don't know
Where is there someone who knows?

A love story that lives on for the ages

The passionate flower
Blooms only for the true



Looking at you
You turn around and run away
The past is already dead
No need to relive
All your lies again

Who can understand you
This story is too hard to follow
On a path of love
My heart
Has a scar

Why am I so gullable and innocent
Not to see the lies of the lover
What's said
Has passed
Let me not know any further

You once said
You would do anything for me
No need to say again
Why you missed our date
Because of an emergency

No need for you
When you call out the wrong name
Why is it that when we speak of true intentions
That you secretly love another
Lies of the lover



Laughable words
Sheds not tears
Attainable companionship
Resolves the loneliness
Unfortunately I have yet to meet
Asking me of a pair of unforgetable of memories
How pray tell will it end?

Loveable words
Shirk not
To understand the heart
Fear not to venture forward
Unfortunately each time stumbling upon love
Hard it is to block the feelings
Of a delusioned happiness

Words of encouragement promised
Carried forth by self-denial
Burdened is the one who bears this love
Sighing in the moonlight night
Her love has no need to continue forth
Rejecting everything
This night has a peaceful ending

Hearing upon a desired love story
Free to fly to the corners of the four seas
Each time drawing nearer by the moment
Scaling over thousands upon thousands of mountains
Just to see a glimpse of the smile
Ask not was it worthy
Instead let fill your heart with a warm feeling

One's home and one's country
Thrust upon a man
A sense of duty, a sense of right
Fulfill his destiny he must
Leaving behind all that he cherished
For the sake of one word : righteousness



Never spent time studying
Nor learning in school
Always out at night
Prowling the streets
In search of fun and excitement
Care not about the future
Of what is to come

Rascals never care
About these things
Most important are other things
Picking up chicks
Having fun till the dawn comes
In the bedroom is where the action is
Picking fights with rival members
To increase one's own prestige
To increase fame
All for the glory of the leader

Young are the members when they start out
They only understand one thing
Brute force
If you wish to be on their bad side
From the pits of the city
They fight for position
To climb the ladder of leadership
Secretly everyone vies for the top spot

Today they fear not of failures
Worry not if they're wrong
Everything they have tried
There is no one that they fear
Quiver not when they hear others names approaching
Because in their minds
They are invincible

Billiard clubs
w•••• houses
These are nothing new for these fellows
They go where they wish to
They do what they want to
All in the name of their gang

Nights pass in the bars
Heavy is the drinking
Along with the drinking games
That they challenge with each other
Till the break of dawn
Every night the cycle repeats
Drink until they pass out

Many is the followers that rush to be accepted in
Pouring in from everywhere
To swell up the ranks
Wishing to be the hero among the ranks
Through sheer courage and bravery
Fighting their way to the top
Grabbing on to their machetes
With a firm grip of securtiy
As they settle the day's business

And Righteousness
Are the fading senitmentality of the old
Leaders only care if you take the fall
Take the blame
When there is big trouble
Everyone runs in their own direction
Every man to fend for themselves

A rascal's life is but a dream



I know
As soon as the foot stepped in
It was wrong
There is no way that it can be settled
A love triangle
All three sides will will get hurt if it continues
Who can endure?

All that's said and done
Holding on
To memories that are but empty
Yet still reminded of the past that was
My heart feels so ashamed and uneasy

Cloudy skies
We parted our separate ways
But secretly
I carry a heavy burden inside of me
Dearly beloved
You still don't know that my wounds still ache

They still ache for you



How do you know love exists if you can't find it?
How do you know what love is when you haven't truly felt it?
How do you know love is true when you haven't losted it?
How do you know what love can do until you see it happen?
You don't
Until you believe
Until you believe with your heart and not your mind
What you may have experience before
You may percieve as love
But is it the true love that everyone is looking for?
You never know until you look for it
You never know until you find it
Until then you can only believe
Only then can you truly search for it
Cause then you know it exists
In your mind
In your soul
And in your heart
Because love exists
Inside of you.....
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Unread postby jiuwan » Tue Mar 11, 2003 7:44 am


People are as the flowers fluttering in the breeze
The clouds disperse such as a short song
Who then has loved me?
Time is the wind's brilliance
Time is a shame
When is there someone that will know me

Long lived the flowers of wild
Never short on beauty
My heart glows with a sense of satisfaction
Of the moon light night
Love is lonely
When replaced by hate and anger
Unlike the spring blossoming of the flowers
More like the chilliness of the wintery breeze

Singing and drinking wine in a simple gaiety
For what purpose does life have in store?
Raised with a sense of filial piety
To honour and cherish those before us
Flowers have a need for prettiness
What then of humans?
Keeping behind of what you leave?

Red is that all compassess the heavens
Blue is all that sweeps across the seas
Why dwell on the pass
When the times are never lasting
When the times only leave behind
A solitary tear drop inside my heart J
ust to wait for an instant of love
An instant of love



When a man is deeply intoxicated
Late at night thoughts pour forth
Thoughts not fabricated from wine
Deep inner thoughts from the heart
That never dared showed before
A thousand words could not express
What secretly nourishes in the heart

Times upon times
The heart has been shattered by illusions of love
Illusions of grandeur imagery
Imagery of a fairy tale that once held true
Silently in the crept of the night
You have descended upon this heart of mine
With a sense of security and warm kisses

Breaking the days of seclusion......

Emotions of love are hard to control
Actually I am a man of weak heartedness
Easily provoked to tears and sorrow
Such is the lot that I belong to
Never wanting to pursue hither and thither
Constantly in search of a true love
So please treasure my heart

To understand me
And how I think and feel
Continue forth this love
Of a burning flame of passion
From a man of weak heartedness
Fragile hearted that I am
Wait no longer

Bestow upon me a faith with a gentle kiss....

Enduring the long nights with you by my side
Is the happiness that I can look forward to
With you by my side
Finally I can say that I have found
My ray of hope in this world
Never allowing any suspicions to seep in
Happy is the lover

Emotions of you are hard to check
Because I am a man of fragile heart
Easily led to tears and sorrow
Such is the lot that I belong to
Constantly looking hither and thither
In search of my soul mate
So please take me as I am

Treasure my heart and what I have to offer.....



Putting on the sweater
You've knitted for me
As I listen to your tale of woes
Who could not take notice
Of your woeful expressions
In life there are a lot of things
That can't be easily solved
Nor understood
I can hear your heart
Deeply sighing in sorrow
Many are the reasons
Of your faith in love
That has waned
Dreams and hopes are shattered
And shaky at best
Visions clouded and blurred
Of what is to come
For you and I

Actually I understand
What you're trying to hint to me
I need not eyes to see
My heart already tells me
That you've fallen for me
In a very deep way
I need not say the words
For you to understand
Of what I went through before
Afraid I am that happiness
Will be torn asunder
With the blink of an eye
It is easy to talk of love
Without ever truly knowing
Of the wonders it can bring
Since your heart is sincere
Let time prove the deepness
Of what my heart has to offer



In the middle of the night
Everything is all peaceful and quiet
I am in tears and losted in confusion
Silently sprawled across the width of my bed
I know not what to do anymore
Except embracing the past memories
Unable to propell myself through each day
Who can honestly say
In this lifetime and the rest of their life
That they have lived their dreams
I can not see what lies ahead
For the road ahead is wreathed in mist
In the end there is only regret
For not following my dreams
Time stands still for no one
Do what you can while you still have the chance
Follow your dreams
And where ever it leads you to......



I thirst for a fairty tale love
Bless me with fairy tale romance
Maybe my fever will spur you
To look away in shame
As I must quell the feelings inside
Forgetting what I must bear
Who can endure it?

I don't want to speak
I just want to rest and sleep
The heart is flesh thus weak
I shouldn't fear the heart breaking
Shouldn't drink endlessly without a care
Hoping that you would embrace me with
Your remedies of love

If I was fated never to escape a broken heart
In trying to escape I lay sick in bed
Understanding of everything finally dawns upon me
Splitting up with you I have to endure
On this lonely night, but for what?
With no engery left to push back this fever
Many are my wrongs

No need to hesitate afterwards
When you have already given up on me
Your choice has reached the heavens
Maybe my fever is the lesser of the evils between you two
In fact loving you is the hardest thing
It's the most pain that I've endured
Stubborn that I am

If I was fated never to escape a broken heart
Then should I not have loved in the first place
If I never met you then I wouldn't have fallen for you
Alas the heart is weaker than the mind
The heart still wishes to have loved you
Rather than never to know you
Splitting up with you I have to endure

Who says being heart broken can be easily endured
Endured 'til I lay sick in bed
Enduring the many pains along the way
Splitting up with you I have face
Even if the remedies are bitter
Let me have them
Let the tears flow.....

*phew* That's all of them. All 35 of what I've written so far. Thank god for cut and paste, otherwise I would be up all night retyping it all out :lol:
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Unread postby Andrew » Fri Mar 14, 2003 2:39 am

Very well done, I liked them all, you are very talented, all of them have emoution.
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Unread postby jiuwan » Sat Apr 19, 2003 12:20 am

Here's another one I just recently completed in my spare time.


Like an angel descending gracefully
From the heavens up above
You have casted upon me
This unforgetable beauty
And captured this heart of mine

Looking into your eyes
It's what the Fates have in store for me
As the world around me
Crumbles into despair
All that I need is you
In your heart is where I wish to call my home

As the tides shall rise in the ocean
My feelings for you shall grow in my heart
Underneath the star filled skies
My heart will hold true
Dreaming of only you

Even the call of death
Can't tear me apart from you
Your voice calms my greatest fears
I would fight off death herself
Just to die in your arms
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Unread postby Kingdom of Cheng » Sat Apr 19, 2003 3:02 am

hey your really good at doin poet stuff
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