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Unread postby James » Sun Feb 24, 2008 7:54 am

Lady Wu wrote:Can someone give me a quick explanation of palettes and compression and stuff?

Palettes are a concern when creating a 256-color image because, depending on the application, you probably have specific colors to work with. There are 256 web-safe colors (well, 256 defined as web safe), for example, and if you work with that palette your image has to be constructed using only those colors. Windows 256 color graphics have to be created using specific Windows-supported colors and, unfortunately, those colors are selected more for the needs of Windows than for the presentation of graphics. Pictures in this color mode tend to look awful. What you exported, though, seems like it is just a 256 color export (made of 256 colors with no limited palette—or a very expansive palette) and it actually looks pretty good. You could accomplish a lot with that.

You asked about compression. What were you wondering, specifically? It is a very broad topic. I can explain general compression as it applies to web graphics, for example.

Edit: Something that you should definitely know about is dithering, though its seems you have used it in the graphic you created. Dithering scatters pixels and changes colors in an effort to replicate the appearance of non-supported colors without their actual presence. It gives a picture the somewhat noisy appearance yours has, but allows a much closer representation of a photograph (or similar graphic) when viewed from a typical distance.
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Unread postby King Kong Zhou » Sun Feb 24, 2008 4:38 pm

Lady Wu wrote:But yeah, I'd still want to learn a bit about palettes and stuff.

Hah, I learned this on my old RPGmaker days.

What you probably did to fix the problem, was to change the image mode to "indexed color". Every bitmap picture with 256 colors have a color table with the 256 colors it can possibly use.

So, when you ask Photoshop to change the image mode to "indexed color" - I believe the default is Local(Adaptative) - it will basically select the 256 colors that are most suitable for the picture in question, so it keeps as close as possible to the original.

That same menu has some standard palletes, like "Web" and "Windows" (as James just mentioned). So you can clearly see how a proper pallete selection changes the end result of the picture.
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Re: Art Tutorials

Unread postby GuoBia » Sun Jul 31, 2011 10:46 pm

GuoBia just made two tutorials about painting in photoshop!

Sketch and Skin
Eyes and tears

Intermediate difficulty. Requires basic and drawing photoshop skills.

Feel free to ask me any questions!!
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