More Glorious Deaths

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More Glorious Deaths

Unread postby Cai Mao » Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:20 am

This is an idea of mine. For my own ideas, I'm giving a lot of individuals from the Three Kingdoms more 'glorious' deaths in some variety. I'm taking some ideas but I'm trying to keep to history as far as possible. It's more for exploring what goes through their heads rather than adding anything else so in some cases, there will be more to it than simply keeling over and kissing the dust.

Three I've got so far during the Fall of Shu.

Deng Ai is imprisoned, framed by Zhong Hui for treason and due to be executed. He hears word that Sima Zhao himself is coming to Chengdu to negotiate the surrender of Shu and that Jiang Wei and Zhong Hui plan to kill him. He takes the opportunity to lead him and his prisoners, his own son and concubine among them, in a last ditch attempt to save Sima Zhao. Breaking free and knocking the rebels aside with their chains, hundreds of swords, spears and arrows piercing them as they charge, Deng Ai, a giant of a man, rushes at Jiang Wei who's fighting off the counter-rebellion. Jiang Wei at this point has gone berserk. In his attempt to manipulate Zhong Hui, Sima Zhao and Liu Shan, he's found himself manipulated by all three and tries to cut his way to Sima Zhao. Before he can, Deng Ai slams into him and the two impale each other on their blades.
Jiang Wei: No...I...I...I made...a vow...
Deng Ai: (Grabs Jiang Wei by the shoulders) ...So did I. (Punches through his chest, pulls out his heart and holds it in the air)
Sima Zhao and his generals stare in awe at the man they thought betrayed him and rush to help him but to no avail. Deng Ai falls to the ground with a smile as he whispers.
"We won...Cao Cao...Cao Zhen...Sima Yi...Guo Huai...We finally won..."
Having idolised all three men, watching them take on the war against Shu one after the other, he's content that he honoured them and finished their work.

Zhong Hui, meanwhile, flees the mutiny and barricades himself in Chengdu Palace, thinking hard about where to go. Zhong Hui has always seen himself as the next Cao Cao. He idolises Cao Cao and Sima Yi and wants to be exactly what they were, political and military masterminds who took after them when their line failed.
He's kind of crazy fan-boy in that regard.
While he's trying to strategise something, growing more and more frustrated, he's stabbed by the one man he never thought would ever pose him a threat.
Liu Shan, stabbing him in the chest with his father's sword, declaring there'll be no more death in Chengdu.
Calmer than he's ever been, Zhong Hui falls to the ground, admires the sword of Liu Bei, the man who sought to destroy Cao Cao, and thanks Liu Shan.
Zhong Hui: It's a beautiful blade. An honour to die by the sword wielded by your father.
Liu Shan: (Bitterly) It may have been the only thing he ever loved...You know, you remind me a lot of my father...
Zhong Hui: You honour me.
Liu Shan: I never liked him...and he never liked me. He never knew when to give it all up.
Zhong Hui: Heh...The best men never do. (Crawls to the throne and rests upon the steps as the doors open. Sima Zhao enters with Hu Lie carrying Jiang Wei's head. It's thrown before Zhong Hui and Liu Shan's feet. Zhong Hui sighs.) He really was a huge let-down to the very end, wasn't he.
Sima Zhao: (Shakes his head) Zhong Hui...It didn't have to end this way.
Zhong Hui: No, I suppose not...Ah well...(Closes his eyes) It was worth a try.
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Re: More Glorious Deaths

Unread postby Kongde » Wed Apr 03, 2019 8:51 am

Very nice!!!
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