Helian Bobo: #sosz's unofficial fansite (?)

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Helian Bobo: #sosz's unofficial fansite (?)

Unread postby CaTigeReptile » Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:01 pm

Well folks.

This has been up for about a year and I think it contains enough quality content to post a link.


The works within are most often the result of something someone has said in #sosz, though there are some pictures, songs and and stories that weren't quite as spontaneously inspired. It's not always Chinese history but there's a lot of it - 3 kingdoms (of course), 16 kingdoms, Chu-Han contention.

It features the fantastic Ancient Chinese Trope Bingo coded by LadyWu, and you can play along as you read your favorite texts. Spaces include gems like Dying of Emotion, Assassinated at a Banquet and Woman as Downfall!

Some of the writing is actually extremely excellent, because Taishi Ci 2.0 is an extraordinary writer. Seriously, you can be having a conversation and he's there but hasn't said anything for ten minutes, and then suddenly out comes this magnificent piece of prose written in any style imaginable. It's insane. They are then sometimes illustrated.

Inspired by how we remember personal websites from the late 90s, this site has a deliberate lack of organization and explanation as to who's who and what's what. Based on the authors of stories or creators of the artwork, you might be able to get an idea. Serials are posted in the order they were written instead of the order of chapters. You can always ask "who are these people" and will of course receive the answer, but you're unlikely to get invested enough in this website to do so.

Right now there are no immediate plans to clear up any of this potential confusion but it may eventually come to pass as the amount of content is starting to get unwieldy for me to deal with when updating the site.

If anyone has any work they'd be willing to post on this, you are more than welcome - encouraged - to do so. Just give it to me and I'll put it there with credit and a link to your main site.

Nobody really knows this exists outside of here (and Lofter, actually), so it's not exactly a wide audience, but please join in the fun!

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Re: Helian Bobo: #sosz's unofficial fansite (?)

Unread postby Lady Wu » Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:50 pm

This is the best fansite ever. Trust me folks.

I'm so glad this is finally revealed to the public (?).

Seriously, everyone should go there and read Taishi Ci 2.0's amazing writing. And be completely blown away by how awesomely random everything is. Or just admire the art on the front page. Seriously, go. Now.
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