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Sakuhiko's (Lü Bu Second Chance)

Unread postPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:46 am
by sakuhiko21
Sorry if i have wrong grammar and all of you free to correct my mistakes.

Focus in Lü Bu and Diao Chan , Lü Bu's down to earth beg for salvation from Cao Cao..

Chapter 1: Couple at Mt. Tai
(Time to Escape Dong
Zhou's Loyal Army
Revengce after Lü Bu
killed Dong Zhou.)
Location : Mountain Tai
Pass to Chan'an
Event: moment of
couple at top of Mt. Tai
and look in Beautiful
View of China and Lü Bu
compare China's Beauty
on his beloved Diao Chan
before Lü Bu Forces
reach Chan'an
*At Cliff holding Diao

Lü Bu : This place
beautiful and
overlooking all part of

Diao Chan:Indeed

Lü Bu: As a dream to fullfil restoring Han one
of our Goal with help of
Yuan Shu

Diao Chan: Hope he can
help us and restore Han,
one of my precious

Lü Bu:As one of China's
brave warrior and
fearless alway here at
your side

Diao Chan: Bu you're so kind to me how my guilt deep in my heart
exchange your

Lü Bu:Dont forsake and
abandon me stay with me as long as the war never end.

Diao Chan: I will spend the rest of my life with you, how about you?

Lü Bu: I, Lu Bu, vow to fight for you and your
dream. Where ever you
go, I will be there to protect you.

Diao Chan: Would you do
that for

Lu Bu:I am yours to
command, my lady, Diao
and I will also fight for
you, my lady.

Diao Chan:*embrace* let me help you and take revengce for my father.
(Lü Bu and Diao Chan
back in camp whil riding
Chi Tu Ma "Red Hare" )

Liao : look at couple and
said.Of course they will need
excellent planning to get
through this, so

Chen Gong: Lü Bu only
show his soft side to Diao Chan

Zhang Liao:I bet your
(Lü Bu enter with Diao

Lü Bu: Hey Liao and Gong
argue time again???
*crazy laughs*

Zhang Liao : No

Lü Bu: Relax and prepare
and be alert in bandits
or else~

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by sakuhiko21
Chapter 2: Death of Diao Chan
=Battle of Xiaopei=
Event: {Siege of Xiaopei}
,Cao Cao force plan to withdraw but his advisor
advice to continue it..
(At White Gate of
Xiaopei Lü Bu and Diao Chan
fight and defend Xiaopei a powerful blow of attack
direct hit to Lü Bu but Diao Chan block and
protect Lü Bu , Diao Chan resist the pain of spear
pass through at her belly
while hugging Lü Bu, Lü
Bu carry Diao Chan and return inside Xiaopei)

Diao Chan: Sorry

Lü Bu: why? You save me
a guy known for
nothing and full of hatred built up under my name

Diao Chan:That was called Love~

Lü Bu:Love??

Diao Chan:Yes

Lü Bu:*speechless*
(Diao Chan faint and start losing her strength )

Diao Chan: Im happy cause its my first time to see you cry...

Lü Bu:Me Crying ?? How? crying is out in my vocabulary

Diao Chan:I see a
tear,sliding down your cheek.*hold Lü Bu's face*

Lü Bu:I've been keeping this feeling...That I had,for a moment...You never knew before!

Diao Chan:For the rest of your life,I will be with you!
*Holding Lü Bu's hand*

Lü Bu :I wish I could,see the dawn with you.

Diao Chan:I rememember were first time we met,
it was so sweet.

Lü Bu:I wish you
would,always stay here with me.

Diao Chan:I'm waiting time..

Lü Bu:I can't leave you behind...

Diao Chan:There is
just,too much That I have to say but....Even my voice is gone,Hope
you remember me with melody of song i sang

Lü Bu:maybe I'm lost in thought...About the days,when I have to be without you.

Diao Chan: you will never stop smiling as crazy thing you do so an arrogant ,fearless with
caprious uneducated
man like you...

Lü Bu:uhh...

Diao Chan:That's Lü Bu a man who I knew most and the last man i saw
before my spirit leave my body....

Lu Bu: You make me flatter till end..

Diao Chan:So long my llovee~ *close her eyes and slowly stop

Lü Bu: NO it cant be!!!

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by sakuhiko21
Aww Lü Bu

Chapter 3: Tomb of Diao Chan
(He gave a beautiful
flowery tomb for Diao Chan as
an eternal gratitude who saved him and wont try to lose his second
chance to change.)

Lü Bu: Regret always occur after its too late you leave me behind
and gave me second chance to change i have Lady Yan and my
Daughter to her and the love i didnt gave you
most ,i will do it to Lady Yan
(Lü Bu Attitude
change from his
remaining day up to executıon Lü Bu saw every corners of Xiaopei
Apparition or Image of Diao Chan)

Lü Bu: I miss the voice and embrace of beautiful Diao Chan and saw her Divine soul in ever corner we will meet together soon.

(He try to
become good on his comrade who shocked the way Lü Bu's acting.
Lü Bu decided to surrender after Xiaopei citızen
saw his improvement from
terrifying to a nice guy)

Lü Bu:Now i do one of Diao Chan wishes its time for me to end this war .

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by sakuhiko21
Didnt use Koei given name for Lü Bu's daughter (Lü Lingqi) and call her Lady Lü

Chapter 4:Lü Bu ,Lady Yan,and Lady Lü

(Event : after Diao Chan burial, in a week later Lü Bu talk to his wife and daughter.)
Lü Bu: Its hard for me to see two persons important to me get same as Diao Chan's

Yan: I feel i lost my sister what your next

Lü Bu: Fight for Xiaopei become dangerous for
you and my daughter escape before Cao Cao

Yan: I cant! Leave you behind like i said you before stop betrayin Cao Cao and remain in his side

Lü Bu:Its all my fault, you can do it and save our daughter by yourself and give her a future without my side
let say its my farewell wish

Yan:stop saying your end is near

Lü Bu: I know but for Lady Lü's Future.

Yan:i promise our
daughter grow as a woman who fear in nothing like you
offcourse she's your daughter

Lü Bu: please call my daughter and last hugs and kiss to her

Yan: Lü Lü fathers calling you
(Lady Lü with light

Lady Lü: training finish Mom

Lü Bu :(carry kiss and hug Lady Lü) take care yourself always

Lady Lü: Father I
promise you Lü Clan return fame
at my hand

Lü Bu: thats my
daughter like her father

Lady Yan: (hold Lü Bu's hand) Farewel my Love

Lü Bu: (Kiss Lady Yan and lift Lady Liu and ride in a
Horse) Take care

Lady Yan: (ride in horse with crying face) No matter you love Diao
Chan than me im still loving you and
(Lady Yan and Lady Lü
ride in horse and start to run)

Lady Lü: Goodbye
Father !!! (teary face)

Lü Bu: fullfil your
dreams !!! So long daughter!!!
(Lü Bu feel relief and back in Xiaopei and face his upcoming end)

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by sakuhiko21
Chapter 5:Time to Surrender

Event: He try to become good on his comrade who shocked the way
Lü Bu's acting. Lü Bu decided to surrender after Xiaopei citızen
saw his improvement from terrifying to a nice
(after a month) (Lü Bu feel regret all his crime
an bad attitude and mourn he decided to surrender)

Lü Bu:I decided to end this but..

Follower:Why ?? Milord

Lü Bu:*give his sword* cut my head and give it
to Cao Cao

Follower:I cant

Lü Bu:Thats an order!

Follower: I hate to see my hand cover with blood of my beloved Lord im here with you,and stay with you and meet my end with
you , together we will face Cao Cao

Lü Bu:(with a calm
voice) Youre so kind and Loyal~
(Lü Bu's Forces finaly surrender and tied together before face to
Cao Cao)

Lü Bu: Cao Cao you tied me harder

Cao Cao: A Tiger like you need to tie harder much!!

Lü Bu: I beg you to
spare my lıfe and make a governor or puppet ruler of Xiaopei under your name and continue to develop kindness and being ideal good ruler and a guy ,

Cao Cao: I want to spare you like but, Hey Liu Bei what you think huh

Liu Bei: He Betray his master Ding Yuan and Dong Zhou maybe he will betray you as he rise again

Lü Bu:Liu Bei!!! Your so hard!!

Liu Bei:say everything before your end come
(Allied Force didnt
believe Lü Bu's change and new plans but remain in their mind Lü Bu's Darkside or he will cause Rebellion and betrayal thats why they decided execute Lü Bu)

Cao Cao:my decision is final sorry my friend
your time is over

Lü Bu: My last words to say Liu Bei sorry for my
Betrayal and against you before, Cao Cao and Liu Bei be a
good ruler to my people in Xiaopei as i started a month ago and give a fame on Xiaopei at your

Cao Cao: Indeed

Lü Bu:Its time for me to reunite Diaochan~

(Lü Bu remain silent while going with execution site with his comrade)

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by sakuhiko21
Chapter 6 : Death of Lü Bu
(Lü Bu and his comrade
in Execution site forest
near Xiaopei)
Lady Yan : Were still

Lady Lü : Father???

Lady Yan: Oh Lü Bu It cant be

Lady Lü: I want to save my Father!!

Lady Yan: No darling as your father wish i will
protect you im your mother

Lady Lü: but~
(the 2 girls hide in
forest and watch)

Cao Cao: lets finish the work we started

(Lü Bu remain silent in far distance he saw his wife and daughter secretly watching and
pretend didnt notice)

Lü Bu: no matter the whole world become my foe its my time to
reunite with you Diao Chan

(Cao Cao signal his end)

(soldier put a cloth
cover around Lü Bu's Head and a rope tie around his neck and become harder and harder unable to breath)

Lü Bu:(difficult in breathing )i feel im
dreaming and immune in pain (imagine the apparition of Diao Chan) Fetch me darling i want
to be with you...
(At faraway Lady Yan
and Lady Lü Crying )

Lady Lü: father!! Why??? My revengce in future
will come!!

Lady Yan:*hugs Lady Lü* Im with you an fullfil your dream my daughter
(mother and daughter hugs together)

(Lü Bu slowly stop
moving until his soul start to seperate in hi body)

Lü Bu: farewell Land of
Han~ and reunite with Diao Chan...

Cao Cao : Lü Bu is dead and his comrades also

Lady Lü:*burst and cry*
How dare You!!!
(Slice of Lü Bu's Head and Cao Cao hold it)

Cao Cao: head of our unbeatable rival now atlast here!!

Lady Lü: they holding father's head *grab
Lady Yan hands and ride in Horse and run fast
and Scream*

Lady Lü: WAİT MY
(Lady Lü and Lady Yan travel to Yuan Shu Territory to find
security and start new life)
==To be contınue==
The next Chapters
about the adventures
of Lady Lü and Lady Yan
in Yuan Shu's Land and
join in Wu Kingdom Forces
Thats all for now hope you like my adoptation
of Fall of Lü Bu and see how an evil Lü Bu regret
his unpleasant attitude to a good guy.

This Part is my created story and out in ROTK and Historical record but follow the flow of History but Lady Lady here join in War against Cao Cao and Lui Bei for revengce, her revengce fullfil after the death of Cao Cao and Liu Bei.

Chapter 7:Lady Lü Marry Yuan Shu's Son

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by Zhuanyong

This looks like great reading. I will read more when I get a chance. Awesome job

(The typos aren't a big problem)

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by sakuhiko21
thank you very much, i draw character appearances.. My Story starts from Siege of Xiapi and end in the death of Cao Pi and Lü Bu's Daughter. Lü Bu's Daughter the Protagonist of the story,Cao Cao and Liu Bei antagonist .I follow the ROTK and History Timeline Story but I add my own created story event .

*Some of not Important Character lighten up.

*Lady Bian ,Cao Cao wife and Lady Yan become friends

*Lady Cao Lü Bu's wife give an important role with Lady Yan.

*Lady Lü , Lü Bu's Daughter lead a forces of all girls warriors , this girls widowed by War and survivor wives of Lü Bu's armies .

*Lady Chen - Chen Gong have daughter mentioned in ROTK novel ,who seek for revengce after Gong dead. Lady Chen become Lady Lü Advisor same as her father Chen Gong ,like her father she have talented wisdom in war planning .

One of Lady Lü's Goal

*Save Women slave by War and widows.
*Defeat Cao Cao Forces.
*Defeat Liu Bei Forces
*Join in Wu
*Meet her personaly child hood Friend Cao Pi
*secure secret friendship with Lady Bian for the sake of her Mother Lady Yan
*Marry Yuan Shu's Son
*Alliance with Lu Xu and Wu Forces.
*Participates in important Battle.

*Join Force with Lu Xun and Give Liu Bei 's troops famous defeat.
A one on one Battle between Lady Lü and Cao Pi

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by sakuhiko21