Sakuhiko's (Lü Bu Second Chance)

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Sakuhiko's (Lü Bu Second Chance)

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Sorry if i have wrong grammar and all of you free to correct my mistakes.

Focus in Lü Bu and Diao Chan , Lü Bu's down to earth beg for salvation from Cao Cao..

Chapter 1: Couple at Mt. Tai
(Time to Escape Dong
Zhou's Loyal Army
Revengce after Lü Bu
killed Dong Zhou.)
Location : Mountain Tai
Pass to Chan'an
Event: moment of
couple at top of Mt. Tai
and look in Beautiful
View of China and Lü Bu
compare China's Beauty
on his beloved Diao Chan
before Lü Bu Forces
reach Chan'an
*At Cliff holding Diao

Lü Bu : This place
beautiful and
overlooking all part of

Diao Chan:Indeed

Lü Bu: As a dream to fullfil restoring Han one
of our Goal with help of
Yuan Shu

Diao Chan: Hope he can
help us and restore Han,
one of my precious

Lü Bu:As one of China's
brave warrior and
fearless alway here at
your side

Diao Chan: Bu you're so kind to me how my guilt deep in my heart
exchange your

Lü Bu:Dont forsake and
abandon me stay with me as long as the war never end.

Diao Chan: I will spend the rest of my life with you, how about you?

Lü Bu: I, Lu Bu, vow to fight for you and your
dream. Where ever you
go, I will be there to protect you.

Diao Chan: Would you do
that for

Lu Bu:I am yours to
command, my lady, Diao
and I will also fight for
you, my lady.

Diao Chan:*embrace* let me help you and take revengce for my father.
(Lü Bu and Diao Chan
back in camp whil riding
Chi Tu Ma "Red Hare" )

Liao : look at couple and
said.Of course they will need
excellent planning to get
through this, so

Chen Gong: Lü Bu only
show his soft side to Diao Chan

Zhang Liao:I bet your
(Lü Bu enter with Diao

Lü Bu: Hey Liao and Gong
argue time again???
*crazy laughs*

Zhang Liao : No

Lü Bu: Relax and prepare
and be alert in bandits
or else~
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