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Sorry for that Striga ^-^; I'm just too typerhappy. XD
Sorry also for taking so long. My PC's Wi-fi screwed up and is now not working anymore. So I have to post this from my sister's PC X_X Besides, I had to rewrite some of the Chapters thanks to Two Officers being developed for DW8 XD
ENJOY! ^-^

Two days before this, Lu Bu has built a small force of his own. Having lost the power struggle that ensued after he assassinated Dong Zhuo, he had been forced to wander from place to place. He guided them to the east, passed Luo Yang. Among them were Umi Mari, Tao and Zhang Liao, all formidable warriors. During a break of aimless wandering, the vacant force camped in an abandoned town. Most of the houses lay in ruins or were completely raided. Mhi Hayoli was standing in the trampled fields. Saddened by the view presented to her, she sighed deeply troubled. Within her hands she held a small bundle made of leather. She strokes her fingers gently over the silk ribbon that held it closed. “Milady?”, a voice called out to her. Surprised, she turned around and saw Zhang Liao approaching. “My apologies. I did not mean to alarm you.”, he said and bowed slightly. Mhi Hayoli was blushing and pressed the leather bundle close to her heart. She looked to the ground and shook her head. “No, no! I...It’s... ...alright...” Nervously, she tried to avoid looking at him. Zhang Liao sighed and looked around, but he could not spot Tao or Umi Mari. “I wished to thank you properly for tending to my weapons, Milady. With all this disorder spreading however, I found it hard to find the time.” He looked at his two halberds and was quite delighted over their sharpness and shine. She still wasn’t looking at him, but spoke nervously. “I...I am ...glad... I..., my lord...”, she answered stuttering. Zhang Liao wondered if she was frightened by him. The girl looked very anxious and avoided to look at him. “I am sorry if my presence scares you, milady.”, he apologized, “I am not even sure why some people are frightened by me or tell those kinda rumors.” Mhi Hayoli suddenly turned around to him. She waved her hands and shook her head. “! Th...This is not it!”, she stated nervously, “’s just... ...I...I am not speak...with men at all... ...” Her face was still bright red and her gaze wandered off to the ground again, saddened by the thoughts running through her mind. “Really? Why is that?”, he wondered. The girl sighed slightly and tried to compose herself before explaining. “Well... ...My mother... ...she...used to tell me... ...not to speak with men until I was of age... ...I grew up without a father... ...she was all I had at that time... ... ... ...Until she passed away as well... ...” “I’m sorry to hear that... I did not mean to open old wounds.”, Zhang Liao apologized and bowed slightly. She smiled and shook her head appreciating the thought. “No need to apologize, my lord... ...I may have lost both my parents... ...but I still have my Guardians, Umi Mari and Tao... ...and my little girl Pai Quan...” Worries started to fill her heart as she thought about her. Zhang Liao remembered that little girl with endless energy and joy, but he did not know that they were family. “So that girl is your daughter, then. I did not know.”, he said a bit surprised. “She is not...not in that way... ...I adopted her, when she came to my town... ...Her parents died during the Yellow Turban rebellion... She does not speak much about it, though... ... ...I wonder if she is well...” “I am sure she is.”, he tried to comfort her, “That little girl seemed like a formidable fighter to me.” “Yes...”, she answered him, still lingering in uncertainty, “Mari, Tao and even Pai Quan... They are all warriors... ...” Slowly she relaxed around him, but her hands still shivered a little. She did not realize how her worries overpowered her nervousness. Suddenly both Tao and Umi Mari approach them on horseback. A bit surprised of the two standing together like this, Mari gazed at them quite awkward. Reality caught up with her, however, and she reported to Liao at once. “Hey.”, she yelled a bit frustrated, “We’ve got a problem, Liao. Bandits are blocking off the road ahead. Lu Bu is mobilizing the rest of the gang.” “Understood.”, he answered. Mhi Hayoli listened to her guardian’s announcement and bound the leather satchel on her belt scarf. “I’m coming, too.”, she stated. “Mhi Ha?!”, Umi Mari was shocked, “What are you saying?!” “I know it will be dangerous, but... I just don’t want to be the only one without use or purpose anymore... I...I wish to help... ...Even if it scares me...” “Mhi Ha...”, Tao was concerned for his bond sister. He knew where her thoughts and actions might lead her. “Would you give it back to me, Mari? Please...”, she asked with a begging stare at her guardian. “Are you sure? You gave it to me, because you wished to distance yourself from war, after all...” Mari wished to be sure that her nestling was thinking this through. Mhi Hayoli nodded with a smile. “I cannot run from it anymore... There is...something I have to...see... ...Something I have to do... ...I wish to end this war...more than anything else... ...I wish for it to end...” Mari realized that there was no talking her out of it anymore. Liao was a bit confused about this conversation. He looked at Umi Mari climbing from her horse and pulling a whip made of strong leather. It was covered with multiple rings that were decorated with sharp iron scales. She handed the whip to the girl with a rather serious expression. “But you are not going alone.”, she stated and pressed the whip into her hands, holding them in her own, turning around to the horses, “Tao...” “Mari?”, Mhi Hayoli interrupted her, “If it is okay with you, may I join master Zhang Liao on this assault?” “What?”, she was answered with surprise by all three. Umi Mari sighed and smiled. “You’re starting to worry me, girl, but he’s reliable at least.” She turned around to him with a serious glare: “You keep her save, got it?” Zhang Liao seems to have no real talk in this matter, so he nodded agreeing and met her glare with determination and assurance. “Thank you, sister...”, Mhi Hayoli smiled with gratitude, “Don’t worry, I will not slow him down or get in his way. I promise.” The woman nodded and jumped back on her horse, turning it around towards the road ahead. “Let’s go.”, she said to Tao and headed out. The knight however seems to look at his sister still captivated in worries. “Come on, Tao!”, Mari yelled to get his attention. He finally turned his steed around, still starring back at her. “”, it growled from deep beneath the helmet. Mhi Hayoli nodded towards him before he headed out. “I am not sure that I understand what lead you to this decision, milady. However, I shall keep my word and protect you from harm.” Zhang Liao readied his halberds and moved out as well, followed by Mhi Hayoli. “I am sorry...”, she stuttered nervously, “...if this seemed like we forced you into this, my lord... ...But I really do believe that I can find the answer by seeing you battle...” “What answer do you seek, then?”, he wondered as they approached the road. “The answer on why I could not fight... I need to know...and...I need to face my fears...”

The two ran onto the street and followed the soldiers towards the upper road. Abandoned houses and burned down trees and fields lined the path before them. “Alright.”, Lu Bu yelled his orders from atop of his Red Hare, “My forces will take the camp directly in front of us. Mari, you take your men to the northwest. Zhang Liao will go to the northeast. Nobody is blocking the road from Lu Bu!!” The groups gathered and then spread out to each side. Zhang Liao and his men, as well as Mhi Hayoli went to the northeast. Many of the soldiers were surprised to see the young lady following Liao over the battlefield. Bandits jumped from hiding spots in the ruins and ambushed them constantly. “Slaughter them all!”, they yelled with mocking laughter. “I am Zhang Liao! And I have come to fight!”, Liao yelled back at them, charging right into their ranks. Mhi Hayoli followed him, but kept her distance to not walk right into his slashing attacks. “This whip brings back so many bad memories...”, she spoke while unfolding it, “I once trained with Tao under the branches of my families peach trees...and I wounded him badly... ...That was the first time when I laid my weapon down.” She cracked the whip with a swing around her position. The crack was lout and echoed far over the ruins. Spikes ripped into the cloth of the bandits’ simple armor. Three of them stumbled backwards in pain, for the iron scales have teared through their skin as well. She was concerned and hesitated to take another swing. Zhang Liao however slashed through them like a wild band of tigers. She admired his determination and loyalty, or maybe his merciless way of fighting. Mhi Hayoli watched him and his men fight. The way they battled was different from how he did. “Argh! Fall back, boys!”, one of the leaders yelled and pulled back. Liao looked at the girl and was confused. She smiled gently and yet seemed so upset. “Milady? Are you alright?” “Yes...”, she nodded and sighed, “I think I understand now... ...why I was unable to be a strong Tao or Mari...” She took a deep breath and held onto her whip. The group moved on and she started explaining to Liao with hesitation and shame. “I realize now that I was selfish...” “How so?”, he wondered. “Tao trained me to defend myself... But I was afraid of hurting people... That is why I failed and wounded him... ...The second time that happened was during an invasion of bandits in my hometown... ...I wanted to protect my family...but...I did not want to hurt people... ... ...I managed to fend of the bandits trying to enter my house, but I wounded Tao once more in the process... ... ...That is why I gave up on it entirely... ...But I never gave up on my wish for the world to be restored to peace... ...Mari, Tao and even Pai Quan fought so many times to help my wish to be realized... ...I relied always on them to do the fighting, while I was just praying, waiting and hoping... ... ...I was so selfish...” Zhang Liao stopped for a moment and turned to her. “No...”, he answered, “You are just a soul of kindness...born in a world it was not meant to be in...” “...Maybe so...”, she said with a light smile on her lips, “My lord, why do you fight?” “I fight to become stronger.”, he explained, “I want to perfect my skills in the art of war. However, killing people is something that I cannot avoid in times like these... ...although, I wish for more honorable battle.” “I see...”, she understood and smiled anew, “That is what I thought.” “Hm?” “The way you fight on the battlefield is different to that of my guardian siblings. Mari fights with such anger... Tao battles others as if he wishes them to acknowledge his power... You, my lord, however... You fight with such determination and control... I never have seen anything like it...” He smiled and bowed slightly. “I am honored, milady. Shall we move on?” She agreed and they headed out again. Following the road they came across the farmlands of this abandoned town. Archers attacked from the high grounds and rooftops. The soldiers covered themselves with shields. Liao ran through the arrow storm. Mhi Hayoli followed him and went towards the houses. She knocked the fragile, rotten wood pillars over, making the roofs collapse. Liao charged at the high grounds and scared the archers away with a violent roar. Yet again an ambush troop surrounded them. “Take them all out!”, the commander yelled. This time Mhi Hayoli engaged the battle more openly. She tried her best to aim for the legs and hands of the bandits. Zhang Liao came to her aid when she got surrounded by them. His appearance made these thugs tremble in their boots. The commander tried to duel him and was slain. Still a bit shaken by this, Mhi Hayoli turned away. Liao walked over to her when the bandits started fleeing to their last outpost in the north. He sighed deeply, thinking that he might have scared her, just like the rumors tell. “Forgive me, milady... I guess it must be pretty frightening to watch me fight.” She swallowed the pity she felt for these evil men and looked at him, shaking her head. “No...”, she said weak, “It’s just... ...I can’t bring myself to not pity these men... ...To not feel sorry for them... ...What this chaos made out of them...” “Yes... It is sad...”, he answered and tried to comfort her, “...but I am sure that peace will come. And the chaos will end.” She smiled, filled with hope that he might be right. That is what she was trying to fight for now, so she has to move on as well. Together the two marched with the soldiers towards the northern outpost. Lu Bu and Umi Mari already were attacking the base and tearing the bandit force apart. Thugs could be seen running in panic and hysteria outside the gates and into the mountains to the west. Zhang Liao and Mhi Hayoli joined them in the fight and soon the bandits were eradicated.

Umi Mari, Tao, Mhi Hayoli and Zhang Liao rode alongside each other after the troops had rested and the travel went on again. “I see...”, Mari muttered and sighed, “Well, I can’t say that I am all happy about this, but it is your decision, girl. If you wish to fight than I can hardly hold you back.” “Hm...”, Tao sighed deep, worried about this. “I’ll be fine, I promise... A...and I will train hard, too... don’t be worried...”, Mhi Hayoli assured them. “Alright...”, Mari agreed hesitant, “...but you have to stay close to one of us three, got it? No running into the frontlines on your own.” “Three?”, Liao wondered. “Of course, I mean you as well!”, she pointed out, “You’re the only man I can entrust her to, Master Zhang Liao. Besides, she seems to have found quite a liking to you, too.” “Mari!”, Mhi Hayoli yelled embarrassed and blushed. The Firestorm laughed heartily to her reaction. “If it is your wish, then I shall agree.”, Liao stated, “I, too, wish that no harm befalls her.” “My lord...”, Mhi Hayoli was quite flustered and embarrassed by his words, but happy nonetheless. Right at that moment a messenger on horse appeared on the front and delivered a note to Lu Bu. Curious of what that was supposed to be, Mari rode towards him. “Be right back.”, she said before overlapping several units of foot soldiers. Tao stayed silent and watchful of the surroundings, ready to react on any new bandit activity. “Milady?”, Zhang Liao then addressed Mhi Hayoli who turned to him, “May I be so bold to ask... ...What do you think of me?” His gaze was a little grim as he stated his question. Mhi Hayoli blushed slightly again and smiled. “Uh... ...I like your hat, my lord.”, she answered sincerely. He smiled and pulled his hat a bit embarrassed over his eyes. “He...that’s not what I meant...”, he muttered, but smiled delighted, though.

The messenger was a spy send by someone from within Cao Cao’s camp, who brought him secret information about the capital city. Lu Bu viewed this as a good opportunity to seize Yan Province for his own. Despite not having recovered from the scars of its previous battle, Yan Province was once again thrust into chaos. Xiahou Dun had been entrusted with the defense of Yan Province at Puyang and eagerly went forth to meet Lu Bu in battle. Once they learned of Lu Bu’s sudden attack, Xiahou Yuan, Hanleng and Yue Jin also raced to Xiahou Dun’s side. Pai Quan was among the officers that were to aid in this battle as well. With mixed feelings about the possibility to face her family on the battlefield, she stood beside these four and readied every spark of courage that she had to offer.

Please be gently with my romantic writing. I am not a romance novelist XD

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Chapter 5 – "Lu Bu’s Conquest – The Wise and the Wicked"

“I will not let this beast simply do as he pleases.” Xiahou Dun was determined to stop this attack at all cost. He readied the soldiers and prepared to strike back at Lu Bu’s army. “It is our duty to stand behind Cao Cao and help protect him on his path of conquest.” “Right!”, Pai Quan agreed, “I will give it my all, uncle Dun!” He sighed slightly annoyed, but glad that she was so enthusiastic. “Cousin!”, someone yelled. Three horses arrived at the plaza, where the troops of Puyang had gathered so far. “Yuan.”, Dun greeted his cousin and was also grateful to see both Hanleng and Yue Jin with him, “Leng, Yue Jin. I am glad you’re here.” “Grandpa!”, Pai Quan joyful bounced at Hanleng as he dismounted his horse. He embraced her with a soft smile. “I am glad we made it in time... How bad is it?”, he asked. At first Dun and also Pai Quan were a bit confused as to see him wearing the robe of Guo Jia instead of his own. “Grandpa? Why do you wear lord Guo Jia’s clothes?”, the girl asked puzzled. Hanleng hesitated to answer, which Dun could interpret as something bad that might have occurred back in Xuzhou province. “He lost that during the battle against Tao Qian and his troops. Master Guo Jia was just concerned that he might catch a cold. The old man is not the youngest anymore, ya know?”, Xiahou Yuan jested a bit to lighten up the mood and give a reasonable explanation for now. “Who...”, Hanleng muttered with a swirly smile and giggle, “Just who started calling me old? I wonder...” Dun also smiled a little, but returned to the matter at hand right away. “Anyway... The situation is rather grim right now.”, he explained, “Lu Bu’s main forces have not arrived yet. We need to finish this before they do. The enemy’s surprise attack left Xun Yu surrounded. The first thing we need to do is rescue him.” “Alright...”, Yue Jin nodded understanding. “You can count on us, cousin.”, Yuan assured him. Leng looked a bit troubled. “But I do wonder...”, he muttered, “How did he know about all this from outside the castle...unless...” “Ugh... That Lu Bu. I don’t know where he got his information, but that attack was cowardly.”, Xiahou Dun stated, “But if we have a traitor within, I hope we find him soon after this is done.” “Right... Let us deal with this first...” Hanleng pulled a water skin bottle from the side of his saddle. He opened it and poured the water over his claw gloves and boots until it was empty. Then he took two others and bound them on his belt. “I hope everyone is prepared for the worst.” “I am ready!”, Pai Quan said, “But I hope we don’t have to fight auntie and brother...” “Now, let’s go.”, Dun ordered and the guards opened the doors. He pulled his Podao out and stormed in front of everyone. “We will hunt down these chaos causing beasts!”

The castle was built around a cliff. Bridges crossed over a river flowing beneath the walls. The grounds were on different levels. Farmlands were higher up to the north and the merchant road in the south. The castle itself was a fortress of grey rocks, high watchtowers and steep build walls. “You can never let your guard down around Lu Bu.”, Xiahou Yuan complaint as the forces left the castle. The army headed towards the east side fort in order to rescue the strategist Xun Yu. Pai Quan agreed with Yuan and started slashing her way through the ambush troops blocking the path. “Right! He’s a big meanie! But he’s also pretty scary.” Hanleng remembered Lu Bu from the times back at Dong Zhuo’s service. He shrugs his shoulders slightly and smirked. “Well, his strength might be frightening... That can’t be said about his appearance, though.” “We don’t have any choice.”, Yuan sighed and then shot two soldiers ahead, “Let’s smash him!” The five officers approached the middle bridge of the castle. Multiple ambush units tried to stop them, but both Xiahou Dun and Yue Jin just carved their way through. “Master Xun Yu is in danger. We need to get over there and save him fast.”, Yue Jin said pretty composed, even though knowing the danger. Yuan took the archers out quickly. Both Hanleng and Pai Quan covered the rear to ensure that the troops can move forward. Everything seems to run too perfect for the old wise one. Something was amiss and made him even more suspicious. “This is far too easy.”, he muttered concerned. “The castle is surrounded. This is all very annoying.”, Dun pointed out, “We need to push back the enemy as we advance.” “Yes...but that is still too easy... ...but I guess Lu Bu fails the tactical mind needed to pull of more, I guess...” The old man relaxed a little and tried to be of much help as needed. He still felt the fear and doubts lingering as well as the hunger and hatred rising. Within his mind, he was fighting with himself all the way through this. Pai Quan and Yue Jin pushed some of the soldiers over the edge of the bridge as they moved on. The frontline warriors were like a ring encircling Xiahou Yuan, who stood in their middle and aimed for as many headshots as he could get. As they passed the bridge an officer stood in their way. “Come on, what are you waiting for!”, he mocked Hanleng and pointed his sword at him with a confident smirk, “Let’s get this fight started!” “Not worth it.”, Hanleng said blunt. The water from his boots went towards the man. With a swift raise of his fist the water shot upwards and hit the general like a rock underneath his chin, pushing him over and knocking him unconscious. Dun rolled his eyes disappointed and ordered the troops to continue the march. Pai Quan giggled. “That was funny, grandpa.” Hanleng shrug and laughed alongside her. Her presence cheered him up and he stayed focus. Distant from the terror he had brought to Xuzhou province. Suddenly a messenger came to them. He kneed, bowed before the two and reported: “Our scouts report that enemy reinforcements have arrived! They are coming from the north!” Hanleng nodded and went after Xiahou Dun and the rest of the force. Pai Quan hurried along with him. “My lord, watch the cliffs!”, he yelled as he caught up with them. The three men saw soldiers jumping from the edges like an avalanche. “What?! We have to deal with more of them?”, Yue Jin muttered troubled. Xiahou Yuan and Pai Quan aimed for the cliff top and shot the soldiers, before they get to close, making some of the survivors stumble over their dead comrades and fall. Xiahou Du, Yue Kin and Hanleng rushed passed the gate and up the hill to engage them directly. The soldiers made sure that the archers remained save from attacks. “I fight to bring glory to our forces!”, Yue Jin yelled and pushed two officers over the edge. The scattered forces retreated for now and the five officers continued their mission. The fortress was now close. A little outpost castle atop of the mountain side, surrounded by cliffs and wooden ledges. They passed the wall to the east. “We’re almost there.”, Pai Quan reminded them, but a small force blocked their way. Another general stood in front of them. “This is where you die! Prepare yourselves!”, he yelled and smirked. Dun engaged in combat with him, overpowering him fast. As the enemy troops tried to interfere with the duel, Hanleng waved both of his hands from the lowest ankle upwards, turning the water into a wave of big proportion. It jumped from his gloves and boots, washing away the enemy soldiers. The general lost to Dun and retreated with a grim look on his face. “C-Curse you!”, he yelled from afar, “Lord Lu Bu will avenge my defeat!” Finally the way seemed to be free at last. The troops pushed on and hurried to the south gate of the fortress. As soon as they climbed up the last remaining edge, they were greeted by the sight of a tall warrior. A man with an icy, determined stare, stood before them, blocking the way into the fortress. He was wearing a thick leathery helmet with pieces of metal ornaments. A dense fur tail hung from its top down the back. His armor was covered by cloth and cloak parts. The leather belt was made of two different sized straps, held by a belt buckle formed like a lion’s face. The right shoulder was protected by an eagle-shaped shoulder plate. Behind him stood a horse with light brown fur and bright mane, waiting and watching calmly. A woman was sitting on the saddle, observing the situation. She was wearing a dress of peach colored cloth. It looked a bit heavy. Her hair was braided and run the length of her head, down the back before ending at her hips. “Mommy?”, Pai Quan muttered confused as she laid eye on her. “Here to save your friend inside the castle, are you?”, he spoke with his strong, deep voice, “Then you’ll have to get through me!” He readied his two halberds for battle and eyed over his opponents. He recognized them all and was most delighted to see Hanleng amongst them. The man lifted one of his massive weapons to point at him. “So we meet again.” Hanleng was confused to be met with such hostility and even more for the woman to be here. “I guess...”, he answered puzzled. “It is my duty to open a way forward.”, Yue Jin said and stood before him, “I could care less who you are, I simply have to fight you.” He readied his hooked swords and awaited him to attack, but Hanleng interfered. He placed his hand on Yue Jin’s shoulder and walked passed him. “I’ve got this, my friend...”, he stated with a smile. “Mother, why are you here?”, Pai Quan demanded answer from the lady. The woman looked troubled, but before another word could fall, the old wise man lifted a hand and scolded the girl. “Not now, Pai Quan.” He stood before his opponent and vaguely recalled hearing his name once. “Zhang...Liao... ...right?”, he muttered and posed his hands in front of him, stretching them into claws, “This is gonna be interesting.” “Leng?”, Dun wondered, but soon as his words were spoken, the battle began.

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Hanleng tried to achieve the first strike and rushed towards Zhang Liao. He had to stop and dodge one of his swings by falling forward to the ground. He rolled to the left to escape the next strike and stretched his leg in hope of hitting his face. Liao backed away a bit and got scratched slightly over the cheek. He felt the cut and was impressed by the way this man moved. Leng performed a short hand stand before his feet touched ground again. He was crouching in front of his opponent like a tiger. Hanleng catapulted himself towards Zhang Liao again and tried to bury his claws into the chest armor. The warrior raised his halberds and crossed them, forcing the old man to pounce over him before his next move could slice him in half. Liao pushed the poles together that Hanleng was hanging onto. Quickly, the wise one bounced of off them before the heads of the halberds passed each other. He landed behind Liao and the blades hit the ground hard, burying the axe heads into the earth. Liao kicked him in the back and attacked right after. Hanleng stretched his body backwards and escaped the strike just barely. The robe was cut from the belly to the shoulder. The spectators were shocked as was Hanleng himself. “Ai... Guo Jia won’t like seeing this...”, he muttered with his jesting voice. “You are a formidable opponent...”, Zhang Liao acknowledged, “Yet I think you’re still holding back...” “Probably...”, Hanleng answered with a smile, “...but you also hold potential still untouched, Master Zhang Liao... ...Do you wish me to stop fooling around...” Liao nodded and readied himself for the next attack. Hanleng pulled one of his water skin bottles out and poured the water over his gloves and boots again. He threw the empty thing away before entering a state of concentration. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Like the air vanishing into his lungs, the water on his metal scaled gloves and boots started to freeze. The Ice crawled up every edge, every spike and hooked itself onto the robe as well. Hanleng breathed out through his nose and opened his eyes again. “Ready?”, he asked. Zhang Liao nodded. It surprised Xiahou Dun that this man seems to have no fear of the old man’s freezing powers. He did not even look surprised at all. Again, Hanleng stormed at Zhang Liao and struck straight at him. Even though Liao blocked it, the cold of his gloves spread through the impact. The two engaged in a wild dance around each other, delivering blows that could have shattered the sky. The old wise one changed his pace however. Instead of dodging most of the blows, he parried or blocked them entirely. Zhang Liao also changed the way of his style. He was more aggressive and determined. The dance continued with nobody getting a real upper hand on the other. Hanleng pushed himself to the limit, close to losing focus and control, managing to disarm this magnificent warrior at last. His last uppercut made Zhang Liao loose hold of his halberds and they abetted themselves on the ground behind him. Hanleng was out of breath and stopped his hold on the icy manifestations on his weapons, leaving water to splash on the earth. “Phew...”, he gasped and stumbled slightly backwards, “ are quite powerful...Zhang Liao...” The warrior nodded and seemed to smile, even though he lost. “I have played my part.”, he said and raised confusion amongst these officers, “It is time for me to withdraw.” The lady that had watched the fight lead the horse onward. Zhang Liao jumped on the back of the mare and grabbed his halberds as he passed through, escaping them. “Ah, wait!”, Pai Quan yelled after them, but then hurried to her grandpa to look how he was. Yue Jin helped him up. “That was quite a battle.”, he praised him. “Yeah...And I bet that if luck wouldn’t have struck me, he would have beaten me...or worse....” “Seriously, old man?!”, Yuan could not believe his ears. “The worst that could have happened...”, Hanleng explained in his jesting manner, “...would have been another Hulao aftermath... And I surely don’t want that again...” Even though he was joking, he sounded quite grim about it. “I am more worried about what he said...”, he then tried to avoid to further go on in this conversation. “What part might that be?”, Yue Jin wondered, “I am curious, but we first meet up with Master Xun Yu.” The group agreed and they headed to the gate, tearing the barricades down and entering the fortress. The group spotted Xun Yu and his men in the middle of the plaza. He seemed a bit nervous, probably from the unsure fate that could have befallen him. As he sees the others approaching, he smiled and bowed grateful before Xiahou Dun. “My thanks.”, he said sincerely, “You have saved me from certain death.” “Glad to see you in one piece, Master Xun Yu.”, Pai Quan stated relieved. Both Hanleng and Xiahou Dun looked puzzled, however. “Still, this is strange.”, Dun muttered and looked around the castle walls, “There aren’t very many of them...” The crew spied across the castle and they too felt that something was amiss. “Got you! You pathetic fools!”, someone yelled. An archer had appeared up on the wall and shot at Dun. The arrow hit his left eye. In pain, Dun broke down on his knees, the blood pouring from his wound. “Cousin!”, Yuan went over to him immediately. Hanleng kneed beside him. Pai Quan looked up to that man angry. “By now, Puyang Castle will have fallen to Master Lu Bu! You’ve got nowhere to run!”, he stated victorious, “Not that it matters, because I’m going to...” Before he could end his sentence, Pai Quan and Xiahou Yuan shot this buffoon to shut him up. “Easy, Dun...”, Hanleng advised him and tried to take a look at the wound. “Are you okay, Cousin?”, Yuan asked concerned. Dun lifted his hand to show him that he was. “...I’m fine. If anything, this arrow has opened my eyes.”, he said calmly. He stood up and ripped the arrow straight out, together with his eye. Pai Quan and Xun Yu had to look away. Even more so as Dun ate the eyeball from the arrow’s tip before throwing it on the ground. “Urgh... That was unnecessary, my lord...”, Hanleng muttered as he looked at Dun. “Hurry! Lu Bu awaits at Puyang!”, he said with new found strength. “Uh...wait.”, Leng stopped him. He ran passed him and outside, taking the empty water skin bottle from the ground that he had left there during his fight with Zhang Liao. He tore it apart with his claws and quickly stitched it into a new shape. He returned to the other and took off the ripped robe of Guo Jia. He scraped together pieces and walked up to Dun. He took some water from his third flask and poured it on the cloth. “Hold still.”, he said as he placed the robe pieces on his lords face, trying to bandage it as good as he could. “Stop it. We have no time for--!” “Yes we have, unless you wish to bleed to death before even reaching Puyang castle!” Xiahou Dun growled angry at him, “This is only a temporary solution, but better than nothing, isn’t it?” The wise man smirked and placed the leather he had improvised into an eye patch right over the cloth pieces. “There we go. I hope it fits so far.” “It’s fine.”, Dun muttered, “Let’s go.” The six generals hurried outside the fort. It was time to drive off Lu Bu.

The battle has turned for the worse. “I can’t believe that Puyang Castle has been taken...”, Yue Jin muttered frustrated, “We must reclaim it immediately!” “That is the plan of action, my friend.”, Hanleng said and followed Xiahou Dun who took the lead. They took a shortcut down the cliffs and hurried for the bridge. “Now! Close the gates and take out the bridge.”, someone yelled at the soldiers from afar. “Is that..?”, Hanleng wondered with a furious expression. “Chen Gong!”, Xiahou Dun yelled, “That blasted Rat!” The gates before them closed and soldiers blocked their way. From behind the iron doors they could hear the bridge collapsing. “No! The bridge! This will make it much harder to get back into Puyang Castle.” Yue Jin tried to keep the soldiers at bay. Pai Quan assisted him as did Xiahou Yuan. Dun hit his fist against the closed gate. “Curses!” “Incoming!”, Yuan yelled as a new force of soldiers approached. Cheng Lian led them into the enclosed area. “Out of my way!”, Dun charged at the enemy. His anger was rising. “Spread out.”, Hanleng ordered and the six generals and their men pressed the enemy attackers to the side of their prison. Dun forced the officer to retreat quickly. “I’ll let you have this place, then!”, he pouted sour, “However, Puyang Castle belongs to Lord Lu Bu now!” “Leng, can you get through this gate?”, Dun asked eager to see if there was a possible way still. “I can try. Everyone step back.”, Hanleng warned them and charge jumped at the gate, kicking it open. The doors crunched and bent. It was the stone pillar the gate was hanging on that gave away first and dragged the doors into the deep. Hanleng struggled after landing on his feet again and broke to his knees. “Argh!”, he bite his lips, “Ouch... ow... ...okay... ...urgh... ...This was the one and only time I have ever done this... Argh... Never again...” “Are you alright, grandpa?”, Pai Quan tried to help him up. He smirked, but the pain was pulling him down. “Urgh... Just give me a moment.”, he stated and fell on his back, holding his right leg, “Argh... Lu Bu is gonna pay twice this pain!” “This is no good.”, Yuan stated as he and his cousin looked at the bridge’s remains, “The bridge is totally gone. There’s no way to cross.” “There should be a bridge in the south.”, Xiahou Dun suggested, “Let’s use it to reach Puyang Castle.” He walked over to Hanleng and reached his hand out to him. “Will you be okay?” Hanleng accepted the help and was pulled back up. “I will... I think... But please, no more door kicking for me, my lord.”, he smiled. Dun nodded and laughed as they continued towards the south. “Hehehe. Now you do sound like you’re getting old, old man.” “Very amusing.”, he answered with a sour note hidden behind his smile. They headed for the small gate post and were instantly ambushed by another enemy unit. “Now!” All units, attack!”, the commander yelled from his position. “Ahh! Don’t they get ever tired of this!?”, Pai Quan complained and switched her bow with her swords. Bot Yue Jin and Xiahou Dun stormed into the front lines, followed by her, Xun Yu and Hanleng. Xiahou Dun stayed behind and rained arrows down on the enemies’ heads. Another officer appeared to aid the invaders. “We’re with you too! This is the start of Lord Lu Bu’s bid to rule the land!” He emerged with another group of soldiers from the east, blocking the way forward. “Damn them! Is there a nest or something!?”, Hanleng muttered annoyed, but kept his last water skin bottle filled for an emergency. “Urgh! The gates on the outer wall are also closed.”, Xiahou Dun muttered, “We have to get inside the castle somehow...” Leng punched the officers to the ground and hurled soldiers over the battleground. Yue Jin was fascinated and wished to perfect himself even more. As both enemy generals fell to their assault, the soldiers retreated and scattered about. Having a moment to breath and think, Xun Yu recalled another way. “There is also a path to the south. Maybe we can use it to enter the castle.”, he suggested. “I see... I’ll go and check it out, then. Please divert the enemy’s attention for me.”, Yue Jin said and wanted to head out. “Wait...”, Hanleng said, “Me and Pai Quan will go as well. We leave our troops with you, Dun. Try to get as much attention to your position here as possible. This might give us enough time to head over and open the gates for you.” Dun agreed on this and he, Yuan and Xun Yu stayed at the Garrison. Yue Jin, Pai Quan and Hanleng went through the cliff road to the south. A small guardhouse was here, but only few enemy troops. They took their chances and ambushed the unit together. “Hey! Who are you?!”, the commanding officer wondered as these three engaged his unit in combat. “I’m very sorry. I’m in a hurry, so you’ll have to excuse me.”, Yue Jin said and took the officer out with one strike. It frightened away the soldiers. Pai Quan and her grandpa opened the gate and the three pressed on fast. Over a small highway they could see Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan and Xun Yu battling with the enemy forces. “Quickly.”, Hanleng said and ran ahead, still feeling the pain. He bites his lips again and tried to swallow the struggles he had. Another officer spotted them. Pai Quan took him out with her Bow as fast as she could. Yue Jin and the wise one pushed open the next gate. Inside the garrison waited another officer for them. “Quan!”, Hanleng shouted and pointed at him. The girl shot this one down as well. “No one’s taking our home away.”, she yelled angry. The three pushed open the next gate and found themselves in the outer south plaza of the castle. “I expected you would attack from here.”, they were greeted by a familiar voice, “Come and show me what you’ve got.” Zhang Liao rode into the plaza and stood before them again. “Oh no!”, Pai Quan squeaked scared. “You read our movements?”, Yue Jin was stunned, “Impressive! However, I will not be stopped here!” “None of us will...”, Hanleng stated and walked up to him. He prepared to face him again, but the pain in his leg pulled him down. “Argh!” Zhang Liao was puzzled on how he could have been wounded so easily. “Grandpa!” Yue Jin turned towards him. “Leave this to me, my lord!”, he said and raised his blades for duel, “Go!” Hanleng did not like this, but there was little he could do about it. “Damn it... Don’t you dare to die here, Yue Jin.”, he warned him with a smile. As both Pai Quan and Hanleng wanted to leave the field the woman from before appeared and blocked their way. “Mother...”, Pai Quan whispered shocked. “If you wish to enter the castle, you have to go through me first.”, she stated. “Mhi Hayoli...”, Hanleng smiled, “You have evolved, child...” “Yes..”, she nodded, “And I will stand by my lord’s side. You shall not pass.” “This is all turning out ugly...”, Hanleng muttered frustrated, “Not like I thought it would be...” Pai Quan stood before him, surprising him, as she stated with drawn weapons against her stepmother. “Then I shall fight! I fight for grandpa, uncle Dun and my lord Cao Cao! Lu Bu will not get Puyang!” Mhi Hayoli smiled proud and readied her whip for battle. “You have grown strong, both in willpower and strength, dear. But do not think that I will go easy on you!” Hanleng was quite confused. He felt that both did not wish to fight, but they were ready to stand against each other nonetheless. “Go, Grandpa! We take care of them!” Hanleng sighed with a sad, but yet proud smile and went on towards the gate. Pai Quan engaged her mother in combat to ensure that he got through. He pushed open the gates, hearing the clashing weapons and roars of battle behind him. “Stay alive...”, he just thought, “All of you...” Hanleng stumbled through the castle gate and further into the south plaza area. On his way towards the south bridge gate he was spotted by an officer. “Intruders!”, he yelled, “Where did they come from?!” Tao, who was with him, ran towards Hanleng, seeking a fight. “Are you kidding me!?”, Hanleng mumbled tired of this and opened the last water skin bottle on his belt. He shook it over to reach the water, pulling it out like a rope. He flanged it across the height of his arm and whipped the warrior of his feet and against a wall. Then he just ran for the door. “This is getting to much!”, he complained and rushed out of sighed fast. Tao pursued him. On his way towards the last bridge, he stumbled over another officer. “Not again!”, he yelled as the officer spotted him, ordering his man to attack. He turned around, seeing that Tao was right behind him. “Argh! Seriously!?” He performed a backflip behind one officer and let Tao’s spear pierce him. Then he pushed him towards the warrior and made him fall backwards. “Sorry! I’m in a hurry!”, he stated and went to the lever to open the gates. Xiahou Dun and the others managed to keep the garrison free of enemies and saw the gates opening. “Alright!”, Yuan said and looked puzzled at Hanleng, who ran right towards them. “Get him off of me!”, he yelled and Dun saw Tao right behind the old man. A messenger appeared at Yuan’s side and Dun rushed to help Hanleng. “Lord Cao Cao has arrived along with the main unit!”, he reported. Good news indeed. Hanleng rushed towards Xiahou Dun, but stumbled due to the pain. “Curse it!”, he looked back and saw Tao slashing at him. To avoid getting hit, he rolled to his right and off the bridge, clinging with his claws on the edge. “Hanleng!”, Dun shouted. Tao tried to hit his fingers, but that man was slippery. He avoided the strikes and swung himself back on the bridge, just to get pounded by the spears pole. He lost grip and fell on his back, the spears’ spiky end directly in front of his nose. The warrior had to back away, however, as Xiahou Dun slashed at him. Tao dodged and pulled his spear back. It seems that he was delighted to see his adversary from Luo Yang still alive and breathing. He wished to duel him right away, but the appearance of Cao Cao in the Garrison concerned him, so he retreated. However, Yue Jin and Pai Quan appeared behind him, blocking the way. “Curse Lu Bu, attacking while I’m away from the castle.”, Cao Cao stated as he and his men engaged the lone warrior, “Is everybody okay?” Leng was helped up by Xiahou Yuan and looked at his lord. “Mostly...”, he jested again, “I think I will need a cool bath after this...” “My lord! I am sorry for causing you to worry.”, Yue Jin greeted, “This matter will be taken care of soon!” “You have nowhere to run.”, Xiahou Dun proposed to the silver warrior, “Better give up now than dying in vain for that rotten beast.” Tao whistled and even though it was underneath the helmet, the damped echo resounded throughout the canyon below. A white stallion heard the call and rushed towards his side from behind Yue Jin and Pai Quan. As the two turned around to look at it, Tao stormed passed them and mounted his steed. “This battle...was pointless for us...”, he stated and fled the battlefield. “Brother! Next time I am going to get you!”, Pai Quan yelled after him. “Let us end this!”, Cao Cao ordered and his men stormed into the castle. Hanleng was allowed to ride alongside Cao Cao on Li Dian’s steed, who had also joined them on the bridge. The main unit pressed on and soon overwhelmed Lu Bu’s army, forcing them to retreat and leave the castle. “Lu Bu has retreated. You have my gratitude for retaking Puyang.”, Cao Cao said to his men. “My lord! You give me too much praise!”, Yue Jin said humbly and bowed before him, “I am simply pleased that we reclaimed the castle.” He looked at Hanleng still struggling with the pain in his leg, but he seemed content somehow. The gloomy cloud that had taken him in Xuzhou province seems to have been taken of his shoulders.

After the battle has subsided and peace had returned to Puyang castle, Hanleng found some time to relax. He had a healer look at his leg and treated the severe strains. In his Yukata he went outside and searched for a perfect spot to nap. He took a rest underneath a tree close to the river. The silence and serenity gave his mind some peace. He napped in the shadows and enjoyed the warmth the sun was giving. “There you are. I’ve been looking for you.” Someone’s voice dragged him out of his sleep. He blinked his eyes and tried to spy through the bright sunlight. It was Xiahou Dun, who approached and sat next to him. “Oh, my lord...”, Hanleng yawned and stretched his arms, “Also taking a rest under the roof of nature?” “No, I just wanted to speak with you. How is your leg doing?” The wise man placed his hand on the knee of his strained leg. He sighed slightly and smiled, answering him: “Well, nothing is broken... ...but the body is limited and power beyond its strength was forced from it... ...Time will be needed...” “Leng.”, Dun stopped him, looking a bit annoyed, “Would you mind answering straight, just once?” The wise man smiled and giggled amused. “I am sorry.”, he said, “I couldn’t help it. Well, it is not broken, but he said not to overdo it. I should rest for a while before trying to battle again, unless I want to do myself more harm than I could probably take.” Xiahou Dun felt a bit guilty about this. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you do that. And it was a waste anyway...” “Don’t be so hard on yourself..”, Hanleng cheered him up, “Besides, what about your eye. That must still hurt a lot...” Dun placed his hand on the eye patch. It was the same that he had been given by Hanleng. He smiled and shook his head. “No... Not anymore. I have no time to think about pain. Besides, losing my eye made me realize so many things. I feel like I have never seen the world more clearly.” Hanleng nodded and stared up to the sky, watching the branches moving slowly in the wind. “I know how that must feel...”, he muttered with a smile, “When I do battle, I often fight against my own urge of anger... I try to focus myself... Become a wall that cannot be breached... But when I am around Pai Quan or my lord Cao Cao, it is different... Somehow...I just forgot and enjoy being around them. ...around everyone... I then see clearly where I belong... Where I wanted to be all my live...” “And I think so too now.”, Dun stated with a smile, “You have this great power and if you wished, you could have killed us all a long time ago... It would have been no problem to you. But here you are still loyal... Fighting for our lord and his dreams... I think I finally have seen the real you.” Hanleng laughed slightly embarrassed by this and sighed relieved. “I am glad to hear that... But I feel my power also fading... Time catches up with me... ... ...Who knows how long it will be...” Xiahou Dun looked at him puzzled as he heard him say that, but Leng shook his head and wanted to return to the castle. The words of the wise one troubled him.

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First I want to apologize to all my loyal readers here for taking so darn long and being absend without a word.
I was trapped in the worst writers block I've ever had. It frustrated me so much that even simple work on my PC reminded me of it and kept creeping up on me. I slowly chewed through every sentence, rewriting them a thousand times over.

You can thank Jia Xu for that... Killing two of my favourite Characters in this (Cao Ang, who I re-created after my own style and idea and Wei's wonderful, dorky Dian Wei), even if just written and replicated from the true story's ending, I felt horrid and wanted to make their end at least pleasant to read (even though I felt uncomfortable writing it).

I am also going to split the story at this point into Historical Ending and Hypothetical Ending, which doubled the work on the actual chapters.

Yes, chapters! I've been writing passed this plot, but couldn't finish it!!

And now comes the greatest bummer for this.
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I wanted to strangle him so badly after this...

My parents saw how down I was after this and decided to cheer me up by buying me Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends... You don't know the horror of hearing Zhang Liao with Liu Bei`s voice.... It knocked me right out of my frustration.

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