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Unread postby Maria » Mon Feb 24, 2003 2:41 pm

I was making a layout... and came up with this poem...

I turn my eyes to the mirror
just to see an angel
the one who lives
the one with the gift
of a warm smile
and kind eyes
and loving voice

But as I look away
from the same mirror then
I know what kind of angel I’ve been
never sharing, never believing
the angel facade
that I’ve worn tirelessly
is suddenly gone
and replaced by the real me

the deceitful one
the liar, the fool
a disturbed angel
who hides beneath the cloak
of surreal silence
trying to reach out to the sky
to find her identity, her being

once more I turn my eyes to the mirror
and softly said
As long as I’m lost
I would never be found
so move on and live in the light
and do not wait
for the one who is gone
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Unread postby Lhiannan-Sidhe » Wed Mar 05, 2003 8:18 pm

Indeed I wrote it. I'm working on another one because I'm emotionally depressed. Here is the one that I was working on.

Why does Death exsit?
To Keep the balance of the human race.
If there was no Death then the human race will be unbalanced.
Death is a Keeper of all secrets of life.
Death keeps the balance in order...
Why does Death exsit?
To Keep the balance of the human race.
If there was no Death then the human race will be unbalanced.
Death is a Keeper of all secrets of life.
Death keeps the balance in order... ~ Lhiannan-Sidhe
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Unread postby Kyaku Lu » Thu Mar 06, 2003 11:16 pm

Im a very morbid person so if your squimish get ready before you read...


Blood soaks me from head to toe
I feel it in my nose and in my eyes
It stings my eyes it fills my mouth
I pray that this is a dream
But it hurts to much to not be real
I taste a metalic taste in my blood
It must be that I get to much iron in my diet
My friends laugh when I tell them im bleeding
Why are they so mean the blood that they shed is not even in compare to my blood
It leaks like a faucet from my every pore
I pray it to stop
I plead "please stop" it never will
I know I can never ever get out of this hole I've dug by myself
I need your help
I turn to you and you turn away
I feel betrayed but still I do nothing about it
The blood now is creating a small pool at my feet
I scream and cry out for your help
But because you are too busy
You only look over ocasionally to see if I am drowning in my own death crude oil
When you realize I'm not you just turn away again
I scream and cry out in fear and you pretend not to hear it
Because if you cant hear me why should you feel guilty
You never heard me so you can claim inocense
Even though you know that you heard my cries and my screams
And you hear me now as the blood pool reaches my chest
Still I bleed uncontrollably filling my own pool of death
Soon I will no longer be a threat to you because you will not hear my cries
And screams when I drown in the blood I bleed from every pore
Now it comes faster than ever
I cry blood I vomit blood I sweat blood
I die because you are too lazy to save me
And to AFRAID to at least hold me as I DIE
You wont pull me up out of the blood not even after I drown
You will just say you never knew will that be enough though?
Wont your soul eat at you?
Ohh wait if you can let me die alone you have no soul
One day it will come around you will feel what I feel now
Only I would help you as I have in the past
Goodbye I will not be there to help you when this comes up for you
Now though....
Just as you have decided for me I'll die in my blood
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Unread postby Maria » Tue Mar 11, 2003 2:14 pm

Again, this came out as I was making a layout... Maybe I should make it a permanent side job :P

I suppose it’s okay
if I am to sacrifice myself
if I am to be consumed
if I am to be a cruel actress
in this blood-sodden stage

Let me
for just this one moment
to be of a use for others
to be a faithful daughter
to be a star of my own play
to be an unsung hero for this land

Pray for me, father
Let me win just this one battle
For your sake, and all ours
Let me cry the song of destruction
and dance to death’s tune

Do not worry about me
This is the path that I must take
and so let me fulfil the dreams of many
Avoiding my own selfishness
and continue on dancing
as the Enchantress

- Diao Chan
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Unread postby Davey Vengeance » Mon Mar 17, 2003 9:27 am

This is taken from my some to be produce Bounty Hunter Anthology (along with my book The Chosen one)


Sitting, thinking, preparing
Today someone will die by your hand,
but you don't know, who or when,
you are prepared, but think about the life you are about to end.

They have a life just like you,
children, wives of which I have none,
but when the assination sucessful the deed will be done,
you sit and wonder what will become of you remember......
a man has got to do what a man has got to do!

Any good? I'm really a novel writer and atrist at heart not a poet!!
Forever X

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Unread postby Wu Warrior » Wed Mar 26, 2003 9:19 am

I want to crush my enemy,
And spit in his face as he lies dying,
I laugh evilly.
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A poem on how i feel...

Unread postby Great_Demon » Wed Mar 26, 2003 5:12 pm

A poem by me...
I wrote this at school in a free lesson, its not that good but, here it goes:

I'm getting too stressed,
with school and life in general,
I'm getting really depressed,
its all going to lead to funeral.

No one cares about me,
I might take my life tonight,
they think i can take it with tea,
No one understands, i might.

I wish somebody would tell me,
that i'm fine, but i'm loosing,
I can't take it anymore, see?
I might just die in my sleep, snoosing.

I've lost too many friends,
I'm loosing the battle,
Its all for nothing, when it ends,
I'm loosing my rattle.

there you go...all i can say is lucky no teacher saw it...

Every warrior has a name...
...and they all answer to you


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Unread postby Mei Zhen » Fri Apr 11, 2003 5:05 pm


She is just a Hong Kong girl,
He is just a Chinatown boy.

She paces around impatiently,
Why is he not here yet?
Scanning her watch she waits,
The pearl moon above watching,
Amid the misty strands of night.

He attacks the pile of dirty dishes,
His eyes keenly fixed on the clock.
Counting the moments till they meet,
He can see her in his thoughts,
As daylight slowly retreats.

She knows his voice like a favorite song,
She could pick his face from a crowd.
He has memorized her very smell,
He has mapped the contours of her soul.
No words exchanged, as they speak.

He is just a Chinatown boy,
He can't put a roof over your head.
He wastes his life on empty dreams,
He can't buy you things that you need
And he will never be one of us.

She is just a Hong Kong girl,
She will grow tired of you soon.
She will want more than you can give,
And what does she know about
How hard life can be?

But he knows the flavor of her lips,
She knows the texture of his hands.
He knows she laughs when uncomfortable,
She knows he stutters when he lies,
Things no one else will ever know.

A smile, a hug, a kiss, a goodbye
Some tears, some gifts, and a sigh
To all those who have said
That she is too young
To know what true love is.

To him, she is not just
Another Hong Kong girl,
To her, he is not just
Another Chinatown boy,
And he never will be.

Dedicated to that special someone, you know who you are.
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Unread postby Maria » Fri Apr 11, 2003 5:39 pm

Mei Zhen, that is beautiful :)

Tiny Little Place

Shh, do not tell anyone
About our tiny little place
Hidden beneath the shades
A cosy place just for the both of us
Come and let us play, my friend
The days come and gone
Outside, time is running out
But we’re safe here
Out of their grasp
In the flickering light we play
Singing the sweet nurseries
I remember my mother sings

I open up the window
Gaining momentum, my heart glows
I blow off the candles
letting the sun shines in
No one will find us here
In our tiny little place

Tiny little place
Our home, our safe
Our playground of daze
Our sanctuary haze
Hidden deep in the shades

Come and let us play, my friend
I put on a bow, you put on a tie
Wishing that the pain will fly
Time stops, heart flops
Come and have some fun
Forget all your glum
Sit with us and shun the gun
Lets rewind the mind
Back to the Tiny little place we share
Back when we first exchange stares

I can still feel it
The place is calling for us
To sit down and have some fun
I’ll put on a bow
You’ll put on a tie
And wish that the pain will fly

Tiny Little Place
Our home, our safe
Our playground of daze
Is now gone without a trace
Locked away in our grave
With you and me it fades
To nothingness it craves

Shh, do not tell anyone
about the Tiny Little Place
Our home, our safe
our playground of daze
Our sanctuary haze
Hidden deep in the shades
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Unread postby Al Enmity » Sat Apr 12, 2003 5:25 am


I am sad
feelings that I've had
deppression oh so shown
yet it never goes

I am surreal
life is far too real
the path that I walk down
causes nothing but a frown

I shall see
Where life will take me
Is there a true bliss
within' loves first kiss

I ponder day and night
nothing but her face in sight
knowing I will never reach
wishing I could for once speak

I've gone far and wide
yet all I've done is smile and hide
keeping distance I feel torn
now I'm nothing but forlorn

I am still sad
those feelings I still have
deppression is still there
all I do is stare
"The feelings within', thy corrupted soul,
dark as it may seem, yet as light as white."
-Allen T.
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