Guanqiu Jian's Rebellion. xD

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Guanqiu Jian's Rebellion. xD

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I just got bored and I started writing about Guanqiu Jian.. :D

August 235

Guanqiu Jian an officer of Wei waged a rebellion as he opposes Sima Shi's plan to attack Wu. With Lieutenant Governor of Yang, Wan Qian. The Rebellion become successful as he siezed Shou Chun. Along with Wang Jun and Niou Jin and Guanqiu Xiu. Jian rebelled for the reason that he already knew that Cao Rui would rather listen to Sima Shi than listen to him. However Xin Pi who was in Shou Chun during Jian's rebellion fled to Ru Nan. He reported Guanqiu Jian's Rebellion to Chen Qian and Chen immediately reported the news to Cao Rui. The news did spread like wildfire to the entire China as Liu Chan and Sun Quan was shocked with the Rebellion Report.

Cao Rui immideately called a vanguard to depose and quell Jian's rebellion. With the Vanguard's leader, Xu Zhu and Chen Qian assigned as sub-commander. They fight Jian as they marched to Shou Chun.Unexpectedly, the Wei forces was surprised when they saw Zhu Huan in Shou Chun guarding the City's Front. It appears to be that the Wu helped and supported Jian's rebellion. Teng Yin and Taishi Heng in Zhu Huan's Defense Forces was also seen by Xu Zhu. Xu Zhu immidiately sends an esquire to Cao Rui to confirm if they would still engage in the battle against the forces of Wu. After recieveing the order of Cao Rui. As Xu Zhu read the letter. His eyes were rigorous as he said to the army.

"Our Leader have given us the orders to engage in attacking the Rebels; Wang Jun, Wan Qian, Niou Jin, Guanqiu Xiu and Guanqiu Jian. Along with the Reinforcements of Wu. We shall get Shou Chun against the enemy's hands." At the Wei Palace. Sun Li, Lu Qian and Dong Zhao requested to halt the attack orders but to no avail Cao Rui didn't listen. As the Battle of Shou Chun ended within 3 Weeks and 2 Days. Wei's army was defeated by Guanqiu Jian's army with Wu's support. Xu Zhu was slightly wounded. and Chen Qian died during the battle as he was killed by Niou Jin.

September 235

Cao Rui was enraged with anger with Chen Qian dead. Cao Rui ordered to send more troops and declare Total War against Wu and The Rebels. Cao Rui called it the Droll War of Shou Chun. He appointed Wang Jun as leader of the attacking army with Wang Chang, Huan Fan, Xiahou He, Jiang Ji and Lu Qian to Attack Shou Chun and ordered to Execute captured Wu Officers. Wei's forces marched with 93,000 Troops against Jian's 33,000 Troops and Wu's 20,000 Troops. Xiu asked Jian "Did we enter a War? I thought we were fighting for a cause for Wei itself? Are we being stabbed by the Gods?" Jian replied. "No. We didn't entered a War. We entered a Cause. A Cause for the people to help us rise against this rotten system of Wei. We will protect Shou Chun with our own blood. We wouldn't let them gain an inch of this land. We will protect the people street by street, house by house, alley by alley. We're thankful that Sun Quan supported our heed in a call of arms". as a report reached Zhu Huan informing Jian that 93,000 troops is marching to Shou Chun.

Xiu panics as he was frightened by the size of the army. Zhu Huan himself admits that the possibility of defending Shou Chun is as little as 10%. But Jian didn't let himself frightened and positively thinked for any possibilities that could turn the tides.
As Wei's army reached Shou Chun. Xiahou He reads Cao Rui's demand of Surrender to Jian and Zhu Huan's forces. He said "To Guanqiu Jian and the rest. Cao Rui demands your Surrender in exchange of your freedom to be released in the Western Lands. History will never write you and the Rest as traitors to the glorious Wei. and to the Forces of Wu. We demand that you fall back to Chai Sang or Jang Xia to avoid further conflicts. We will wait for your actions."

Jian said " They must think of us as fools or worse! they already started a conflict and here they are demanding us to Surrender? What will you do Zhu Huan?". Huan replied "Sun Quan's orders were to protect you even though one of us may die. We shall help you even though this might be our Last Defense. Jian refuses the demands and Wei's forces attack Shou Chun. during the attack between the unbalanced force of 93,000 versus 53,000 troops. Civilians volunteered to join Jian's army adding up to the total of 57,000. Lu Qian who was against the attack defected to Jian's forces. summing it all up to 85,000 Troops in total.

Lu Qian surrendered his troops to Niou Jin and sworn to protect Shou Chun at all costs. News reaches Cao Rui and he was totally enraged and went mad. With Lu Qian switching allegiances. The Combined Troops was almost invicible that it was brisk to push back the Wei Forces back to Ru Nan. It became a loss to the Wei's army. After the battle Rui decided to halt any advancing orders and to regroup his soldiers. On the other hand. Sun Quan personally visits Shou Chun. Congratulating Jian's Victory. Sun Quan said "Well done.

Your Passion for glory is bursting as Taishi Heng said here to me Hahahaha!!". Jian replied diminutively "I am truly grateful that you sent reinforcements for us Lord Sun. With Zhu Huan, Teng Yin and Heng's skills we were able to fight off Xu Zhu,Xiahou He and the others and Niou Jin even killed Chen Qian during the battle. Now Lord Sun, do you wish to seize us and annex us to your Empire? We would be glad to serve you." Wang Jun felt a bit of being uneasy as Jian said of serving Sun Quan. Sun Quan replied " No. You were a model for the People. Wei is Corrupt and I admit that we are Weak. Not by Wartime Economics but with the will to wipe off the opposing force. You have the key in leading the People. I Guarantee you our Permanent Alliance against Wei, and maybe even Shu. Hahahaha!!"

As Sun Quan was boisterously laughing. Niou Jin presented Chen Qian's head to Sun Quan. Niou Jin said " Here Lord Sun, is Chen Qian's head Xu Zhu's sub-commander in their invading expedition to Shou Chun. Sun Quan immediately said " What are you planning to do that? Cook it for your banquet tonight? Hahaha! You'd better give him a decent burial rites. He was as the same as others. He was just following orders. The difference is, he's following orders from a Tyrant." Sun Quan invited Jian and the others to Jian Ye to celebrate their victory. Sun Lang and Sun Shao was sent to Shou Chun to protect it from a sudden attack from Wei.

At Wei's Palace. Cao Rui was shouting with anger. "THAT INSOLENT FOOL! He had the skin to celebrate for his puny victory! with the Sun Quan and his Pathetic Army! and they killed Chen Qian! they're going to pay!" Guo Huai approaches Cao Rui and says "Please calm down, I would like to discuss a thing with you, Please put me to the Vanguard with Xiahou Ba, Xiahou He and Yindai Mu. I will assure you that Jian will be terribly sorry this time". Cao Rui replied. "Ah, yes Guo Huai. Why won't you bring Xu Zhu with you?" Huai replies "No, My Lord. Lord Xu is still depressed after Lord Qian's death. It will bring no good to have him in the field". Rui replies "Ahh. Yes. I'll go with your suggestions. Spend the resoruces that you want, You have my Permission." Guo Huai prepares and plans everything.

January 236

Guo Huai marches with the others with 60,000 men from Qiao to Shou Chun. Yindai Mu of Wei's army Persuades Jian to surrender but he still rejects. along with 20,000 troops of Sun Lang and Sun Shao. it is 105,000 versus 60,000 of Wei. Niou Jin and Teng Yin laughs as they called Guo Huai insane to attack with 60,000 men only. As the battle began they were all in the front lines. until Xiahou Ba and Guo Huai's units were gone. Zhu Huan reacted. "What happened to their units? I could only see Yindai and Xiahou He here in the lines? Huai's plan was successful as the next events unravel. Sun Lang,Wang Jun and Wan Qian's units were ambushed. Wan Qian says "What?! An Ambush? but how did they?" Sun Lang says " Our attention was Guo Huai and Xiahou Ba was still in the field when Yindai Mu was negotiating. They encircled us. Now I know why did they used Qiao as an Frontliner base."

Attempting to defend Jian from the Advancing Wei from the Eastern Part of the Battlefield.Wang Jun and Wan Qian was killed by Guo Huai during the battle. Sun Lang escaped informing Zhu Huan and Guanqiu Jian that they were encircled. Jian retreats back to Shou Chun. From being General of Inner Praise. Guo Huai was promoted to 1st General of the South. Wei only lost 15,000 men while Jian's Army lost 67,000 troops. Jian was only left with 38,000 troops with Zhu Huan's forces. Sun Quan visits Jian again. and says "Guanqiu Jian, Don't lose hope.

Wang Jun and Wan Qian are in the heavens wishing for our glorious victory along with Sun Ce and our dearest of friends. We will continue the support no matter what." Jian was silent and he asked Sun Quan to just return to Jian Ye as he would try to sort things out.

November 244

Wu's Sun Quan Died and months later his predecessor Sun Deng also died of Sickness. Sun Huan the current leader of Wu and still with Cao Rui in Wei and ousted Sima Yi for ordering Yue Chen to assassinate Cao Shuang. Cao Rui is falling ill while Jian seems to be still in Good Health Conditions. After 9 Years of Struggle. Guanqiu Jian siezed Qiao, Pu Yang, Ping Yuan and Ji under his control while Wu controlled Nan Pi, Xiao Pei, Xia Pi, Bei Hai, Bei Ping, Xiang Ping and the Wuwan Territories. Jian's controlled area was branded by Cao Rui as the Godforsaken Line.

Jian's venture was successful with the continous help from Wu and from a Wealthy Businesswoman who became a rebel who rose and a commander of uprising in Ji in the name of Zhi Miandao who became Jian's wife then later they had their daughter Guanqiu Shoujang. Wu named Jian's territories as the Mijian Providence Line. While Shu conquered An Ding, Xi Liang and Tian Shui. Dailai Dongzhu of Shu killed Guo Huai in a Duel. And Shu's Guo Youzhi, Fei Shi, Meng Huo and Zhu Rong retired and declared a City-State in Hainan.

January 248

Guanqiu Jian advanced like a nimble from the 4-Year Campaign with Wu. Shu remained Neutral from Wu and Jian's Army. The Mijian Providence Line or the Godforsaken Line extended to Jin Yang, Ye, Xu Chang, Ru Nan and Luo Yang. While Wu expanded it's territories to Xiang Yang, Xin Ye and Wan. As the Coalition did became as solid as a rock. The Only standing capital of Wei in Chang An was almost kneeling. Xiahou Ba and the rest of the family of the Xiahou Clan exiled to the Western Plains. Xu Miao advises the Xiahou's to take with them the Women and Children of the Cao's. Xu Miao planned the assassination of the remaining members of the Cao Family. Chen Jiao and Jiang Ji killed Cao Rui and it's loyal subordinates. Chen Qun and Xu Miao declares that Wei is Dissolved and the Sima Clan was summoned by Xu Miao in order to restore peace in the land.

August 257

As peace and harmony was ruling through the land. Jian commited suicide. When his wife Zhi Miandao accused him of having a relationship with a foreign Japanese Friend Nakama Gichi. It turns out to be that Zhi Miandao had a false accusation and these informations of ruining Jian's relations to his wife was Guanqiu Xiu's schemes. Some say that Guanqiu Xiu persuaded Jian to commit suicide because of insisting that Jian was an unrighteous ruler.

*Note: No cherries on top. I didn't even tried in fabricating or sugar-coated the words. It's just for fun. thanks for reading though. :D
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