Upon Executing the Traitor.. (A Poem)

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Upon Executing the Traitor.. (A Poem)

Unread postby DaiSin » Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:35 pm

The year was 192 AD
"The realm trembled beneath the might of an imperial Traitor like no other
Seizing the Han Capital defiling its traditions, and washing them away
This ferocious monster named Dong Zhuo was indeed a worthy adversary
Across the land heroes of note came together in hopes of triumph
As the Judas Dong marched his terrifying armies throughout the world

To the south of the mighty Traitors lived a man known as Yuan Shu
His ambitions strong as any of the allied powers in the royal pact
Zhuo marched on the sacred city of Xu Chang, unyielding in his lust
Whilst a two pronged assault therein, left Dong in deepest regret
As Shu, wise to capitalize took the Demon by surprise.

The battle was indeed horrific, as Zhuo took the field alone
To face mighty warriors Ji Ling, Jiang Qin and Zhang Xun
Thus, arrogance led to swift defeat; Trapped within the walls
A mighty ruler begs forgiveness for his sins, all the while a new
Threat to the Han grows evident to the realm, this Yuan Shu
A mighty man to be feared;

While one Demon has been slain, another has been born"

Now, I know its prolly not that great but to be honest i just wrote it based upon what has happened most recently on my ROTK 11 game hahaha..
The other ruler involved in the two pronged assault was Kong Zhou, btw who got whiped out to my advantage..
Umm but any helpful pointers on how to write BETTER poems like that would be appreciated... thanks. :D
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Re: Upon Executing the Traitor.. (A Poem)

Unread postby Shikanosuke » Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:46 pm

Might be better suited to the Artistic Expression sub-forum.
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Re: Upon Executing the Traitor.. (A Poem)

Unread postby Kristina » Wed Nov 11, 2009 2:43 pm

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