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Custom Triple Triad Cards

Unread postPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 8:40 am
by Jason
So, anyone who has played Final fantasy 8 will recognize this card format. My brother and I play an online version of Triple triad, which has many user made decks. So, we decided to get photoshop, dive in, and teach ourselves how to do it.

The final products had to be saved as .jpeg, so, I was originally working with a much better quality. I'll give a preview of each level I have completed:

ImageImage: Georg Prime
Maybe the biggest badass in Suikoden history. As you see, we made his sword incredibly powerful. Just think of that 1 as his magic defense though. Lvl 10's aren't allowed to go past 29 in overall, so, we did him justice.

ImageImage: Belcoot
He just had such heroic qualities and power, I had to make him a lvl 9 with good numbers. I sometimes wanna redo him, and slide his picture up a bit more....but I'm not sure.

ImageImage: Cathari
lvl 8 is shamelessly filled with my favorite girls. Cathari, Isabel, Hazuki, Nelis. But the power and coolness of Cathari makes her my favorite of the set.

ImageImage: Salum Barrows
Lvl 7 is basically filled with important names to the lands, and good leaders of war. A very "political" tier of cards. Not my favorite.

ImageImage: Levi
I just wanted to show an elemented card.

ImageImage: Lymsleia
It was decided every deck should have a "PuPu" in their level 5 tier. A super rare special card. Who better than the princess?

ImageImage: Ernst
I decided to take advantage of this dual-character. His rune allows him to turn human for some time, so I really wanted to be able to show both his sides.

ImageImage: Arshtat
My special edition super rare Arshtat. Each deck gets two SE's (I did the King and Queen, naturally) and two Eternal Cards (My brother chose the Sun Rune and Sol Falena caste) So pretty :)

So, this was after a few minutes of my brother giving us the rundown of photoshop. Nothing too extreme...but we're excited to try new things. I hope FF and Suikoden fans will enjoy this work.

Re: Custom Triple Triad Cards

Unread postPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 7:58 am
by Jason
As a gift for my brother, I made an "Advent Children" deck, of exremely overpowered cards. I gave them all Holy, as kind of a Lifestream theme to it. Except Bahamut SIN, but, he has a few over things going for him. I took a screenshot, for the sake of time. They are much nicer from the original file, I assure you :P

(Too big to imbed, sorry)

Re: Custom Triple Triad Cards

Unread postPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 5:26 am
by Lulu
I had an account at TTAdvance and sadly my account is gone.....kind of makes me mad as I was about 20 cards away from collecting all FF7. I even had the Sephiroth card :(

Those are both nice decks Ezekiel.
I have a friend that would love the Suikoden be it, he doesn't play Triple Triad.

I have most of the original cards (we bought like 3 boxes), my husband and I pull them out and play once in a while.

here's three I made a very long time ago. Not as nice as yours.....and not two sided, but they were fun to make.
Image Image Image

BTW, what site do you play at?