The Legend of Lu Bu

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The Legend of Lu Bu

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Foreword: Lu Bu, known as the greatest warrior of the land, could have had a profound effect on history had he lived after Xia Pi. Here I will explore what could have happened. The story is partly based on the Diao Chan and Lu Bu campaigns from Dynasty Warriors 6. For an account of Lu Bu's life in Romance of the Three kingdoms, see here:

The Legend of Lu Bu


Among men, Lu Bu. Among horses, Red Hare. After defecting from and assassinating his adopted father, Ding Yuan, Lu Bu served the tyrant Dong Zhuo as he seized the reins of power. Eventually, Cao Cao called the regional lords to arms against Dong Zhuo, and the coalition, led by Yuan Shao, marched on the eastern capital, Luo Yang. Lu Bu, in defence of Luo Yang, killed many brave warriors, but was driven off by Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu retreated, taking the emperor to Chang An.

In Chang An, the canny Wang Yun used his beautiful daughter, Diao Chan, to drive Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo apart. The plan was successful, leading to Lu Bu assassinating Dong Zhuo. But Li Jue and Guo Si, two of Dong Zhuo's commanders, drove Lu Bu from Chang An. After wandering the land, fending off attacks from Cao Cao and Yuan Shao, he reached Xu Province, where Liu Bei was Protector. Tricking Liu Bei and his brother, Zhang Fei, Lu Bu took control of the region. In response, Liu Bei joined with Cao Cao and marched on Lu Bu's capital of Xia Pi. However, some of his troops treacherously tied Lu Bu up, presenting him to Cao Cao and Liu Bei...

Would Lu Bu survive? Read on.

Chapter 1: Rescue at Xia Pi

Cao Cao's Camp, just outside Xia Pi:

"I was your chief foe, but now I submit. With you as commander in chief and me as your lieutenant, the world can be easily conquered!" cried Lu Bu.
"What do you say?" asked Cao Cao, turning to Liu Bei.
"Have you forgotten what happened to his former patrons, Ding Yuan and Dong Zhuo?"
Lu Bu eyed him and said "You! Most faithless of all!"
"Kill him," sighed Cao Cao, and stalked off, Liu Bei in his wake.

The executioner raised his sword, but an arrow appeared in his chest. Looking shocked, he toppled over, dead.
"Lu Bu!" boomed a voice from the end of the command tent. "I am here to rescue you!" Spurring on his horse, Zhang Liao charged at his master. The great warrior raised his wrists, and Zhang's twin halberds flashed, the ropes snapping apart. Seizing the nearest guard, Lu Bu took his spear, before tossing the hapless man to the ground. The man lay there, stunned.
"I apologise for my tardiness, lord Lu Bu," said Zhang Liao. "I was forced to surrender by the floodwaters, but I broke free and came here at once."
"Take my horse, my lord," said one of Lu Bu's men.
"You shall be rewarded," replied Lu Bu, solemnly. "All of you. Now, let us free the rest of the army and begone from this foul devil's camp!"

By now, Cao Cao and Liu Bei were beginning to realise that something was amiss. Lu Bu was adamant to plunge into battle, but Zhang Liao thought otherwise. "Let us find Chen Gong," he advised. "He usually knows what to do." Coming across another tent, they freed Chen Gong. "Come on, Chen Gong!" growled Lu Bu. "For the first time ever, you are speechless?"

"My lord, Song Xian and others have revolted, and our entire army is bound in Cao Cao''s camp. I suggest we flee for now, take our vengeance against Cao Cao later."
"I do not flee from battle!" shouted the warrior. "And Diao Chan is still imprisoned!"
"My lord, Chen Gong is right. We will pretend to flee, then strike when Cao Cao believes he is safe," said Zhang Liao soberly. Just then, enemy soldiers began to stream into the tent. "Hah," exclaimed Lu Bu, and he, Zhang Liao, Chen Gong and only fifty men disappeared into the night.

Would Lu Bu find Diao Chan, Red Hare, and his precious halberd? Read on

Chapter 2: Driving a wedge

The road to Xu Chang:

"What now, Imperial Uncle?" Cao addressed Liu Bei. "Should we pursue the traitor, or let him go free? His army may be mine, but he could prove a thorn in my side in years to come." Liu Bei sensed the double meaning here, Cao Cao was also talking about him.
"Lu Bu is harmless, Prime Minister. You have his weapon, his horse, and his wife. Without Sky Piercer, he cannot fight. Look how he fled from us! Without Red Hare, he cannot chase us. And while you control Diao Chan, he cannot risk attacking you."
Cao Cao chuckled. "Too true, Liu Bei, too true."

* * * *

Somewhere in Xu Province:

"Diao Chaaaaaan! Diao Chaaaaaaan!" screamed Lu Bu to the heavens.
"My lord, I realise that you miss her," contributed Chen Gong, ducking Lu Bu's mailed fist. Stepping back, he said "In fact, I have a plan to get here back, and drive Liu Bei and Cao Cao apart.
Lu Bu calmed down. "This better be good," he warned meancingly.
"It is, my lord, it is. We have fifty men here. Cao Cao's army is huge: he cannot tell who really fights for him. Some of these men will relieve the guard on Diao Chan, and spirit her away. Others will do the same with Red Hare. Then, I will spread rumours that Liu Bei has taken them both for himself, and is hiding them from Cao Cao. Mengde is already suspicious of him. Soon, they will be at each others throats, and we can take Xu Province back."

* * * *

Xiao Pei, Xu Province

Sun Qian bowed. "My lord, an urgent summons from the Prime Minister. He wishes you to return to the capital at once, for a combined attack on Yuan Shu."
"You know the custom, Qian. A general in the field may ignore his commander's rule. I have been tasked with protecting Xu Province by the emperor himself!"
"Cao Cao will not hesitate to attack you. he already suspects you over the Diao Chan incident."
"That ungrateful ox! I helped him get rid of Lu Bu, and he accuses me, a scion of the imperial house, for one his traitorous men's crimes. Half his army were Yellow Turbans, anyway."
"Still, you must go. Take one of your brothers for protection, and let the other guard Xia Pi. Yuan Shu or even Lu Bu could take it while you were gone."
"While brother Zhang is bold and brave, he drinks a little too much. I will leave Guan Yu as protector." Having said this, he gave to Guan Yu the seal of office, and together with Zhang Fei and Sun Qian, they departed for Xu Chang.

What was Cao Cao planning? Read on.

Chapter 3: Whose Xu?

Lu Bu's Camp. Xu Province:

"Chen Gong, we have gathered followers and trained our army, but we still have made no move on Xia Pi. Why do we delay?"
"Zhang Liao, our forces barely number five thousand. And Guan Yu, who slew Hua Xiong at Hu Lao, and fought our lord to a standstill - he guards Xia Pi. Let us wait for Cao Cao to make the next move. I have a feeling that he may remove Guan Yu for us."
"And in the meantime? I fear Lord Lu Bu may simply charge off to kill Cao Cao single-handedly..."
"Sun Ce, whose father also fought Dong Zhuo, is located nearby at Hei Fei, fighting Huang Zu for control of the Jiang Dong region. His forces are weak, and tired. But more importantly, he possesses the Imperial Seal. Let us take the seal, and trade it for troops."
"And which warlord is disloyal enough to buy the seal?" Zhang Liao asked.
"Cao Cao pretends loyalty, and will not do it. Liu Bei is too weak. Liu Biao lacks ambition. But Yuan Shao desires the throne.
"The one we fought at Hu Lao?"
"His quarrel was with Dong Zhuo, not Lu Bu. I will present this plan to our lord."

* * * *

Xu Chang, Prime Minister's Residence:

Liu Bei's carriage arrived at Cao Cao's gate. "Please enter, Imperial Uncle," said a servant, bowing.
"I have a bad feeling about this," warned Sun Qian. "raaagh!" cried Zhang Fei.
"What's wrong?" cried Liu Bei.
"Nothing, I just stubbed my toe," the large man replied.
"A bad omen." Sun Qian remarked.

Suddenly, they were surrounded by armed guards. "Stay your spear, brother Zhang," counselled Liu Bei. "Even you cannot fight your way out of Xu Chang."
"Well said!" laughed Cao Cao. "You are under arrest, Liu Bei, for the theft of Red Hare and Diao Chan from Imperial forces. Zhang Fei, you will also be detained, your reputation is well known. The rest of you may leave. You have merely followed a misguided man." The others left, but Sun Qian hid himself in a nearby bush.
"And what will happen to us?" Liu Bei asked?
"You will be stripped of your ranks and become commoners, after I have retaken Xia Pi from you rebels. Even I would not murder a relative of the Imperial Han." Sun Qian gasped. He had to head back to Xia Pi at once to warn Guan Yu.

A short while later, while playing go with Cao Ren, Cao Cao received word from one of his guards. Sun Qian had been spotted leaving Xu Chang at great speed. "Should I order pursuit?" asked his general.
"No," replied Cao Cao. A good leader does not pursue civilians across the land. "Ready the army, and take Xiahou Dun and Yuan with you as your deputies. Warning or not, Xia Pi will fall."

Would Guan Yu fall before the might of Cao Ren? Read on.

Chapter 4: Stealing Sun's Seal

He Fei, Yang Province:

Lu Bu and Chen Gong crested the hill, their five thousand followers behind them.
"Chen Gong, take command of the army. I will take out this "Tiger" myself! Hah!" Lu Bu rushed off into the distance. Chen Gong turned to the commanders.
"I have no doubt that Lu Bu will take the head of their lord. However, he may need assistance returning he Seal to us. Hou Cheng, take the left side. Gao Shun, the right flank. Zhang Liao will capture the central island. Zang Ba, take Lu Bu's personal guard and escort him to safety. The battle will be ours."

* * * *

Lu Bu swung his halberd: another five soldiers fell beneath is blade. Suddenly, a large man appeared. "I, Han Dang, will put a stop to your tyranny!"
"Fresh meat! Much better!" growled Lu Bu, and spurred Red Hare at the veteran warrior. Spear and halberd clashed, sparks flying. But after fifty bouts, Han Dang was beginning to falter. Sky Piercer, Lu Bu's fearsome halberd, crashed down, splitting Han Dang's skull from forehead to chin. He fell from his horse.

All went quiet as Han Dang's troops fled. Lu Bu looked around, and saw Sun Ce in the distance, holding up the Seal. Sun Ce was a young but strong warrior, armed with a pair of strange sticks. His red armour shone in the sunlight. Probably a trap, thought Lu Bu. But no trap can contain me! Galloping towards Sun Ce, he was immediately confronted by Jiang Qin, armed with a curved sword, and Huang Gai, another veteran warrior, armed with an iron whip.
"Are all your warriors so pathetic, Sun Ce?" taunted Lu Bu.
"Do not underestimate us, traitor to the Han!" he replied. Sun Ce, Jiang Qin and Huang Gai swept into action. Lu Bu leapt off Red Hare, in order to avoid injury to his prized horse. From the left, Jiang Qin made sweeping strokes with his sword, from the centre, Sun Ce blocked and stabbed with those strange sticks, and from the right, Huang Gai swung his iron whip menacingly.
Why is it always three on one? Thought Lu Bu, in exasperation. He could take these three, but the dozens of troops behind him would be difficult to take care of as well.
"My lord! I bring reinforcements!" Zang Ba called. Clearing a path through Sun Ce's soldiers, he attacked Huang Gai. The elder warrior, distracted, lost focus, and Lu Bu immediately ran him through with his halberd.
Jiang Qii called the retreat, and dragged Sun Ce away from Lu Bu. "Take the Seal, Lu Bu. May it bring you the same fate than it did to Huang Gai."
Chen Gong rode up behind Lu Bu, accompanied by Zhang Liao. "The enemy forces are in full retreat, my lord. And I see you have driven off Sun Ce."
"Take the Seal, Chen Gong, and let us find some troops."

* * * *

Xin Du, Ji Province. Yuan Shao's residence:

"Sit, Lu Bu, take a drink with me. I thank you for opposing Cao Cao from me. He is becoming quite an annoyance." Yuan Shao said. he was a short man, bedecked in flowing yellow robes. Not much of a warrior, though Lu Bu, but he at least he lacked principles.
"Thank you, Yuan Shao. You are truly generous. It is a pity we fought on opposite sides a few years ago."
"My quarrel was with Dong Zhuo, not yourself. Anyway, you redeemed yourself by ridding us of that corpulent tyrant. If I may ask, Lord Lu Bu, what became of the Imperial Seal? Did you recover it from the treacherous Sun family?"
"Indeed I did, it is in a secret location. I have an offer for you, Yuan Shao. Give me twenty thousand men and weapons, and I shall give you the seal." Lu Bu asked tentatively.
"Under normal circumstances, it would be my pleasure to agree. But my spies report that Cao Cao plans an attack on Xu Province. After that, he will surely attack me here in the North. My insipid half-brother, Yuan Shu, is near death and will provide no help. Cao Cao's forces already fear you. Assist me, and I will agree to your deal."
"A difficult decision, noble lord. Allow me some time to discuss this with my advisors."
"Of course, Lu Bu, of course."

After this meeting, Lu Bu consulted Zhang Liao, Chen Gong and his other officers. Cheng Gong advised that, since the Sun family would want revenge for the theft of the Seal, they could use the assistance. Also, it would be a fine chance to avenge his capture by Cao Cao. Yuan Shao himself could be dealt with later. Lu Bu agreed to the deal.

Would Lu Bu and Yuan Shao defeat Cao Cao? Read on.

Chapter 5: Attack on Xia Pi

Xia Pi, Xu Province:

The gallop of hooves sounded on the road as the gate guards looked on, astonished. The normally calm and demure Sun Qian was rushing headlong for Xia Pi castle. “Master Sun!” called one of the gate guards. “Is something wrong?”
“Where is Lord Guan? Quickly!” shouted Sun Qian.
“In his residence – why?”
“Never you mind, just shut the gates and prepare for battle!”

Sun Qian burst into Guan Yu’s house as the tall man was sipping tea. “Sun Qian!” his deep voice rumbled, the long beard quivering in anger. “Have you no manners?”
“My lord!” he replied. “Lords Liu and Zhang have been imprisoned by Cao Cao, and his army marches upon us already!”
“I must rescue my brothers at once,” decided Guan Yu.
“No my lord! Lord Liu left you as Protector. You have a duty to the people here. You cannot free Liu Bei alone.”
“You are right, as ever,” accepted Guan Yu grudgingly. “Ready the defences. But we will not last forever against Cao’s army. Perhaps I can work out a deal…”

* * * *

Xia Pi, two days later:

Cao Ren’s army stood outside Xia Pi: twenty thousand men in total to Guan Yu’s five thousand. But the bearded one had the advantage of a strong castle and a loyal population: his men would never tie him up and betray him, as Lu Bu’s had odne to him in that very same castle.

Xun Yu rode forth. Opening a scroll, he began to read “A decree from the eminent Prime Minister, Cao Cao:
“Guan Yu is hereby dismissed as temporary Protector after the arrest of Imperial Uncle Liu Bei on suspicion of treason. Guan Yu is also under arrest. Xia Pi will hereby surrender.”

Sun Qian appeared atop the gate. “We will surrender on the following three terms: one, Liu Bei and Zhang Fei are released immediately and escorted here. Two, that Cao Cao resign his position as Prime Minister and release the Emperor from his influence. Three, that Liu Bei be reinstated as Protector of Xu Province.”

Xun Yu glanced at Cao Ren, Ren nodded. “We reject your terms!” shouted Xun Yu, who hastened back to his own lines. The Wei forces began to disperse, expecting a long siege. Some began to cut wood for catapults and fire; others began to construct a camp. Guan Yu, however, had not been instructed in protracted warfare. The gate yawned open and Guan Yu himself, mounted on a fearsome horse, brandishing his fearsome guandao and clothed fully in green battle dress, streamed forth accompanied by 500 horsemen. They charged for the Xiahou brothers. “Xiahou Dun!” Guan Yu cried. “Has it been so long since we fought together against Lu Bu? Did you not see this coming!” Xiahou Dun, enraged by the taunt about his loss of an eye, charged at Guan Yu: sword clashed with guandao as the warriors fought more than thirty bouts. Both sides stood by awed at the awesome duel. Finally, Cao Ren sounded a gong, and Xiahou Dun retreated, to be replaced by his brother Yuan. Yuan wielded a broad-bladed sword with deadly skill, lasting for another thirty bouts against the green-clothed warrior. On the thirtieth bout, he stabbed Guan’s horse, slaying the beast. But Cao Ren, a man of honour, recalled Yuan, and walked forward on foot to challenge Guan Yu. Ren fought with a buckler blade, a defensive weapon that thwarted Guan’s attempts to kill him.

Finally, even Guan Yu was tiring. “Stop!” called Cao Ren, raising a hand. Guan Yu, similarly honourable, halted the fight. “You are a truly great warrior. Surrender to me, Guan Yu, and I will spare this city. You can fight for myself and Lord Cao against the enemies of the Han.”
“And my brothers?”
“Liu Bei and Zhang Fei? Once Lord Cao sees your might, he will be happy to let them go.” Cao Ren actually doubted this, but Cao Cao had given him instructions to spare Xia Pi if possible. Tricking Guan Yu seemed the best way.
“Very well,” said Guan Yu, laying his weapon at his feet. “I surrender.”

Would Cao Cao spare Guan Yu? Read on.

Chapter 6: The Battle of Guan Du

Xu Chang, Prime Minister’s Residence:

“You promised him what!” raged Cao Cao.
“My lord, he had almost taken the life of Xiahou Dun and Yuan, and was close to defeating me. This way, the city is spared and Xu Province is ours once more,” replied Cao Ren earnestly. Cao Cao paced up and down, his sharp mind considering the situation. “Cousin,” said Cao Ren. “He is very powerful – currently we have none who can match the might of Yuan Shao’s generals Yan Liang and Wen Chou.”
“But he will not stand idly by if we refuse to let Liu Bei go free.”
“I disagree, Lord Cao Cao. Guan Yu thrives on battle. Lavish gifts and rank upon him, and he will soon lose all thought of Liu Bei.”

Cao Cao followed Ren’s plan to the letter. He bestowed upon Guan Yu rank and men, making him a general in his army. But Guan Yu was still not convinced. One day, Cao and Guan met in a garden in the city.

“I will offer you a final deal, Guan Yu. Serve me until the traitorous Yuan Shao and his sons are defeated, and I will let you and your brothers go.”
“Since you could have had me killed in Xu Province or here, I feel beholden to accept, my lord,” replied the taller man. “After all, I hear we are marching on Yuan Shao within the week.”

* * * *

Wu Chao, The Yellow River. Yuan Shao's camp:

"Lu Bu will take the center, assisted by Zhang He. Yan Liang will take the left, and Wen Chou the right. They will sweep away any difficult opposition and the rest of the army will ride to Xu Chang and free the emperor," explained Guo Tu.
Yuan Shao beamed. "An excellent plan, Guo Tu! Send the forces to Guan Du at once." Lu Bu coughed. "Yes, Lu Bu?" asked Shao.
"What of my men?"
"After Cao Cao has been defeated, you will receive your men. Zhang He is going with you, as well." Lu bu smiled. Zhang He, although rather tall and thin, displayed excellent prowess on the training field. Perhaps he would induce Zhang Liao to improve his skills. Climbing astride Red Hare, with Zhang He and Zhang Liao at his back, and Wen Chou and Yan Liang on either flank, he rode to battle.

* * * *

Guan Du, The Yellow River:

Lu Bu sent Yan Liang forward first. Cao Cao, spotting Yan Liang's force, sent Song Xian, one of Lu Bu's former officers (who had betrayed him at Xia Pi) into battle. The encounter was brief: Song Xian's head rolled. Wei Xu, his comrade, quickly went out to avenge his death, but he, too, was felled. Xu Huang, one of Cao's strongest fighters, was next - but after twenty bouts he was forced to retreat. Finally, Guan Yu was sent out. Charging at his foe, Yan Liang's army parted before the green-attired warrior. His guandao slashed downwards, ready to take the unprepared Yan Liang's head. But with a mighty clang, the blade was blocked. Lu Bu grinned at Guan Yu as his halberd, Sky Piercer, protected Liang from certain death. As Lu BU and Guan Yu began dueling, Zhang Liao, Zhang He and Wen Chou closed around Guan Yu.

Observing this from a hilltop, Cao Cao was tempted to intervene, but was stayed by his strategist Guo Jia. "Do not aid him yet, my Lord Cao. Guan Yu will take some of them down. Who could Yuan Shao have who is mightier than Yan Liang?"

As Green Dragon and Sky Piercer clashed, Guan Yu glanced behind him and saw he was trapped: to the right, Wen Chou, to the left, Zhang Liao, and to the rear, Zhang He. I cannot die yet, thought Guan Yu, while Lord Liu remains in jail. Spurring his steed, the horse leapt clear over the head of the astonished Zhang He and began sprinting towards Cao's lines. "Charge!" screamed Lu Bu, and his host began to follow them.

"My lord, I suggest you issue the order to retreat." said Guo Jia worriedly. "That appears to be Lu Bu. The troops fear him greatly."
"Nonsense, Guo Jia, my troops are better than that."
Red Hare crested a hill, and the distinctive form of Lu Bu and his massive horse was skylined against the setting sun.
"It's Lu Bu! Lu Bu is here!" cried a soldier, and as one, the army began to flee.

Thousands were killed before they reached the safety of Xu Chang.

Would Lu Bu finally get vengeance on Cao Cao? Read on.

Chapter 7: The flight of Bei and Bu

While Cao Cao, Yuan Shao and Lu Bu fought at the yellow river, events were unfolding in the capital. Sun Qian and Jian Yong, another of Liu Bei's officers, had entered the capital and were covertly trying to free him. Luckily, while Cao Cao had brought peace to the capital, many residents of Xu Chang despised being ruled by someone who, a mere few years ago, had been a cavalry commander. Liu Bei, officially recognised as a member of the royal house with the title of Imperial Uncle, thus had many sympathisers within the city. Once Cao Cao left for Guan Du, taking his best officers with him, the garrison in the city was too small to prevent Liu Bei escaping. When news reached him, Xun Yu, who had been left in command of the city, committed suicide rather than face Cao Cao.

Sneaking through the gates disguised as merchants, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Jian Yong were soon galloping away from the gates. Sun Qian would return to Xu Province to fetch the Mi brothers, Zhu and Fang, and any other supporters who would come with. "Where are we headed, brother?" questioned Zhang Fei.
"We must seek refuge with Liu Biao. He, like me, is of the imperial house, and is strong enough to defeat Cao Cao." Liu Bei, of course, knew nothing of the defeat at Guan Du. Knowing Guan Yu was at his side, he expected Cao to be victorious.
Jian Yong looked dubious. "Why would Liu Biao risk Cao's wrath?"
"You know what they say, Yong. Blood is thicker than water. His honour prevents him from refusing me."
"Let us hope so," sighed Zhang.

* * * *

The Guan Du-Xu Chang Road, near Chen Liu:

Yuan Shao's army marched confidently down the road, over 300,000 men strong. Lu Bu, accompanied by Zhang Liao, Zhang He and his other officers formed the vanguard.
"I don't know why I didn't beat that coward at Hu Lao gate! And they called him "the god of war"! Lu Bu chortled.
The ring of hooves on the road approached as Chen Gong drew up. "My lord," he said, breathless. "It seems Yuan Shao plans to betray you!"
"What?" cried Lu Bu.
"You made the victory possible - he does not want to have you as a competitor to his power in the north." Lu Bu turned to Zhang He. "I am with you, Lord Lu," he said sombrely. Even from Yuan Shao, I did not expect such treachery."
"I too, shall join you," said Guo Tu, who had been attached to Lu Bu's unit. "Although we won, it would not have happened without your defeat of Guan Yu."
"Then let us take our men and flee. We must trick them into following us rather than Yuan Shao. My lord, tell the men that they are ordered to take the town of Chen Liu. In this way we can leave the road. Guo Tu, move back and tell the rest that Cao Cao's officers are waiting to ambush their rear. Inform them that the vanguard will circle round and attack Cao's forces, but they must remain in place."

Chen Gong's plan was quickly carried out. Soon Lu Bu's forces were alone. "Where now?" he asked.
Zhang He spoke up: "Cao Cao controls all of the land east and west of here."
"And Yuan Shao controls all the north," said Zhang Liao.
"Then we go south," decided Lu Bu. "Who rules there?"
"Liu Biao, my lord," replied Chen Gong. "Although he commands a region rich in grain, gold and men, he is an old and weak ruler. He is not expecting an attack. We must cut off the head of the snake with a surprise attack, and Jing Province will be ours."

Would Jing fall to Lu Bu's swift attack, and would Liu Bei be granted refuge? Read on.

* * * *

Chapter 8: Everyone wants Jing

Nan Yang, Jing Province. Governor Liu Biao's residence:

Liu Bei bowed. "Governor Liu Biao, I thank you for granting us refuge in your land."
"You are my cousin, Bei, how could I refuse? We are both of the Imperial House, or what remains of it." Liu Biao sighed.
Liu Bei lowered his voice. "Forgive me for being presumptions, but, do you also disagree with Cao Cao's machinations?"
Biao whispered back. "But of course. Yet he is the Prime Minister." He raised his voice. "Lord Cao Cao is a fine and worthy man. Come, younger cousin. Let us share wine together." The two men went into a sideroom, where wine was laid out. Liu Bei looked around. This room was conspicuously empty.

Liu Biao saw Bei fingering his sword. "Calm yourself, younger cousin. I have no wish to kill you. I simply wanted to talk without our words being relayed to Cao. Now, in your flight I'm sure you have missed news of the north."
"Indeed, the last I heard was that Cao Cao had marched north. He is a fine general. Did he prove victorious?"
"He did not. Yuan Shao was joined by Lu Bu."
Bei cursed. "The feckless traitor!"
Biao laughed. "Do you mean Shao or Bu? Yuan Shao obviosuly thought the same. He tried to kill Lu Bu, but Bu has escaped. He cannot flee to Cao Cao, who will soon be overrun by the Yuans. Therefore he will come here."
"Seeking refuge or conquest?"
"I honestly don't know, but I would not give refuge to that traitorous scum. Liu Bei, take your force and garrison this city. I am trusting to you to kill or capture Lu Bu once he arrives. Meanwhile, i will move south to Nan Jun and govern from there.
"I will do as you ask."

Liu Bei returned to his men. After discussion with his advisers, they could not decide what to do. Lu Bu could have many troops by now, and would easily sweep aside Liu Bei's small force. But without Liu Biao's help, there was no-one to turn to. Eventually, someone mentioned the name of Zhuge Liang, styled Kongming. A wise sage, he lived in isolation in central Jing. Sending Zhang Fei and his forces to Fancheng, Liu bei visisted this man three times. On the third visit, Zhuge Liang joined Bei.

* * * *
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I thought this was an amazing "what if" story. I loved it, I was reading it non stop and picturing it in my head. Excellent job bro
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