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Unread postby Tianshan Zi » Sat Feb 01, 2003 3:48 am

In response to most of what I've read in this topic...

Focus on what you truly value, recognize how you need to improve within the context of those values, and act upon those clarifications. Time will pass despite you; just be ready to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. You can never be perfect and will often fail, but you can always strive to be ready to succeed. :)
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Unread postby Fighter » Sat Feb 01, 2003 6:24 am

Liao Hua wrote:Why do people get live happy, wonderful lives while I have to suffer in misery? There are so many stuck-up kids at my school. They've got it all- Friends, good grades, and even the women! They think they can just come in and take away my happiness. . . . . I hate, depise, and loathe those stuck-up people. Why must they be happy at the expense of my own happiness? WHY!? I just don't get it . . .

"Life is what you make of it." That is a quote I have lived by the past couple of years. When you think these people are going out of their way to make you unhappy, it is really you doing so. You control your perceptions in life. A person is only annoying because you think they are. A person is only mean because you think so. Yeah, many acts by your peers may have a universal reactions (such as "he is so mean"), but we are the people making them that way. Actions have no meaning until you give them meaning. If you don't like something, fix the problem, or ignore it. You have to power to live your life the way you want to. You may not control the outcome, but you control how you react. If you want to be happy, you have to learn to like yourself first. Everything else will fall into place.

I would bet that these kids that are bothering you have just as many problems as you do. Some kids hide behind good grades and many friends to keep others from knowing how bad they feel. Some kids pick on others to make others feel pain like they do. Some of these kids depend on possessions too much and if you take away their friends, money, and personal possessions, I think they would be as bad off as you sound, or maybe worse. If you can learn to like yourself, these people don't matter. Also, popular people tend to be ones that are normally happy and cheerful people (ones with great charisma). You can become one. Its not impossible.

Alucard wrote:i have lots of problems but theres one i need some advice in. lately i havent been 100% - 90% on my school work. i seem to not be learning anything. i feel extremely lazy to do anythin that has to do with school. but when it comes to friends, family, and games im my usual self. what can i do to get my lazyness out of me.

Uh, I have to say I had the same problem in high school. Its not an easy thing to conquer. You just have to put your mind to it and decide you have to put some time aside to work, and some toward fun. That way, you can do both without taking away from the other. Other than that, you will have to find your own groove. Good luck!
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Unread postby Sun jian » Mon Feb 03, 2003 2:40 pm

Lu Bu The Mighty wrote:Dude, same here. Im bright and intelligent, but Im got a D in maths when My target is an A. I feel tried and I cant concentrate. The former I know about but I dont know why about the second. I'll be okay though. I say your having a bad time at school at the mo. Just relax

maybe you're like me, not strong in math. i struggled in math in school. a lot of people do. having a bad time at school shouldn't stop you from trying to do your best. if you try and ask for help every so often you'll find that you do better almost automatically. plus, anything's possible if you put your mind to it. 8-)
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Unread postby Ju Bei » Mon Feb 03, 2003 5:44 pm

I did the same thing. I was doing fine and all of a sudden I started dropping in everything. I think the whole problem that this happens, is because its a routine, and this constant routine just becomes tedious and boring, and it wears us down because we know what is expected in the day and there is no change of pace.
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Unread postby Hotsuma Moritsune » Wed Feb 05, 2003 3:47 pm

So all of the members aid each other in here?
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Unread postby Maria » Wed Feb 05, 2003 4:01 pm

Hotsuma Moritsune wrote:So all of the members aid each other in here?

That's pretty much why this thread was made. If you got a problem, needs help, etc, post it here :)
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Unread postby Zhou Gongjin » Wed Feb 05, 2003 4:24 pm

I wonder what makes people scared of me. Sure I am not the easiest person in the world, but I have yet to eat anyone (with the exception of Blue) for wanting to talk to me.
Overall I don't think I'm such a bad guy, but it seems like a lot of people are scared of me, or rather scared of my reaction when they tell me something.
I may have my moments of anger, but they usually wash away when I get the time to rest and be calm.
Well, I don't know really what I want to say. Am I too confrontational or something? Meh..
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Unread postby Andrew J » Wed Feb 05, 2003 4:52 pm

It because of that darn bunny. It trys killing people! Why do yo think Guan Ping isnt on? With the exception of his tempoary ban? But my bunny army will kill yours! Fear the bunnys revenge! hah hah!

ok. No one fears you as such. I think you are cool and easy to get on with
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Unread postby Maria » Wed Feb 05, 2003 5:02 pm

Jonathan Wu wrote:I wonder what makes people scared of me. Sure I am not the easiest person in the world, but I have yet to eat anyone (with the exception of Blue) for wanting to talk to me.

Am I too confrontational or something? Meh..

I suppose that they don't know you well enough. Sure after being in this forum trapped :lol: with you for 6 months it has become clear to me about your reactions to this and that, but maybe for new members, your... unpredictable actions might turn them away with their tails between their legs. Or it might be the bunny... yessss, it's gonna be great for my tomorrow's dinner :twisted:
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Unread postby Lady Lazarus » Thu Feb 06, 2003 7:50 am

Where did the cute bunny go?? You know I always liked it :wink:
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